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Medical Ticket details:

A medical ticket = a ticket created automatically when the values of blood pressure (glucose levels, etc)
measurements for a patient exceed a certain limit.

A medical ticket has 4 major sections:

Section 1: Medical emergency

Alert measurements
Normal values as set by the doctor

Section 2: Patient details
Patient Name
Date of birth/ age
Doctor name
Doctor specialization

Section 3: CALL actions (actions needed to solve medical ticket)
The CALL actions will be displayed in the following order (the order of completing the actions)

1. call patient action:
- Patient name
- Patient Phone number

2. call contact person action:
- Contact Person name
- Contact Person Phone number
3. call doctor action:
- Doctor name
- Doctor Phone number
* call emergency action
- emergency phone number
*call emergency action has no number as it can be done in any moment, if the patient, the
contact person, the doctor asks call center user to call emergency.

At least one CALL action has to be successful in order to be able to change the status of a ticket
Each CALL action will be first displayed with a red exclamation mark.
Red exclamation mark on top of a CALL action means that the action was not successful or it was
not performed yet.
If the action is successful the red icon will be changed to a green check mark meaning that the
CALL action was successfully completed.
Once the call center user selects a CALL action a pop-up window will be displayed with the text:
Call successful? and the options Yes and No.
When one of the options (Yes or No) is checked the user is redirected to the comment box
placed under the CALL actions section: the comment box will be in edit mode.

Comment box:

- It is mandatory to write a comment for each call action.
Once Yes or No options are checked the comment field the following information is
automatically added to the field:
- timestamp
- call patient/contact person/doctor/emergency
- result: successful or not successful
- updated by call center user

The comment and status of a call action will be saved by pressing save button after adding the
A comment once submitted will not be editable anymore.

Section 4: Ticket Action History (a record of all actions performed on a ticket)

Mandatory fields:
- timestamp
- updatedBy

Mandatory fields depending on actionType:

o newAssignee
o fromStatus
o toStatus
o personCalled
o callStatus (OK, NOK)
o callComment