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WHC is a registered United Kingdom Charity No. 232409

Web site:-

Dearest Crusader friend,

Thank you for staying in contact, it is always good to

hear from you and we take great delight in receiving
your letters and responding positively to your requests
for support. The whole purpose is to help and heal all,
irrespective of race, colour or creed. There is a saying,
‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Christmas is fast approaching and no doubt you are busy writing your
cards and doing your shopping. Yes, we are busy as well, it is always
great to share your news and to help you along the way. We must make
sure that we are not too busy to spend time in prayer. Please share
prayer times with us each week day morning between 09:00 and 09:15
ands I know that you will see Divine changes taking place.

You might not be aware that we are holding a Grand Christmas Auction
at the Crusade’s online eBay™ Charity shop so please could you send
us small items that we can auction? W want to raise money in order to
support the Ministry. Please be generous so that we can expand our out
reach to many in need at this special time of the year. Your kindness will
touch the hearts of many dear ones, so thank you in anticipation of your
loving support.

Yours sincerely,

Your Testimonies

Improvement in my walking!

“Dear Brother Andrew,

It is the 20th of Nov. today I want to give thanks for your wonderful
prayers in the Sanctuary and to all those who are involved in the
prayer ministry. Today was able to board a bus, and go unaided, to the
Seniors Centre, and everyone was glad to see the improvement in my
walking, and my well being, in general. So thank you ever so much,
dear Brother Andrew, please continue upholding me still awhile. Have an
appointment with a Dr. for rehabilitation next week, on the 27th, and will
find out when the course will start, and what he will suggest.

With Blessings and Love, A-M. B. – Email received 20th November


She attributed it to prayer!

“Dear Church,

Christopher’s nurse commented on how remarkable it is that

he is not on more pain medicine which would knock him out.
It's a great blessing that he is able to communicate and
interact with his family! She attributed it to prayer and asked if
we were going to continue our ministry when Chris was no
longer in the hospital.


Diann. “ – Email received 11/11/09

A Guide To Answered Prayer
It is easy to become emotionally involved in a problem, particularly when
it affects a dear one. Often we pray amiss. In doubt and fear, we plead
the Father for some instant course of action. Yet, St. Paul said this;
"Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities, for we know not what we
should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Itself maketh Intercession for

From this we are led to believe that the simplicity of our faith bears us
swiftly forward to a new dimension of experience and a new way of
successful living. We simply give our lives completely into God's care,
and accept that He ministers to us that which He knows is perfect. Jesus
knew all about this when, on the cross, He said, "Father, into Thy Hands
do I commend My Spirit." The Spirit of Christ is completely devoid of self
— He cares for everyone. Christ is always with us. He understands our
needs, and we need not worry about how to pray, but merely know the
reality of self-surrender. Then, we are accepting and expecting the
constant ministration of God as the perfect answer to every need.

Jesus was specific about answered prayer. He said, "When you pray,
believe that you receive, and you shall have it." It is not easy to do this.
However, these few guide lines might help to point you in the right

For a few minutes every day, sit quietly and release your needs to Him
completely. You are in the presence of God, and His perfection fills your
mind, body and affairs. The divine answer is flowing to you and to
everyone else who may be equally involved. Be constantly watchful for
new leads, new experiences and better relationships. With eager
expectancy, give thanks for perfect answers irresistibly flowing into your
life and personal environment. At night, before you go to sleep, realise
that God's love, help and blessings are reaching you and everyone
concerned. Embrace and accept peace, joy, courage, strength, health,
inspiration and guidance, as the natural pattern of Christ's action for
yourself and others. - FREE PAMPHLET- when you write in and
request it.
Fond Memories
Brother Andrew

It was Christmas Eve and the wind was howling and

the snow was falling heavily. We could see the snow
flakes in the yellowy green light of the gas lamp
outside our house, and a blanket of white snowy
feathers lay on the ground.

Mum had dragged a large Christmas tree from the local shop. It was
wonderful to see her and especially exciting to see and smell the tree. It
was left to acclimatise and mother prepared tea. Hot stew and
dumplings were served and we tucked in as if we were half starved. It
was delicious! After tea, dad took the tree into the lounge. He had
prepared a large tub that was filled with bricks to support the thick trunk.
He lifted the tree and lowered it slowly into the centre of the container. It
was firmly lodged and after a final adjustment it was vertical. Mum put
the lights on the tree and we helped to put the glass baubles on the
branches. Finally, we added the tinsel and the fairy, and the lights were
switched on. What a wonderful sight. The Christmas tree was
resplendent and we stood back and admired our co-operative efforts.
Prior to bedtime we were reminded to place our stockings by the fireside
and prepare a snack for Santa Claus. We even left carrots for the
reindeer, then off I went to bed and to sleep. The stillness of the night
was disturbed by a rustling sound and I awoke. I partially opened my
eyes and noticed that my door was ajar. I could clearly see a tall burly
man with a white beard and clad in red. He wore large black boots and
carried a sack. He was at the bottom of my bed. I must admit I was quite
frightened, and hoped that he hadn't seen me peering at him. Within a
moment he was gone. I thought that I must have be dreaming! I woke up
early the next morning to find my stocking full of lovely gifts, and I
realised that the visitor must have been Santa Claus. Years later, I
recounted the experience to my parents, and my father admitted to
having borrowed a costume and dressing up as Father Christmas. That
was the only time he ever did that. I have very happy memories of that
time. The experiences of today are the memories of tomorrow and I
hope they are just as fond for you.
All my life, and every expression in me, is governed by Thy perfect will.

I am content to rest in the great Silence, allowing Thy spirit to minister
unto every need.

I go gladly and thankfully into the experiences of this day, knowing that I
am illumined by Thy power.

Thou art guiding me and expressing Thy perfection in every thought,
word and deed.

Thank You, Father. I love You.

''He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light
of life."—John 8 : 12.

I am filled with the light of the world, the very love that is God.

Healing Recordings for You
BT 6 - A Child’s Christmas Story – Brother Mandus
CB 1 – Christmas / New Year Blessings from Bro. Mandus & Staff -
DHS 8 – Being Together – Brother Andrew (Christmas theme)
E 9 – No Real Division – Brother Andrew
HC 24 – Nervous Disorders / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 26 – Insomnia: Causes and cure/Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
DHS 31 – The Good Shepherd – Brother Andrew
HC 47 – Help For All Your Family / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 54 – Help for Your Sick Daughter/ Healing Prayer – Bro. Mandus
E 19 – Body; Mind & Soul – Brother Andrew
HC 72 – If You Have Lost Your Wife / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 73 – If you have lost your mother / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 81 – Relationship problems / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
GW 9 – Healing Love – Brother Andrew
HC 139 – Greater Dedication / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus

All are recordings are priced at £6. They are available on CD and
audio tape. When you make your order please specify if you
require tape or CD, thank you.

WHC Healing DVDs

GN1 - Good News – Brother Andrew -(Special price £5)
CCCS – The Crusade Christmas Carol Service - (Special price £5)
HPS1 - Healing Prayer Service - (Special price £5)

Postal charges:- UK .50p; Europe £1.00, International £1.50

All Is Well
Brother Andrew

I was thinking, why is it that some days

everything seems to go smoothly whilst at
other times even the simplest of tasks seem
to promote a problem. I am sure that you
know what I mean, it cannot just be me!

On these ‘problem days,’ have you experienced forgetfulness; a degree

of agitation for no apparent reason, had confused thoughts and an
overwhelming urge to strive to get the job right? I certainly have days like
that, though few and far between they are nevertheless very trying.

It always seems that the harder I strive to ‘get it right’ the less likely I am
to succeed, very strange! Perhaps I am trying to impress someone,
maybe I am trying to avoid saying or doing ‘the wrong thing.’ Perhaps I
am self conscious or just plain tired. Maybe it is a combination of all of
those things, I’m not sure.

Of course I seek to do the best that I can at the time and I try and learn
from the difficulties as no doubt you do. My mum always used to say; ‘If
at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!’ Wise words and so we
move on from the problems having learned valuable lessons from the

I think that many of our difficulties stem from our concentration on the
past or the future rather than concentrating on the needs of the moment.
Living in the ‘now’ takes practice and I don’t always manage to achieve
that goal. As the saying goes: ‘The past is dead, the future is as yet
unborn and the present is a gift from God.’ Accept the present and
make full use of it; your day will unfold in wondrous ways.

“And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the
field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I
say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed
like one of these.”- Matthew 6:28, 29
God Calling People
Brother Mandus

"I shall pass this way but once. Any good

thing that I can do, let me do it now, for I shall
not pass this way again." - Abraham Lincoln.

One of the major accomplishments of man has been his ability to unite in
vast numbers with a common ideal and purpose. In the very beginnings
when self-consciousness dawned, tribal laws were formulated to fit the
needs of the awakening people, and leadership was vested in the chiefs
and elders. This process has continued throughout the ages in an ever-
expanding awareness. Tribes, under the pressure of need or conquest,
united with other tribes, and became stronger in power over their
environment. The birth of nations and empires produced increasingly
complex ways of expression, and the need for governmental organisation
to direct the united energies of the whole.

Civilisation today reflects the true ability of man to master, organise and
express the infinite variety of individual creative qualities. Millions of
people working within the framework of national direction, uniting as a
cohesive whole, revealed in true democratic government. It is the
principle of government by the people, and for the people, under freely
elected leadership. It is government based on freedom of speech, and
freedom of the individual to function without restraint within the orbit of
liberal and just laws formulated by the people themselves.

We see this today at its best in the highly evolved, infinitely complex, yet
stable government of all democratic countries, and especially in Great
Britain and its Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States. It is a
gigantic achievement, and more progress has been made in the past
hundred years than in all the preceding millions of decades since the
birth of man on this planet.