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Monday: 2.

5 to 3 gallons of water, 50g of carbs or less

Tuesday: Same
Wednesday: Same
Thursday: Same
Friday: Begin a gradual carb-up. Today eat five or six meals, each containing 50
-75g of carbs.
*Taking in only about a half gallon on Friday AM
Meal 1 : Fruits
Meal 2 : Fruits
Meal 3 : Move to starchier, faster-absorbing carbs (yams, potatoes, rice if i
t's tolerated well).
Meal 4 : Same. Should be at 4PM.
*Water intake should be cut completely at 4 or 5PM
Meal 5 : Contains carbs derived from simple sugars: pancakes and syrup, pie fill
ing, waffles, chocolate, etc. Along two tablespoons of vegetable glycerine (foun
d in most health food stores).
*Another trick is to take an Epsom salt bath (400g of Epsom salt in very hot wat
er) for 20-30 minutes before bed.
Saturday (peak day): Breakfast depends on how you look.
? Looking flat? Have another simple sugar meal.
? Looking good? Small portion of fruit and protein.
? Holding water? Protein only (shake with very little water).
*Forty-five minutes before pumping up for your shoot, take in two tablespoons of
glycerol in one can of full-sugar soda.
Monday: Full Body Workout
? Sets of 10-12 reps
? 3020 rep tempo (That's a three-second negative or eccentric, no pause, a two-s
econd lifting portion or concentric, no pause, repeat.)
? 6-8 sets per muscle group
? 30 seconds rest max between sets
? Never hit failure. Excessive muscle damage slows down glycogen repletion. Stop
2-3 reps short of failure.
? Use alternating sets
Sample Workout
A1. Quad exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
A2. Hamstring exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
Repeat 6-8 times
B1. Back exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
B2. Chest exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
Repeat 6-8 times
C1. Triceps exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
C2. Biceps exercise, 10-12 reps
30 seconds rest
Tuesday: Full Body Workout, Different Exercises
Today you're going to do the same type of workout you did on Monday, with these
? You can use different exercises (example: a row instead of a pulldown for back
). Still use only one exercise per muscle group.
? 12 to 15 reps instead of 10 to 12
? Faster tempo: 2010
Wednesday: Upper Body Only
? 15-20 reps
? 2010 tempo
? 6-8 sets per muscle group, 30 seconds rest between alternative sets.
? Replace lower body work with shoulder work (dumbbell press alternated with ben
t over laterals for example.)
Thursday: Off Day or HIIT Day
No weight training today, but you may perform some HIIT-style cardio (intervals)
to flush water and increase insulin sensitivity. This is the only day of the we
ek you'll perform any type of cardio.
Friday Morning: Muscle Emphasis
If there's a muscle you want to emphasize on Saturday, train it on Friday mornin
g, but de-emphasize the eccentric or negative portion of the movement as much as
possible. Basically, perform sets of 12-15 reps in rhythmic, fairly fast fashio
n for 10-12 sets.
This will lead to more glycogen surcompensation in that muscle group so the next
day it will look more full.