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and will evaluate the program after several

months of implementation.
City Manager Tom Hardy stated that
this program attempts to balance the desires of
those that enjoy the deer as part of the experi-
ence of living in Bountiful and those who wish to
use their property for raising gardens, flowers,
shrubs and other plants in the City of Beautiful
Homes and Gardens.
The Division of Wildlife Resources is the
state agency responsible for managing wildlife
populations within the state of
Utah, including the deer popu-
lation. By working directly
with the division, the City
hopes to take advantage of
their experience, professional-
ism, and sensitivity to the ur-
ban deer population in Bounti-
ful, and to develop a program
that the DWR could replicate in
other cities that may face the
same issue.
Harvested deer will be donated to local
food banks and shelters in cooperation with the
Bountiful Community Food Pantry and the Utah
Chapter of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the
Homeless. The cost of preparing each animal for
use is $60. If you are interested in donating to
help with this expense, no part of which will be
used for the deer management policy, please
pick up a form at City Hall or online at Any excess funds will be
donated to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the
Homeless. A permission form for access to your
property can be found in both places as well.
For more information, please visit the
DWR website at
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Bar J Wranglers coming
again to Bountiful
Holiday lighting safety
Davis County Ski and
Snowboarding school
starting soon
Power Plant project up-
No parking on the streets
in Bountiful between
November 1 and April 1
City Council and Committee Chairmanship
The Mayor and City Council welcome your input and suggestions
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Parks and Recreation & Fine Arts

Water & Youth Council


Streets & Sanitation and Traffic Safety
Bountiful City Council Adopts Deer Management Policy
The City of Beautiful Homes and Gardens
November 2010

Finance, Public Safety & Public Relations

Planning & Zoning
he Bountiful City Council recently adopted a
deer management policy to manage the
urban deer population within the city limits of
Bountiful in cooperation with the Utah Division of
Wildlife Resources. The comprehensive program
includes development of a web site for education
of citizens on what they can do to protect their
property from damage from deer, and a caution
regarding the feeding of deer.
Bountiful City is currently creating a list
of property owners who are willing to allow their
property to be used to access
deer within the city limits.
The program allows an evalua-
tion of the effectiveness of
managing the deer population
by selectively thinning some of
the deer on public property
and on property where the
property owner has consented
to its use.
The goal of the pro-
gram is to effectively manage
the wildlife population within the corporate lim-
its of the City of Bountiful, said Mayor Johnson.
What we are trying to do is develop a program
where we tolerate a certain number of deer
within the city limits, but manage that number
so that they do not become a health, public
safety or nuisance threat to our residents.
Mayor Johnson was quick to point out that the
program goal is not to eliminate the deer popula-
tion within the city limits. We have always had
deer within the city limits, and from time to
time the deer population has been thinned. This
thinning is simply an extension of an existing
policy that has been utilized when the need has
The City and the Division of Wildlife
Resources will share the costs of this program,
On Wednesday,
December 1, and
Thursday, December 2,
Bountiful welcomes the
Bar J Wranglers from
Jackson Hole, WY for a
Christmas concert at
Woods Cross High School
at 7:00 p.m.

November 2010
o kick off the 2010 Christmas season,
the City of Bountiful and the Davis
County Clipper will once again host the Bar
J Wranglers in concert. This year, the con-
cert will be held on two evenings with re-
served seating and gen-
eral admission as well.
The Bar J Wran-
glers are from Jackson
Hole, Wyoming and have
performed all over the
world. They have also
been featured on TNN,
Discovery Channel and
the Travel Network. Their
legendary style of music
is a mix of western music,
cowboy music, harmony and comedy. An
evening of fun entertainment will have
everyone in the holiday mood and will feel
the charm of singing cowboys.
The two concerts will be held on
Welcome Back: The Bar J Wranglers Are Comin to Town
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Wednesday, December 1
and Thursday
December 2
at 7:00 pm in the Woods
Cross High School, 600 W. 2200 South,
Woods Cross.
Ticket prices are $18 for reserved seating
and general admission
tickets are $15, and
are now on sale at the
following locations:
Winegars, 3371 So. Or-
chard Dr. (General Ad-
Bountiful City Hall, 790
S. 100 East, (General
Davis County Clipper,
1370 S. 500 West,
(Reserved Seating).
For questions and information,
please contact Richard Watson of the
Bountiful Community Service Council at
Holiday Lighting Tips from Bountiful City Power
o ensure a safe and happy holiday sea-
son, Bountiful City Power would like to
share the following information:
Always check for overhead power lines
before stringing outdoor lights and stay
at least 10 feet away from them. Any
contact with power lines can be FATAL!
If decorating outside, use lights and ex-
tension cords designed for outdoor use.
Use only lighting and cords approved by
the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an
independent, nonprofit organization that
tests electrical components and equip-
ment for potential hazards.
When hanging lights, make sure that nails
and staples do not pierce or pinch wires.
Check all indoor and outdoor decorative
lighting for frayed cords, broken wires
and loose connections. Discard damaged
lights and cords.
Follow the manufacturer's specification
for the number of light strings that can
be safely connected together.
Turn off indoor and outdoor decorative
lights when leaving the house and before
going to bed.
Consider using LED holiday lighting
they are shatter- and shock-resistant,
last much longer than conventional in-
candescent bulbs, produce almost no
heat greatly reducing the risk of fire
and/or burns, and use much less elec-
tricity than conventional incandescent
bulbs so are less likely to overload a

The Davis Conty Head Start Program is
now accepting registration for the 2008-
09 school year. This is a free program
for families who are income eligible.
There are sevral programs that families
may qualify for. All programs include
services for children with special needs.
Please call the Family enrichment Cen-
ter at 402-0650 to schedule your ap-
insured lenders to require
flood insurance for any
property having a high
risk of flooding. The Fed-
eral Emergency Manage-
ment Agency (FEMA) is-
sues Flood Insurance Rate
Maps (FIRM), to help de-
termine the flood
risks. Areas determined to have a 1% or
greater chance of flooding in any given year
are considered high risk areas. The Bountiful
City Engineering Department can assist inquir-
ers about flood insurance, flood zones, and
flood protection for specific properties (801
298-6125). FIRMs can also be viewed over the
internet using FEMAs Map Service Cen-
Flood and Storm Water Hazard Information
All gutters and
drains from Bountiful
City lead to our
streams which lead
to Bountiful Lake and
the wetlands of the
Great Salt Lake.
nly allow rain down the drain. The following
should never be placed in the gutter or
washed into a storm drain:

Automotive Fluids (Antifreeze, Oil, Gas)
Fertilizer, Pesticides, Weed Killer
Landscape materials (Dirt, Grass, Bark)
Pet waste
Solvents or Cleaners

All gutters and drains from Bountiful City
lead to our streams which lead to Bountiful Lake
and the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake. This
water is not treated! Placing any other materials
into the gutters or drains is prohibited, and should
be reported by calling 801-451-3296.
The US Congress has mandated federally
ountiful City Light & Power (BCL&P) currently has
to rely on the open power market to cover peak
power during the summer months. Increasing BCL&Ps
generation capacity would give the City more flexibility
to cover these summer peaks. BCL&P will be making
major renovations to its power plant during the next 18
months to increase generation capacity to approxi-
mately 33 megawatts (MW).
BCL&Ps current power plant includes six
internal combustion (IC) engines, which are at least 50
years old, and one 5 MW Solar turbine. The Proposed
Power Plant Project consists of removing five of the six
November 2010
Page 3
Scuba Diving Classes Start January 10, 2011
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Mondays or Tuesdayscall 801

U of U Credit and Non-Credit ClassesSpring Se-
mester Starts January 10, 2011Visit our website at to view class
schedules or call 801-581-8821 for information.
ACT Prep Class, October 26 to December 7
4:30 PM to 7:00 PM on Tuesdayscall 801-581-6984

Virginia Tanner Dance Class for Preschool to 5th
Grade starts January 3, 2011 on Mondays3:00 PM;
4:00 PM; 5:00 PMcall 801-581-7374

11th and Jan. 29th at Smith Stores in Bountiful
(Marketplace), Farmington, Layton and Syracuse
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Class sessions begin Jan.
1st and Feb. 5th. Prices are as follows:
Five 2-hour lessons $ 75
w/bus transportation $190
Bus transportation only $150
For more info email or call Russ at
801.451.5217 or Meg at 801.710.3358.
he Davis County Ski and Snow
Boarding School is celebrating
its 50th year serving Davis County
Cities. Their goal has always been to
provide the highest quality lessons
from certified instructors in a safe
and fun atmosphere . . . at a price that everyone can
afford! To date they have taught over 30,000 skier
and snowboarders.
Registration will be held Saturday, Dec.
Davis County Ski and Snowboarding School
IC engines and installing two new natural gas fired
Solar Titan 130 turbines. Each new turbine will have
a nominal power production of approximately 12.5
MW. The existing 5 MW Solar turbine installed in
2001 and the 6.8 MW Enterprise IC engine installed in
1986 will remain and will be put back into service.
BCL&P has retained Intermountain Con-
sumer Professional Engineering Inc. (ICPE), located in
Midvale, Utah, to provide the specifications, design,
and construction management for the project. The
project has an anticipated completion date of June
Bountiful Ridge
Golf Course 801.298.6040
City Attorney 801.298.6145
City Cemetery 801.298.6080
City Manager 801.298.6140
City Prosecutor 801.298.6145
Engineering 801.298.6125
Landfill 801.298.6169
Light & Power 801.298.6072
Mayor 801.298.6142
City Council 801.298.6146
Parks 801.298.6178
Planning & Zoning 801.298.6190
(non emergency) 801.298.6000
Streets/Sanitation 801.298.6175
Utilities 801.298.6100
Bountiful City
Phone Numbers
U of U Bountiful Classes
Bountiful Citys Power Plant Project
Winter Parking in Bountiful
It is unlawful . . . to
be parked . . . on any
street between the
hours of 2:00 a.m. and
6:00 a.m. during the
months of November,
December, January,
February, and March.
ts that time of year again when the citys winter parking ordinance goes into effect. In an effort to
help our street department continue doing such an excellent job clearing the snow from the roadways,
we are asking for your cooperation in not parking your vehicles on the street when prohibited as outlined
Bountiful City Parking Ordinance 13-1-103 states:
It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody, or control
of any vehicle to park or allow to be parked any vehicle or trailer on any street be-
tween the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the months of November, Decem-
ber, January, February, and March.
The ordinance also prohibits parking vehicles on the street when it is actu-
ally snowing, or within twelve hours thereafter. This prohibition does not include Main
Street between 500 South and 400 North.
This ordinance assists the street department in keeping the streets plowed during the winter
months. It is difficult for the snowplows to keep the streets free of snow if they have to maneuver around
vehicles parked on the street. Bountiful also has many residential streets and cul-de-sacs that are impos-
sible to plow if there are vehicles parked on them.
The police department will enforce this ordinance as we have for the past several years. Offi-
cers will be putting warnings on vehicles left parked on the street for the first two weeks of November.
After that, officers will begin issuing parking citations on all vehicles that are left on the street in viola-
tion of this ordinance. After the same vehicle has been issued two parking citations, that vehicle will be
impounded at the owners expense. This includes all cars, trailers, boats, etc.
The police department does not want to issue parking citations or impound
vehicles, but we will do so to assist the street department in keeping the streets clear of
snow and safe for our community. Please help us by keeping your vehicles off the street
when prohibited.
It is also prohibited to shovel or blow snow onto the streets when clearing it
from your driveway or sidewalk.
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November 2010
egistration for our second session of Jr. Jazz starts Nov.
8th and ends Dec. 9th. This session is available to girls and
boy grades 3-12. Avoid late fees by registering early!
Join Tom Turkey for our 4th annual Thanksgiving Day
races! Register by 11/19 for the discounted rates of:
Turkey 10 K: $30.00
Family 5 K: $25.00
Gobbler 1K Fun Run: $12.00
Overall winners take home a pie!
Grab your Sweetheart and join us for our 4th annual
Valentines Day Sweethearts 5K and 1K! Register before De-
cember 12 for the Darlings Discount rates of:
Sweethearts 5K: $15.00
Cupids 1K: $10.00
Santa is stopping by for a little R&R before his big day!
Join him for swimming, skating and picture taking on December
11, 2010
Learn to swim from our American Red Cross certified
instructors! We offer adult and childrens swim lessons year
round. Classes are held twice a week or on Saturdays. Our next
oin us for Family Encounters of the Art Kind every third
Monday of the month. Families can enjoy working together on
an art project and learning about the current exhibit in the gal-
leries. Other winter events include:

Annual Holiday Show and Sale
November 19 December 23, 2010

For more information about these or other programs and events,
contact the Bountiful/Davis Art Center at 292-0367, or visit us
online at
or information on any of our many activi-
ties, or for a complete calendar of
events, call us at 295-3479, come in (726
South 100 East, Bountiful) or easier still, visit
our website at and click
on Aging Services and then Senior Centers.
Bountiful Davis Arts Center
Golden Years Senior Activity Center
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Snowy Pine
by Sherry Rauch
f you would like to submit a photo of beauti-
ful Bountiful for possible publication, please
email it to along
with your name and the location of the picture.
sessions are Nov. 18-Dec. 16 and Jan. 3-Feb. 3. For available
times and levels please call us at (801) 298-6220.
We are currently hiring lifeguards! Upcoming training
classes run Nov. 1-Dec.1 and Jan. 11-Jan.29. Visit us online for
times and prices!
Contact us at,
801.298.6220 or 550 N. 900 E Bountiful, UT


Citizen Kit $39.95
Police Car Kit $62.95
Family Group Kit
Prices good until

Kits are available at
SDMF Station # 81

255 South 100 West
8 a.m.5 p.m.
Monday through