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Course Prefix/Number: STA2023-81627 (MW 9:30-10:45) and STA2023-81620 (MW 2:30-3:45)

Course Title: Elements of Statistics

Course Credit Hours: 3

Class Location: 4/102

Office Hours: Bldg 4, Room 335, Mon and Wed 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Instructor Name and Contact Information: Dr. C. Bond,

Prerequisites or Co-Requisites: MAT 1033

Course Description: The STA2023 is a General Education and Gordon Rule Course. It covers
descriptive statistics, elementary probability theory, and basic statistical procedures. In addition to provide
basic concepts in the mentioned areas it prepares the student for other more advanced statistical courses
that are necessary for research.

1 Descriptive Statistics
2. Probabilities
3. Discrete Random Variables (Binomial)
4. Continuous Random Variables (Normal)
5. Estimation/Confidence Intervals for Mean and Proportion
6 Hypotheses Testing for Mean and Proportion
7. Hypotheses Testing for Differences of Population Means and Proportions

Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate the ability to Display and Describe Data
2. Demonstrate the ability to apply Probabilities Rules in solving problems
3. Demonstrate the ability to apply rules for Discrete Random Variables in solving problems
4. Demonstrate the ability to apply rules for Continuous Random Variables in solving problems
5. Demonstrate the ability to apply rules for Estimation of Parameters
6. Demonstrate the ability to apply Hypothesis Testing for one Population
7. Demonstrate the ability to apply Hypotheses Testing for two Populations

This course is designated as a General Studies course. The General Studies curriculum at the University
of West Florida is designed to provide a cohesive program of study that promotes the development of a
broadly educated person and provides the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in university studies.
This course has been approved as meeting the requirement in the Mathematics area. The General
Studies learning outcomes for this course are Problem Solving and Quantitative Reasoning.

Course Textbook: Beginning Statistics (Warren, Denley, and Atchley) Textbook and Software
Bundle, ISBN: 1-932628-12-6 or Statistics Software Only, ISBN: 978-1-932628-24-1 Available from
UWF Bookstore, or from Hawkes Learning sistems
Hawkes Learning Systems (HLS) is the publisher's multimedia software to support this on-line course.
Your Beginning Statistics Textbook and Software Bundle contains the CD to access the HLS Statistics
Software which provides lessons and tutorials, generates practice problems, administers assignments to
test students' skills for each section, and administers tests. All your online assignments, tutorial work
and tests are tracked in your HLS gradebook. You are given the option of purchasing the Textbook and
Software Bundle or Statistics Software Only (CD and software license number).
You can also download the software and purchase the access code online at

Grading / Evaluation: The course grade will be determined as follows:
Homework 20%
Three Tests 45%
Quizzes 10%
Comprehensive final exam: 25%

Use of calculators and Hawkes printed formula sheets and tables is allowed while taking tests,
with this exception: parts of the tests will be Calculator-Free.

Grades assigned according the following scale: 90-100 A or A-
80-89 B+, B, or B-
70-79 C+, C, or C-
60-69 D+ or D
Less than 60 F

Note: Absolutely no make-up tests will be given. If a student misses a test, then the instructor will
assign a zero for the missed test score. With approved documented justification from the student, the
instructor will record the students final exam grade in place of the missed test score; otherwise, the zero
score will remain. This arrangement is only available once per student per class. Everyone must take the
final exam. There are no opportunities for extra credit work for grade enhancement purposes.

Withdrawal Policy:
Withdrawal deadline: 10/31 (Automatic grade of W)

Special Technology Utilized by Students:
-Use of any calculator is allowed during tests and exams.
-Math Lab located in bldg 4, room 302.
-Stat Lab located in bldg. 4, room 202
- Hawkes Learning Systems Statistical Software

Hawkes Learning System

1. Place CD #1 Installation Disc in the CD-ROM drive.
2. The installation will begin automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.
3. You will be prompted to enter a HLS Course ID. The course ID is UWFSTAT

1. Either go to and click on get your access code or
click on the I need an access code link from the software.
2. Fill out the form (including your 15-digit license number from the yellow sticker on
the CD sleeve). Click on the submit button and your personalized Access Code
will appear on the screen. You will also receive an e-mail with the Access Code
as an attachment called access.cod which you should save.

1. Double-click on the purple diamond icon on your Desktop (or go to Start,
Programs, Hawkes Learning Systems).
2. Enter your Access Code when prompted. You may type it, paste it, or load it from
a disk by clicking the Load From Disk option. If you type or paste your Access
Code, you will be prompted to save it. Save your Access Code to avoid typing it
each time.

1. If you have internet access and have entered your HLS Course ID (which is
UWFSTAT), you will be asked to enroll in your instructor's gradebook. Choose
your instructor's name (Christine Bond) and the correct section (either
STA2023-81627 for MW 9:30-10:45 or
STA2023-81620 for MW 2:30 3:45.

1. The Certify option is where you will complete your assignment.
2. After certifying, you will be given a certification code (this verifies that you
completed your assignment). It is recommended that you save and/or print your
certification code. You should receive a message that says your certificate for the
lesson has been registered successfully.

Contact Tech. Support at (800)-426-9538 for assistance or any question

Expectations for Academic Conduct/Plagiarism Policy:
As members of the University of West Florida, we commit ourselves to honesty. As we strive for
excellence in performance, integritypersonal and institutionalis our most precious asset. Honesty in
our academic work is vital, and we will not knowingly act in ways which erode that integrity. Accordingly,
we pledge not to cheat, nor to tolerate cheating, nor to plagiarize the work of others. We pledge to share
community resources in ways that are responsible and that comply with established policies of fairness.
Cooperation and competition are means to high achievement and are encouraged. Indeed, cooperation is
expected unless our directive is to individual performance. We will compete constructively and
professionally for the purpose of stimulating high performance standards. Finally, we accept adherence to
this set of expectations for academic conduct as a condition of membership in the UWF academic

Assistance for Students with Disabilities:
The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) at the University of West Florida supports an inclusive
learning environment for all students. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this course that
hinder your full participation, such as time-limited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use of non-
captioned videos and podcasts, please notify the instructor or the SDRC as soon as possible. You may
contact the SDRC office by e-mail at or by phone at (850) 474-2387. Appropriate
academic accommodations will be determined based on the documented needs of the individual.

In the case of severe weather or other emergency, the campus might be closed and classes cancelled.
Official closures and delays are announced on the UWF website and broadcast on WUWF-FM.
Weather Emergency Information
WUWF-FM (88.1MHz) is the official information source for the university. Any pertinent
information regarding closings, cancellations, and the re-opening of campus will be broadcast.
In the event that hurricane preparation procedures are initiated, the UWF Home Web Page and
Argus will both provide current information regarding hurricane preparation procedures, the
status of classes and the closing of the university.
Emergency plans for the University of West Florida related to inclement weather are available on the
following UWF web pages:

Information about hurricane preparedness plans is available on the UWF web site:

Information about other emergency procedures is available on the UWF web site: