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riting !pplication Letter
riting "#
PT$ %attel Indonesia "&emical Laboratorium !nalyst

PT$ %attel Indonesia is a worldwide company and a leader in toy business$ e operate as t&e
largest manufacturer of dolls and we employ about '())) people in Indonesia$ It &as two plants at
*ababe+a Industrial ,state "i+arang( -e+asi$ "urrently we &ave an opening position in our
company re.uiring people wit& fres& ideas and insig&t to grow professionally wit& us$ /ur
wor+ing environment offers opportunities for people to grow and develop( enabling you to t&rive
and ac&ieve your ma0imum potential$
"H,%I"!L L!-/1!T/1I2% !3!L4ST
Lead a group in c&emical lab testing
!ssists c&emical lab supervisor
%inimum 8iploma degree on c&emistry6 c&emical analyst from reputable university
Having deep +nowledge and understanding on instrument analysis 9G"%S( I"P( Spectro 2# #IS(
& :17;
%S /ffice literate 9%S ord( ,0cel( PowerPoint;
!ble to communicate in ,nglis& 9passive;
illing to wor+ in s&ift
-onded by Perjanjian Kerja a+tu Tertentu
illing to be located in "i+arang( -e+asi$

If you meet t&e re.uirement( please send your complete "# 9attac&ment only in ord 7ormat;
current salary & p&otograp& to
PT %attel Indonesia
9attac&ment is not more t&an =))K-;
Please put code "H,%I"!L L!- !3!L4ST on your subject email$
/nly t&e s&ort listed candidates will be contacted$
*ob #acancy P&ysical "&emical !nalyst 8anone !>2!
*ob #acancy ?)@@ in a leading bottled water manufacturer in t&e world PT TI1T! I3#,ST!%!
or 8anone !>2! "urrently loo+ing for a brig&t( &ig& ac&iever individual( capable of providing a
professional performance wit& self integrity and good teamwor+ mindset to fulfill t&e vacancies of
PH4SI"!LA"H,%I"!L !3!L4ST
Have @ years e0perience in t&e field of >uality !ssurance and pac+aging researc&
!nalytical "&emists wit& good troubles&ooting( problem solving( communication s+ills
-ac&elor 8egree S@ in P&ysics6"&emical from reputable 2niversity wit& minimum GP! B$))
Good laboratory and mec&anical s+ills and t&e patience to perform tedious procedures is necessary
for precise and accurate measurement
Good Gas "&romatograp&y HPL" operation s+ill
!ble to wor+ individually and as a team
*ob 8escription and 1esponsibilities5
T&is position reports to Laboratory Head and will be responsible for t&e operation of t&e
G"6HPL" instrument and developing analysis met&ods of pac+aging$
7or P&ysicalA"&emical !nalyst position( t&e +ey roles are5
to evaluate t&e result of pac+aging researc& 9based on spc;
to researc& developing related .uality product and pac+aging
to involve in developing tec&ni.ues in laboratories 9wit& sop&isticated instruments & softwares;
to ensure t&at procedures & protocol trial are followed in t&e field
responsible for supplier performance improvement in analysis met&ods of pac+aging
responsible for implementation of system management IS/ @')?=
If you are rig&t Person( wit& Hig& "ompetence and "apacity( and need more "&allenge( come and
join us and s&ow your ,0pertise$ Submit your "ompre&ensive "# & 1ecent p&otograp& to 5
recruitment$tiv<danone$com ( put job code P&ysicalA"&emical !nalyst in subject email$ *ob
#acancy P&ysical "&emical !nalyst 8anone !>2! deadline ? wee+s after t&is advertisement

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