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LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

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Saturday, October 18
at Shady Maple


September 2014 January 2015

Nine months (or longer) before the
Set a date. Decide on the size and formality
of the event. If you plan to be married in a
church or temple, talk with your clergy to
confirm the date.
Prepare a budget for your wedding, reception,
and any other wedding-related parties.
Talk with reputable bridal planners. If you have
a full-time job or just need a little extra help,
a talented wedding consultant could be your
saving grace. Though they arent inexpensive,
neither are the costly mistakes that their
experience may prevent you from making.
Determine the time and place of your wedding
and reception.
Draw up your guest list. Ask your fiancs
family to do the same.
Ask family and/or friends to be in your
wedding party. Be sure to be sensitive to any
financial limitations they may have.
Seek out and buy a wedding gown
and accessories.
Shop for bridesmaids dresses. If possible,
arrange for attendants to see your favorites
and give you feedback. This is a nice gesture
since they traditionally pay for the dresses
and shoes you select.
Interview photographers, videographers,
florists, musicians, caterers, and bakers.
(You may want to create files for each category
to keep track of bids, contracts, photos of
their work, etc.)
Six to nine months before
Have your fianc ask his family and/or friends
to be in the wedding party.
Shop for wedding invitations as well as
personal stationery for thank-you notes and
at-home cards (if youll be using them). Make
sure to order extra invitation envelopes since
youll undoubtedly make a few addressing
mistakes. You may also choose to order extra
invitations to keep as mementos.
Decide on your fiancs wedding attire and that
of his best man, groomsmen, ushers, your
father, and his father.
Ask your mother and your fiancs mother to
shop for their dresses. Traditionally, the brides
mother has first choice of style and color and
your grooms mother would follow that lead.
However, you may decide to provide each with
the predominant colors and a sense of the
formality of your wedding and let them make
independent decisions.
Start planning your honeymoon. Read your
Sunday newspapers travel section, send for
brochures, and consult with recommended
travel agents. Also get tips from well-traveled
friends and family.
Decide on the florist, caterer, bakery,
photographer, videographer, and the
entertainment. Get written contracts.

Four to six months before
Register with a bridal gift registry. Department
stores have the largest selection, but a growing
number of specialty stores, museums, and
mail-order companies offer bridal registry
services, too. Check out the possibilities and
remember you can register in more than one
place. Many registry consultants will provide
invaluable assistance with decisions regarding
china patterns, silverware, appliances, and
even home furnishings.
Reserve your rehearsal dinner location. Plan a
rehearsal dinner that includes both of your
immediate families, the wedding party and
their spouses or dates, and out-of-town guests.
Book hotel accommodations for your
attendants who live out of town, or arrange to
have family or friends put them up.
At the same time, book a block of rooms at a
hotel for other out-of-town guests. Ask about
group discounts and weekend packages.
Begin fittings for your wedding gown and
bridesmaids dresses.
Select a wedding ring for your groom. Have it
sized (if necessary) and engraved.
Three months before
Prepare, or ask a friend or family member to
help out with easy-to-read maps (especially if
you dont live in the city where your wedding
will take place) explaining how to get to hotels,
as well as wedding and reception sites. You may
also want to include other information such as
fun sight-seeing, shopping, and restaurants.
Include with invitations to out-of-town guests.
Address invitations and announcements. Take
completed examples (make sure invitations are
already stuffed with response cards, maps,
hotel info, etc.) to the post office to find out
what denomination of stamp you need.
A choice of designs may be available.
Buy your favorite and stamp everything so
the invitations are ready to send out six to
eight weeks before the wedding.
Meet with your caterer to talk about menus
and other relevant details, including service
charges, liquor costs, and waiters and
bartenders fees (some of these may be
included in the cost of your reception site
instead). Give the caterer a rough estimate of
the number of guests you expect. Be sure to get
everything in writing.
Take swatches of your dress and those of your
bridesmaids (as well as those of both mothers,
if possible) to your florist. This will help
both of you visualize wonderful and
complementary flowers for the wedding
ceremony and reception.
Firm up your honeymoon plans. Though this is
traditionally the grooms job, if you are
enthusiastic about travel, you might want to
contribute your two cents worth. In general,
planning ahead means getting the best
possible prices for everything from airfares
to hotel reservations.
Have your groom hire a limousine or other
transportation (a horse-drawn carriage is a
romantic option in some places) to take the
two of you from the wedding to the reception.
Remember: Get a contract.
Compile a list of people youd like invited to
showers in your honor.
Shop for clothing for young members of your
bridal party (flower girls and ring bearers). Ask
their parents for help with sizes and fittings.
Shop for gifts for your attendants. Give
yourself ample time to find things that are
lovely and personal to show how much their
friendship means to you. Shopping ahead also
leaves time for any engraving you may decide
to have done. Have your fianc begin shopping
for his attendants gifts, too.
Shop for a going-away outfit and clothing for
your trousseau.
If you are renting tableware, furniture, tents,
etc., make those arrangements now.
Arrange with your photographer to have a
formal bridal portrait taken six to eight weeks
before your wedding. You may also decide
to have a formal portrait taken of you with
your groom.
Make appointments with a great hairstylist for
the day your formal portrait is taken and the
day of or day before your wedding. If you like,
also make an appointment to have a manicure,
or makeup application.
Timetable and Checklist
Two months before
Call city hall for information on how to get
a marriage license. Generally, couples must
apply for this no more than a month before
their wedding day.
Mail wedding invitations.
Buy a journal for recording gifts you receive.
Make sure to record the giver, the address,
the gift or gifts, when you received it, and any
comments that will help you personalize the
thank-you note, which you should send out
as promptly as possible.
Plan a brunch or other activity for out-of-town
guests for the day after the wedding.
This is an optional but lovely way to end
a wedding weekend and a warm way to show
your appreciation for their making a special,
costly trip to celebrate your wedding.
Arrange a time and place for
a bridesmaids luncheon.
Complete all shopping for a going-away outfit
and your trousseau.
Meet with and discuss all specifics with the
musicians involved with your wedding: church
organists, pianists, harpists, bands, string
quartets, or deejays. Talk about every little
detail, especially with reception music: volume,
type of music, the first dance song youd like
played, and any other sentimental favorites
(either yours or someone elses). Also spell out
the duration of band or deejay breaks, fees, and
the possibility of overtime play.
Have a formal bridal portrait taken (some with
your groom, too, if you choose).
Send a bridal portrait and announcement
to newspapers.
If you want to personalize your ceremony,
firm up your ideas and make an appointment
to discuss them with the officiant.
Get together all necessary birth or baptismal
certificates, passports, and other documents
you may need for your marriage license.
Offer to help your groom and his parents
select a site for the rehearsal dinner
(especially if they are coming from
another city to your hometown).

Two to four weeks before
Set the wedding rehearsal and firm up
rehearsal dinner plans. Inform the bridal party,
close family and friends, as well as any other
out-of-town guests, of wedding rehearsal and
rehearsal dinner times and places.
Get your wedding license and put it in a safe
place. (Your officiant must sign it or the
wedding will not be valid.)
Have a final fitting of your gown.
Double-check the clothes of the members of
your wedding party.
Keep good track of invitation responses.
Buy a pretty wedding guest book.
Firm up plans with your photographer for
formal wedding shots of the bridal party,
as well as candid shots to be taken at
the reception.
Firm up plans for videography of your wedding
ceremony and the reception.
Give your caterer a solid estimate of the
number of guests you expect to attend the
reception and make final decisions regarding
the menu. Your caterer can then give you a
written cost-per-person breakdown of food
and drink costs. This should be an extremely
detailed account of exactly what will be served
and in what quantities.
If youre giving your groom a traditional gift,
select one and wrap it at once you wont
have time later.
Talk with your florist to make sure all is
going as scheduled. Double-check addresses
and times of delivery to wedding and
reception sites.
Double-check your transportation plans: time,
place, size, and number of vehicles.
Draw up seating arrangements and make
place cards for the rehearsal dinner and
the reception.
Decide who will stand in the receiving line
and in what order. Bone up on receiving-line
Are you keeping good track of gifts you receive?
Are you writing thank-you notes every day?
Make any name or address changes on bank
accounts, credit cards, drivers licenses,
insurance, Social Security forms, etc. Also be
sure to file any change-of-address cards that
may be necessary.
Two weeks before the wedding
Begin packing for your honeymoon. Buy any
toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc., that
youll need.
Relax as much as possible! Read a great book.
Take long walks. Wade in a pool. Drink fresh-
squeezed orange juice.
One week before the wedding
Make final checks with your officiant, florist,
caterer, photographer, videographer, bakery,
musicians, transportation providers, and any
other contracted vendors.
Make sure your bridal-party gifts are wrapped
and ready to be taken to the rehearsal dinner.
If other friends and family members have been
especially helpful during the months and
weeks leading up to your wedding, you might
like to give them a token of appreciation, too.
Make arrangements with a friend or relative to
transport gifts brought to the reception back to
your home or that of your parents.
Ask a close friend or family member to help the
photographer or videographer identify people
you especially want captured on film or tape.

The day before the wedding
Spend the day pampering yourself.
Have a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure.
Rehearse your ceremony with the bridal party.
Give ushers the names of reserved
seating guests.
Have fun at the rehearsal dinner.
Get a good nights sleep (if possible!).

The day of the wedding
Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed.
Remember to keep your cool. No wedding in
the history of time has ever gone off without a
few hitches. Youve spent the last year planning
this event and have (naturally) lost all
perspective. Honestly, nobody will notice that
the pink in the napkins is off, or the special
cake-cutting knife you ordered never arrived.
If the day is magical for you, then it will be
for everyone else, too.
Follow our detail-by-detail checklist to keep your wedding plans
on schedule from day one to the big days end.
Cover photo courtesy
Melania Marta Photography
Paying for the
Perfect Day
Weddings traditionally are spectacularly beautiful. Some
of them can be spectacularly expensive. For many years,
most of the expenses for the wedding were paid for by the
brides parents. In recent years, tradition often has taken a
back seat to more practical considerationssuch as who is
willing or able to pay.
More times than not, the grooms family is pitching in
on expenses, paying for some of the basics of a big
wedding or for extras to make sure the day is special.
The bride and groom often chip in on certain items they
want in their weddings or picking up the tab for the
whole event.
Once you know youre getting married, its a good idea
to sit down with your fianc and firm up exactly what kind
of wedding each of you envisionsbig or small, lavish or
informal, in a church, temple, or garden, or at home.
When the two of you agree on the size and style you
want, its time to talk with all the parents. Let them know
from the start that you want to talk candidly about their
ability and willingness to foot the cost.
Though it isnt terribly romantic, discussing a budget at
the outsetthen sticking to itcan help you steer clear of
a dangerous and common wedding pitfall: runaway
spending. It wont be a true celebration if it strains your
pocketbook or that of someone you love. Being sensitive to
this makes a big difference.
On this page are some traditional guidelines for wedding
expenses. Remember that they are just guidelines. Relax,
have fun, and bend them according to your situation.
There really is no right or wrong way to shop till you drop.
Wedding expenses can be a matter
of yours, mine, and ours.
The Bride:
The grooms wedding ring.
A wedding present for the
groom (an optional exchange).
Presents for her bridal attendants
and maid/matron of honor.
Personal stationery.
Accommodations for her out-of-
town attendants with family or
friends, or in hotels.
Her physical exam and blood test,
if required.
The Groom:
The brides engagement and
wedding rings.
A wedding gift for the bride.
The marriage license.
Gifts for his best man and ushers.
The brides bouquet, her going-
away corsage; corsages for both
mothers; boutonnieres for the
men in the wedding party, ushers,
and both fathers.
Accommodations for out-of-town
best man and ushers,
if necessary.
His physical exam and blood test,
if required.
Ties, ascots, and gloves for men in
the wedding party.
The fee for the clergy or
other officiant.
The honeymoon.

The Brides Family:
Invitations to the wedding and
other wedding-related festivities
(engagement parties, next-
morning brunches, etc.),
announcements, thank-you cards,
and all postage costs.
The brides gown, accessories,
and trousseau.
A gift for the bride and groom
(the wedding may be that gift!).
The cost of the ceremony,
including rental of the church,
temple, or other facility, as well as
fees for the organist, the soloists
or choir, the sexton (if applicable),
the aisle carpets or canopies,
the ceremony flowers, and any
other decorations.
The reception, including the
rental of the facility, the catering,
the cake, the beverages,
the music, the flowers,
and other decorations.
The photography and/or
Bridesmaids bouquets.
Gratuities to those parking cars
or directing traffic.
Transportation for the bridal
party from the brides house to
the ceremony and from the
ceremony to the reception.
A bridesmaids lunch.

The Grooms Family:
Their clothes for the wedding.
Their own travel expenses and
accommodations, if any.
A gift for the couple.
The rehearsal dinner and any
other expenses they want to
share with the brides family.
The Attendants:
Ceremony clothes, including
dresses, shoes, and accessories.
Travel expenses.
A gift for the couple.
Who Pays for What?

September 2014 January 2015

Engagement party $______
Bridesmaids lunch $______
Rehearsal dinner $______
Out-of-town guests brunch $______
Stationery $______
Invitations $______
Announcements $______
Thank-you cards $______
At-home cards $______
Stamps $______
Wedding dress $______
Headpiece and veil $______
Shoes $______
Accessories $______
Dresses for other wedding parties $______
Undergarments $______
Trousseau $______
Formal portraits $______
Engagement $______
Wedding and reception $______
Wedding album $______
Parents albums $______
Extra prints $______
Videography of wedding
and wedding parties $______
Ceremony arrangements, garlands $______
Brides bouquet $______
Grooms boutonniere $______
Bridesmaids/groomsmen $______
Flower girl/ring bearer $______
Mothers corsages $______
Reception arrangements $______
Food $______
Drink $______
Wedding cake $______
Grooms cake $______
Rental of facility $______
Rentals of tableware, tents,
furniture $______
Place cards $______
Tips and fees to food servers,
doormen, coat check,
valet, etc. $______

Ceremony (organist, soloists,
choir, other musicians) $______
Reception (band, deejay, pianist) $______

Limousines $______
Parking $______

For your groom (optional) $______
Maid/matron of honor $______
Bridesmaids $______
A gift to your parents (optional) $______
Your grooms rings $______

Church/synagogue/other location $______
Officiant $______
Officiant assistants $______

Guest favors $______
Birdseed or confetti packets $______
Monogrammed napkins $______
Cake knife $______
Hotel accommodations $______
Guest book and pen $______
Wedding Budget Worksheet
Landis Luxury Coaches
PUC Licensed
Fully Insured
Going Paces?
L 8 C n
L k

Where to apply:
Office of the Clerk of Orphans Court,
second floor, Lancaster County
Courthouse, 50 N. Duke St., Lancaster.
Hours: 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through
Friday. Marriage may take place
anywhere in Pennsylvania.
When you apply:
The couple must appear in person to
complete the marriage application.
Social Security numbers and a
government-issued photo ID are
required. Non-US citizens must provide
passport with current visa.
Age Requirements:
If both are 18 years of age, no parental
consent or birth certificate is required.
If either is 16 or 17, one parent must be
present to issue consent. A birth
certificate and an additional $5 fee is
required. If either is under 16, an
attorney must be present to petition a
Judge of the Orphans Court for
permission for them to marry. A parent
or guardian of each person must also be
Applicants who have been previously
married must provide additional
information concerning the dissolution
of the most recent marriage. Call for
complete information.
Medical Examinations:
The state of Pennsylvania no longer
requires a blood test or medical exam.
Who May Not Marry:
Blood relatives down to and including
first cousins may not marry according
to Pennsylvania law.
When to Apply:
In Pennsylvania, there is a three day
waiting period before the license is
available. Apply at least one week
before the marriage date. The license is
valid for 60 days after the license has
been issued.
The fee in Lancaster County is $40,
CASH only.
The Marriage License
24-hour information line: (717) 295-3522 Web site:
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

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ore and more couples planning to walk
down the aisle are embracing save-the-
date cards to give guests adequate notice
that there is a party on the horizon.
Save-the-date cards do more than let guests
know when youre getting hitched. Te cards are
a preliminary way to keep guests informed and
let them know they are, in fact, on the guest list.
Tese cards havent always been so popular, but
have risen in popularity due to longer engagement
periods, a growing number of destination
weddings and the growing number of couples with
guests from all over the country, if not the world.
Considering people often plan business trips,
vacations and other excursions several months in
advance, save-the-date cards help secure a greater
number of attendees at your wedding.
Save-the-date announcements can vary in many
ways. Tey may be postcards or magnets that can
be attached to a refrigerator door. If you desire a
cohesive theme to your wedding stationery, select
the save-the-date cards at the same time you
choose your wedding invitations. Tis way you
can ensure that either the patterns, fonts, colors,
or style of the cards will match. It will also help
convey the tone of the wedding. Guests often
take their cues regarding the level of formality of
the wedding from the type of stationery couples
When to send the announcements is important
as well. As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to
mail out the cards six months in advance for a
standard wedding. If the wedding requires travel
or extended overnight accommodations, you may
want to mail them out 8 months to a year in
advance to give guests the time to investigate fight
costs and hotel arrangements. A wedding also may
necessitate planning a vacation or personal time
of from work. Ample advanced notice is advisable.
Be sure to make your guest list in advance of
sending out save-the-date cards. Everyone who
receives a card should also be sent an invitation
prior to the wedding. Remember to include any
members of your planned wedding party in the
list of recipients. Just because a person has verbally
confrmed attendance at your wedding doesnt
mean they should be excluded from subsequent
announcements. Guests may talk to one another
and it is best to avoid hurt feelings and any added
drama before the wedding by treating everyone
Be sure to include the wedding date, your names
and the location of the wedding on the save-
the-date cards. You do not need to ofer RSVP
information or detailed specifcs at this time. You
may want to include a Web site URL on the card
so guests can check it frequently for updates on
wedding information. Be sure to also include that
a formal invitation will follow at a later date. You
do not want to cause confusion by having guests
think that the save-the-date card is the actual
invitation. Also, make sure you address the save-
the-date cards correctly to show your intentions
with respect to guest invites. For example, be
clear about whether children will be invited and
whether a boyfriend/girlfriend or another guest
can tag along.
card etiquette

September 2014 January 2015

Whether you are newly engaged or nalizing dcor details, you
may be thinking about who will make sure all the hard work
you put into your wedding will turn out the way you envision it.
Heres where a day-of coordinator comes into the picture and 10
reasons why you need a professional:
1. Family!
Often, engaged couples expect their mother, aunt, or
friend to coordinate the day for them. Tey say, Well,
shes organized and going to be at the wedding
anyway. Why doesnt she just coordinate it?
Unfortunately, too many brides do this and
these special family members miss out on
enjoying the day. You dont want them to
miss out on once-in-a-lifetime moments like
when you put on your dress and veil.
2. Timeline!
A coordinator will walk you through a
timeline. It can be overwhelming to try to
think through all the little details that
need to happen in order to make your
special day come to life. A professional
coordinator has experience and
knowledge, so they already know what
needs to happen when.
3. Confirmations and
Supply your coordinator with your vendors
list about a month before the wedding so
that they can introduce themselves, deliver messages for you, and
conrm details. It is also important for the vendors to have your
coordinators contact info, so that they can quickly get in touch
with their point of contact throughout the day. On the day-of,
it is the coordinators responsibility to contact any vendors who
are running late or who might need help, to make sure that
everything can run according to schedule.
4. Direction!
Every wedding ceremony needs a rehearsal. It doesnt matter if
you and your friends have already been in three other weddings
the rehearsal must happen! You want your ceremony to be
awless! Even though your coordinator has day-of in their
title, they often arrive the day before to direct the rehearsal
alongside the o ciant. Its important for the bridal party to meet
and feel comfortable with your coordinator so that they know
she is someone they can turn to with questions throughout the
wedding day as well.
5. Questions, Questions!
Tis is one of the biggest bonuses of having a day-of coordinator.
Wedding guests, vendors, and family members will try to swarm
the bride with questions. Your day-of coordinator acts as a buer
between you and the well-meaning inquirers. Te coordinator
knows your vision for your wedding, and will be able to make
quick decisions that you will be pleased with.
6. To make sure the day looks how
YOU want it to
Some venues will only allow you to set up the ceremony and/
or reception on the day of the wedding. While it is very helpful
to have a team of either friends (who are not in the bridal
party) or catering sta to set up the dcor, someone needs to
be in charge and direct the decorating of the
space. Tere are a lot of details that
need to be done on the morning of the
wedding. Te bride and groom conveys
to the coordinator what they envision. Te
coordinators job is to fulll that vision.
7. Details!
Not everyone thinks about who is going to light
the ceremony candles (please, do not ask your
mom to do that!), or unwrap the dishes at the
candy bar, or move the cute direction sign from the
ceremony to the reception. Tese are the little details
that can be taken care of by your coordinator. During
the weeks leading up to your wedding day, many thoughts
of, Who will do that? will pop into your head dont spend
time worrying about that. Just make a list and send it to your
coordinator its that easy!
8. Greet & Guide!
A wedding is a time when special people from many areas of your
life come together to celebrate the love between you and your
anc. Some guests will have a special role to play in your day,
and your coordinator will greet and guide them. Te coordinator
also greets each vendor as they arrive to make sure they have
everything they need to succeed.
While working behind the scenes of your wedding, the
coordinator also interacts with the wedding guests. You want a
coordinator who is friendly and gracious to your guests, setting a
lovely atmosphere for enjoying a wedding day.
9. Schedules!
Remember that timeline? Te day-of coordinators job is to follow
that timeline as closely as possible. Whether it means hiding your
groom so he doesnt see you or running ahead of your guests to
cue the DJ a coordinator makes sure everyone is where they
need to be at the right time.
10. Peace of Mind!
A wedding coordinator will take care of any problems, schedule
changes, or emergencies that might arise. You never know when
a button will pop, the candle lighter will go missing, or the ower
girl will start crying the coordinator is there to make quick
decisions and take care of the little things that are bound to
happen in the midst of any event. And if they do their job right,
you should be blissfully unaware and fully enjoying your day!
~ by Stephanie Torres
Wedding Planner & Day-Of Coordinator
Owner, Delight & Design
to Hire a Day-of Coordinator
10 Reasons
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

No matter what kind of bride you are and
how big or small your wedding will be, a day-
of coordinator has often been called the best
investment a bride and groom can make for their
wedding. Tey bring the details to life, while
keeping everything running smoothly.
Whats the difference between a wedding
planner and a day-of coordinator?
A wedding planner is by your side from the
beginning helping you pick out linen colors
and suggesting vendors that t the style and
budget of your wedding. A day-of coordinator
meets with you 1-3 times before your wedding to
help you structure your timeline and
get to know the details of the day.
Ten, they arrive on the day
before and day of the wedding
to coordinate the wedding day
itself. Coordinators often have
wedding planning packages,
but you can also just hire
them for the day-of.
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September 2014 January 2015

The average American couple
spends just under $27,000 on
their wedding. Clearly, couples
can expect to invest a substantial
amount of money for their
While many couples fnd the cost of a
wedding is well worth it, others would
like to fnd ways to save so their big day
isnt a budget-buster. Such savings arent
always easy to come by, especially for
couples with a very distinctive picture
in mind of what their wedding should
be. However, even couples strongly
committed to a certain wedding
style might change their minds once
they realize how much such a dream
wedding will cost. For those couples
as well as couples who simply want to
save some money, the following are a
few ideas to avoid busting your budget
without venturing too far from your
dream wedding.
Trim the guest list. Te guest list
is perhaps the easiest place to begin
saving money. Many reception halls
will charge by the head, so consider if
you really need to invite 150 guests or
if 100 will do. Such trimming can save
you a substantial amount of money. For
example, a banquet hall that charges
$200 per guest will cost couples with
a guest list of 150 $30,000 for the
reception alone. Cutting that guest list
to 100 reduces that cost by $10,000.
When putting together the guest list,
remove those candidates who would
best be described as acquaintances. Tis
can include coworkers with whom you
dont socialize, as well as old college
friends to whom you rarely speak.
Distant cousins you havent spoken to in
years can also be cut from the list.
Dont go overboard on the gown.
Styles are ever-changing, so theres a
strong chance brides wont be passing
down their wedding gowns to their own
daughters someday. Whats popular now
will likely seem outdated by the time
your daughter walks down the aisle.
Keep this in mind when shopping for
a wedding dress, which can be made
in the same design as the one you try
on but with cheaper fabrics that are a
fraction of the cost.
Get hitched in the of-season. Many
couples prefer to get married sometime
between the months of May through
October. During these months, venues
and vendors, including limousine
services, caterers, photographers,
musicians, and deejays, are more
expensive. If you are willing to switch
your wedding date to the of-season you
can save a substantial amount of money.
In addition, you likely wont face as
much competition for the best venues
and vendors as you will during the peak
wedding season.
Trim your beverage budget. Te bar
tab at the end of the reception can be
considerable, but there are ways to save
money while ensuring your guests can
still toast you and yours with a few
libations. Rather than ofering a full
bar, limit the choices to beer and wine,
which will be perfectly acceptable to
most guests anyway. In addition, rather
than paying the caterer for the wine, buy
your own and youll save a considerable
amount of money. You may have to pay
the caterer a fee to pour the wine, but
that fee is negligible compared to what
youd pay the company to provide the
Choose a bufet-style dinner over
waiter service. Many guests will no
doubt prefer a bufet-style dinner
instead of waiter service, so take
advantage of that and choose a more
afordable bufet-style dinner that
allows diners to choose their own
entrees and side dishes.
When it comes to trimming wedding
costs, couples will have to make
compromises. But those compromises
dont have to come at the cost of a
beautiful and memorable event.
Simple ways to save on your wedding
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No matter what your dream
wedding entails a more casual
gathering or a formal affair with
100 of your closest friends and
family Galen Hall will make
your dream come true.
We will create a completely
customized event that reects
your unique theme and style.
Head to
the Border!
Galen Hall is a true treasure nestled
on the Lancaster/Berks County border.
A unique setting for your special day.
Located on historical South Mountain.
Indoor & Outdoor Event Space
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in a Row!
Tips for Couples
About to Marry
Finances, Too
hen two people decide to get
married, theyre not only
combining their possessions,
but theyre also bringing together unique
ideas about personal nance. Tese ideas
may bring challenges to the relationship
and should be discussed beforehand for
the best start to the marriage.
Planning ahead can build a strong
nancial foundation for a new marriage.
Before a couple becomes a family unit,
each person has his or her own way of
saving and spending, as well as their own
approach to nances. Additionally, one
person may be bringing more debt to the
relationship than the other. How nances
will be handled should be one of the rst
conversations even before a reception
venue is booked or a wedding gown is
When joining nances, consider these
Bank Accounts
Budgeting Expenses
Generally couples will nd that a combination of joint and personal
accounts makes nances easier. Te joint account is used for monthly
bills, housing expenses and things the couple does together. Separate
accounts can be used for discretionary spending, like vacation accounts,
dabbling in investments or simply for splurging. Tis enables each person
to have an independent identity but also share the responsibility of being
a couple.
Even if each individual had a budget before the marriage, the nancial
status of a spouse will change the outlook. Although each person may
have their preferences on certain items, talking through the best ways
to pool resources and save money can be an eective start to their life
Estate Planning
Just because a couple is relatively young and newly married doesnt mean
they shouldnt begin planning for their future including a family
immediately. Couples should explore the options on life and medical
insurance plans. Sitting down with a nancial planner can help, and he
or she may be able to spell out options in retirement savings or education
savings. Its never too early to begin investigating these scenarios.
Keep the Lines of Communication Open
Money often makes or breaks a relationship. Having similar goals
regarding saving and spending is often the key to couples melding
together. Te best way to work through di culties and avoid problems
concerning nances is always to talk through all of the options. Having
an open line of communication about money and participating equally
in the household nances can help equal marital success.

September 2014 January 2015

Couples are faced with
many decisions when planning a wedding. One often overlooked
decision concerns the guest list. Ideally, couples would love to invite
all their friends and family to share in their special day. Realistically,
however, budget often dictates just how many guests a couple can
Tat reality has led to a disagreement or two over the years, as both
the bride-to-be and her future husband make their case for who
makes the cut. To help avoid such disagreements, couples should
consider the following tips when paring down their guest list.
Make a master list as early as possible.
Its impossible to pare down a guest list if theres no list to begin
with. Once the planning process begins, couples should
separately write down all the guests they would like to invite.
Once each is nished with their list, the hard work of paring
that list down can begin.
Consider whos footing the bill.
If Mom and Dad are paying for the wedding, then their
suggestions for the guest list should carry most of the weight.
Weddings are very expensive, and if Mom and Dad are paying
they should have a signicant say who will
be in attendance. Te same principle can
be applied if the couple is paying for their
own wedding. If the costs are being split
down the middle, then both the groom-
and bride-to-be should be allowed to
invite the same number of guests.
Ask that kids stay home.
Many couples request that their guests
leave the kids at home. While nieces
and nephews might make the cut, its
perfectly acceptable for couples to
state their preference that children
not attend. Tis can be noted on the
invitation, addressing friends as Mr.
John Doe and guest or Mr. and Mrs.
John Doe. Guests should take the
hint, but if any RSVPs with their kids,
be sure to call them immediately
and explain the situation. Friends
and family should understand the
Its not a reunion.
Couples are often tempted to invite long-lost friends to their
wedding. But cost-conscious couples must recognize their wedding
is not a reunion. If the goal is to keep the guest list under control,
only invite close friends and family members who have kept in touch
with over the years.
Stick to your guns.
Couples vary greatly with what they want out of their wedding.
Some want a grandiose aair they can share with their whole family
and all of their friends. Other couples want a more laid-back aair
with only those closest to them in attendance. Whatever their
preference, couples should remain rm and not feel guilty no matter
how many guests they choose to invite or not invite.
Couples are often
faced with tough
decisions when it
comes to paring
down the guest list
for their wedding.
be in
be a

Couples are often tempted to
ddi B t t i
e often
h tough
when it
o paring
uest list



Cut back in other areas.
If its proving impossible to agree on a reduced guest
list, consider inviting everyone and cutting back in
other areas. Before signing any contracts, closely
examine them for items that can be removed without
drastically changing the ceremony and celebration.
Chances are there are savings to be had, and those
savings might make the dierence between inviting
and not inviting another friend or family member.
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Tues-Sat 9am-4pm; Sun noon-5pm
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Your wedding
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There are infinite opportunities
for uniqueness with wedding
invitations, which is why selecting
the right invitation is often one of
the most confusing aspects of
planning a wedding.
Invitations are usually your first
line of communication regarding
the upcoming celebration, and
they typically set the tone of the
affair and what guests should
expect. Wedding etiquette experts
also say that gift-giving is subject
to inf luence by the type of
invitation received. Guests also
tend to determine what they will
wear to the wedding depending
upon the invitation.
All of these perceptions about
the wedding are made even before
guests read the first line of
sentiment on the invitation itself.
With so much inferred meaning
placed on invitations, its no
wonder you may be nervous about
choosi ng and sendi ng out
invitations. Here are some pointers
so youll make the right decisions.
There are many personalization
options at your disposal with
wedding invitations. Youll be able
to choose the texture, color and
shape of the paper, as well as the
font and ink color in many cases.
These selections can be combined
with other embellishments, such
as envelope linings, extra layers of
paper, vellum accents, ribbons, and
calligraphy styles. You may also be
able to select a monogram or
artwork to further embellish
the invitation.
If your wedding will be a formal
affair, choose a classic style
invitation that will reflect the
formalness of the affair. If your
wedding will be casual, choose a
design and font that expresses
that feeling.
Here are some other tips
to consider:
1. Wait until you have definite
times and locations for the
ceremony and reception before
submitting any wording to the
invitation company.
2. Type out the wording you prefer
with a word-processing program
on your computer. Run a spell-
check and print it out and read it
over several times. This will cut
down on the chances for error once
the wording is sent for printing.
3. To know how many invitations
to order, take the forecasted
number of guests and divide that
number by two. Then add 25 to 30
additional invitations for any
single guests you may be inviting
as well as to have extras on hand in
case you make a mi stake
addressing the invitation. So if you
are inviting 150 people (assuming
most will come as couples), order
100 invitations.
4. Many people opt to print out
addresses on the invitation
envelope themselves. While home
printers and software packages
have certainly advanced, it may be
difficult to match the font and
st yl e of your i nvi t at i on.
Fur ther more, whi l e hand-
addressing invitations is more
ti me- consumi ng, i t adds a
personalized touch and shows you
care about those invited.
5. Make sure you bring an
invitation to the post office to be
weighed so you can determine how
much postage you will need. Mail
them 4 to 6 weeks before the
wedding to allow for response
time. Its customary to enclose a
response card with postage already
applied so guests can simply drop
their RSVP in the mail.
to an

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135 E. King St., Lancaster 717.435.9553
F l o w e r s & P l a n t s f o r A l l O c c a s i o n s
Facilities Available for
Wedding Receptions and Special Events
881 Rockford Road, Lancaster, PA 17602
Make Your Special Day Truly Historic
Rock Ford Plantation
Circa 1794 Estate of General Edward Hand
Chandelier earrings and sparkling crystal bangles are popular
choices for todays sophisticated brides. In the last few years, weve
seen more brides look to mirror current fashion trends in their bridal
jewelry. That translates into bigger, bolder pieces like large dramatic
earrings, glittering crystal and pearl cuffs and statement necklaces
that draw attention to the neckline.
Fashionable jewelry isnt just for the bride; it also makes a great
gift for bridal party attendants. Say, thank you with the very
popular bangles that can be engraved with Friend, Sister, Niece,
Mother, Grandmother, Love or other sentiments. Other treasured
and affordable bridal gifts include freshwater cultured pearls. Hand-
knotted necklaces, bracelets and earrings in stud or drop styles
arefavoritesin pearl alone or pearl accented with cubic zirconia.
for Sophisticated Brides
and the Entire Bridal Party
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Perfect Setting for your Wedding
Reception & all of your Celebrations!
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s A

s in
s A

s in
Proposing is tough enough, but finding
the perfect ring, set with the perfect
diamond is even tougher. Its important to
know what youre buying. Here are some
tips to help you make the right choice.
Educate yourself. Start by learning about
the four Cs: clarity, cut, color and carat.
Understanding how diamonds are evaluated
and categorized will allow you to determine
which is most important to you.
Get input from your fianc. Visit your
local jewelry stores together and try on as
many rings as possible. Note which cuts and
types of settings she prefers, or look at rings
in bridal magazines. If youre being discreet,
look at the jewelry she wears on a day-to-
day basis or ask someone close to her
for insight.
Lets talk carats. Precious gemstones
are measured in carats. There are 100 points
in a carat and as points or carats increase, so
does the price of the diamond.
Pick a color. D denotes the whitest, and
anything N and below show noticeable
yellow tones. E and F have no detectable
color tones
The cut and sparkle. Cut is the most
i mportant and perhaps the most
misunderstood and controversial of the
four Cs. When we talk cut, were talking
about the exact angles, proportions,
symmetry and polish that affect the way the
diamond reflects light and sparkles.
How important is clarity? Clarity refers
to how clean the gem appears when viewed
through a magnifier. Most diamonds
contain some inclusions crystalline
fractures or irregular crystal growth.
Establish a budget. After determining
the four Cs, you should be able to set a
budget or at least have a figure in mind. The
general rule of thumb is to set aside two
months of salary. If youre hesitant to set a
dollar amount, look at your options in
diamonds and settings to get a general idea
of what youd like to spend.
Select a jeweler. No matter whom you
buy from, make sure the jeweler is reputable
and affiliated with the American Gem
Society (AGS). Test the staffs knowledge,
look into customer reviews and at the
companys return and repair policies.
Before placing the order, ask for a grading
report. If a grading report will not
accompany your diamond, make sure the
sale is contingent upon an independent
appraisers opinion.
Choosing a Diamond
Another option: Ask for a fingerprint
of the diamond. This is a three-
dimensional drawing of indicating
the four Cs, along with the
diamonds dimensions and
enhancements. Inclusions and
blemishes should also be noted.

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Wedding Reception,
Banquet & Party Facilities
for a Day to Remember!
323 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602
Encks' Custom Catering
Banquet and Conference Center
1461 Lancaster Rd., Manheim
at Kreider Farms 569-7000
Encks' Custom Catering
Specializing in Wedding Receptions
and Bridal Showers
Specializing in Wedding Receptions
and Bridal Showers
Voted #1 Caterer in the Reader's Choice Awards
Always working within your budget, you will get delicious food
for very reasonable prices. Our staff combines the perfect
blend of over 30 years experience & creativity to make your
Wedding a memorable day. Relax and let us do the work.
Wedding Day Skin
You bought the gown, scheduled the hairstylist, and picked
out the bridal accessories. But are you forgetting about one of
the most important parts of looking beautiful on your
wedding day: your face?
Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day, but she probably
doesnt want her skin to shine, too. Problems like oily, dry, or irritated
skin plague a good portion of the population. But on your wedding day
you dont want skin inconveniences to ruin your festivities.
One of the best ways to put your best face forward is to know your
skin type, what causes you to breakout, and to avoid any products or
foods that may contribute to the problem at least until the last
wedding photo has been snapped. If you dont know the answers to
these questions, you may want to visit a dermatologist a few months
before the wedding to talk about your concerns and to get
recommendations for proper skin care.
In addition to professional skin advice, here are some other ways to
maximize your beauty potential for your wedding day.
Cleansing & Toning
Healthy skin starts with clean skin. Be sure to
remove makeup every night and wash your
face with a mild cleanser appropriate for your
skin type twice daily. Toners can refresh the
skin, dry up any extra oil on the surface and
clean out pores. Now is not the time to
experiment with the latest and greatest
products out there. You dont want to risk
irritation to your skin before your
wedding day.
Be Gentle
When cleansing, drying, or even applying
makeup, treat your skin with a soft hand.
Blot gently with cotton balls or swabs, and
avoid tugging or rubbing the skin. Not only
can this cause redness or irritation, it may
also contribute to long-term wrinkling.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Cosmetology Massage Therapy Esthetician Nail Technology
Job placement assistance provided to all graduates. Financial aid available for those
who qualify. Call to find out how you can qualify for a scholarship! Free on-site parking!
For gainful employment disclosures go to
Start a new career in as little as 5 months.
50 Ranck Avenue Lancaster, PA
Not valid with any other offers or prior services.
With this coupon. Cannot be used toward the
purchase of gift certificates.
Lancaster School of Cosmetology
Lancaster 717.299.0200
All Services Performed by Supervised Students
20% Off
Bridal Party Services
Pamper Your Bridal Party
Relieve wedding planning stress with these special services:
Where Style & Wellness Meet
3. Makeup
Conservative, natural-looking
makeup should also be the rule.
The photographs you take on your
wedding day will be a testament to
the era and moments you shared.
But you dont want to look dated
when you reminisce years later.
Choose muted shades on eyes, lips
and cheeks that enhance, rather than
cover up your beauty. Select makeup
that is smudge- and waterproof so it
will stand up to tears of joy and
kisses from well-wishers. Pressed or
loose powder can also be your best
friend. It will come in handy when
you have to touch up spots on your
face or combat shine. Dont hide
behind a veil your entire wedding
day. Learn the way to healthy,
vibrant skin.
4. Not So Sunsational
Many brides-to-be believe that
suntanning will cure many of their
skin ailments. This isnt the case.
While sunbathing may temporarily
alleviate acne or breakouts, it could
actually compound the problem and
make outbreaks worse over time.
Other ladies think that tanned skin
will make them look better against
their white bridal gown. However, on
your wedding day you should look
like the best version of you, not a
complete stranger. Fair-skinned
individuals may look out of place
with a deep tan. Err on the side of
moderate whenever contemplating
modifying your skin tone, as it will
affect makeup choices and other
things as well. And avoid tanning
booths or sitting out in the sun. If
you must be tan, look for artificial
spray tans or bronzers that create
natural-looking color.

September 2014 January 2015

Almost as long as there have been
bridal gowns, white or ivory have been
the colors of choice for first-time brides.
These light hues represent the purity
and innocence of the bride. Although a
few brides-to-be choose to forego
wedding white for something a bit more
flashy like pink or yellow gowns a
popular trend today is to wear gowns
with accents of black or other deep colors
to add dimension to the white canvas.
Cons i de r i ng t he g r oom a nd
groomsmen will be dressed in black
tuxedos, black accents on a wedding
gown have been growing in popularity
and add a formal, regal look to a
wedding. Darker color embellishments
can add drama to a gown. Another
advantage is they can call out pattern or
adornments not easily seen on a white-
on-white gown. Furthermore, deep
colors against the white backdrop of the
gown show wel l i n photography,
par ti cul arl y the bl ack- and- whi te
journalistic style that is very trendy.
Women shopping for bridal gowns
who are considering colored accents
s houl d be c ar e f ul t hat t he s e
embellishments are subtle and do not
overwhelm the gown or the person
who wi l l be weari ng i t! Popul ar
enhancements include appliques on the
bodice or the train of the gown. Another
idea is to select a white gown and then
tie a black bow or sash around the waist
or put a lace shrug over bare shoulders.
Black-and-white lace gloves are also an
option for those who want to add just a
little splash of dimension.
The same concept can be applied to
any accent color. Burgundy or plum
colors also work well to add the contrast
of dark against light and arent as
extreme as black. Some brides opt for a
paler, more pastel shade to serve as an
accompaniment to the white gown.
Many times the accent colors chosen are
replicated in the hue of the bridesmaids
gowns, so the entire wedding party
looks cohesive.
Because the spectacle will be the
beauty of the gown, its best to carry a
neutral-colored bouquet in a small size.
Or, a black-and-white gown can be
accented with a small nosegay of red
flowers or roses.
Hopily Ever After
where Beer Lovers begin their
Bier Garden
Weddings and Banquets at Stoudts
Black Anguss Executive Chef, Josh Hilt
and staff cater to your personal needs
2800 N. Reading Rd., Route, 272 Adamstown
Over 12 styles of our award winning,
hand crafted lagers and ales on tap
with a full bar available
Artisan Bread and Cheese from
Our Reception Hall offers a one of kind space for your
wedding. This distinctive location is minutes from the
colorful homes and fountain of Stoudtburg Village and is
sure to wow any bride! The beautiful scenery is an ideal
photographing location that brings your story to life with
pictures. The reception hall is filled with eclectic antiques,
which provides a beautiful back drop for your custom
decorations. With open air courtyards and a large dance
floor, you and your guests (up to 250) will never feel
cramped or overwhelmed. For more information on our
services and allowing us to make your special day as
magical as it should be, please contact us at 717. 341. 2507.
Brides- and grooms-to-be hope and pray their wedding
day will go o without a hitch. Although the idea is to hope
for the best, being prepared for a few obstacles along the
way can ensure the day goes smoothly. Many couples nd it
wise to pack an emergency kit, stocked with items to make
repairs or handle tie ups with ease.
Use this checklist to compile a wedding day kit that meets
your needs and customize with any speciality items.
needle and thread in white, black and
the color of bridesmaid gowns
double-sided tape
safety pins
extra pairs of pantyhose
slippers or a change of shoes
makeup and lipstick for touch-ups
nail polish for chips. Clear nail polish for hosiery runs.
hair spray
hair pins
hair dryer
contact lens solution/eye drops
nail le
nail clipper
quick-clean detergent stick
static cling spray
extra cash
straws (to sip drinks without ruining lipstick)
black buttons
black socks
earring backs
sanitary pads or tampons
pain reliever pills
names and phone numbers of all wedding vendors
Pack an emergency
wedding day kit

September 2014 January 2015

Come To The
Now available for Receptions,
Banquets & Special Occasions
our new banquet facility on the
second foor with a deck overlooking
the beautiful Susquehanna River
A Beautiful Setting...
For Information Contact Adrienne Zorn at
North Front Street Wrightsville
Take Wrightsville Exit Off Rt. 30
2503 C Lititz Pike,
(717) 553-5656
ll eyes are typically on the
bride during a wedding.
But that doesnt mean
the groom should be a shrinking
violet. While the bridal gown
may garner the oohs and
aahs, what the groom wears
on his wedding day is quite
important as well.
In many ceremonies, the groom
spends several minutes standing
beside the altar awaiting his
bride-to-be. Before the rst
notes of Here Comes the Bride
are played, all eyes will be on
him as he anxiously awaits the
start of the ceremony. As such,
it is essential that the groom
look well polished and is dressed
in accordance to the tone and
scope of the wedding.
Because most weddings are
formal occasions, grooms
often choose to wear a tuxedo
or high-end suit. A well-tted
tuxedo combined with a formal
shirt, tie and vest is the classic
wedding ensemble. Generally
the tuxedo jacket is single-
breasted with three buttons
and satin trim. Tis style is
universally attering to most
mens frames.
Accessorizing the tuxedo can
mean dierent things. Some
choose to wear a vest while
others opt for a cummerbund.
Others add suspenders. Tese
accessories, including the tie
or bow tie and the vest, can
be all black like the tuxedo or
can be coordinated with the
colors of the wedding party. For
example, if the bridesmaids are
wearing butter yellow gowns,
the groomsmen can wear yellow
accessories. However, to set
themselves apart from the
groomsmen and ushers, grooms
tend to go with the classic black
and white and forego colors. On
some occasions, grooms may
choose to wear a white tuxedo.
A well-groomed groom is also an
important wedding day must.
He should be well-shaven and
have recently had a haircut. If
he has facial hair, it should be
trimmed and neat.
Because he will be photographed
all day long, a groom can choose
to take some cues from his
soon-to-be-spouse. He may
indulge in a manicure to ensure
nails and cuticles are neat. A
dusting of translucent facial
powder can tame shiny skin in
photos. Some couples opt for
teeth whitening to ensure a
sparkling smile.
When dressing the rest of the
men in a wedding, they should
take their cues from the groom,
but not be carbon-copies of him.
Fathers of the bride and groom
can set themselves apart with
a pocket square or a specially
colored boutonniere.
Te exception to a tuxedo or
a suit would be for a casual
wedding, particularly one held
at the beach or in a park. Ten
the groom can wear what will
coordinate for the occasion,
such as a dress shirt and slacks,
or even sandals and shorts for
the ultra-casual wedding.
for Your Wedding
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Nine months (or longer) before the wedding
Find a lovely engagement ring for your fiance.
Set a wedding date with your bride. Talk about the size and
formality each of you envision for the wedding. If you plan to be
married in a church or temple, talk with your clergy to make sure
the date youve chosen is available.
Draw up a guest list for your family, friends and parents.
Six to nine months before the wedding
Ask family and/or friends to be in your wedding.
Decide on your wedding attire and that of your attendants.
Your fiance will be happy to help!
Start planning your honeymoon. Though your bride may want to
help, shes going to be insanely busy. Take some initiative!
Buy some travel magazines and read the Sunday travel section in
your newspaper. Send for brochures. Talk with well-traveled
friends, family, and colleagues, and get recommendations from
travel agentsthey can offer terrific, all-inclusive packages.
Four to six months before the wedding
Select a wedding ring for your bride. Have it engraved and sized.
Reserve a site for the rehearsal dinner.
Arrange accommodations for attendants, family, and close friends.
Help your bride make bridal gift registry selections.
Shop for attendants gifts. Leave ample time to find things that
are personal and meaningful.
Apply for passports if needed for the honeymoon.
Two to three months before the wedding
Firm up your honeymoon plans. Make final payments.
Four to six weeks before the wedding
Be sure you and your fiance have all the necessary blood tests,
physical exams, birth certificates, and baptismal papers to obtain
a marriage license.
Make necessary changes in insurance: medical, household, fire,
personal property, and life.
Two to four weeks before the wedding
Apply for a marriage license with your bride.
Give the wedding party, close friends, and family (and if possible,
any out-of-town guests) information regarding the time and place
of the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
If youll move after the wedding, fill out change-of-address cards
(available at the post office).
One week before the wedding
Give your rehearsal dinner caterer or restaurant a firm number
of attendees.
Double-check your honeymoon plans.
Begin packing for your honeymoon.
Attend your bachelors dinner (probably given by your best man
and groomsmen).
The day before the wedding
Rehearse your ceremony with the bridal party. Give your ushers
the names of reserved seating guests. Have a good time at your
rehearsal dinner.
The day of the wedding
Bring your marriage license to be signed.
Give your best man the officiants check to handle.
Remember to bring your brides wedding ring. Arrive at the
wedding site with your attendants an hour before the ceremony.
Have fun, and congratulations!
Before the Wedding
Help pick out the tuxedos and show up for ttings.
Help plan and share the cost of the bachelor party.
Attend rehearsals for the ceremony and appear
at the rehearsal dinner.
Pay for their own wedding attire or formal wear rentals.
Pay for their travel expenses and accommodations
during the celebration.
Return formal wear for themselves and the groom.
Provide transportation for the couple to the airport or
honeymoon destination if the best man is unavailable.
During the Ceremony
Greet and seat guests at the ceremony.
Stand near the groom during the ceremony.
Serve as escorts for the bridesmaids at the ceremony.
Party Time
Ensure that the groom does not get too intoxicated.
Sit at the table of honor beside the rest of the bridal party.
Mingle with the guests.
Participate in all photos if asked.
Dance with their bridesmaid counterpart.
Help load the wedding gifts into the car.
Happy couples choose friends and family members to serve as
attendants in their weddings. Bridesmaids and groomsmen
each have dierent responsibilities in the wedding.
In ancient times, groomsmen essentially served as the grooms
bodyguards, ensuring that he made it safely to the altar and to
his future wife. Today, the groomsmens roles are not based on
saving life and limb.
Todays groomsmen serve as assistants to the groom and
help plan the bachelor party. Tey also usher guests down
the aisle at the ceremony. Tey also may have a few other
responsibilities, depending on what the couple wants of their

September 2014 January 2015

We have the right size coach to meet your
wedding party needs - 25, 30, 38, 48, 56 passengers
Accommodates up to 20 passengers
Climate Controlled & Open Air option Oak Paneled walls
& bench seating PA system, with radio & CD player
We have the right size coa oach to meet your
& bench seating PA system, with radio & CD player
W h h i hh i hh
g y p y 800-722-6206
1685 West Main St., Ephrata, PA
tart your history
Lancaster Elks Lodge #134
219 N Duke Street Lancaster PA 17602
For event information, email
a t t he hi s t or i c L a nca s t er El k s
Photo courtesy of Kate Dussinger
Getting there can be half the fun, when
it comes to wedding transportation.
There are many choices: antique cars,
horse-drawn carriages, trolleys, for
example. Some couples get even more
carried away, so to speak, when they get
personal with their mode of
transportation: a Jeep, a Harley, on
horseback, or even a fire engine.
First, consider who will be riding in the
vehicle. If its just the two of you, one of
the super stretch limos would be a bit
excessive. Youll need the extra room if
you add the bridesmaids to the trip. If
renting two or more limos, check to make
sure that they will all be the same color.
White is traditional, but black, midnight
blue, and grey can work just as well.
Here are some tips for making
transportation arrangements:
1. Shop around. Compare prices to get the
best rate.
2. Insist on seeing the actual car that you
will be using. Copy down the license
plate and let them know youll be
looking to make sure its the same car
that shows up on your wedding day.
3. Meet the driver and make sure there is
an understanding about proper attire.
Do you want him/her to wear a tux
or uniform?
4. Get everything in writing. A contract
protects both you and the limousine
company. The contract should state the
location, date, time, specific vehicle,
rate, estimated total cost, and deposit.
Dont forget the drivers tip in your
wedding budget. The typical tip is
15-20 percent.
5. Ask about insurance and current
licenses that the driver is required
to have.
6. When making the arrangements, book
the limo for an hour or two more than
you think you will need. It may not be
possible to extend the rental time at a
later date.
7. Make your arrangements about a year
in advance, and call about two weeks
prior to the wedding to confirm details.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

say yes to the address
800.325.3030 | CHARTERHOMES.COM
coming soon

September 2014 January 2015

Rehearsal dinner
The wedding party, the parents of the
bride and groom, usually the clergy
member and spouse, and sometimes the
organist and spouse attend the rehearsal
dinner. (The attendants spouses may be
invited to the dinner, but it is not necessary,
especially if the wedding party is large.)
The maid/matron of honor and best
man are given the seats of honor next to
the bride and the groom. The best man
sits next to the bride. The clergy member
and spouse and the brides father and
mother are given seats of honor next to
the host and hostess. Then the remaining
guests fill in the rest of the seats.
At the church
The wedding party should arrive at the
church at least an hour before the
ceremony is to begin. Guests usually start
arriving a half hour before the scheduled
The groom and best man should wait in
a room near the altar. In most cases, the
first time the groom should be seen by the
wedding guests is when he and the best
man come out by the altar just before
the processional.
Dependi ng on the number of
attendants and your own preference, the
groomsmen may walk down the aisle
single file or in pairs. (Or, they may enter
the church with the groom and best man.)
Usually they are paired by height, with the
shorter ones followed by the taller ones.
Next are the bridesmaids, paired or
single file.
The maid/matron of honor follows the
bridesmaids. (If there is to be a maid and
matron of honor, the one who is chosen as the
chief honor attendant follows the other. Or if
both assist in the ceremony, they may go
down the aisle together.) Next is the ring
bearer (if you have one); he is followed by
the flower girl (or they can be paired).
This arrangement is generally the same
for Reform Jewish ceremonies, though
Conservative and Orthodox ceremonies
may differ.
The groomsmen join the groom and
best man, usually in a line facing the
guests, for the beginning of the ceremony.
The bridesmaids go to the other side of
the al tar. Or, i f you prefer, the
bridesmaids and groomsmen can be
arranged as couples for the beginning.
Usually, each church has a customary
arrangement, but dont hesitate to
suggest variations.
Finally, its time for the bride and her
father. In most cases, the best
arrangement is for the bride to be on the
fathers right. Then, when he gives you
away and returns to his own seat on the
left side of the church, he wont have to
step over the train. However, in Jewish
Conservative or Orthodox weddings, the
brides parents sit on the right side. In
some cases, the parents also may stand
with the wedding party. In most Christian
ceremonies, a father escorts his daughter
only as far as his pew since he does not
technically give away the bride.
Entrances of the wedding party
members, with the exception of the
brides, are usually spaced about four
pews apart. The bride may double that
spacing for her entrance, or wait until the
entire length of the aisle is clear. The
latter tends to add more drama to the
brides appearance.
The recessional works in the reverse of
the processional. The bride and groom, of
course, are first. The ring bearer and
flower girl follow. Then there are a couple
of options: The attendants may be paired,
with the best man and maid/matron of
honor leading and the other bridesmaids
and groomsmen following in pairs. (If
there are both a maid and a matron of honor,
the matron is paired with the best man and
the maid with the first groomsman, if they
both assist in the ceremony. If one is chosen
to be the chief attendant, she is paired with
the best man.) Or the maid/matron of
honor goes first, followed by the paired
bridesmaids, with the groomsmen
following in pairs. In this case, the best
man would leave with the clergy member
through the vestry.
Receiving line
If a wedding is very formal, fathers
often stand in the receiving line. For most
receptions, only the mothers, the bride
and groom, the brides honor attendant,
and, optionally, the bridesmaids stand in
line. (The grooms attendants never join the
receiving line.)
The brides mother is first in line, to act
as hostess. (In very large or formal
weddings, an announcer, whose job is to
introduce the guests to the brides mother,
may be first in line. The announcer may be a
professional at an ultraformal wedding, but
would be a relative or family friend at a
formal or semiformal wedding.) The
bridesmaids may stand on each side of
the bride and groom or to one side.
Standing in a receiving line for an
extended time can be grueling. Plan as a
general rule, to keep the line intact for
about 45 minutes. You can exchange
greetings with late arrivals during the
remainder of the reception. The bride and
groom should stay at the reception for at
least 2 hours, but should leave while most
of the guests are still there.
As many members of the wedding
party as possible should stay at the
reception until the last guest has left to
help the brides parents take care of the
many last-minute details.
Who should be where, when
Some guidelines to get the important people in your
lives and your wedding where they need to be.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Te diference between
Escort &
Place Cards
eddings are steeped
in tradition. Many
couples choose to follow
etiquette and formal party rules
when hosting one of the biggest
days of their lives.
An important aspect of each
wedding is ensuring guests are
comfortable. Part of this involves
informing reception attendants
where they will be seated at the
dinner and festivities.
Many people mistake escort cards
and place cards as being one and
the same. Tey are actually two
dierent components. Escort
cards indicate the table where
guests will be seated, while place
cards indicate which seat guests
are assigned to.
Escort and place cards do not
necessarily have to be cards.
Creative couples can come up
with clever ideas to display
seating arrangements. At smaller
weddings, it might be possible to
hang escort cards on a ribbon or
attach them to votive candles that
serve as a favor for guests. For
an outdoor wedding or a nature-
themed event, use faux or real
branches and cut slits in one side.
When printing escort cards, do so
on leaf-shaped paper and insert
into the slits on the branches.
Escort cards can also be fashioned
into owers that are attached to
sticks planted in a ower pot. Te
ideas are endless.
Escort Cards
Generally escort cards are
displayed on a table outside the
reception or dining room. Tey
may be arranged by themselves
or more formally packaged within
little envelopes. Tey should be
organized alphabetically so that
guests can easily recognize their
names on the card. Tey can be
worded as such: Mr. John Smith,
for a single guest; Mr. & Mrs.
John Smith, for a married couple;
or Mr. John Smith & Guest, if the
guest is unknown. It is considered
more polite if the bride and
groom inquire as to whom single
guests will be bringing so that
those peoples name can be used
on the escort card as well.
Place Cards
Place cards are used to indicate
seats at each table. Tey will have
each individuals name in front
of the place setting at the table.
Tey serve as a way to avoiding
seating confrontations at the
wedding. Couples and similarly
related guests are often placed at
the same table. Individuals who
may have tense relationships may
be separated. Place cards also
may make it easier for wait sta
to recognize specic people who
may have dietary restrictions if
informed in advance by the bride
and groom.

September 2014 January 2015

Picking a photographer for
your wedding can be a lot like
getting married. You have to
make sure you are compatible
by making sure you both want
the same things. You have to
be willing to listen to each
other and compromise on
some points. You have to be
sure this relationship is going
to last. Then there are the
concerns about money.
Both relationships start
with a question. A marriage
starts by one person asking
another, Will you marry me?
Your relationship with your
wedding photographer starts
by asking yourself, What are
the most important things
t o remember f rom my
special day?
Youd be surprised how
different the answers to that
question can be. Of course,
youll want to remember how
beautiful the bride looked in
her wedding gown, and how
handsome the groom looked
in his tuxedo. The other most
special things, though, will
be di f ferent for al most
every couple.
Why, then, would you want
a wedding album that looks
like every other album youve
e v e r s e e n ? F i n d a
photographer who will work
with you to capture just the
photos you want from your
wedding. How do you do that?
B y l o o k i n g
at l ots of exampl es of a
photographer s work and
asking lots of questions.
Whe n y o u g o t o a
photographers studio to talk
about your wedding pictures,
pay particular attention to the
type and quality of shots
displayed there. This should be
the photographers best and
most creative work. If those
photos arent razor sharp and
of the hi ghest techni cal
quality, what do you think the
rest of the photographers
work is like? This should be
the best he or she can do.
Notice the style of the
photos displayed. Are all of
them the same? Are they just
the traditional poses or are
candids and experimental
s ho t s mi x e d i n? T he
traditional package may be just
what youre looking for, but
many couples want more
candid photos and creativity
from their photographer.
What is important is making
sure the photographer you hire
suits the style of photos you
One way of doing that is to
fill out the checklist on the
next page and take it with
you a s you i nt e r v i e w
photographers. For most
professionals, this will not be
seen as a challenge to their
creativity. Most will welcome it
and use it as a jumping-off
spot for more creative work.
At the very least, you will
both know from the start what
each expect s f rom t hi s
relationship. It might be
better if more marri ages
started this way.
Beginning the Search
Start shopping for your
wedding photographer about
the same time you begin
picking out a wedding dress.
Dont even wait for the date
and time for the wedding to be
set. As soon as you know a
month, start approaching
photographers you thi nk
might be right. Some dates,
especially in peak wedding
periods, are reserved with
photographers more than a
year in advance.
To begin shopping for a
photographer, ask recent
brides for recommendations.
If you dont know any brides,
ask your clergyman for the
names of couples recently
married and for permission to
approach them about their
wedding photographs.
Compile a shopping list of
several photographers from
these recommendations and
call to make appointments.
At each studio, take note of
how you are treated by the
staff and photographer. Make
sure they are open to showing
you a wide array of samples
and are interested in meeting
your needs and not just taking
pictures. Ask to see work
speci fi cal l y shot by the
photographer who will be at
your wedding, not work done
by just anyone in the company.
Also ask to see photos shot
in the same place as you will be
getting married. Use these
photos to judge the work and
plan your package.
Talk to more than one
photographer or studio and
compare prices. Make sure you
get prices on comparable
packages or albums so you can
compare apples to apples,
and be sure to ask how much
more special setups or poses
will cost. Be sure to find out if
the price includes candid
phot o g r aphy f r om t he
reception or only the basic
poses from the ceremony.
Ask about the cost of
additional prints or albums for
family or friends.
Just remember, shop for
wedding photos the same way
you would for anything else
that you will treasure for
a lifetime.
Wedding photos can be your most
treasured mementos if they capture
many of the moments and people that
make your day special.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Everything You
Need For A
Happy Reception...
Coffee Makers
Linen Tablecloths
Linen Napkins
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Punch Bowl
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Beverage Fountains
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Wedding Gazebo
Wedding Arch
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The Country Barn offers two beautifully
restored historic barns with 3 venues
for up to 400 guests
Custom catering packages with natural
meats and fresh produce raised on our farm
Indoor and outdoor ceremony &
reception packages available
211 S. Donerville Road
Lancaster, PA 17603
Special Day
Special Day 717-405-1481
Creative Interpretations Photography
Creative Interpretations Photography
Capturing the Beauty of Your Day.

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LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

903 Nissley Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 459.3023
A wedding day toast is a tradition that has
long been a part of wedding celebrations. Toasts
are a personal way of commemorating the good
fortune of the newly betrothed and looking
forward to future happiness.
The best man traditionally gives the main
toast at the wedding. At different occasions on
the road to the wedding there may be other
opportunities for toasts from the maid of honor
or even the parents of the bride and groom.
While some people are natural orators and
have no trouble speaking in front of large
crowds of people, the majority of toasters
approach the toast with a bit of trepidation.
Apart from the anxiety of speaking in front of a
group of friends and relatives, it can be nerve-
wracking to come up with sentiments for the
toast, which can mean the difference between
a memorable or an embarrassing wedding
day experience.
While there are no toasting guarantees,
following a few tips can help nervous toasters
do a bang-up job.
Be prepared: Individuals who try to wing
it the day of the wedding may find their nerves
get the best of them. Its
best to write out your
thoughts in advance of the
wedding and fine tune your
sentiments many times.
Think about whether you
want to go funny or
sentimental. Consider your
relationship with the bride
and groom and try to
personalize the speech as
much as possible. Practice
the toast in front of others
and get some unbiased
opi ni ons be f ore t he
Time it right: If the
thought of spending the
entire reception waiting to
give the toast has you on edge, ask the
prospective couple if you can give the toast
early on in the event. This way you can relax
afterward and enjoy the party.
Jot down notes: If you think your nerves
will get the best of you, bring some index cards
with key phrases of the toast. You could write
out the entire speech, but if you simply read it,
the toast could seem stiff and impersonal.
Hold off on cocktails: While its generally
fine to have one or two drinks prior to the toast
to loosen up, its not recommended to be
intoxicated. Alcohol and
public speaking often do not
mix. You dont want to say
something you will regret
later on or make a mockery
of the wedding.
Keep it short: Aim for a
two- or three-minute speech.
Something long- winded
wont hold the attention of
wedding guests who are
looking to get on with the
f un of t he weddi ng
Speak sl owl y and
clearly: Articulate and
speak l oud enough so
everyone can hear the
speech. You will likely be
handed a microphone. If you get nervous and
trip up, simply make a quick joke and get back
to it. Others will understand if you are tense.
Dont be afraid of getting emotional:
Wedding guests would rather see real feelings
than a beauty-pageant speech. So if you get
choked-up, dont worry.

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2700 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 569-1801
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-4pm
So Much More Than Beautiful Flowers . . .
No matter your Style
Traditional and Classic
Simple and Elegant
Relaxed and Casual
. . . Flowers Designed Just for You!
~ Floral Designs from Ceremony to Reception ~
~ Wedding Consultations by Appointment ~
Retail Store & Tea Room
8 Sturgis Lane | Lititz, PA 17543
Tearoom Hours: 11:30am-3:30pm | Store Hours: 10am-5pm
A perfect place to celebrate
with friends & family!
For your shopping experience, we offer
200 loose leaf teas. as well as accessories
and gifts to complement your choice of teas.
g ff p y f
For Reservations call 717-627-1776
or email
wedding cake
he multi-tiered cake is a favorite wedding tradition thats often
presented at the end of the night. Te happy couple takes a slice and enjoys
the rst piece.
In recent years, wedding cakes have become more of an artistic centerpiece than
just a confectionary treat. Couples often seek out renowned wedding cake bakers
for a cake that will amaze the crowd and complete the theme of the wedding.
Te average couple will spend between $700 to $800 for their wedding cake.
Although many catering halls or reception sites will include the wedding cake in a
package deal, many couples choose to order their cake from a specialty bakery who
creates culinary masterpieces.
If television trends are any indication, many people are opting to spend several
hundred to thousands of dollars on a customized wedding cake. Tese fondant
and buttercream creations may be elaborate in nature, so much so theyll likely
need to be ordered several months in advance.
Couples looking for something a bit dierent for their upcoming nuptials, many
want to consider these trends in wedding cakes.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

2900 Oregon Pike Lititz, PA 17543

Award-winning cakes that show off

your unique style and taste as good as they look.
of Your Reception
Voted #1
in Lancaster County
your un your y
3-D accents on the cake,
such as graphic appliques.
A black-and-white motif that gives
the cake a simplistic, yet trendy appeal.
A lot of bold color in the cake,
instead of just white or ivory.
Dramatic monograms that
can add class to the cake.
Painted cakes with edible food coloring
paint that feature beautiful landscapes
or a portrait. A work of art, theyre both
delicious to eat and fun to admire.
Cakes that mirror the style of the wedding
gown, including fondant ru es and
Many couples still opt for the traditional, and that
is always in style. Instead of experimenting with the
outside of the cake, couples can be creative with cake
avor and llings. Imagine cutting open the cake to nd
red velvet or a chocolate ganache lling!

September 2014 January 2015

(2) 8-ounce packages cream
cheese, softened
12 cup crumbled feta cheese
14 tsp garlic powder
18 tsp ground red pepper
12 cup dairy sour cream
2 eggs
1-12 tsp fnely shredded
lemon peel
14 cup thinly sliced
green onion
12 cup chopped roasted
sweet peppers
13 cup chopped ripe olives
12 cup snipped parsley
Purple kale or leaf lettuce
Assorted crackers
Line boLLom o an Sx4x2 loa
pan wiLh oil. Crcasc sidcs, scL
Beat crcam chccsc Lill smooLh in
a mcdium mixing bowl. Add cLa
chccsc, garlic powdcr, and rcd
pcppcr. BcaL wcll. Add sour
crcam, cggs, and lcmon pccl. BcaL
jusL Lill blcndcd. Do not overbeat.
SLir in onion, swccL pcppcr or
pimicnLo, and olivcs. Pour inLo
prcparcd pan, sprcad cvcnly.
Placc loa pan in a largcr baking
pan. Pour boiling waLcr inLo Lhc
largcr pan Lo a dcpLh o l inch.
Bake aL 325 or 50 minuLcs or
Lill ccnLcr is soL scL and sLays
irm whcn shakcn. Transcr loa
pan Lo a wirc cooling rack, cool
complcLcly (abouL l hour). Covcr
and chill or 4 Lo 24 hours.
To serve, slip a knic around Lhc
sidcs o Lhc pan Lo looscn, Lhcn
invcrL onLo a scrving plaLLcr.
Rcmovc oil. CcnLly prcss parslcy
onLo sidcs o Lhc Lcrrinc, lcaving
Lop plain. I dcsircd, linc Lhc cdgc
o Lhc plaLLcr wiLh purplc kalc or
lca lcLLucc. Scrvc wiLh crackcrs.
Makcs abouL 20 appcLizcr
Seafood Platter
Have the sauces, seafood,
vegetables, and coals all ready to
go when guests arrive. When its
time to grill, enlist their help. Grill
only enough seafood and
vegetables to fill a platter, then
grill more during the party as
1-12 pounds fresh or frozen
large shrimp in shells
and/or sea scallops
1 to 1-12 pounds fresh or
frozen salmon fllet
1 red sweet pepper, cut into
1-inch pieces
1 medium red onion, cut into
bite-size pieces
1 small zucchini, halved
lengthwise and cut into
12-inch slices
1 small yellow summer
squash, halved lengthwise
and cut into 12-inch-thick
13 cup olive oil or cooking oil
3 TB lemon juice
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 TB snipped fresh dill or
1 tsp dried dill weed
14 tsp pepper
Curly endive or leaf lettuce
Fresh dill sprigs (optional)
1 recipe Caper Mayonnaise,
Honey-Lime Dipping Sauce,
and/or Strawberry-Basil
Sauce (optional)
Thaw shrimp and/or scallops
and salmon, i using rozcn.
Covcr and chill Lill nccdcd.
Soak l2 Lo l5 our-inch woodcn
skcwcrs in waLcr or 20 Lo 30
minuLcs, drain. ScL asidc or
vcgcLablc kabobs.
Meanwhile, pccl shrimp, i
using, lcaving Lails inLacL.
Dcvcin. Thrcad shrimp and/or
scallops on scvcral l2- Lo
l5-inch mcLal or woodcn
skcwcrs (i using wood, soak as
dirccLcd abovc). I using boLh
shrimp and scallops, Lhrcad on
scparaLc skcwcrs bccausc
scallops cook asLcr. Covcr and
chill Lill nccdcd, up Lo 4 hours.
For vegetable kabobs, on each
o Lhc prcsoakcd 4-inch skcwcrs
Lhrcad l piece each o swccL
pcppcr, onion, zucchini, and
summcr squash. Covcr and chill
Lill nccdcd, up Lo 4 hours.
In a small bowl stir LogcLhcr
oil, lcmon juicc, garlic, dill,
and pcppcr.
At serving time, brush salmon
on boLh sidcs wiLh some o Lhc
oil mixLurc. Placc salmon on a
piccc o hcavy oil or on a ish
grilling rack.
Brush shrimp and/or scallop
skcwcrs and vcgcLablc kabobs
wiLh rcmaining oil mixLurc.
Grill scaood and vcgcLablc
kabobs, uncovcrcd, dirccLly ovcr
medium-hot coals. For shrimp,
grill or l0 Lo l2 minuLcs or Lill
pink, Lurning oncc. For scallops,
grill 5 Lo S minuLcs or Lill
opaquc, Lurning oncc. For
salmon, grill 4 Lo 6 minuLcs pcr
2-inch Lhickncss o ish. For
vcgcLablc kabobs, grill or 6 Lo S
minuLcs or Lill squash is Lcndcr
and onion is crisp-Lcndcr.
Arrc1izcr Rcccr1ioN
Surprise your wedding or engagement party guests with a buffet of great-tasting appetizers
that will only add to the memorable occasion.
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

To serve, line one or two large
platters with endive. Using a
large fork, push cooked shrimp
and scallops off skewers.
Arrange seafood and vegetable
kabobs on platters. Garnish with
dill sprigs. Serve with Caper
Mayonnaise, Honey-Lime
Dipping Sauce, and Strawberry-
Basil Sauce. Makes 12 to 15
appetizer servings.
Caper Mayonnaise: In a small
bowl stir together
4 cup
mayonnaise or salad dressing;
4 tsp capers, chopped; and 2 tsp
white wine Worcestershire sauce.
Cover and chill till serving time,
up to 24 hours.
Honey-Lime Dipping Sauce:
In a blender container combine
2 tsp finely shredded lime peel,
3 TB lime juice, 3 TB honey, and
8 tsp ground cinnamon. With
blender running, add
3 cup
salad oil in a steady stream
through opening in lid. Add 1
tsp chopped fresh or canned
jalapeo pepper, blend just till
combined. Cover and chill for
up to 24 hours.
Strawberry-Basil Sauce:
In a blender container combine
4 cup cut-up fresh or frozen
unsweetened strawberries,
4 tsp lemon juice, 1 TB chopped
green onion, 1 to 1
2 tsp sugar,
4 tsp pepper. Cover and
blend till smooth. Stir in 1 TB
finely snipped fresh basil or
oregano. Cover; chill up to 24 hrs.
Herb Biscuits
Make and freeze the biscuits ahead
so that on party day, just thaw and
add the fillings.
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 TB baking powder
2 tsp sugar
12 tsp cream of tartar
14 tsp salt
12 cup shortening or butter
23 cup milk
2 TB chopped green onion
1 TB finely snipped parsley
1 recipe Garden Cheese &
Pesto-Chicken Fillings
Combine flour, baking powder,
sugar, cream of tartar, and salt
in a medium bowl. Cut in butter
or shortening till mixture
resembles coarse crumbs. Make
a well in center; add milk, onion,
and parsley all at once. Stir till
dough clings together.
On a lightly floured surface,
knead dough gently 10 to 12
strokes. Roll or pat dough to
thickness. Cut dough with a
2-round cutter, dipping
cutter into flour between cuts.
Reroll dough as needed. Transfer
biscuits to an ungreased baking
Bake in a 450 oven for 6 to 8
minutes or till golden. Transfer
biscuits to a wire rack to cool.*
To assemble, split biscuits in
half horizontally. Fill half of the
biscuits with Garden Cheese
Filling and half with Pesto-
Chicken Salad, using about 1 tsp
of filling per biscuit.
Serve immediately or cover and
chill for up to 2 hours. To serve,
arrange on a platter with basil
sprigs, if desired.
Makes 24 to 28 appetizers.
*To make biscuits ahead:
Cool biscuits completely. Place
biscuits in a freezer container.
Cover and freeze for up to 2
months. Thaw before filling.
Garden Cheese Filling: In a
small bowl pour enough boiling
water over 2 TB finely snipped
dried tomatoes to cover. Let stand
5 minutes; drain tomatoes
thoroughly. Rinse and dry bowl.
In same bowl, combine drained
2 of an 8-ounce
container soft-style cream cheese
with chives and onions, and 2 TB
finely shredded carrot. Stir till
thoroughly combined. Cover and
chill till needed, up to 4 hours.
(To make up to 24 hours ahead,
reserve drained tomatoes and
add up to 4 hours ahead because
the red color tends to bleed.)
3 cup.
Pesto-Chicken Salad: Measure
2 TB purchased pesto. If
necessary, drain off any excess
oil. In a small bowl, stir together
the pesto and 2 TB mayonnaise or
salad dressing. Stir in
2 cup
finely chopped cooked chicken or
half of a 3-ounce can chunk-style
chicken, drained.
Cover and chill till needed, up to
24 hours. Makes about
2 cup.
Easy Antipasto
1 TB olive oil or cooking oil
1 clove garlic, minced
2 Italian bread shells
1 recipe Italian Caponata
Bibb or Boston lettuce
1 recipe Herbed
Goat Cheese
5 to 6 fgs, cut into wedges,
or 12 of a cantaloupe,
scooped into melon balls.
Assorted fruits and
vegetables such as pear-
shape yellow and/or red
tomatoes, tomato wedges,
pickled baby corn, pickled
peppers, grapes, and/or
Combine olive oil and garlic.
Place bread shells on a baking
sheet and brush with oil
mixture. Bake in a 400 oven 10
to 15 minutes or till golden. Cut
bread shells into wedges; set
Spoon Italian Caponata into a
small bowl and place on a large
serving platter. Line the rest of
the platter with lettuce. Arrange
Herbed Goat Cheese, figs or
melon, and desired fruits and
vegetables on the platter. Serve
with bread wedges. Makes 12 to
15 appetizer servings.
1 small eggplant, peeled
and cut into
12-inch cubes (4 cups)
12 cup chopped onion
2 TB olive oil or cooking oil
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
12 cup chopped yellow and/
or green sweet pepper
3 TB wine vinegar
2 TB tomato paste
1 tsp sugar
12 tsp salt
Dash ground red pepper
12 cup sliced pitted
ripe olives
1 TB snipped fresh parsley
or basil
1 TB drained capers
Fresh parsley sprigs
Cook eggplant and onion in hot
oil in large skillet over medium
heat for 5 to 6 minutes or till
just tender. Stir in tomatoes,
sweet pepper, wine vinegar,
tomato paste, sugar, salt, and
red pepper. Cook, uncovered,
over low heat for 3 minutes,
stirring occasionally. Remove
from heat.
Stir in olives, parsley or basil,
and capers. Cover; chill 2 to 24
hours. Let stand at room
temperature for 30 minutes
before serving. If desired, top
with fresh parsley sprigs.
Makes 12 to 15 appetizer
servings (2
3 cups).
Goat Cheese
A delicious addition to the Easy
Antipasto Sampler, this simple
cheese log can star independently
as well. Serve with celery sticks,
cucumber slices, carrot slices,
or crackers for spreading
3 ounces semisoft
goat cheese (chvre)
2 tsp snipped fresh basil, or
12 tsp dried basil, crushed
14 tsp onion powder
Dash pepper
Combine goat cheese, basil,
onion powder, and pepper in a
small bowl. Stir till thoroughly
combined. If dry, stir in a little
milk (2 to 3 tsp) till of desired
Shape into a 4-inch log. Cover
with plastic wrap and chill till
needed, up to 1 week. Makes 12
to 15 appetizer servings.

September 2014 January 2015

Your honeymoon can be the
vacation of your dreams if you
take time to plan it carefully. The
first step is to decide what both of
you expect from your destination.
Each of you probably will be
surprised at some of the little
things you didnt know about the
others honeymoon expectations.
If you discover that one of you
dreams of escaping to a sunny
island and the other fantasizes
about adventures in a big city,
youll need to decide whats most
important for your honeymoon
and what could be postponed for
later vacations.
Budget considerations
Nows the time to be practical.
How much time and money can
you truly afford to spend on your
wedding trip? Be realistic about
the length of your honeymoon,
too, and dont try to pack too
much into a few days.
Some couples open honeymoon
savings accounts soon after they
become engaged, deci di ng
together how much each one can
deposit every month.
You also should decide whether
or not you plan to use credit cards
for any honeymoon expenses. If
so, think realistically about how
much credit you can afford and
dont go beyond the limit you set.
No honeymoon is worth the
financial pressure of starting
married life in debt.
Add to your savings and credit
card allocation any other sources
of honeymoon funds, such as gifts
from your families, and youll have
the total amount you can spend.
With your budget and checklist
of requirements, youre ready to
start poring over books and
newspaper and magazine articles
about destinations you think you
might like. Friends are good
sources of recommendations, too,
but always be sure to take their
personalities into account when
considering their suggestions. You
may also search online for state
travel offices, local tourism
organizations, and tourist bureaus
of foreign countries, go to the
library, or ask a travel agent.
Unless youre experienced at
handling travel-planning details,
youll probably want to consult a
travel agent about honeymoon
opt i ons t hat meet your
requirements. He or she can
supply brochures and other
materials about most of the places
that interest you.
Travel agents also can relieve
you of many tedious arrangement
details, such as confirming hotel
and airline reservations. Their
services are free to you; they
receive commissions from airlines,
hotels, and other companies.
To find a good travel agent, talk
with friends, relatives, and other
associates about individuals who
have done good work for them.
Find out whether the agent is a
member of the American Society
of Travel Agents. Reservations
should be made as far in advance
as possible to ensure that the
a c c o mmo d a t i o n s a n d
transportation you want are
available for the dates youve
chosen and to take advantage of
the best prices. Ask about trip
insurance, just in case some
unforeseen situation arises to
prevent you from going at the
time planned.
Coping with problems
Ideally, your planning will result
in a perfect honeymoon. However,
its wise to be prepared for possible
What if you lose travel
If possible, let the travel agent
handle this. If not, contact the
company, which will either reissue
your tickets or require that you
buy new tickets and receive a
refund for the lost items later.
(Keep receipts, confirmations, and
all correspondence in a folder.
Take i t wi th you on your
honeymoon in case you must
show proof of purchase.)
What if your flight is
canceled or delayed?
You may be enti tl ed to
compensation, depending on the
circumstances and airline policy.
Discuss this with the ticket or gate
agent and insist you get the next
available flight.
What if you miss your
plane, boat, train, or bus?
Thats your responsibility.
However, carriers usually try to
accommodate passengers in these
circumstances. You may lose the
advantage of special-purchase or
package fares.
What if your luggage is lost?
Pack your makeup/toilet kit, a
change of underwear, and such
valuable items as jewelry, camera,
and passports in a carry-on bag
that stays with you. If the carrier
cant locate your possessions, fill
out a lost luggage form. Include
your destination and home
address. Get the name of a person
to call for status reports, and ask
that your luggage be delivered as
soon as it arrives. Find out about
the carriers policy for reimbursing
you for items youll need to buy
until your luggage is found.
What if your
accommodations arent
available when you arrive?
Show the manager your
confirmation and calmly insist
that your reservation be honored.
The facility must provide a room
as long as you arrive by a stated
time or have paid in advance or
guaranteed your reservation with
a credit card.
The perfect honeymoon requires just as much attention
to detail as the wedding.
Heres help to keep the honeymoon frazzle-free.
Tips for Planning the
Determine how to allocate
your honeymoon funds.
Filling in this chart
should help:
Cost of major
(plane, bus, ship, gas for
private vehicle), etc.
Cost of local transportation
(buses, airport transfers,
taxis, rental cars, etc.)
Cost of accommodations
Meals $_____________
Wine and liquor
(theater, activities such as
tennis and golf)
Tips and gratuities
Shopping $_____________
Emergency fund
TOTAL: $_________________
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Union Meeting House
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Event planningassistanceavailable
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MARCH 2015
Save-the-date to read
Start by asking yourself
the following questions:
1. What are some important features I want
in a honeymoon destination?
__ sunshine and beautiful beaches
__ big-city sights and activities
__ foreign culture and attractions
__ lots of historical sight-seeing
__ away-from-it-all atmosphere
2. What kind of accommodations appeal to me?
__ honeymoon suite in a luxury hotel
__ country inn or guesthouse
__ camping under the stars
__ activities are more important
than accommodations
3. I like
__ adventure and challenge
__ roughing it
__ luxury and elegance
__ familiar surroundings and people
__ new settings and people
4. What is my favorite leisure time or
vacation activity?
5. What kind of music, food, decor, and other
surroundings create an especially romantic
atmosphere for me?
6. I prefer to travel by
__ airplane
__ automobile
__ ship/sailboat
__ train
__ bus
7. How much travel experience do I have?
__ family vacations only
__ foreign travel or study abroad
__ business travel
__ vacations on my own
__ trips with a friend
__ group tours only

September 2014 January 2015

For most brides (and some grooms),
wedding-gift registry is one of the most
pleasant tasks leading up to your big day.
You get to shop for all sorts of things
youve always dreamed ofdelicate
china, gleaming silver, sparkling crystal,
and much more. The exciting thing is that
although you probably couldnt afford
these niceties, youll probably end up with
many of them.
When should you register?
Anywhere from three to six months
before the wedding is a good rule of
thumb. Since its actually a lot of fun to
do, this is one place you probably wont
procrastinate. Make sure you register
before your invitations are sent out.
Where you are registered is never
included in the wedding invitation (this
would be considered a major breach of
etiquette), but your guests will want to
find out from your family and close
friends once they ve received your
good news.
If you and your fianc are from
different areas, you may consider
registering at stores in each of your
There are brides who shy away from
the wedding-gift registry. It may not be
for everyone, but there are strong
arguments for it. One bride-to-be explains
how she struggled with the idea: It
seemed so greedy. I felt weird about
walking into a department store and
signing up for all this expensive stuff that
my guests then feel obligated to buy for
me. After talking it over with friends, she
changed her mind. I still think the
process of registering is a little strange,
but I di d real i ze i t s not j ust a
rationalization when people say guests
like registries, because that way they
know theyre getting you something you
really want. Besides, one of my friends
who didnt register really wishes she had.
You know that ol d argument for
registering, You dont want to end up
with three blenders, do you? She and
her husband ended up with three
espresso machines.
Take your time
If you are going to register, dont leave
it until the last moment; give yourself
plenty of time. Brides just dont have any
time to waste these days. Its essential to
budget enough time to register well.
Dont try to do it all at once. These are
decisions that shouldnt be made in a
single day.
Before you begin bridal registry, you
should take inventory of what you have,
need, and want. Then come in to pick up
a registry workbook, browse, and go
home to think. To do a really good job of
registering, it takes at least three
separate trips.
Give em variety
Its also a good idea to register in a
variety of categories and prices. Your
guests will have different budgets to work
within, and you dont want anyone to feel
bad if they cant really afford anything on
your list. For another, many will be
shopping for shower gifts in addition to
wedding gifts.
Many of those registering today are
older couples in their late 20s and 30s.
Theyre looking to fill in and expand on
lifestyles theyve already established; they
have already set up house and have many
of the things younger couples need. As a
resul t, the tradi ti onal regi str y i s
expanding to include many things you
may not have considered: lamps, clocks,
furniture, rugs, fine wine, specialty
appliances, books, and more.

Just ask
Dont hesitate to use the resources of
the bridal registry. Good bridal registry
consultants will give you straight talk and
definitive answers to questions about the
benefits of bone china versus porcelain
and those of silver versus silver plate. If
they dont have the answers, theyll find
someone who does. Ask whatever is
important to you. Their job as registry
consultants is to help and guide you in
any way they can.
Youll spend a lot of time
making decisions together.
Start now to agreeand
disagreeas you shop till
you drop selecting goodies
for your newlywed nest.
Bridal Registry
LANCASTER BRIDE September 2014 January 2015

Start the beginning of
your Happily Ever After
with a wedding registry
that will make your
bridesmaids jealous.
The Registry at Boscovs
gives you more perks.
n 15% Off Couples Shopping
Pass when you open your
n Earn a 10% Rebate on all
gifts purchased for you with our
Registry Rewards Certicate.*
n Fabulous Free Gifts from top
brands when you register for
their products.*
n More Free Gifts when certain
brands are purchased for you.*
n 10% Off most remaining items
after your wedding with our
Registry Wrap-Up Discount.*
*See a Registry Consultant for full details.
ishing you a lifetime of happiness
and a home full of style.
To nd out more about the
Registry at Boscovs, visit or
call 1-800-284-8155 (Option 4).
Entertaining and Event Design
Our design capabilities expand the gamut
of decor: orals, lighting and effects,
specialty linens, dynamic tablescape designs
and dramatic fabric draping - creating a
signature air for your special occasion.
For a personal consultation, please
contact David Reppert at 610-370-4811,
email or visit our
website at
Boscovs Travel
Honeymoons and Weddings
Our travel specialists will assist with all
arrangements for your ideal honeymoon or
destination wedding. Visit a Boscovs Travel
Specialist within Boscovs Park City Mall.
Ask about our free Honeymoon Registry.
Call 717-291-5460, visit or
nd inspiration at
A la Carte Catering
by Boscovs
Were dedicated to excellence in food
quality, preparation and presentation.
Whether you are planning a seated dinner,
buffet or cocktail party, well create a menu
tailored to your personality and style.
We also offer full service kosher catering.
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Wedding dress by Mon Cheri Bridals

September 2014 January 2015

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