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Travel the World with the Leader in TESOL Certification
TESOL Certification Jobs Guaranteed

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As the international demand for English
teachers continues to grow, internationally
recognized TESOL training is a must in order to
teach abroad. I have been in close contact with
Global TESOL College over the past several
years and find their programs to be exceptional
and their college to be top notch
Dave Sperling,
Founder of Daves ESL Caf, California, USA
Teaching English Overseas is the best way for you to travel the world as you
earn money, learn about yourself and experience new cultures... while helping
to make the world a better place.
A Global TESOL College Certificate is one of the most globally mobile
credentials you can have to work in almost any country in the world, from large
cities to rural villages. We help you to select a job based on where you want
to go as well as why... do you want to do this for the experience, for the money,
or for a combination of both?
Whether you are new to this field or are an experienced EFL / ESL
professional upgrading your portfolio, we have the perfect TESOL Program for
you. At Global TESOL College you will learn effective teaching skills, earn
impressive credentials and secure job positions in exotic locations around the
globe, regardless of your age or background. So yes, you can do this!
I personally invite you to start your adventure today

Get Ready to Travel, Teach & Explore the World

Thank you for choosi ng
Gl obal TESOL Col l ege
Loren Yaremchuk
Founder & President
Global TESOL College International
Edmonton, Canada
Teach English Worldwide
Are You Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime?
A Message From the Founder...
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Study In-Class, Online, or by Correspondence. Join 1000s
of Our Graduates Who Are Teaching English Overseas!
Enjoy These Benefits:
Satisfy your desire to travel and see the world
Immerse yourself in fascinating cultures in exotic locations
Earn money and save for your future, or volunteer and help those in need
Meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends around the globe
Enter the global economy and gain international teaching experience
Be an inspiration as you help your students to achieve their goals
Learn a new language, explore new foods, hobbies and personal interests
Share your knowledge, culture and interests with others
Have the most meaningful experience of a lifetime PLUS
Return with an expanded awareness of yourself and of the world, more
self-confidence, and an international resum that is sure to impress!
The World Leader in TESOL Certification
If you speak English fluently, then Global TESOL College can certify you to teach
English in just 5 days. We guarantee you a job teaching English overseas.
How? 1000s of schools in over 85 countries contact us to request our
graduates. They know the Global TESOL College name stands for the
highest caliber training.
Over 40,000 individuals just like you have completed our internationally
recognized TESOL (TEFL / TESL equivalent) Certification Program.
Why is there an enormous demand for TESOL certified teachers? English has
become the global language and people worldwide need to learn it.
There are more than 50,000 teaching jobs presently available in countries
around the world, and the demand for TESOL certified teachers grows each year.
The study of English is a $20 billion USD industry worldwide - and TESOL Certified
English teachers are in high demand and earning very good salaries.
Do I need to speak the local language?
No, speaking the local language is not a requirement.
Do I need to have a degree?
No, however having a degree will open up even
more doors for you.
Do I need to be a teacher?
No, this opportunity is available to people
of all backgrounds.
Do I need to be a certain age to get a job?
No, people of all ages are teaching English abroad.
the World!
Get Certified in 5 Days... Job Guaranteed
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
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Who is Global TESOL College?
We Are The Worlds Largest TESOL Program Provider
Established in 1994, Global TESOL College is the worlds largest TESOL Program
provider. Our International Headquarters and Corporate Training Center is located in
Edmonton, Canada.
We created the original TESOL Certification Program In North America and it quickly
became the most popular and recommended Program by employers as a result of our
international reputation, solid training and honest service.
We are a worldwide network of training centers and graduate support offices in over a
dozen countries, with a staff of more than 80 TESOL professionals.
We are directly linked to thousands of schools, employers and recruiters around the globe
that hire our graduates, and we help to place you in the job that best suits your goals.
The Certificate employers ask for by name the Global TESOL College name is
recognized worldwide. We have graduates presently teaching in more than 85 countries.
Highly qualified, trained and experienced TESOL instructors bring the world of TESOL
into the classroom. We will train you to be an effective, resourceful and professional
English teacher.
Over the past 15 years, through our worldwide network of training centers, we have
graduated and found employment for over 40,000 people, and we continue to graduate
and place thousands of people annually.
Global TESOL College is certified by the Government of Canada. Our Programs are
registered by state, provincial and federal government agencies in various locations
worldwide. In Ontario, we are not registered under the Private Career Colleges Act due to
the fact that we are exempt, by the legislation, from registration. Franchise opportunities
are available worldwide.
As a result of our proven training and job placement system, and our dedicated and
highly skilled team of TESOL professionals around the globe, we are firmly established
as the world leader in the TESOL training industry and we continue to set the industry
standard for professional training and customer service
When you go with Global TESOL, you go with the BEST!
Regulatory & Professional Designations:
Certified as an Educational Institution by the Government of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development
Canada (HRSDC) Institution #7009/8602
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE), School Code # 18964CA
Wisconsin Educational Approval Board (EAB)
Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education (ASBPPE)
Nevada Department of Education (NDE)
Michigans Proprietary Schools (MPS)
British Columbia, Canada Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) 3052
Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE): Approved by the Government of Malaysia
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)
Association of International Educators (NAFSA)
National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)
British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL)
Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
Better Business Bureau (BBB) North America
Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program Online Payment Protection
With a Global TESOL College Certificate in hand, you instantly become certified
to work in almost any country in the world, plus you now possess one of the most
internationally recognized, respected and desired English teacher credentials in
the industry 40,000 Global TESOL College graduates are living proof.
Our mission is
to graduate
globally aware
English teachers
who will meet
or exceed the
of schools
HRSDC Certified
The Global TESOL Difference
weve spent over a dozen years planning
for your next year or two abroad
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The English teaching industry has evolved significantly over the
past decade, and foreign language schools are becoming more
selective when hiring new teachers. The number of qualified and
experienced teachers has increased as well, making a Global
TESOL Certification your most valuable asset.
With a Global TESOL College Certificate
(or Diploma) You Will Be Able To:
Enter the TESOL job market with recognized credentials
Earn a significantly higher salary $$$
Receive more benefits and perks
Work fewer hours per week for better pay
Access lucrative tutoring opportunities
Open doors to work in countries not accessible to tourists
Gain confidence in your ability to teach
It is difficult to find a good job with a
reputable employer without a TESOL
Certificate, even if you have a degree.
And teachers who have Global TESOL
College Certification are eligible for
many more employment opportunities
and considerably higher wages.
No wonder uncertified teachers who
have taught abroad in the past
become TESOL Certified before they
go abroad again so they can get a
job in todays competitive market.
Academics and employers agree that
a university degree alone will not
prepare you to teach English as a
second language. Most university
ESL courses are theory based and
locally focused. TESOL offers more...
TESOL teachers require special skills
and knowledge to teach
communication in a foreign land.
Therefore, reputable employers
require that the teachers they hire are
TESOL Certified.
For most countries, a TESOL
Certificate is the major requirement.
In addition to a TESOL Certificate,
a degree in any discipline may be
necessary to teach legally in some
An Education degree or Masters degree,
plus a TESOL Certificate may be
required for higher paying positions.
register online at:
Why You Need to be
Global TESOL Certified
Do I Need TESOL Certification... Do I Need A Degree?
Want to get a better job and more pay?
Become Global TESOL Certified today!
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What Makes Us Unique
#1 in Customer Service
We really take care of our graduates when people hear the
name Global TESOL College, they know it stands for quality
service and customer satisfaction. As the industry leader, we
have developed our entire system based on the specific
needs of our students and overseas employers. After 15
years and 40,000 graduates later, we continue to pride
ourselves on delivering more than we promise, and more
than you expected.
Proven Training System
The key to our graduates success comes from our exclusive
Global TESOL System
. This teacher training system gives
you that important edge in todays TESOL job market.
We Know What Works
Why is the Global TESOL System
so successful? The old
way of teaching doesnt work! Much of the world KNOWS
English but cannot USE English in everyday situations. We
have shifted the focus and train you HOW to teach English
the right way. You will learn the practical methods that are
proven to quickly take a student from knowing to using
Internationally Recognized TESOL Certification
Youll be certified worldwide travel the globe with one of
the most recognized TESOL Certificates. Upon Program
completion, you receive a TESOL Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages Certification.
The Certificate Employers Ask for by Name
You will be in high demand because employers worldwide
contact us requesting our graduates. The Global TESOL
College Certificate has become an industry standard
because we graduate effective teachers. It is accepted by
thousands of schools around the globe.
Employment Services
Innovative Content
You want to make the most of your time teaching English
overseas. We teach you how to be an effective English teacher
and how to have fun teaching the Global TESOL Program
delivers the perfect mix of theoretical and practical content, and
will teach you all the basics of teaching in any classroom
situation. And the best part is that our practice-teaching
components provide you with the opportunity to use what you
have learned, empowering you to excel in any classroom
World Class Training Materials
Our comprehensive series of over 20 TESOL Foundation and
Specialization Training Manuals are unique to the industry. They
have been custom designed in-house, and cover all the topics
you will need to know. They are invaluable resources for you in
the classroom by far the best TESOL Manuals available
World Class Instructors
Learn first-hand how to teach English from the industrys
best our skilled and well-traveled TESOL Instructors
possess a Global TESOL College TESOL Instructor
Diploma and a university education. Their extensive
overseas English teaching experience and knowledge will
bring the world of TESOL into the classroom.
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Receive a World of
Why More People Choose Glo
More people choose
Global TESOL College
than any other institution.
Here are a few reasons why...
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Graduate Services
Teacher Placement Service
Personal step-by-step help the goal of our Job Placement
Specialists is to assist in placing you in a reputable teaching
position that best matches your goals.
Tutors for Distance Study Students
Studying online or by correspondence? Thousands of people
from around the world become Global TESOL Certified this way.
All distance study students receive unlimited assistance from a
professionally trained Distance Education Instructor by email
and telephone.
Join a Global Community of 40,000 Members
As a graduate you become a lifetime member of our Travel &
Teach English Overseas global community that shares job
postings, travel information, teaching tips, blogs and more... unlike
any other institution in the industry.
Support Abroad from the Global TESOL
Network of Offices
Help is never far away when you are our graduate. Global TESOL
College has TESOL training centers with English speaking staff in
more than a dozen countries, so whenever you need assistance,
phone or drop in to one of our local or overseas training centers.
Call Toll-Free Today (1-888-270-2941)
We have TESOL Advisors standing by to answer
your questions and to get you started on your
Teach English Overseas adventure. Call Now!
Free Teach English Overseas Information Seminars
We hold FREE Seminars in most major cities so that you have
the opportunity to meet our staff, have your questions
answered, see our training materials, and find out all about the
overseas job options available to you.
We Hold In-Class Courses in Many Major Cities...
See for details.
Global TESOL College
offers the leading teacher
training, certification and
overseas job placement
service. We have the perfect
TESOL Program to take you
where you want to go.
World of Benefits...
oose Global TESOL College
Graduate Benefits
At no extra charge, all graduates
receive these additional benefits:
Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
Lifetime Access to Our Online Graduate Center
Professional Letter of Reference
Certificate Verification for Employers
Cover Letter & Resum Writing Templates
Lifetime Access to Overseas Job Bank
Employment Selection Assistance
Employment Contract Review
Contract Negotiating Tips
Interview Strategies
Departure Preparation Assistance
Visa, Passport & Airline Information
Country-Specific Information
Advice On Accommodations & Personal Needs
Overseas Living, Working & Teaching Information
Note: If available, we will provide you with the names and
email addresses of graduates in your destination country.

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After working in
Morocco and
France after high
school, this
program put my
entire future into
perspective. Now
Im confident and
even more excited about my
upcoming trip to Spain!
Lindsay M., Edmonton, Canada 2003
I thoroughly researched all other
English teacher certification
programs across Canada and this
organization offers the most credible
and professional course by far. The
emphasis on training me as an
English teacher was exactly what I
Nataliea Vanderheyden
Toronto, Canada
Taught in Ratchaburi, Thailand 1997
I have been teaching English to
children here in Japan for three
months now. I love the experience.
The land is beautiful, the people are
wonderful and the food is incredible.
P. Leung, Vancouver, Canada 2005
We loved studying
online from Costa
Rica, we did it
when and where
we wanted.
J. & M. Duran
Herradurra Beach,
Costa Rica 2001
We retired and took the program. A
whole new world of opportunities we
never thought possible opened up for us
to work together abroad. Thanks, Global
TESOL College!
Sandra & Rivero Hansen
Budapest, Hungary 2002
As an 18 year old high school
graduate, I wasnt sure what I was
getting into, but Global TESOL
College made all the difference. Now I
am ready to do this. Thanks GTC!
Sue Harper, Perth, Australia 2000
On my first day in
Mexico, I secured
an EFL job at a
reputable school
without a degree or
any knowledge of
the Spanish
language. The employers main
requirement was a government
approved TESOL certificate from a
reputable school. Thanks Global
TESOL College!
Leanne Duke, Edmonton, Canada 1997
This course explained, reinforced and
expanded on the knowledge and
experience I have gained teaching ESL
in Canada over the past ten years.
Norma S., Montreal, Canada 1999
I have been teaching English in Korea
and Japan for the past ten years. I must
say, with all honesty, that this TESOL
course was the single most important
What are you Waiting For?
Who Gets TESOL Certified?
There is no average profile of the traveling English teacher. Travel-
motivated people of all ages and from all backgrounds take our TESOL
Programs, and find meaningful employment teaching English overseas
(or locally). Our Programs attract a variety of people from recent high
school graduates to those with a Masters or PhD level education.
Individuals new to teaching, as well as those with years of experience
teaching English in a local school system, find our Programs to be
extremely valuable because of their academic and practical content. No
matter what your background is, Global TESOL College is here to
launch your working vacation or exciting new international career.
What Global TESOL Graduates
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
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factor that took me from being a
confused university math graduate, to
being a successful and confident English
Robin Schneider, Lethbridge, Canada
(Robin has been teaching English in
Asia for the past 10 years.) 1996
I have to admit we
were skeptical at first,
but here we are, in
our 60s and teaching
in China. Thank you!
Elly & Roger Holt
Memphis, USA 2004
Thanks to your one week certificate,
in Ulsan, South Korea, I was given a
$500 US per month salary increase-
thats $6,000 US per year.
Valerie Ternan, Winnipeg, Canada 1998
When I finished my university degree
in ESL, I wasnt confident that I could
walk into a classroom and teach
because the courses I had taken were
strictly theoretical in scope. Upon
completion of your course, my
teaching skills have been more
effective and professional; furthermore
I am able to teach in a meaningful and
productive manner. This was not part
of my four year ESL degree program
at the University of Toronto.
Nick Pavic, Toronto, Canada 1995
The employment opportunities and
contacts presented to me in this
course made me realize that, with this
certificate, I could teach in almost any
country in the world.
Chuck Judge, Vancouver, Canada 2002
Even though I have been teaching in
Korea for 5 years I still learned so
much from this course. My supervisor
was shocked at my improved
classroom creativity and lesson
planning ability. I was told that I was a
darn fine teacher but I knew I lacked
the creativity and resources to be a
GREAT TEACHER. This course
solved these problems. As the Head
Teacher I am responsible for training
all new teachers, and I am much more
confident in the advice I give. I kick
myself for not taking this course
sooner! This course was well worth
the money! If you are thinking about
taking this course, stop thinking! Take
it! You will not regret it!
Adam D., South Korea 2005
An excellent
supplement to my
previous six years
of teaching English
at a university in
Japan, plus an
certificate from a reputable college!
Carol D., Edmonton, Canada 2001
(presently lives in Tokyo, Japan.)
As an independent personal
teacher/instructor of various subjects, I
found the TESOL course enlightening in
respect to methods. Not one week after
the course, I used similar methods in
personal instructing, and it was a
complete success! The course was fun
and interesting, the teacher was intuitive
and exact, and I look forward to teaching
a whole classroom of students with my
certification and newfound methods
under my belt.
Liz Pringi, Canada 2004
I am a graduate of
Global TESOL
College from Toronto
in 2004 and after
one year of teaching
in Indonesia, three
months in Moscow
and now back to
Indonesia, I am a Director of Studies... all
thanks to Global TESOL!
Javier Miranda Toronto, Canada, 2004
Global TESOL Graduates Include:
People Without Previous English Teaching Experience
Travelers & Adventurers Exploring the Planet
Serious Career Teachers
University & College Students
High School Graduates
Retirees, Couples, Friends & Families
People Who are Unemployed or are Desiring a Career Change
People Interested in a Working Vacation
Non-Native English Speaking Teachers & Students
ESL Tutors & Volunteers
People of All Ages, Nationalities & Backgrounds
Members of Religious, Cultural & Aid Organizations
ESL Professionals Seeking Formal TESOL Credentials &
Specialized (ESP) Upgrading
Educators Presently Teaching Overseas or Locally
People Interested in an Internationally-Focused Professional
Development Course
International Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs Pursuing
the Global Market
People Who Taught Abroad Without a Certificate & Are Planning
to Go Abroad Again
duates are Saying...
Global TESOL Changed My Life...!
register online at:
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The range of locations and teaching situations available
covers a very broad spectrum. As a TESOL Certified
teacher, you will have employment opportunities
available to you in most countries around the world.
There only a handful of nations where English is not
being widely studied (such as North Korea & Bhutan).
Destination Quick Facts:
Global TESOL College graduates are teaching in
over 85 countries.
The job market is booming in more new countries
each year (such as Kazakhstan & Myanmar).
The job market continues to grow in established
TESOL markets (such as South Korea & China).
Job availability varies greatly from country to country,
but the overall global demand continues to steadily rise
each year. Global TESOL graduates are working in
incredible jobs in countries around the world from
popular destinations such as Japan and Taiwan, to the
not so common countries like Nepal and Namibia.
Why Are There So Many Jobs?
Millions more each year are learning English so that
they can communicate in the global economy. There
are more than 50,000 TESOL jobs available worldwide.
This is a very conservative estimate considering the
large number of teachers required at present for
countries such as China and South Korea.
Demand Quick Facts:
Half a billion people are presently studying English
around the world.
90% percent of the worlds electronically stored data
is in English.
80% of the websites on the internet are in English.
Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Destination
ASIAis a fascinating place where ancient traditions and modern advances
combine to create a stunning cultural experience for all those fortunate enough
to spend time living there. English teaching jobs in most Asian countries are
abundant and lucrative. Approximately 50% of the English teaching jobs available
worldwide are found in Asia. Jobs usually include airfare and accommodation.
High-paying private tutoring opportunities are common. Asia is a great place to
save money Popular destinations include Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and
Thailand just to name a few. You will love it!
Asian Highlights: In China walk the Great Wall and swim the exotic beaches of
Sanya; visit the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia; trek overland to
Tibet; sample delicious foods and visit a Buddhist monastery in Korea; explore
the jungles and elephant trek in Thailand; shop in Hong Kong the wonders of
the far east cultures are endless!
LATIN AMERICAoffers exciting opportunities for the adventurous and the
sun loving. Central America, South America and Mexico have attractive teaching
positions available throughout the year. You will earn enough money to live
comfortably while exploring the diverse landscapes, cultures and people of this
fascinating area of the world.
Latin American Highlights: Learn Spanish and dance the Salsa in Colombia;
visit exciting festivals such as Carnival in Brazil; surf, swim and wander Costa
Ricas tropical beaches; explore Chiles mysterious Atacama desert; tour the
ancient Mayan empire in Guatemala; hike to Machu Picchu in the Peruvian
Andes; experience indigenous cultures and fall in love with the food, music,
people and lifestyle it is a difficult place to leave!
EUROPE offers an extraordinary mix of culture, history and adventure. Popular
teaching destinations include Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Spain,
France, Italy, Greece and Scandinavia, to name a few people love teaching
here because there are so many European, African and Middle Eastern
countries in close proximity, which are easily accessible and inexpensive to visit.
European Highlights: Tour a new European country each weekend; learn a
new language; experience Eastern Block traditions; See Mona Lisa at the Louvre
in Paris; visit Moscow and ride the Trans-Siberian Railway; explore the ancient
Acropolis and sunbathe on the endless beaches in Greece... and relax in the
vineyards of Tuscany.
The MIDDLE EAST is known for its mystique and magic. Positions in the
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and most other countries of this
area offer excellent salaries and generous bonuses to their teachers. Most
positions require previous teaching experience (at least one year) and a
Bachelors degree, so most teachers choose to go to the Middle East after
they have taught elsewhere for a year or two.
Middle Eastern Highlights: When in Saudi Arabia, join the millions in their
pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca; visit the village of Haballah, a remnant of
the old Arabia; relax by the breathtaking Wadi Shals waterfalls in Oman; see
the technological wonders in the oil rich nation of Dubai; visit Petra, the
prehistoric city in Jordan... and soak in an ancient steam bath in Istanbul,
experience a growth in the demand for English language teachers as people
needing to improve their conversational English skills visit, study or emigrate to
English speaking countries. Jobs include tutoring foreign students, teaching new
immigrants, assisting at ESL summer camps, teaching TOEFL Preparation and
We Know Where
The Jobs Are
Where Do You Want To Go?
Where You Can Teach English
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Go to globaltesol.comfor detailed country profiles.
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Hess Educational Organization is the largest, most progressive private
language school in Taiwan. I would like to offer the graduates from the
Global TESOL College program an excellent opportunity to teach overseas.
Overseas Recruiting Manager, Hess
Nova has found your students to be very suitable candidates to teach
English in our schools in Japan. We have full-time positions available for
university graduates and semi full-time positions for candidates who may not
possess a university degree.
Nova Group Recruitment
Park English, on behalf of the Korean Ministry of Education, is regularly
searching for Global TESOL qualified ESL teachers for public school
teaching positions throughout Korea.
Park English Recruitment Agency
School Testimonials
Opportunities in more than
85 countries including:
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Serbia & Montenegro
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
register online at:
And the list goes on...!
Types of Job Opportunities
There are many different categories of
TESOL jobs available for our graduates.
They include:
Private English schools
Public schools & universities
Private tutoring
English for Special Purposes (ESP)
Foreign entrance exam preparation
(TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
Corporate teaching for businesses
& government agencies
You Did What?
As a traveling English teacher, you may
be offered some very unique, exciting and
lucrative jobs abroad. Some of our
graduates have had these amazing jobs:
Radio DJ in China
Fashion models in Korea & China
Actors/extras in movies & TV
commercials in Japan & China
Private tutors for wealthy families
Teaching English on cruise ships
Tutoring Olympic athletes & celebrities
Corporate training at Sony in Japan
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How Much Can You Earn & Save?
This depends on where you work, the level of
your TESOL credentials, your spending habits
and on the cost of living.
Typically our graduates earn an average of
$2000 US per month in many countries and
can save anywhere from 25% to 75% of their
wages if living within their means. Many
teachers save $20,000 US or more each year.
As a general guideline, the wealthier the nation,
the more you can make, but the cost of living is
usually higher.
How Can I Earn Even More Money?
Many graduates double (or more) their income
by working outside of the normal 20-25 hour
work week as private tutors or by teaching in
specialized fields.
Teaching Salaries
Money Makers
(earn between $3000 - $8000 US monthly)
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Certain positions in Hong Kong, Japan
& Taiwan
Money Savers
(earn between $2000 - $5000 US monthly)
South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong
France, Germany
Experience Makers
(earn between $500 - $2000 US monthly)
Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia
Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica
Egypt, Morocco, Botswana
China, Thailand, Indonesia
Teaching Salaries by Region (US)
(Pay per month; does not include optional
tutoring income)
E. Europe $700-$2000
W. Europe $1500-$3000
Latin America $500-$2000
Middle East $2000-$8000
Asia $1000-$6000
Africa $500-$1500
Helpful Employment Facts
For Job Selection
How Global TESOL Will Help You
As the industrys experts, Global TESOL Colleges years of
knowledge and experience will prove to be extremely valuable for
you. Our Job Placement Specialists will assist you in selecting
the best job, and provide you with very important information on
how to wisely negotiate the terms of your contract.
Whether you are planning a short or long term trip abroad to
teach English, there are many important factors to consider when
selecting a teaching position.
Your Contract
Contract terms range from a few weeks up to one or two years.
Many job contracts provide paid airfare and accommodation, and include
attractive packages.
The overall package you are offered depends on the contract details, your
credentials and experience, and how quickly the position needs to be filled.
Each job offers unique benefits and may include such things as free
language lessons, paid holidays, housemaids, weekend excursions and
You can expect salaries and contract terms to vary greatly from country to
country, and from school to school. Foreign English teachers may be paid
the equivalent salary of a local teacher, or as much as ten times the salary
of a local teacher.
An average work week is 20-25 hours, leaving you ample time to explore
and immerse yourself in a new culture.
Many teachers tutor privately and make a lot more money in a short period
of time, often earning double their monthly salary.
Typical TESOL contracts
include these categories:
Contract duration Start & end date
Teaching hours/week
Accommodation arrangements
Airfare Other perks
Monthly salary & bonus pay
Currency & method of payment
Medical coverage
Paid holidays & sick days
Contract completion pay
(often 1 months salary)
Heres A Typical Job Offer
One Year Contract in South Korea
Free Airfare & Accommodation
$2,200 US Monthly Salary
Teach 25 hrs per week
Free Medical Insurance
22 Paid Days Off
End of Contract Bonus: $2,200 US
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Disclaimer: The above information is provided as a
general guideline. Salaries listed are subject to change
due to marketplace conditions and currency exchange
rates. The contract salaries and benefits will vary
depending on the position.
Teaching Salaries by Region (US)
(Pay per month: does not include optional
tutoring income)
Experience Makers
(earn between $500 - $2000 US monthly)
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:11 PM Page 12
You want your time abroad to be a meaningful and
rewarding experience. Obtaining the credentials and solid
training to be an excellent teacher of English is very
important, but you also want the facts, knowledge and
support that will land you that great job. We will help you
through this complete process.
We Provide You with these Products & Services:
Preparation During the Foundation Course
Step-by-Step Employment Handbook
Free Teacher Placement Service
Online Job Bank Access
Thousands of Reputable Job Contacts
One Year Overseas Job Guarantee
Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
Professional Help by Phone, Email and in Person
Additional Free Employment Services (See Page 7)
Our goal is to get you a great job abroad. One section of
our Foundation TESOL Course is dedicated to covering the
major aspects concerning finding an overseas job, as well
as preparing you to live and work in an overseas
Everything you need to know! Included in the Foundation
TESOL Course is our 250 page Employment Handbook
containing the following topics departure preparation,
documentation (cover letter, resume), the application
process, contracts, money, health, travel, culture shock, hot
tips for earning income as a tutor plus much more.
Securing a reputable job in one of the many exciting
countries around the world is made easy with our innovative
job placement system. Included with all of our Programs is
our Teacher Placement Service, an extremely valuable
tool linking you to the job that best suits your goals.
You will be granted exclusive access to our Graduate
Online Job Bank, containing regularly updated job postings
from employers worldwide, including the hard to find jobs.
This is an unlimited lifetime service for our graduates.
As an added reassurance for you, we provide all of our
graduates with a one year Overseas Job Placement
Guarantee. If you are not offered an overseas teaching position
within one year of course completion, we will gladly refund your
tuition. See page 23 for details.
For many of our graduates, teaching abroad is not a one-time
event. They continue to travel and teach English
overseas year after year. Therefore, Global TESOL
College provides you with unlimited lifetime job
placement assistance so that you always have
access to the best jobs in the world, now and in the
Global TESOL College has successfully trained,
certified and assisted in finding employment for our
40,000 TESOL graduates. We have a 99% job placement
success rate, the highest in the industry.
Global TESOL College has one of the worlds largest networks
of overseas English teaching positions. There is that perfect job
waiting for you, regardless of your age, background, experience
or education level. We have established relationships with
employers worldwide, and schools contact us on a daily basis
specifically requesting Global TESOL College graduates.
Global TESOL College is available to assist all students and
graduates by phone, e-mail or in person.
register online at:
Job Placement
With Global TESOL, You
are Guaranteed a Job
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1300 PAGES
Foundation TESOL Course
How You Will Learn To Teach English
Worldwide... In Just 5 Days
To quickly be on your way travelling and teaching English overseas, simply complete our
5-Day (In-Class) or 60-Hour (Distance Study) Foundation TESOL Course. This course is
part one of our two-part Certificate and Diploma Programs.
During this intensive-accelerated in-class course, you will learn the TESOL methods to
use in the English classroom, and have the opportunity to practice them. You will be
amazed at the skills that are hidden inside you!... Highly acclaimed by both new and
experienced teachers.
Dynamic TESOL Certified Instructors deliver the in-class course material in an innovative,
empowering and hands-on format. They combine a perfect balance between the theoretical
and practical skills you will need to succeed in the overseas classroom.
5-Day Foundation TESOL Course
Intensive-Accelerated Format
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 5:00pm - 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Pre-Class & Lunch DVD Tutorials
Project Preparation & Additional Readings
Online Activities & Lesson Plan Bank
See Our Website for Daytime Schedules
Foundation TESOL Course
Online or by Correspondence
60 Hours of Study + Module Assignments
6-Hour Teaching Practicum (Optional, but highly
recommended) Practicum credit is awarded upon
proof of teaching experience.
Project Preparation & Additional Readings
Online Activities & Lesson Plan Bank
Online Final Exam
Convenient In-Class Schedules
No matter how busy your schedule is, our
Programs are held in two convenient formats -
evening/weekend or daytime.
Flexible Distance Study Options
Study anywhere in the world at your
own pace with the assistance of our
Distance Education Instructors.
Youll Receive Three
Invaluable Resource Books
Included in the Foundation TESOL Course
tuition, youll receive:
Foundation TESOL Training Manual (700 pages):
This comprehensive, task-based manual provides
you with the information you require to become an
effective teacher of English, and is your best asset to
help you while in the foreign classroom.
Foundation TESOL Workbook (350 pages): This is
the Foundation Course Assignment and Activity
Manual. It is a step-by-step manual that guides you
through the in-class or distance study course work.
Global Employment Handbook (250 pages): This
complete A-Z How-To Guide is your key to finding
that perfect overseas job and it also prepares you for
all aspects of living and working overseas.
For In-Class Course Dates and
Locations Call 1-888-270-2941
or Visit
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Our Foundation Course is Available
in 3 Convenient Study Options:
In-Class Online Correspondence
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:11 PM Page 14
5-Day In-Class Outline:
Day 1
Classroom Warm-Up Activities & Games
TESOL Methods & Techniques
Student Proficiency Levels
Student & Teacher Assessment
Lesson Planning
Instructor Lesson Demonstration
Day 2
Philosophy of Teaching
Young Learners
Teaching English to Adults
Teaching Pronunciation
Teaching Vocabulary
Dynamic Method Video
Day 3
Teaching Grammar
Music & Video in the Language Classroom
Classroom Management
Total Physical Response Method
Developing Listening Skills
Developing Speaking Skills
Day 4
Developing Reading Skills
Developing Writing Skills
Practice Teaching (Practicum) Lessons
Peer Teaching Evaluations
JET Teach Abroad DVD
Day 5
Teacher Lesson Presentations
Teaching English Overseas
TESOL Employment Workshop
Job Selection Strategies
Document Preparation
Graduation & Certificate Presentation
Course Contents
TESOL Modules:
Foundations in TESOL Teaching
Philosophy of Teaching TESOL Pedagogy
Methodology in Second Language Acquisition
TPR & Dynamic Methods Communicative Language Learning
Student and Teacher Assessment
Proficiency Levels Assessing Language Skills
Lesson Planning
Teaching Strategies Lesson Preparation
Classroom Management
Student Motivation Teaching Situations
Developing Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Skills
How to Teach Foundational Language Skills
Real-life Communicative Tasks for English Students
Teaching Vocabulary
Common Problem Areas: Homophones & Reductions
High Frequency Words
Teaching Pronunciation & Phonetics
International Phonetic Alphabet
Consonant & Vowel Teaching Techniques
Teaching Spelling & Punctuation
Punctuation Rules British/American Spelling Variations
Teaching Grammar
Review of Common Grammatical Terms
Grammar Teaching Strategies
EFL/ESL Classroom Tools: Warm-ups, Games, Music & Videos
Importance of Role Playing & Games for Language Learning
Using Music & Videos in the Classroom
Employment Modules:
For more information regarding the
academic content of our programs, email
the International Academic Department
register online at:
Learn to effectively teach your students how
to understand & use the English language.
Job Placement System
Job Search & Selection Strategies
Academic Assistance
Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
Website Graduate Network Instructions & Useful Links
Plus... Where and When to Teach, Resum & Letter of
Introduction Writing, Interviews, Contracts, Visas,
Passports, Health Concerns, Culture Shock & More.
Foundation TESOL Course
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:11 PM Page 15
Internationally Recognized Practical Economical
Academic-Based Employment-Focused Time Efficient
Global TESOL College offers the worlds best selection of internationally recognized
TESOL Certificate and Diploma Programs to suit your goals.
People new to teaching as well as experienced teachers will greatly benefit from our
professionally designed TESOL Programs. Work abroad or locally.
The following world standard TESOL Programs consist of our Foundation TESOL
Course (60 hours), plus 1, 3, 5 or 9 Specialization TESOL Courses (60 hours each).
(See pages 18 & 19 for a complete list of Specialization Courses.)
The higher the Program level you choose, the greater the rewards you receive in terms
of income, benefits and employment opportunities. (See page 22 for tuition fees.)
As the Teach English Overseas industry matures, employers worldwide have become
more selective concerning teaching credentials. This is why all of our Programs meet the
international employment standard of a minimum of 100 hours of study.
Call: 1-888-270-2941
Need Help Selecting a Program?
register online at:
Teach & Travel Internationally with the
Industry Leading TESOL Certification
Convenient Options
to Suit Your Busy Schedule
Foundation TESOL Course
If our In-Class Foundation TESOL
Course schedule does not fit into
your schedule, or if you live in a
remote location, get TESOL Certified
online or by correspondence.
Specialization TESOL Courses
All 16 Specialization TESOL
Courses are available online or by
Online & Correspondence Study
Become TESOL Certified today via
the aid of our specially trained
Distance Education Instructors.
Receive the same course content,
certification, support services and
job guarantee as in-class students.
Assignments will be graded by a
qualified TESOL Instructor.
Study anywhere you choose, at a
pace that works for you
Register and start today!
Distance Study
TESOL Programs
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:11 PM Page 16
TESOL Certificate Programs
Our Certificate Programs are designed for individuals who desire to travel & teach English internationally or locally. Our industry
standard programs are popular for anyone ready for a life-changing year or two abroad.
TESOL Diploma Programs
Our Diploma Programs are designed for individuals who are serious about language teaching and desire to be the best in their field.
You will be rewarded with the many benefits associated with higher level credentials than the average traveling English teacher.
Elevate your credentials, employment options and income with a Global TESOL College Diploma. A worthwhile investment for both
short and long-term TESOL careers.
Special TESOL Certificate & Diploma Programs
Program 1: Advanced TESOL Certificate Program
Program 6: International TESOL Certificate Program
Program 2: Professional TESOL Certificate Program
Program 3: Advanced TESOL Diploma Program
Program 4: Professional TESOL Diploma Program
Program 5: TESOL Instructor Diploma Program
Credential: Advanced TESOL Certificate
120 Hours 2 Courses
Foundation TESOL Course + One Specialization Course
Overseas Job Guaranteed
For solid credentials and more employment flexibility...
A greater depth of knowledge in the TESOL profession
translates into more opportunities and higher paying
Credential: Professional TESOL Certificate
240 Hours 4 Courses
Foundation TESOL Course + Three Specialization Courses
Overseas Job Guaranteed
Start your adventure today. Become TESOL Certified to
Travel and Teach English Worldwide with confidence and
skill. Receive the industry standard credential required to
teach conversational English.
For the more lucrative and prestigious employment
opportunities... The Advanced TESOL Diploma is an
achievement of Academic Excellence with more
employment options in higher level positions.
Credential: Advanced TESOL Diploma
360 Hours 6 Courses
Foundation TESOL Course + Five Specialization Courses
Overseas Job Guaranteed
Credential: Professional TESOL Diploma
600 Hours 10 Courses
Foundation TESOL Course + Nine Specialization Courses
Overseas Job Guaranteed
TESOL with Distinction... Earn this top level Diploma and
impress even the most selective employers, and work in
academic settings. This program represents academic
achievements that will provide you with the widest array of
specialized employment options, more benefits, and higher pay.
This program is available to Global TESOL Colleges
International Agents and Franchise Partners.
E-mail if you would like to be
licensed to offer or sell our programs in your area.
Credential: TESOL Instructor Diploma
700 Hours 11 Courses
Foundation TESOL Course + Ten Specialization Courses
Enrollment Approval Required
Develop and perfect your English teaching skills... This 4-week
in-class program is popular among native English speakers,
international students and non-native English speaking
Credential: International TESOL Certificate
120 Hours of In-Class Instruction
Expanded Foundation TESOL Course Content
+ Comprehensive Applied Curriculum
Overseas Job Guaranteed
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:11 PM Page 17
Employers prefer to hire teachers with specialized
skills and certification.
Global TESOL College is the only TESOL Program
provider offering a comprehensive series of 16
Specialization TESOL Courses.
Whether you wish to teach children in Thailand,
lawyers in Mexico, doctors in Poland, or local
immigrants, we have the perfect Specialization
Courses for you.
Each Course will strengthen your teaching
portfolio and expand your employment,
financial and career options.
Youll find that our teachers are
exceptionally well-qualified and our training
manuals are clear and concise. Together,
they will give you the advantage you need
to secure better jobs and higher pay.
Youll also learn how to access these sixteen Hidden-Market
employment opportunities.
As indicated, all Programs require the completion of one or
more of the Specialization Courses listed below. These
Courses can also be completed independent of a Program.
The edge you need... select the Specialization(s) that
compliment your interests and support your goals.
You can study at home or from abroad, quickly and
conveniently, and you are able to study at your own pace.
All Specialization Courses are
60 hours long and are available
either online or by correspondence.
Better Jobs... Higher Pay... 16 Hidden-Market TESOL Opportunities
Our Six Most Popular Specialization Courses are:
Teaching Children English Business English Teaching Grammar
Teaching Adults English Teaching TOEFL Preparation Graduate TESOL Course
1. Teaching
Children English
As children are
acquiring a new
language, special
attention is required
when teaching the
basic learning
skills. Learn to
plan, prepare and
deliver creative,
inspiring and fun
lessons that reflect
the needs of young learners.
2. Teaching
Business English
The global marketplace has
chosen English as the universal
language of communication. By
specializing in this TESOL field, you
will find a wider array of employment,
tutoring and consulting possibilities.
Become certified to teach Business
English today & you will be in high
demand in the business world.
4. Teaching
Adults English
Adults are voluntary
learners with unique
and often diverse
requirements. Learn the
skills necessary to teach
adults in an effective
manner, while keeping
them motivated to succeed
in a new language.
6. Teaching
TOEFL Preparation
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign
Language) is studied aggressively by
millions of ESL students worldwide.
Their TOEFL score will be the major
factor in determining their university
entrance in North America, or their
ability to secure a job in their home
country. Learn the easy way to help
your students to pass this test, and
your skills will be in demand for high
paying teaching & tutoring jobs.
5. Graduate
TESOL Course
Now that you have
mastered the concepts
covered in our
Foundation TESOL
Course, dive deeper
into the strategies
used to maximize
your teaching
potential. This
academic level
course is mandatory for the
Diploma and Instructor Programs.
3. Teaching
You can speak English,
but do you know the
rules of grammar, and
are you able to teach
grammar effectively?
Perfect the skills that
will form the
foundation of every
lesson you teach,
and learn to impart
these essential
communication tools to others.
We Offer the Worlds Best Selection of Spec
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:12 PM Page 18
Increase Your Income By Double or More...
7. Teaching
Adolescents English
Teenagers have an
incredible enthusiasm for
learning English due to
their fascination with
western pop culture. They
are taking steps towards
independence and
planning their future
careers. This Course
will help you to teach
your students English
and to equip them with the tools
they need to communicate in future
school, work and social contexts.
10. Teaching
Medical English
Nurses, doctors and other foreign
medical professionals must be
proficient in medical terminology,
procedures and concepts in order to
work in a native-English speaking
country, or to advance in their present
position. Become certified to teach
them the necessary English skills they
need to succeed.
12. Tutoring English
Tutoring English full time or on the side
is almost as popular as teaching in
regular English classrooms. Tutor
privately one to one, in small groups,
over the phone, on the internet, or
virtually anywhere. Specialize in tutoring
basic or Specialized English, one of the
most lucrative English teaching options.
11. Teaching
Legal English
Law students and foreign
business people who do
not speak English as
their native language
are looking for
teachers who
specialize in teaching
legal terminology,
concepts and
9. Teaching
Computer English
Teach people worldwide
how to learn English using
computer programs and
the internet (also referred
to as CALL: Computer
Assisted Language
Learning). Using
computers is an
innovative and
effective way to teach
English. Computers -
the ELT classroom of the future.
13. Teaching
ESL Locally
Learn how to teach English
in USA, Canada, Australia,
England, etc. Millions of
students study English in
native-English speaking
nations. Teach English in
ESL schools in your
home country, learn
how and what to
teach, where to look
for work, and how to
promote yourself as a local English
teacher and/or tutor.
15. Independent
Study Elective
Tell the TESOL world
your story by sharing
your academic
perspective. Select
a TESOL related
topic, and
complete an
research project.
Perfect for the
creative mind.
Which Course(s) Should I Choose?
Call 1-888-270-2941 today to speak with a Global TESOL
College Advisor. We will help you to select the Program &
Specialization Course(s) which will best realize your teaching
and earning potential. For detailed Specialization Course
descriptions visit
16. TESOL Teaching Practicum
Put your TESOL knowledge and skills to the test! Practice teaching English at an
ESL school of your choice, anywhere in the world. Gain valuable classroom
experience and impressive resum credentials by applying what you have learned
in our TESOL Foundation Course.
After completing the Business
English specialization course, I can
say that it was comprehensive,
innovative and very well designed.
It was the key to making a lot of
money in a special field. I now
make $40/hr. teaching business
English in Japan.
Douglas Reese, Bristol, U.K 2002
of Specialization Courses
8. TESOL for Non-Native
English Teachers
As a non-native English speaker, you
make up a significant portion of the
thousands of English teachers around
the world. This course will help you to
develop the skills required to teach
conversational English effectively,
regardless of what your native language
is, or where you plan to teach.
14. Teaching Tourism English
Tourism is the fastest growing industry
in the world. Hotel staff, tour guides,
store merchants, taxi drivers, as well
as many other tourism related
occupations require the skills to
communicate in English. Be a part of
this dynamic global industry.
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/21/08 2:12 PM Page 19
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Its this easy:
Its a Big World
Register Now...
...and Start Your
Adventure Today!
Get Global TESOL College Certified Today
Begin teaching English immediately, with the skills and confidence
to succeed in any classroom around the world.
Your Complete Training, Certification & Job Placement Solution
Quick and convenient... become TESOL Certified and then placed in
an overseas job immediately. Simply follow the five steps below.
Step 1:
Select TESOL Program
See page 17 for Program options
Need help deciding which Program to take?
Call 1-888-270-2941or e-mail:
If calling from overseas dial: (Canada code) + (780) 438-5704 (MST)
Step 2:
REGISTER for the TESOL Program You Selected
Registration Options:
Online @ (pay by Creditcard or Paypal)
Phone 1-888-270-2941 or Fax form to 1-877-435-0918
Mail form to: Global TESOL College International Headquarters.
Address is listed on page 24 of this brochure (the back cover page).
Or in person at one of our worldwide training centers
Step 3:
COMPLETE our Foundation TESOL Course
5-Day Intensive In-Class format, or Online or by Correspondence
A Foundation TESOL Certificate is awarded at the end of the
in-class course (upon successful completion)
See In-Class Course Schedule @
Step 4:
COMPLETE Selected Specialization Course(s)
Select method of study (Online or by Correspondence)
Study before you depart or while you are teaching overseas
Certificate or Diploma is awarded upon successful Program
Step 5:
Select desired job from the Global TESOL Online Job Bank
Contact our job placement team for advice and assistance
Sign your contract and prepare for departure
Pack your bags and begin the experience of a lifetime!
We have jobs waiting for you We provide job placement
assistance by connecting you with schools, recruiters and
international agencies that regularly hire our graduates.

Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/28/08 11:37 AM Page 20
Save $! For Promotions & Discounts Call Now or Visit
Tuition is subject to change without notice. See website for current fees. Lowest tuition price match - Call for details.
Tuition is 100% tax deductible, GST, PST and State Tax exempt.
1. Personal Information (Clearly print your first, middle, then last name as it appears on your passport)
Name: Todays Date:
Address: City & Country:
Prov/State: Postal/Zip Code: Home Ph: ( )
E-mail: Cell/Work: ( )
Registration Form
V2- 2008
5. Select Specialization Course(s) (60 Hours Each) 6. Hard Copy of Manuals (optional)
Study Elective
ESL Locally
I am studying online and want to order
hard copy versions of the manuals.
Foundation or International Manuals: $100*
Specialization Manuals: $50* each
Total # of Specialization Manuals:
* Prices above include Shipping & Handling worldwide.
7. Payment (Tuition fees may be subject to change without notice. See website for current prices and special promotions.)
8. How Did You Hear About Us?
American Express
Money Order
Certified Cheque
Credit Card Number
Expiry Date: Currency:
Card Holder:
Mail to: Global TESOL College, 10037 B - 82 Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z2 Canada Fax to: 1-877-435-0918
MANUALS (optional):
Call NOW:

TESOL Course
TESOL Course
TESOL Certificate
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course +
1 Specialization TESOL Certificate Course
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course +
3 Specialization TESOL Certificate Courses
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course +
5 Specialization TESOL Certificate Courses
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course +
9 Specialization TESOL Certificate Courses
In-Class refers to taking the
Foundation Course in-class, and
taking the Specialization Course(s)
online. A hard copy of the three
Foundation Manuals are included.
Correspondencerefers to
studying offline. Orders include hard
copy versions of all Course Manuals.
Online refers to taking all
Courses online. Students studying
online may order hard copy
versions of all Course Manuals.
(See #5 below)
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course +
10 Specialization TESOL Certificate Courses
International TESOL Certificate Course
Foundation TESOL Certificate Course
Specialization TESOL Certificate Course
TESOL Certificate
TESOL Diploma
TESOL Diploma
TESOL Diploma
TESOL Certificate
Academic Description of Our
Internationally Recognized Programs
3. Select Tuition (CAD/USD)
4. Only for In-Class
Foundation TESOL Course
Online Corresp.
$2995 $2795 $3395 700
$3145 600
$2145 360
$1645 240
$250 60
$895 60
$995 $1095 120
See Our Website for In-Class Course Locations Near You.
(circle tuition below)
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/28/08 11:37 AM Page 21
How To Register
Your Registration Options:
call toll free: 1-888-270-2941
Full tuition payment is required to
confirmyour seat.
A deposit of $100 is required to
reserve your seat, and the balance
is due at least two weeks prior to the
start of the in-class course.
Correspondence & Online
Full tuition payment is required at
time of registration.
Correspondence tuition includes
Shipping & Handling of manuals by
air mail.
For courier rates, e-mail
Upgrade Policy:
If you register for a Program, then
later decide to upgrade to a higher
Program, you are only charged the
difference in tuition between the two
Transfer Policy:
If you register then want to switch
your course date, or if you want to
transfer to a distance study
program, each transfer is subject to
a $50 processing fee.
We are certified as an educational institution
by the Government of Canada. Tuition is tax
deductible and is tax exempt.
Study Options:
In-Class refers to taking the Foundation TESOL
Course in-class, and the Specialization TESOL
Course(s) online. A hard copy of the three
Foundation manuals are included.
Online refers to studying completely online.
Online students may purchase a hard copy of course
manuals for reference purposes.
Correspondence refers to studying completely
by correspondence. A hard copy of all manuals are
included in your correspondence tuition.
Call us toll free at
and register
with one of our
TESOL Advisors.
In Person
Visit a Global TESOL
College Training
Center near you!
See our website for
a location near you.
Fax your completed
registration form to:
Toll Free:
Direct Fax:
(780) 435-0918
Visit us at
to register for all
In-Class, Online &
Note 1: Tuition fees are
subject to change without
notice. See our website for
current prices.
Note 2: Student funding may
be available. Contact your
local funding agency for
Note 3: University transfer credits
may be available. Contact your
university for details.
* A payment plan is available for all
Programs. Call or e-mail for details.
Complete registration
form and mail it along
with tuition payment to:
Address is listed on the
back cover (page 24).
Global TESOL 24 Pager Nov05 2008:Global TESOL 24 Pager 2 OCT 06 11/28/08 11:37 AM Page 22
Additional Services
Need More Information
Before You Register?
Call Toll-Free Now 1-888-270-2941
to Speak to a TESOL Advisor.
Attend a Free Info Seminar
Visit for dates
& locations near you.
In-Class Courses
In-Class Courses are Held in Many
Major Cities. Visit
for dates & locations near you.
Franchise Opportunities
Available (TESOL & ESL)
Email: for
Join Global TESOL College
Global TESOL College is now accepting
applications for Independent Sales
Representative worldwide. Email: to apply.
Free TESOL Program!
Promote a Program in Your Area
If you organize a Group of 10 or more
TESOL students, well offer the course
in your city, and your tuition is free.
Other services:
Agent Agreements Available
Canada TESOL / ESL Study Tours &
Summer Camps (2 & 4 week)
Canada TESOL / ESL Internships
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Our Guarantee To You
If you attend the first day of the in-class course but it does not meet your
expectations, you will receive a tuition refund, subject to a 10% processing fee.
To qualify for our Overseas Job Guarantee, you are required to:
be at least 18 years of age
have a high school (or equivalent) education
be a native English speaker, or a fluent non-native English speaker
follow the step-by-step job process outlined in our Employment Handbook
If you follow the employment process outlined in our TESOL program manual,
apply for the positions that you are qualified for, and are not offered an overseas
job within one year of completing any one of our Programs, we will refund your
tuition. This is subject to a 10% processing fee.
Our tuition fees are among the lowest in the industry. If you should find an
equivalent in-class program for less, we will match that tuition. Global TESOL
College makes every effort to ensure that our tuition fees remain as low as
possible for our students, while delivering the highest quality TESOL instruction
available today.
Investing in a higher education is an investment in you and your future.
What do these Acronyms Mean?
Teachers of English
to Speakers of
Other Languages
Teaching English
worldwide from a North
American perspective
Teaching English
as a Foreign
Teaching English in a
non-native English
speaking country
(ie. Japan, Russia)
Teaching English
as a Second
Teaching English in a
native English speaking
(ie. Canada, USA)
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