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Script for Teachers Science Seminar 2013 (Qin Ye & Terence)

QY: Good afternoon to all teachers, please be reminded to switch off all mobile devices
or turn them to silent mode. Also, please take note that no eating or drinking is allowed
in the Lecture Theatre.

T: Please rise to welcome our guest of honor, Dr. Chew Ming Kheng Charles, Principal
Master Physics Teacher with the Academy of Singapore Teachers. Please be seated.

QY: Good afternoon once again to Dr. Charles Chew, distinguished guests and teachers.
Welcome to the West Zone Teachers Science Seminar 2013.
My name is Qin Ye.

T: My name is Terence.

Both: And we will be your emcees for today.

QY: The Teachers Science Seminar is organized by the West Zone Centre of Excellence
for Science and Technology, River Valley High School.

T: The theme for this year is Teaching and Learning Science in the 21
century: Sharing
Ideas, Shaping Science. Science has always been evolving and it will always be. In very
much the same way, science education has to keep up and rethink its methods to
ensure greater effectiveness in moulding the scientists of the future. Qin Ye, where do
you think science is heading?

QY: I feel that science today is getting more and more revolutionary. The knowledge in
science is getting much more advanced and people are making use of science in almost
every aspect of life. However, these are just my views. Should we listen to an experts
views too?

T: Well, let us hear what Dr Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist has to say
about the future of science.

Michio Kaku on the future of Science

T: As seen in the video, the possibilities in front of science are endless. What shapes the
future are the ideas we have in the present.

QY: It is the teachers, who are at the forefront, testing out novel teaching methods,
which ensure students learn more effectively. By sharing our ideas, we develop and
improve, thus opening new doors to unchartered areas in science.

T: We are pleased to have with us today Dr. Chew Ming Kheng Charles. Dr. Chew
graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science
upper) in physics and obtained his MEd (Hons) from the University of Western
Australia (UWA) in early 2003 and completed his doctoral studies with UWA in
September 2007.

QY: Dr. Chew is a current Principal Master Teacher with the Academy of Singapore
Teachers. He coaches and mentors many teachers from a wide spectrum of age groups.
He is one of the EXCO members of the Educational Research Association of Singapore
and takes an active involvement in research as he believes in the importance of theory-
practice nexus for effective teaching and meaningful learning.

T: Without further ado, may we invite Dr Chew to address us? Dr Chew, please.


QY: Thank you Dr Chew. May we now invite our vice principal, Mr. Loi, to address us?
Mr Loi, please.

T: Thank you Mr. Loi. May we now invite Mr. Loi to remain on stage to present the
token of appreciation to our keynote speaker?

QY: May we invite Dr Chew up on stage to receive the token of appreciation? Dr Chew,

T: Thank you Dr. Chew and Mr Loi.

QY: Now, we would like to invite ____ to present the certificate for our teacher

QY: Firstly, from ____ School, we have _______.

T: Next, from ____ School, we have _______.

FOR GROUP PROJECTS: May we invite one representative to collect the certificates on
behalf of the group?

QY: Thank you ____.

T: There will now be a tea reception outside the Lecture Theatre.

QY: Following which, we will be having the various concurrent sessions where there will
be a series of presentations by various teachers.

T: May we invite our guest of honor to take his leave first.

QY: Please refer to the screen for the various venues for the concurrent sessions. Please
be reminded to be punctual for the concurrent sessions! The first concurrent session
will start at 3.30pm sharp.

T: Thank you teachers for your patience, you may now proceed out of the lecture

Both: Thank you and see you soon!