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Rodranian house of Deputies

We, the representatives of the people of the
Glorious Democratic Empire of Rodrania, united as
a nation and with the power invested on us by the
people, with the objective of uniting everybody on
Rodranian Soil under a single democratic Empire,
we stablish this constitution in the name of
everything that is good and for the glory of our
Glorious Empire.
nos, dhe representatives izt dhe
yudi izt dhe glorious democratic
empire izt Rodregnia, united kak a
nation ane kon dhe moshchnos
invested oztn nos po dhe yudi, kon
dhe objective izt uniting evse oztn
Rodregnian soil pod a single
democratic empire, nos stablish
itoytzak constitution vei dhe yamei
izt evse chto ito sheye ane ylda dhe
glory izt unash glorious empire.
all glory vote dhe empire!

First part
First Chapter
Article 1: The Empire shall adopt a Democratic
Republican and Federal form of government.
Article 2: The Empire shall maintain a neutral
point of view towards religion to avoid favoritism
and corruption.
Article 3: The maximum authority of the Empire,
the President, shall reside on the current capital
city of the Empire. In case of the capital city not
being available the President shall reside on the
biggest city of the Empire until a new capital city is
Article 4: All provinces and colonies of the Empire
shall dictate their own constitutions and laws as
long as they dont contradict the Rodranian
Constitution and the official laws of the Empire.
Article 5: All citizens of every province and colony
of Rodrania will enjoy the same rights and
obligations in every province and colony of the

Article 6: The Empire shall accept the creation of
new provinces and colonies but none of them shall
be erected on the territory of another province of
colony without the President and the governor of
the province or colony in which the new province
or colony is being erecteds consent.
Article 7: All citizens of The Empire have the right
to: work; sail and trade; petition the authorities
and to enter, remain in, pass through and leave
Rodranian territory; publish their ideas in the
media without any censorship and to learn and
Article 8: Slavery is outlawed; every slave is
officially a free citizen and will be economically
compensated. The buying and selling of people is a
crime. Every slave introduced on Rodrania will be
freed as soon as he touches Rodranian soil.
Article 9: Blood prerogatives and nobility titles
are seen as a sign of oppression by the Rodranian
Government and they will be outlawed.
Article 10: Every human being is equal before law,
no matter how rich or poor they are or the
pigmentation of their skin
Article 11: No citizen of Rodrania will be
sentenced without a fair and democratic trial no
matter how serious the crime commited was.

Article 12: Actions committed in a private
environment without affecting other citizens in a
negative way or breaking any law will not be
penalized, no matter what.

Article 13: Every citizen of the Empire haves the
duty of arming himself in the defense of the
Empire and its colonies. All citizens who are 18
years old or older must join the army and serve the
Empire for 4 years. Until the 4 years of
conscription are finished they can choose if they
want to stay in the army or not.