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Creation according to
the Ancient Wisdom
Burt Wilson

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The Third Theor-
Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom
2000 Bur Wilson
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Why we need a Third Theory
What is the Ancient Wisdom? 9
About Infnity 12
Who or what is God? 15
Creation According to the
Ancient Wisdom 18
The Unfolding of the Universe 34
Mind and Consciousness 43
Where Suns, Stars and
Planets come fom 48
Human Evolution 58
Cosmic Cycles 66
The Great Equilibrium 68
Where we and our Planet are
now in our Evolution 72
The Christ and Jesus 79
The Worship of God 83
The Purpose ofLife 85
'There are moments in evolution when the walls
erected by conventional concepts become hindrances.
Then the time has come for the emancipation of
knowledge upon the premise of personal responsibility
for its use.''
-From the book Agni Yoga
It is time to re-think the concept of God.
We live in a world of relativity and duality where nothing is
permanent. In fact, the only thing we can really be sure of is
change. Times change. Thinking changes. Therefore, it's a good
idea to periodically re-think all of the ingrained perceptions
which govern our lives, no matter how sacred they seem to be.
There is no scripture which prohibits us fom exploring new
ways to interpret old. established beliefs. Such exploration is
essential today because institutionalized beliefs easily become
prejudices which. over time. obscure truth. Since each genera
tion contacts truth in its own way. the continuing search for
truth actually becomes a sacred duty.
Because languages change. meanings change. and the origi
nal thoughts conveyed by writers or prophets of old become ob
scured. What was clear to their contemporaries may now be
lost. obliterated by layers of a changing psychology. Because of
this evolution of language, humanity loses much of its past with
each millennium. Thus words reaching down into our time from
ages ago may not be able to flly define the ideas extant in the
epochs which created them and we are lef with isolated ciphers.
symbols and images which can only provide confused visions.
Thus, a special circumspection becomes the most useful tool for
probing old scriptures for their truths.
There is a special need today for what can best be termed re
vitalized conceptual thought concerning the foundations of our
very existence. And it would be nice if this new thought could
find common ground among the spiritual mysteries of Religion
and the hard, cold facts of Science. It seems that such thought
should also, bv defnition, be radical in the truest sense of the
word-going to the roots of the definitive. mind-shaping con
cepts which formulate our existence. Thus. it can never be sacri
legious or unscientifc to take everything we have been previ
ously taught about Religion and Science. regardless of by whom
or under what authority, and probe its integrity and test its verac
ity in the light of new insights which might cast a new light on
old beliefs.
The Lord Buddha told his students. "Believe not what you
have heard said: believe not in traditions merely because they
have been transmitted through many generations: believe not
merely because a thing is repeated by many persons; believe not
solely upon the authority of your masters and elders. When upon
observation and analysis a principle conforms to reason and
leads to the benefit and welfare of all. accept it and hold it.'" In
other words. according to this great conceptual thiner, the only
time we really have to believe anything is when we ourselves are
sure of its integrity and it makes enough sense for us to know it
in our own hearts to be true!
With that aim in mind. this book examines the traditional re
ligious and scientifc doctrines concerning the foundations of
our existence in a new light to see if there is common ground be
tween religious dogma and scientifc fact. We will also propose
new concepts and new thought concerning ancient ideas which
come to us fom a body of knowledge called "The Ancient Wis
dom. It is ancient'" only because it is has existed for ages. but
it renews itself in different ways about every hundred years in
order to illuminate. in a contemporary manner, the stale thinking
into which humanity seems to periodically fall.
The purpose of presenting the new concepts here is not to de
termine how anvone should think. but to afford some alternative
ideas in order to at least open up the re-thinking process. This
decidedly does not mean the formulation of some new religious
doctrine or scientific hypothesis. but simply to help establish t
new. evolutionary body of knowledge concerning the nature ur
God and Creation to which all can contribute and from which all
can learn.
Although traditional scriptural interpretations may come un
der attack here. this should not be perceived as an attack on Re
ligion per se. Dogma, yes: Religion. no. Rather. I hope that this
book serves as an instrument to bring unity to Religion and Sci
ence by relentlessly pointing out the fallacies and absurdities of
the dogmas and prejudices which now separate them.
I do not claim any special truth here. What is written speaks
for itself I only wish to provide people with an alternate choice
of a Creation Theory-ne which has demonstrable integrity.
Even though I call this a 'theory." it is well understood in the
scientifc community today that the term "theory" means a well
tested idea with high predictive power. The Third Theory has
not only stood the test of time for millenniums. it is also able to
predict all consequences of creation, therefore it is at the very
least on the same level as the other two.
I especially believe that Religion and Science are really one
and the same thing and that both are searching for the same
truth! And as Mme. Helena P. Blavatsky so beautifully ex
pressed it in her magnificent book The S'ecret Doctrine, "There
is no religion higher than truth.
* *
Burt Wilson
Chenango Forks. NY
September. 1999
"Are we actually to believe that God went around
planting tees in the Garden of Eden by hand?"
3rd Century Christian apologist
'In order to explain what was before the Big Bang, science
came up with the concept of Imaginary Time, a theory which
proposes a universe with no boundaries and no end. In this
manner they do not have to explain creation."
-The Theor of Everthing
1998 PB 1 Program
There is a great need today for an alternate theory concerning
the nature of God and Creation. Since time immemorial human
ity has only produced two general theories of Creation
Religion's Biblical account and Science's "'Big Bang"-and
both are flled with absurdities. Think of it! When it comes to
such extremely important questions as who we are, how we got
here. where we came from and where we are going, we only
have these two theories to choose fom. each chock-fll of
philosophic holes. Thus, those who are looking tor a philosophy
of life are obliged to make do with one or the other and that usu
ally means choosing the one which imposes the least cognitive
dissonance on one's thought processes.
The thing is: if we do not know our purpose in life. how can
we act with purpose? Everyone acts according to what they be
lieve. therefore what to believe--specially when it comes to
how the universe was created-has a great deal of importance in
how we conduct our lives. If we believe in Biblical Creation, we
believe in a loving. righteous God. but are confsed over why
bad things happen to good. God-fearing people. If we have faith
only in Science. we believe we are products of evolution and
that our intelligence just kind of randomly evolved. therefore we
are inclined to get a little nervous at the concept of 'biblical
moral authoritv.
The long-standing opposition between Religion and Science
means that if we live according to the dictates of either the Bible
or Science. we are bound to develop a kind of prtiudicial think
ing-a need to defend whichever theory we may support fom
whatever the other theory postulates. But because of the inherent
inconsistencies in each theory. we also have to defend our par
ticular belief fom our own logical thought processes. So we
tend to ignore the contradictions because. right or wrong. that's
all we ve got. In the end. we simply refse to deal with the
philosophical discrepancies and either accept what we're told or
psychologically wash our hands of the whole business. StilL the
basic premise of whichever theory we embrace-God or no
God/soul or no soul-will lurk subconsciously behind all our
thoughts and therefore influence all our patterns. of action.
The fact is that very few people have a well-thought-out phi
losophy of life. They tend to latch on to whatever is given them
because when it comes right down to it. few want to make the
effort to think life through. Philosophy demands thought, fe
quently abstract thought, and who today is willing to spend their
time in the ethereal realms of the abstract? Ifs not taught in
grade schools. lfs not needed in business. And what football
coach is going to add a chapter on metaphysical thinking to his
team's playbook?
So when it comes to developing a philosophy of life. we ei
ther have to think it out ourselves or else go looking for guid
ance. And when we go looking for guidance we usually end up.
almost as if by design, with one of those two popular pet theo
ries. We then embrace one or the other because we have to be
lieve in something. but at the same time we conveniently shunt
the absurdities into the dark reaches of our minds where they are
lef to stagnate in a state of benign neglect.
As we go about our daily labor. our psyches never question
the ludicrous conflicts resting in this forbidden area of our bra11,
We seem to instinctively know that to do so would cause too
much confsion in our lives. So we quiet our consciences with
the thought that the sheer number of people who believe as we
do verifes the trust we have placed in our selected doctrine. But
try as we may to become mentally secure, we are still haunted by
the fact that what we have put our spiritual trust into really in
volves gigantic leaps of faith over chasms of absurdities.
And we are not alone. In fact, this wholesale acceptance of
the philosophically absurd is constantly supported by an abun
dance of thinkers and writers who do nothing more than make
the ludicrous sound logical. What a market!-millions of people
screaming for religious and scientific intellectuals to keep com
ing up with books of theories that are no more than mental es
cape routes fom the preposterous logic of some dogmatic belief
How ludicrous is the logic of their beliefs? Take Religion.
The preeminent religious doctrine of our time is that a semi
anthropomorphic (they won't say either way) extra-cosmic God
created the universe himself-all the billions and billions of
stars and planets-in just six 24-hour days and then took a rest
on the seventh. He also created Adam, the frst man, out of the
dust (clay) of the earth and then took one of Adam's ribs and
created Eve and then somehow infsed brains and what many
consider a highly questionable intelligence into each of them.
Then, the Devil (and where did he come fom?) took the form of
a serpent (magic?) and tempted Eve with the '"fuit" (and who
created the fuit?) of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve forth
with ate the fuit and thus failed a big cosmic test that ( oh, if she
had only known!) commanded all of her subsequent descendants
(i.e., anyone "born of woman") to be sinners at birth.
Then, afer millenniums of a happy, sinfl existence in which
people somehow changed into different colors and populated
every continent, a few communities in a little strip of land in the
Middle East called Palestine discover that God has decided to
send his only Son, Jesus, to live among them. There, His Son
will be tortured and killed for preaching God's idea of a revolu
tionary doctrine of life-and that has come to mean physical
life-afer death. So God puts his Son through all the misery of
crucifxion (couldn't God have chosen for his only Son a less
torturous way to die?) so that afer his death Jesus could appear
to his followers, thereby offering proof to them of the effcacy of
this doctrine.
Years later, a man who didn't even know Jesus (but claims
he was visited by Him in spirit on the road to Damascus) goes
around teaching people a doctrine that says everyone who sim
ply believes that Jesus is the Son of God will have all their sins
forgiven and receive eternal physical life afer death. In time,
this teaching becomes a religion.
These are the basics of the main story the Christian Religion
uses to hold its followers in thralldom. And doesn't Science
wish it could develop the same kind of spell-binding power over
people. Think of it: all Science has to do is come up with one
overpowering proof that Biblical Creation is all wet and that the
"Big Bang" is truth and you can stick a fork in Religion-it's
done! Or is it? Science has already proven that it's impossible to
create the universe in six 24-hour days, but was there a mass
exodus away fom Religion? No. because Religion can still say
"God can do anything, even create the Big Bang in six days" and
get away with it. So, according to Religion, if it pleases God to
create a universe that defes Science, that's God's Will and it
shall be done. Period.
Although this is really preposterous, Science doesn't have a
answer for it yet because they don't know what caused the Big
Bang or even what came before. This has put Science in a nasty
corner. If it does not come up with an answer as to the cause of
the Big Bang. Religion wins. God did it. If Science does come
up with some kind of First Cause and it is not physical, i.e. if it
is some kind of action of some Invisible Force, then Science will
have discovered God for Religion. Either way, Science loses.
Therefore, it has become Science's task to solidify belief in its
Big Bang while downplaying what caused it or what went on be
fore. Either that or quickly come up with a new workaround.
And how's Science doing? Well, it's working on what it calls
Its "Single Theory of Everything." This theory seeks to blend
Quantum Mechanics (the study of the sub-atomic realm) and
Einstein's "Theor of Relativit" into one general theory that
will explain the creation of the universe in terms of the Big
Bang. But, while Quantum Mechanics is able to solve the uni
form distribution of matter smoothly, it dead-ends at the Big
Bang with the unfortunate result that matter is then ruled by
probability, i.e., there is no ordered symmetry to the expansion
of matter.
To compensate for this, Science has come up with the con
cept of"Imaginary Time." This fabulous concept speculates that
we live in a universe without boundaries and with no end. This
concept miraculously gets Science off the hook because it is no
now compelled to explain the First Cause of creation. but ca
simply bypass it. This is the scientifc equivalent to Religion s
claim that God created the world in six days!
Out of this concept of Imaginary Time has come the "Super
String Theory," that all-encompassing concept which Science
feels will ultimately explain the entire universe. The Super
String Theory pictures the universe as a Big Bang in which little
"strings" of space-time were somehow distributed everywhere.
When these strings vibrate, they force space to bend. This theory
is supposed to explain the dichotomy between force and matter
and also encompass Einstein's Theory of Relativity and there
fore frnish us with a universe of perfect symmetry.
Stephen Hawking, the Einstein of our time, boils all this
down to the visage of the universe beginning as a small, pea
shaped pod which somehow magically appears in space and then
explodes with a Big Bang into a huge, ever-expanding universe.
Still, even Hawking has been unable to explain what existed be
fore the Big Bang or what caused it to bang in the first place.
Thus Science has not yet been able to kill God and as long as the
possibility of a God exists and is not laid to rest. Science will
find no one lighting candles to Quantum Theory and worshiping
pea-shaped pods in its Temple of Our Universe of Perpetual
But the absurdities of Science's Theory of Everything are
small potatoes when it comes to how Science explains the
evolution of human beings. Since Science refses to believe in
the concept of the soul, it would have us believe that we humans
began our evolution as sea creatures who somehow wandered up
onto land where we eventually evolved the ability to walk on
two feet. Along the way it wants us to believe that the intelli
gence we have is nothing more than a random act of this evolu
tionary process. To prove its point, Science has spent years and
years looking for some kind of fossil evidence of early man that
has "# 1" written on it.
Alright. let's say that Science does fmd evidence of the frst
man. They'll still have to find real positive evidence of how man
ever evolved the ability to think of what to do next-that unique
quality of thought which lifs man out of the chaos of instinctual
behavior and into the realm of ethical, philosophical and, yes.
even scientific thought. Try fmding a piece of ancient brain mat
ter that can do that!
And so today we find Religion and Science positioning them-
selves for the fture. At stake is which theory of Creation will
dominate the next millennium: who will be the fttest to carrv
the keys to the kingdom. Science is carving out its piece of the
action by c !aiming the physical high ground, pounding away at
the concept of all life being biological or neurological. Religion,
now pushed by Science into the position of defending theology
in general, is hammering home the idea that whatever Science
comes up with is simply God's way of working through human
The stakes are so high that the Vatican is now studying the
implications of brain research and scientists are looking for
moral behavior in the actions of genes. As one of the organizers
of the 1998 Vatican Conference said, "the real issue is whether
there will be room for a divine being once we can explain the
phenomenon of subjective experience through neural mecha
nisms or social mechanisms."
So there we have the stark reality of the dominate theories
concerning God, creation and the foundations of our existence.
Take it or leave it. Two fancifl theories tor us to choose fom
in order to be committed to some kind of philosophy of life
and neither one with any philosophical integrity. Isn't there
somewhere else we can go?
As a matter of fact, there is. If you think about it. there had to
be some kind of relevant belief system in the lives of people
who lived in the ages before ou contemporary world religions
came into being. Well, there was. It's called the Ancient Wis
dom, a body of knowledge which has existed since time imme
morial-even before Judaism. Buddhism and Paganism.
It is a fact that religions, no matter how old or new, have al
ways had two teachings. One was tor the "ignorant" masses and
one was for the "inner circle"-those kowledgeable priests
who were charged with keeping the sacred "pearls" of truth fom
the ignorant "swine." It was Pope Innocent III who declared i
1199, "the secret mysteries of the faith ought not to be explained
to all men." Interestingly enough, this practice continues even
today. It's just not generally talked about. So whether we like it
or not, the masses of the world are still being treated as ignorant
savages by the inner cicles of the world's religions-given
graven images of God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary for mass wor
ship while the abstract metaphysical truth behind these images is
kept hidden fom the world at large.
But there have always been those individual eclectic thinkers
who sooner or later come to the conclusion that there is more
going on as to the nature of the universe than beseeching an,:
paying homage to a pantheon of public gods. Before Pagan
times. if such a fee thinker had a strong enough desire to seek
out the philosophical foundation behind the outer symbols of re
ligion, he would ultimately fnd his way into what were then
called "Mystery Schools."
Thus, while the masses were given graven images which
were outer representative symbols of the "hidden truth"' of life.
the students in the Mystery Schools were inside. busy studying
that hidden truth directly. It is this hidden truth which comprises
what we todav call "The Ancient Wisdom."
One may onder why religions haven't. over the centuries,
given out a little of this truth here and a little there as the masses
have become better educated and have had more time to think
about the meaning of life? There are many reasons tor this. In
the first place, all of the inner circles of religious bodies were, in
their beginning, charged with guarding their particular truth
fom corruption by the masses and tradition still demands they
take that charge seriously. Secondly. history has shown that afer
100 years or so, every religion becomes political and social and
so their hidden truths become secondary to the need to preserve
the reach and power of the church, temple or mosque. Finally.
and most importantly, if people had this hidden truth tor them
selves. there would be no real need for religions!
Generally. most people believe in the concept of One God
who or whatever He. She or It may be. So if there is only One
God-God being the "First Cause'' of all existence-that God
has to be the God of all religions. This means that all religions
are really different theological systems of discovery of the One
Truth of the One God. Discover that One Truth yourself and you
have the key to all religions. Discover that One Truth yourself
and you can bypass religions and have your own direct access to
God. This is ultimately why the inner circles of various religions
continue to guard so jealously their hidden truth, because if eve
ryone on earth had their own direct access to God (and why
not?), the priesthood would lose all its power and control.
This is the reason there is today a fght to the death between
the Religious establishment, consistently denying its heap of
hidden truths to its worshipers in order to maintain its formida
ble power, and the Scientifc establishment. out to depose Relig
ion's hold on the masses and gain that power for itself Of the
two, Science has the more intellectually honest position; still it
is hampered in its search by its own built-in prejudices against
anythig smacking of spirituality-especially the concept of the
So what about this One Truth? Does it exist? Isn't it just pure
megalomania to claim that there is only One Truth? Shouldn't
anvone who claims to know this One Truth be a candidate for
th loony bin? Ordinarily, yes. The thing that is different here is
that the One Truth of the Ancient Wisdom is only realizable in
the heart of each individual. That is because this One Truth is
dynamic, evolving with humanity, with each generation contact
ing this truth in its own way.
This unusual departure fom the way belief i God and a
Creation Theory have previously been structured is the master
key to what we will now call "The Third Theor," that account
of Creation offered by the Ancient Wisdom. The Third Theory is
the Ancient Wisdom's hidden truth as to how the universe was
created, how it works and how it is peopled. To be honest, it
sounds just as absurd as the theories of Religion and Science,
but there is one, huge overwhelming difference: it has complete
The Third Theory warrants attention because it is the Ancient
Wisdom's own "Theory of Everything." It explains all facets of
Creation and unites Religion and Science in a dynamic format
which challenges their greatest thinkers to open new channels of
thought to ultimately obtain factual knowledge of how the uni
verse and all life were created and how one can find one's place
in it. This will give meaning not only to one's own life and the
lives of others, but to all visible and invisible existence. Such
knowledge could be the basis of the "Shared Meaning" that
physicist David Bohm talked about in his seminars at Ojai, Cali
fornia in 1989-the "common signifcance, value and purpose
(that) will hold society together."
The Third Theory is a dynamic abstract, but it is presented
here for the frrst time i a linear manner that speeds understand
ing. Therefore, let the Ancient Wisdom speak for itself-as it
has throughout the ages-to those with the ears to hear. To those
who blindly dismiss it out of religious or scientific prejudice, it
offers the same challenge it has for millenniums: prove it
* *
A young boy went to the ashram of an Indian
guru and casually asked that the guru teach him
wisdom. The guru took the boy to a nearby steam
and proceedea to hold the boy's head under the
water. The boy thrashed around and was about to
draw his last breath when the guru finally released
"What did you want most when I released you,"
asked the guru.
''Air!" screamed the young boy.
''Come back to me when you want wisdom just
as much," said the guru, showing him the dor.
-An Indian st_ r from
the Ancient Wisdom
The Third Theory comes to us fom what has been known for
ages as the Ancient Wisdom, a body of knowledge of God and
Creation that has existed for millenniums, long before the ad
vent of Paganism, Buddhism, Christianity or any organized re
ligion. The spiritual foundations of all existence have always
been available to the spiritual seeker through this ever-present
''hidden" teaching. This teaching has always been considered
scientific as well as spiritual and, above all, so sacred that it was
always hidden fom general view. It is also fequently referred to
today as "The Mysteries'' or as the "Wisdom Religion."
Long ago, High Priests and Hierophants communicated sa
cred concepts to worthy aspirants within the confnes of what
were called "Mystery Schools.'' Admittance to these schools was
not for the faint of heart or the curious. One had to demonstrate
that one wanted wisdom more than anything else. Pythagoras,
one of the greatest thinkers of all time, had to wait everyday for
ten years outside the gates of a Mystery School in Greece before
they let him in. The Japanese Zen Master Bodhidharma refsed
to even see aspirants who wanted to study with him because he
considered his wisdom too diffcult to master. He relented for
one person only afer the young man cut off his right arm and
sent it to Bodhidharma as a token of his sincerity!
Once admitted to a Mystery SchooL the aspirant had to first
take a 5-year vow of silence. That was because the aspirant usu
ally had to set aside about 90% of what he had learned of con
ventional wisdom up to that point in order to prepare himself to
receive a new understanding of all the metaphysical principles
of life. This was especially important because the concepts of
God and the science of Creation are whollv abstract and cannot
be communicated successflly by means
of linear language.
This is why sacred concepts were always done up in myth. leg
end and especially symbolism-the language par excellence of
the Ancient Wisdom.
The whole idea of the Mystery School was to prepare the as
pirant to receive an understanding of deeper, inner meanings of
these sacred symbols through a series of study classes, tests.
staged tableaus and rituals of purification. At every turn the as
pirant was tested. In one such test given in the Great Pyramid
(which was a temple of initiation of the Ancient Wisdom), the
aspirant found himself up against a solid wall in a dimly-lighted
passageway. His test was to get through to the other side. Those
who passed the test simply ran fll-tilt right at the wall. The wall
then disappeared in a fash just as they were about to hit it. An
other test placed the aspirant in a round room with 13 locked
doors. He had to find his way out. The successfl aspirants went
around and around fom door-to-door. each time pressing the
handle to try the lock. Eventually, one would open.
This learning process went on for over 20 years. Ultimately,
the tests and the rituals prepared the consciousness of the neo
phyte to receive an inner realization of the whole Mystery of Be
ing and his/her place in the Cosmos. It cannot be emphasized
too much that this realization did not come fom without, com
municated fom a High Priest or a Guru, for example. The reali
zations came fom within the neophyte because he/she. having
concentrated on matters of the spiritual life for so long, was now
able to tap into their own "Higher Self'-another term for the
God Within.
This enlightenment dramatically changed the life of the aspi
rant. He/she could now see the fll transcendent reality of the
Cosmic Plan of Creation fom beginning to end and, more im
portantly. connect with one's individual part in it. They were
able to see this Cosmic Plan as the source of all religious prac
tices and also as something scientifically accurate. Thus they
were literally "born again'' fom their "watery" (the symbol o:
earthly desires) life to one of Fire (the symbol of God Con
sciousness). From then on they "had the eyes to see and the cars
to hear''-just as Jesus" disciples did-and were able to discern
the true path of light fom the dark entrapments which constitute
life" s illusions. They were now irrevocably on the path towards
spiritual perfection-Oneness with God-what they considered
to be the supreme goal of life.
The purpose of the Mystery Schools was to broaden the indi
vidual's perceptions of life. The Hierophants could teach and
inspire, but the individual effort of the student is what brought
him/her to successflly understand the interdependent constructs
of the Ancient Wisdom. Today, the world itself has become the
Mystery School, but the student still must do the necessary work
and make the necessary changes. What is still true today is that
no one can experience another"s God and no one should ever
have to accept the word of someone else-regardless of how
worthy they may appear-as to the nature of God.
In this respect, The Third Theor is not intended as a be-aiL
end-all compass to the Cosmos, but is meant instead to prepare
one to receive one's own understanding of the most important
concepts of life and the foundations of existence. One should try
to transcend the symbols and the language used here in order to
superimpose one's own intuitional understanding on them.
Thus, insight into the key elements of the Ancient Wisdom may
be gained. This is the only way it can work because the main
principles are abstract and each person's consciousness responds
in an individual manner to abstract concepts. That's the whole
nature of abstracts.
This method of learning is truly what is meant by religious
feedom-not just the feedom to worship God in this or that re
ligion, but the ability of a person to make his/her own connec
tion with God. All the Mystery Schools of the Ancient Wisdom
were dedicated to this purpose. Although the schools themselves
are gone fom us today. the old curriculum can still be found
among the many challenges of life and can today be mastered
through a consistent desire for broadened knowledge and a dedi
cation to spiritual understanding and service to others.
* *
1 1
"'Is it worthwhile to speak of Infinity if it is
unattainable? But it does exist; and everthing
great, even if invisible, compls us to think
about the ways to it. Thus, even now let us
ponder about the ways into Infinity; for it exists,
and it is terrifying if it is not conized."
--From the Teaching of Agni Yoga
Go outside at night and look up into the starry cosmos and
you will experience a unique phenomenon. You will be viewing
a visible universe existing alongside an invisible one. You will
see space and, at the same time. see through space. Ad what's
more. the nothingness beyond space will seem to have no appar
ent end to it. Thus you will come face-to-face with the most
common of abstractsInfinity.
Infnity is a paradoxical concept. It is not a vacuum, nothing
ness or non-existence. however it verily exists. In the Ancient
Wisdom, Infnity is the beginning of everything. In fact, the very
first tenet of the Ancient Wisdom is that Infnity is the Only Re
alityAbsoluteness. This is why all physical existence is looked
upon as an illusion in Eastern Teachings, not because it isn't
"real," but because everything which has existence is perishable
and therefore finite; not eternal. Only Infnity can be Eternal,
thus because we humans exist. we are fnite and therefore an il
lusion, but always an illusion that lives and moves and has its
being within the One Reality of Infnity.
Try to make sense out of this and you'll see why neither Sci
ence nor Religion recognizes Infnity! Science doesn't believe i
it because it basically doesn't believe in anything that "doesn't
exist" or can't be measured. Religion on the other hand is in
somewhat of a bind because it wants people to believe it's God
is eteraL thus infnite, yet it clothes its God with all kinds of
t1nite attributes, giving it the ability to think and act and, at lea'
for the Christian God, all the materialism of a personalized be
ing. Under these circumstances. the Christian God cannot be ln
t1nite/Eternal. This is why Religion is unable to explain the mys
tery of God. substituting instead a personal, anthropomorphic
version-a graven image, if you will-that is wholly fictional
ized just for this purpose.
In order to begin to comprehend the abstract of Infinity, one
must use the language of Infnity that was employed by the An
cient Wisdom; that of symbols, myths and metaphors. One well
known symbol is found in the statue of the sitting, meditating
Buddha. The Buddha we see on the outside (Buddha means
"Light" or "Illumination") is in a deep state of meditation. thus
he has no awareness of himself at all and therefore represents
The Buddha goes into this deep sleep, so to speak, so the uni
verse (Light) can awaken within him. Then. a thought fom deep
within the sleeping Buddha causes to arise shadows, or refec
tions of Light. within himself These refections of Light are in
dividual centers of His Consciousness and therefore become the
custodians of his Consciousness. We, all humanity, represent
those centers. We are the ones who become custodians of his (or
Cosmic) consciousness. Thus our own consciousnesses are an
individualized center of Cosmic Consciousness.
The outer Buddha symbolizes the concept of Absoluteness
the inviolable One Reality-sacrifcing its Infinite Conscious
ness in order to allow "life" to emerge within it so that this life
can obtain an objective awareness of its own self-existence.
This, in a nutshell. is the whole rational for the existence of the
manifested universe. Thus. if the eternal, sleeping Buddha were
to awaken, all would disappear.
Interestingly enough, Lewis Carroll made use of this concept
in "Through the Looking Glass," his sequel to "Alice in Won
derland." In one vignette, Alice comes upon the Red King who
is asleep in the forest. Tweedledum and Tweedledee tell Alice
that this sleeping chess piece is dreaming about her "and if he
lef off dreaming about you." they say, "you'd go out-bang!
just like a candle!" This is precisely the same principle as the
meditating Buddha and the "living consciousnesses" inside.
To bring this concept closer to home, imagine if you (as a
Buddha) were able to use your own power of will and medita
tion to transfer a portion of your consciousness through your
bloodstream to your right hand which, when you went to sleep.
halting your own conscious thought, was then able to experience
its own conscious existence. lt would then have until vou woke
up in the morning to realize that it's supposed self-eXistence is
but a part of a larger existence.
Your hand. now flly realizing that link, would naturally
want to find and experience the source of its consciousness. So
the hand then begins its own spiritual journey, causing its own
consciousness to travel back through the bloodstream, step by
step. to ultimate union with your consciousness. it's "God."
Then when you awoke in the morning, your consciousness
would be augmented and benefted by a new quality of knowl
edge about your own being. Thus we have in this process a sym
bolic outline of the Spiritual Path we are all destined to travel
fom self-existence to Oneness with Infinite God-consciousness.
All Existence, whether visible or invisible. is an inviolable
part of the One Reality which is Infnity. That is because Infnity
is the container of All. True. Infnity cannot be flly cognized by
our fnite minds. This is why in previous eras the concept of In
finity was not discussed and known only as the "Great Unutter
able" or the ''Great Mystery."' However. the evolution of spirit
and science now demands that Infinity at least be recognized as
a viable concept. This is now necessary for two reasons: 1) hu
manity has grown in its awareness of space and 2) the idea that
we, our planet, our galaxy and even our universe are existing in
a fail orbit in Infnite Space has a sub-consciously terrifing
sense about it.
If we can contemplate Infnity as the surrounding Oneness
that contains All, then we are able to see ourselves. everyone
else and all suns. planets and stars as an integral part of this
great all-encompassing Reality. Comprehending this, we may
easily discover the indivisibility and the common unity of every
thing in the universe, rather than labor over imagined separa
tions due to imagined differences. It is this kind of thought
which the Ancient Wisdom deemed so necessary to the well
being of its students and, as an extension, to our whole planet.
Thus, Infinity exists as a surrounding invisible world of an
other existence. Can this be proven? The Ancient Wisdom ap
proaches the question of whether invisible worlds exist by an
swering, "We can see with our own eyes that they are invisible,
therefore they must exist."
* *
''To regard God as in intelligent spirit, and to accept at
the same time his absolute immateriality is to conceive of
a nonentity, a blank void; to regard God as a Being, an Ego
and to ... endow him with intelligence in the face of blind
brutal Evil is to make of him a fiend-a most rascally God.''
-The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett
Ltter No. XII
God is not a personal God. Neither is God an elderly Cauca
sian man with a flowing white fight-wig sitting on a golden
throne in some nebulous place called ''heaven.'' waving a stick
which he'll use to 'get you" tor breaking any of his Ten Com
mandments. God is not Jesus. Jesus is not God.
God is not Male. God is not Female. God is certainlv not on
the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and God is not the eclusive
property of any religion, sect. cult or creed. Neither can God
think. talk or act. What is God? The Ancient Wisdom has al
ways conceived of God as a Divine Principle--a "Spirit.
just as
the Bible indicates in John 4:24. God is. therefore. whatever you
imagine God to be.
But even though God may be conceived to be a metaphysical
Spirit by many religions. the concept has definitely become an
thropomorphic over the last couple of millenniums. There are
two reasons for this: 1) religions are not prone to explaining the
true nature of God. and 2) religions have found it easier to deal
with worshipers who imagine God to be a Supreme Human Be
ing. This is how the concept of a ''personal'' God with the ability
to think. act and re-act has evolved--especially in the Christian
Today, the whole concept of God has degenerated into noth-
ing more than mass idol-worship and spawned an assortment of
TV evangelists purporting to speak to and for God in order to
tell their followers what God demands of them-which is usu
ally more money in the collection plate!
The God of the Ancient Wisdom has always been an immate
rial, indescribable Essence (fom the root esse, meaning "to be")
which permeates the entire universe. This Spirit, this Essence, is
the One God of All-all existence. This God of the Ancient
Wisdom is defnitely Pantheistic and demands nothing but a dif
ferent way of thinking. Thus, if God is a Spirit, the first thing we
learn is that we do not have to accept anyone else's idea of what
God looks like or what God is said to desire. That's why the
18th Century Deists, the more prominent of whom were most of
our Founding Fathers, viewed God solely as a First Cause. Tho
mas Paine, the great revolutionary and theologian, in his superb
discourse on religion, The Age of Reason, said:
""Every man is an evidence unto himself that
he did not create himself; neither could his
father make himself, nor his grandfather, nor
any of his race; neither could any tree, plant
or animal make itself: and it is the conviction
arising fom this evidence that carries us on,
as it were, by necessity to the belief of a First
Cause eternally existing, of a nature totally
different to any material existence we know of,
and by the power of which all things exist; and
this First Cause man calls God.''
Paine and the Deists believed that afer acting as the mystical
First Cause of all creation, the Divine Principle we call God re
cedes into a detached transcendence, leaving the world to work
things out according to natural law. What is natural law? It is
Natural Science. It is that which can be scientifcally reasoned
fom a philosophical approach to life; a life within which moral
principles become self-evident in an evolving society, i.e., prin
ciples learned fom observing life and contemplating the soul;
not some kind of biological infuence hidden in our genes. The
Deists saw Religious dogma as a misuse or exaggeration of the
fndamental science (yes, science!) of God and they deliberately
shunned anything smacking of the "revealed" word.
Deists were, above all, rationalists. They sought God through
their common sense rather than religious dogma. They were in-
tellectuals such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John
Adams and Benjamin Franklin. They put their trust in "Nature's
God" which they believed was non-dogmatic. They reasoned
that if there is only one First Cause of all Creation, there can be
only One God and such a God has to be, ultimately, a Divine
Principle and, therefore, the God of all religions and scientific
Thus the Deist's God and the God of the Ancient Wisdom
are one and the same-the God of Oneness. This God of One
ness is quite different fom the present God of ecclesiastical re
ligion, the biggest difference being in where one goes to seek
this God. According to the Ancient Wisdom, this God will never
be found in any principle of science or any religious dogma, but
only where such a Divine Principle can rightflly exist-within
one's own heart.
* *
''One should always bear in mind the two fundamental
contentions of Scret (i.e., Sacred) knowledge, namely:
1) the non-separateness and inalienability of God, or the
Divine Element from the Universe. and 2) the unity of the
basic element Spirit-Matter.
"'From non-realization and non-acceptance of these
fundamental theses come all misunderstandings and
delusions ..
-Mme. Helena Roerich
Leters, Vol. I
The basis of The Third Theory is the account of Creation ac
cording to the Ancient Wisdom. Creation according to the An
cient Wisdom is the '"Single Theory of Everything'' which was
taught in the ancient Mystery Schools. I rebuts Science's prem
ise of the Big Bang (although it supports much of physicist
David Bohm's version of quantum theory) and especially con
tradicts Religion's idea that some extra-cosmic Supreme Being
called '"God" personally created the heavens and the earth. Most
importantly, being fee fom Religion s philosophic absurdities
(an extra-cosmic God. for example) and Science's philosophic
prejudice (they believe there is no such thing as a soul"). it has
complete scientifc. religious and philosophic integrity.
The process of Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom is
admittedly abstract and complex. This is precisely why most
people don't know of it. Thus. since we are dealing with a proc
ess wherebv a fnite universe manifests itself fom an Infnite
Reality. i.e, how our existence emerges fom apparent non
existence. some intense study of the process may be necessary.
Nevertheless. the linear manner in which the process is pre-
sented here-using graphics to make the abstract processes mor.
concrete-should greatly facilitate understanding. While reading
this presentation, it is important to understand that the process
given here is a format only. One is expected to interpret it in
one's own imagination in one's own way. Do not be afaid to do
this because it is really the only way it can be done.
As it so happens, the first few verses of the Gospel of St.
John ("In the beginning was the word, etc.") is a formidable
Creation Myh. The church has tried to explain these passages
by declaring Jesus to be 'The Word," His teaching the "Light"
and the people who can't comprehend His teaching as being i
darkness. But since all Biblical Scripture is open to interpreta
tion, we may find, upon closer scrutiny, that these words actu
ally contain the whole abstract process of creation according to
the Ancient Wisdom. Decoded, it goes like this:
"IN THE BEGINNING ..."(Jahn 1: I)
In the beginning there is only Infinity. The term "Infnity"
represents negative space with no boundaries, thus a self
existent Unity. Scientifcally, it is a single, uncompounded ele
ment. It is depicted in the Ancient Wisdom as a dark circle (Fig.
1 ). The endlessness of the circumference represents infiniteness
and its darkness represents negative, uncompounded space.
F ig. 1 - The symbol of Infinity
Interestingly enough, while the major monotheistic religions
have no name for Infnity and Science doesn't recognize it as a
viable concept, we find it alive in Buddhism as "Adi-Buddhi,"
in Hinduism as "Parabrahm." in the Kabala as the "Ain-Soph,"
and in Theosophy as "The Absolute" or simply "Absoluteness."
It is also the "darkness" of Genesis 1 :2.
"WAS THE WORD ... "(John 1:1)
"The Word" is not Jesus, but a divine energy vibration within
Infinity which occurs periodically as a desire for self-expression.
It is visualized as a white disc in the middle of the dark circle of
Ininity (Fig. 2). Where does this desire come fom? Mme.
Blavatsky, in The Secret Doctrine, says, "according to esoteric
teaching, the real cause of that supposed desire, and of all exis
tence, remains forever hidden, and its frst emanations are the
most complete abstract mind can conceive." That is because our
fnite minds cannot flly grasp the concept oflnfnity, only con
template it. It's also why The Word is also ofen referred to in
the Ancient Wisdom as "The Causeless Cause."
Fig. 2 - Appearance of "The Word" within Infnity
A good analogy for The Word is found in the concept of
thought. Thus, The Word appears inside Innity in the same
manner as thought (also an invisible unmanifested energy) ap
pears inside our consciousness. Thought comes into manifesta
tion when it is spoken as an audible word. And this is precisely
how The Word will later manifest-as a desire for physical ex
pression. Although The Word is an energy vibration, the An
cient Wisdom says that it can also be considered as light or color
as well as sound, all of which have vibratory rates. Thus The
Word is also known as "The Light" or the "Keynote" of Crea
Because of the appearance of this symbol, this step of the
creation process is referred to as the '"Open Eye," signaling the
awakening of cosmic activity. Since The Word is considered to
be the First Cause, of all existence, the Ancient Wisdom refers
to it as the First Logos. the unmanifested form of God. This 1 -
also considered to be the highest realizable Concept of God ami.
as the First Logos. it is also ''God the Father."
The Word can also be referred to as Primary Energy, Psychic
Energy, Agni, Aum, Fire, The Life Force, and even "The Force''
of the "Star Wars Trilogy." All these powers are synonymous
with it. However, The Word is such a dynamic symbol it will be
used exclusively throughout this treatise to represent the Primary
Energy of the Universe. We will find it to be the common basis
of all forms of God and all Existence thoughout the unfolding
process of Creation.
With the appearance of The Word comes the dynamic pres
ence of Light within the darkness. In the symbolism of the An
cient Wisdom, Light is Spirit and darkness is Matter. Thus we
now have a Duad, i.e., two elements existing in Oneness as con
ditions of each other. How can this be? Even though Infinity is
now a Duad, it still remains unconditioned because Spirit and
Matter exist only in potentialit, i.e., they are neither manifested
nor polarized.
The Ancient Wisdom refers to this Duad as "The Single Ele
ment Spirit-Matter." indicating that although the two elements
interpenetrate each other. they are still a Single. Indivisible En
tity. The ancient Taoist symbol (Fig. 3) visually demonstrates
this abstract relationship. Note that if the outline of each of the
black and white "halves" in the center were extended into a cir
cle, each would fll the total space of the center image.
Fig. 3 -- The Duad Spirit-Matter
Water makes a good analogy for understanding the integration
and fexibility of potential Spirit and potential Matter as a Duad.
Water is made up of two different essences. Hydrogen and Oxy
gen, yet they remain as one element (water) whether invisible in
a gaseous state, solid in a fozen state or liquid in their natural
state. In each of these three different states, the invisible es
sences of Hydrogen and Oxygen remain conditions of each
other. So is it also with Spirit and Matter in their potential states.
The Duad Spirit-Matter is also symbolized in the Ancient
Wisdom as the invisible Father-Mother of the visible universe.
Thus. it is this Duad of Spirit-Matter that is worshiped in East
ern Religions as the oual Origins" of all existence. And be
cause Spirit-Matter symbolizes the ultimate Father and Mother
of all existence. it is also considered to be the esoteric source of
meaning behind the Biblical Commandment to "Honor thy Fa
ther and Mother."
The Duad Spirit-Matter is referred to as the Second Logos in
the Acient Wisdom, the second form of God. And because this
Duad is the form of God which will now, in effect, give birth to
the manifested universe, it is also called "God the Mother." But
even though Spirit and Matter are One in this potential state, we
fnd that The Word. which is energy or motion. is also present as
their vehicle of expression. binding them together in a trinity of
unanifested Oneness. Thus, "the word was with (the second
form of) God."
AND THE WORD WAS GOD ... "(John 1:1)
This sentence is so direct, it sometimes eludes understanding.
It means The Word-the Primary Energy which unites Spirit
and Matter in Oneness-is God. Period. Thus everything which
will ultimately come into existence will be united in Oneness
with every other thing, all being but a differentiation of the One
Divine Energy which is "The Word."
Now, as the driving energy behind Creation, The Word will
propel the Single Element Spirit-Matter out of Infinity and into
manifested existence. But when Spirit-Matter emerges into
manifestation. it will still be as One Single Unit together with
The Word-a Triad of Divine Forces which will then take the
form of the Third Logos, or the "Son of God." How will this
trinity of Spirit, Matter and The Word be thrust into manifesta
tion? By the unique process oflmmaculate Conception.
The concept of Immaculate Conception has nothing at all to
do with the supposed virgin birth of Jesus fom Mary. It is, in
the Ancient Wisdom, a highly esoteric and scientifically accu
rate representation of the exact creative process by which three
potential forces emerge as a unit into manifested being.
The exact process is actually a form of condensation. Just as
invisible forces in the atmosphere work to produce a raindrop
out of thin air and gravity propels it downwards, so does The
Word, out of its inherent desire for expression, propel itself and
Spirit-Matter "down" into manifestation. A myth fom the An
cient Wisdom details the process. It states: "The Virgin Mother
effses out of her sinless Oneness her own Son." Decoded. the
myth means:
The Virgin (uncompounded space-Infnity)
Mother (the Duad Spirit-Matter plus "The Word")
effuses out ("The Word" propels Spirit-Matter into
of her sinless (The "Mother" remains unimpregnated)
Oneness (Infniteness)
her own Son (a manifested universe)
Here's a linear depiction of this whole process. step-by-step
(Fig. 4 ).
Fig. 4 -The "Mother" manifests a "Son"
by Immaculate Conception
Notice that in the symbolism of Fig. 4 the three forces which
comprise the "Son" are manifested in what is called "Primordial
Chaos." According to the Ancient Wisdom, Primordial Chaos is
that boundless, endless presence of manfested space. This does
not mean that there already exist suns, planets and stars, but sim
ply the invisible presence of atomic substance. The fact is. the
Ancient Wisdom says that nothing in the universe is created ex
nih/a-ut of nothing-so the "Son" has to emerge into
"something" and that something is this vast atomic substance
called Primordial Chaos. Where does it come fom? It is always
there, in a state oflnfinite non-existence when there is no Divine
Energy present, and "appearing" the exact instant that Spirit
Matter and The Word emerge fom Infinity.
In Biblical terms. the atomic substance of Primordial Chaos
is "The Waters'' of Genesis l :2 and the emergence of The Word
into manifestation fom Infinity represents the "Spirit of God"
which. in the last sentence of that same verse, "moved upon the
face of the waters."
The "Son" comprises the entire manifested universe to be.
All fture Creation of forms will now take place within the con
fnes of existence of this "Son ..
It is the Third Logos, or the
third form of God, because it is consubstantial (of the same sub
stance) with the previous two Logoi. Thus it is. in fact. the "Son
of God" or. to be even more specifc, the "Only begotten Son of
God." This represents the structural basis of the Biblical concept
that ''The Son is in the Father and the Father is in the Son.''
The work of Creation is not yet over. however. Although The
Word came into manifestation with Spirit-Matter from the Duad
"Mother," Spirit-Matter still exists in a latent state. Now, for the
work of Creation, Spirit and Matter must become individualized
and polarized entities. The way this happens is quite unique and
the process itself is very important to understand because the in
tegrity of the whole manifested universe is dependent upon it.
Thus, the Son frst differentiates itself amoebae-like to become
its own "Father,'' or manifested Spirit (Fig. 5-see next page).
Although a process which has the Duad "Mother" effsing
out of herself her own son who then becomes its own father is
confsing at first, it has a solid metaphysical background. A
Mme. Helena Roerich, the highly-respected Russian metaphysi
cian explains. '' . .in the Eastern religions, one ofen comes across
the defnitions, given to all the highest Gods, 'The Consort of
His Mother' and 'The Son of the Immaculate Conception.' In
every religious system, the gods fsed their fnctions of Father,
Fig. 5 - The "Son" becomes its own Father which
then becomes Spirit in manifestation
Son and Consort into one fnction. In each cosmogony, the Son
is considered 'The Consort of His Mother."' Thus, in this man
ner. the Masculine Principle comes into existence.
Now that Spirit is manifested and individualized, the next
step is the individualization and polarization of Matter. To ac
complish this. the Duad "Mother" withdraws her creative force
out of manifestation and back into Infnity. Metaphorically she
"veils" herself (the well-known '"Veils of Isis") fom her Son.
Thus the Son is now '"out on its own." This allows Primordial
Chaos to become, by default. manifested Matter and thus polar
ized fom already-manifested Spirit (Fig. 6-see next page).
Thus we now have Spirit as positive energy (The Word in mani
festation) and Matter as negative, or receptive, substance. Thus
the Feminine Principle-Matter-is brought into manifested ex
This process of the Duad "Mother" withdrawing Her energy
to allow Her "Son" to become an Individualized Oneness of po
larized Spirit and Matter may sound somewhat overly compli
cated, but it is an accurate and detailed interpretation of Genesis
1:6-7 which tells us, "And God said, Let there be a firmament in
Fig. 6- The Duad "Mother" withdraws
leaving her "Son" on its own
the midst of the waters. and let it divide the waters fom the wa
ters. And God made the frmament. and then divided the waters
which were under the firmament fom the waters which were
above the firmament: and it was so." The withdrawal of the
Mother fom manifestation allows this division to take place.
In the Ancient Wisdom. water has always been a metaphor
for either the darkness of Infnity and/or Primordial Chaos. The
"frmament'' is subjective space which is Primordial Chaos be
fore it is polarized. "Fimament" means "a sky viewed poetically
as a solid wall" and that is just what Primordial Chaos is-a
fm barrier, or membrane, between Infnity and manifestation.
Thus the "Mother's" withdrawal separates the darkness (waters)
of Infinity, which is above the frmament, fom the darkness
(waters) of manifested Primordial Chaos. which is below the fir
Now that a polarized, manifested universe has emerged fom
the surrounding Infinity, we come to the Master Key to all meta
physical thought-that sacred knowledge without which there
can be very little understanding of the real meaning behind the
entire process of Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom.
That Master Key is: even in polarized manifestation. Spirit and
Matter are still One Element. united bv the Transcendent Es
sence of The Word. And thev will continue to be One even
through to the physical manife
station of suns. planets, stas and
human beings.
Thus, every manifested thing in the universe will be triune i
nature, having (1) objective. physical form, (2) subjective con
sciousness and (3) an invisible Essence which is Infnite and
Transcendent. To put it another way, each form will have body,
mind and spirit. Even so, fom the physical to the Transcendent.
Spirit and Matter will retain their Oneness as a condition of each
other, forever preserving the complete integrity of the universe.
We can better see how this is all laid out by studying the
graphic depiction of the foundations of existence as they have
evolved in the Ancient Wisdom's format of Creation (Fig. 7).
fig. 7 - The Ancient Wisdom's format of Creation
This is the format and structure of Creation according to the
Ancient Wisdom. The first thing we observe is that all three
Logoi are derivatives, or different forms ot The Word. This
shows us that God is indeed a Trinity of 1) Infinite Essence, 2)
subjective invisible energy, and 3) physical objectivity. Thus
The Word, (the 1st Logo) was with God (the 2nd Logo), and
then became God (the 3rd Logo). What's more, All, collectively,
is God. This thoroughly demonstrates the philosophical rationale
tor the Pantheistic belief that God is Everything and also a part
ofEverything Created.
The two triads also show that the manifested universe is a
physical duplicate of the potential energies which created it.
This is the esoteric meaning of the famous Hermetic Principle:
"As above: so below."
We can frther see that the link between the potential crea
tive forces above and the potent creative forces below is now,
ever since the withdrawal of the Mother's force, a Transcendent
one. Thus. while the lower triad may appear to be cut off fom
the upper, there is always a transcendental (or spiritual) link be
tween the two. connecting them in Oneness.
This is the same kind of spiritual link which exists, or at least
should exist. between a father and mother and their son or
daughter, i.e., the parents create the child and then withdraw
their own energy when the child is able to be on its own. How
ever. they continue to support and infuence the child through
love, a subjective energy, which unites them as family.
The manifested universe we have now seen created as the
"Son of God" is not without its parallels in other religions. It is
known as the "Demiurgos'' in the Greek philosophical system,
the "Adam-Kadmon" in the Kabala and "Brahma" in the Hindu
Thus, in all religious systems, whether they say so directly or
not. we find that the physical presence of manifestation is al
ways a result of an invisible abstract cause and that the two are
always inseparably linked together i Oneness and Being.
GOD ... " (John 1:2)
If we take a look at the symbolism of the creative process just
presented. we find again that "The Word is God." whether in the
form of a Spirit, the Duad Mother or as the "Son of God"-the
manifested universe. Thus. through the three steps of the crea
tive process, The Word has not only been the driving force, but
the container of all other forces. Therefore, "The same was i
the beginning with God," i.e .. the invisible forces and their visi
ble manifestations are always, and in every polarized differentia-
tion. One Essence-The Word.
THAT WAS MADE ... "(John 1:3)
The "Him'" in the above verse is The Word and The Word is
motion, energy. or a creative vibration. It is this eternal motion:
the eternal churning and ebb and flow of space and time which
will be responsible for the creation of forms within the mani
fested universe. The Word is also the repository of Cosmic Con
sciousness. the Universal Intelligence of all existence. and.
therefore, the Fountain Source of the myriad forms produced.
Thus the Son of God-the manifested universe-is actually
a self-contained spherical matrix of Spirit. Matter and Motion.
existing in complete, self-contained unity and in perfect equilib
rium with its Infinite Source. In short, there is truly only One
Existence-One God.
In The Secret Doctrine, Mme. Blavatsky sums up this "One
Existence" thusly: "Deity is an arcane living (or moving) FIRE.
and the eternal witnesses to this unseen Presence are Light Heat
and Moisture-this trinity including, and being, the cause of
every phenomenon in Nature."
Even the Bible supports this concept. There is a remarkable
passage, Luke 13:20-21, where Jesus was asked to explain the
"Kingdom of God,'" i.e .. the nature of the universe. He replied.
"to what shall I compare the Kingdom of God? It is like a leaven
which a woman took and hid in three measures of flour. Till it
was all leavened."
Thus, The Word is the "leaven"' and it is hidden invisibly in
the Three Logoi. i.e .. in (1) Infinity. in (2) invisible (potential)
Space and in (3) Visible Existence. which are the three measures
of flour. "Till it was all leavened.'' means that The Word is dis
tributed evenly throughout the totality of all three existences.
Since everything is a differentiation of The Word and The
Word is God and all life in the universe "lives. moves and has
its being" within this God, then "All things were made by him:
and without him was not anything made that was made.
OF MEN ... "(John 1:4)
If we study closely the whole process of creation. we will see
that everything visible and invisible is but a derivative or differ
entiation of and proceeds fom. The Word. Thus The Word is
the Life'' or ''Lite Force." if vou wilL of the universe.
Notice also that Blavatsky used the metaphor of "Fire" for
God. That is because fe is both invisible and visible. For exam
ple. strike a match. Where does the fe come fom? Yes, it
manifests as a result of a chemical reaction. but where does it
come fom? Now blow it out. Where did it go?
In actualitv. it returned to its invisible state. readv to be called
forth once again. Thus fire is a most apt metaphor for God be
cause it represents the invisible essence which is behind and part
of each visible manifestation.
Fire is also very big in the cosmogony of the Hebrew Kabala.
The Hebrew letter "'Shin'' has long been used to symbolize (Fig.
9) the invisible (the three empty circles) and the visible worlds
(the flame-like points of the figure).
Fig. 9 - The Fiery Triad in the Hebrew letter "Shin"
And what is tire if not Light? This is precisely that "Light of
God" which is part and parcel of the essential nature of All Be
ing. Yes. we are all children of God. and our Inner Light is our
guide to the Nature and Source of All Existence. This ''Living
Fire." or .. Life" within us is truly the "Light of Men'' (all human
This is probably the most misunderstood passage in the Bi-
ble. Theologians commonly interpret this passage as Jesus bei1\
the "Lighf' and those in sin as representing the "darkness." Thu"
they conclude that their sin prevented them fom comprehending
Jesus' message. Not even close.
This verse has to do solely with understanding the relation
ship of the manifested universe to Infinity. As such. it is one of
the most profound illustrations of metaphysical thought in the
Fig. 10 - The manifested universe (Light) suspended
in the darkness of Infinity
Let us imagine the manifested universe as a huge ball of Light
suspended in space (Fig. 10-above), surrounded by the dark
ness oflnfnity. Since Infnity is a separate reality fom all exis
tence it cannot know of any existence. This is what makes it In
fnity. Thus anything that exists, i.e .. is conditioned. cannot b
recognized by Infinity. Infnity simply has no way of acknowl
edging the existence of anything fnite, therefore Infnity cannot
know that anyhing finite even exists.
Since infinity is actually Absolute Darkness and the mani
fested universe is Light, this Light will now ''shine" in the dark
ness and the darkness will not even, indeed cannot even, know
it's there! Thus, the "light shineth in darkness; and the darkness
comprehended it not."
These first few verses of St. John are an excellent example of
how the abstract creation process is hidden in myth and symbol
in the Bible.
Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom. because it is a
totally abstract process. is usually completely understood only
afer much contemplation. But even though it may be difficult to
understand at frst. there is much to be gained by comprehending
it. because it shows that despite what Religion wants you to be
lieve. God is a Spirit. a Divine Essence and is whatever you con
ceive God to be.
God is and always will be a spiritual abstract. Thus Creation
according to the Ancient Wisdom is not a religion, not a phi
losophy, not a teaching, not even a thesis. It is a symbolic
model, a pattern of symbolic procedures over which one can im
pose one s own understanding. because real understanding can
come only fom within.
If you will read and study this process over and over again,
meditate on it and imagine it all developing symbolically in your
mind. you will eventually come to recognize its fll meaning. In
fact, it will become a living reality in your consciousness. Disci
plined concentration always penetrates and opens up that which
at first seems confsing. Such discipline is the price we pay for
our knowledge and wisdom.
But to do this you have to put everything you've ever learned
fom Science and Religion aside and think principally in terms
of Spiit and Matter being higher and lower conditions of each
other-One and the same Element-always, despite all appear
ances. in complete Oneness.
This represents a brand new paradigm for the foundations of
existence for most people, especially the concept of God being
an impersonal Trinity of Energies. This more realistic kind of
Three-in-One concept may also be too unusual for one to con
tain immediately because the church has proclaimed for hun
dreds of years now that the Trinity is an all-male hierarchy of
Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This was obviously done to facili
tate the fabricated doctrine of Jesus as God Incarate; to bridge
the gap between the Divine and the earthly in order to support
the all-male hierarchy of the church as the selected keeper of the
Keys to the Kingdom on earth. Nevertheless, truth will out.
It's important to always understand that, according to the An
cient Wisdom, the keys to the Kingdom of God are in every one
of God's Creations and are available to everyone free of charge!
The Ancient Wisdom has always taught that God is not inside
institutions, but inside human beings.
Many years ago the Ancient Wisdom summed up this who k
process in one paragraph:
"God is the only One, He who exists in
essence, the only one living in substance,
the sole generator in heaven and on earth,
who is not Himself engendered. At once
Father, Mother, and Son, He engenders,
brings to birth and is perpetually, and
these three persons, far from dividing
divine nature, work together to His infinite
-Histoire ancienne des peuples de /'Orient
* *
"'Look around you and see the myriad manifestations
of life, so infinitely multiform: of life, of motion. of change.
What caused these? From what inexhaustible source came
they. by what agency?
"'Out of the invisible and subjective they have entered
our little area of the visible and objective.
"'It is motion with its resulting conflict neutralization,
equilibration. correlation. to which is due the infinite
variety which prevails.
"We say this perpetual motion is the only eternal and
uncreated Deity we are able to recognize.'"
-The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett
Letter No. XII
According to the Ancient Wisdom. The Son of God-the
manifested universe-next unfolds its energies within itself into
seven planes of existence (Fig. 11-next page). fom Infnity
(7th Plane) to the objective (1st Plane) where Matter is visible.
This constitutes an implosion of descending planes within the
manifested universe fom Pure Spirit to polarized Matter. each
step a succeedingly lower and denser vibration of "'God"-The
The different shades of black demonstrate that each plane is a
lower vibration of the one above it. The 7th Plane is not en
closed because it represents all-encompassing Infnity. Here.
then. is another graphic depiction ofthe Master Key to all meta-
physical understanding-that although Spirit and Matter mw
differentiate into relative polar opposites on the 1st Plane. the)
are still One; still conditions of each other throughout the mani
fested universe and contained within the surrounding Infnity.
Fig. 11 - The manifested universe unfolds inwardly into
An implosion of graded planes of energy
This unfolding is almost completely unknown today because
mainstream religions do not provide any structure to the uni
verse. In fact, most theological cosmogonies exist today with ab
solutely no connecting links between Infinity and the physical
planes. All the links have been summarily wiped out of all relig
ious learning! Thus, the world has become accustomed to visu
alizing the universe only i terms of "God" being "something up
there somewhere" and earth and humanity being ''down here."
with maybe a few angels roaming around somewhere in be
There are several apparent reasons why religions have not
taught the concept of a structure of the universe: 1) an implosion
of differentiated energies is too much of an abstract to explain to
people, 2) it is one of those concepts the inner circles wanted to
keep hidden, kown only to themselves. 3) the masses were not
generally educated enough to understand it, 4) understanding it
would completely do away with any kind of priestly intercession
between God and Humankind, and 5) a lack of structure focuses
attention on the more simplistic "One God" concept which in
turn lends support to the more uncomplicated monotheistic
While disregarding the structure may have made things easier
to explain for religions, it had the distinct disadvantage of mak
ing "God" into an extra-cosmic, Personal Deit, i.e .. some Be
ing outside the universe "pulling strings" so to speak. Thus, re
ligions have been forced to live and make do with this illogical
concept, trying desperately to make sense of it, always skirting
incredulity by passing it off as simply a "mystery." However, as
Mme. Blavatsky so succinctly put it, "An extra-cosmic God is
fatal to philosophy. An intra-cosmic God is a philosophical ne
While the concentric circles provide a good mental image of
the process of the implosion of the energies in the unfolding of
the universe, a linear depiction (Fig. 12) shows how the density
of Spirit and Matter changes with each level.
fig. 12- A linear depiction of the unfolding of the universe
Here we can see The Word emerging into Primordial Chaos
and unfolding into graded and differentiated planes of existence.
The point where The Word emerges into manifestation is that
Highest Point of Manifested Spirit" or "The Light of the Uni
verse." The unfolding in this example proceeds in the shape of a
pyramid because it distinctly shows that the farther away fom
The Light that differentiation occurs, the more relatively pola1-
ized becomes the Single Element Spirit-Matter.
Thus the lowest (1st) plane (the plane we and our earth are
now on) is where Spirit and Matter are at their farthest point of
separation-into visible and invisible attributes. Still, both the
visible and invisible are One, conditions of each other.
This is why the 1st Plane is called the "Plane of Appear
ances" in the Ancient Wisdom; because we only see one-seventh
of every visible manifestation. What we don't see-what is in
visible to the eye-actually constitutes the "real" life. The visi
ble, then, is a "shadow" of the invisible, therefore an illusion.
In the Ancient Wisdom, each of these seven planes has a
defnite connecting fnction in the internal structure of the mani
fested universe, therefore they have been given names (Fig. 13)
in order that these fnctions can be more clearly understood.
These names not only stand for Principles of Creation, but also
constitute Principles ofEvolution.
7th Plane - Atma
Fig. 13- The Ancient Wisdom's designations for the Seven
Planes of Existence
The names given to these seven planes by the Ancient Wis
dom also carry defnite meanings, many of which may be famil
iar as they are connected to Eastern religions and teachings.
The 7th Plane-Atma
Atma, sometimes "Atman," is a Transcendental Essence, the
Universal Principle of God Consciousness; that which perme-
ates all atoms in the Universe, visible and invisible. It's Essence
is ofen referred to as the "Spirit of Fie" which is the invisible
source of fame. Atma is the synthesis of all other states of con
sciousness (planes of existenc
e) and is, tor all intents and pur
poses, Infnity.
The 6th Plane-Buddhi
Buddhi is Light or Illumination. It is the vehicle of Atma or
Atma in Universal Manifestation. Thus, it is the highest mani
fested plane of Spiritual Consciousness. Buddhi is referred to a
Flame which, of course, is the physical manifestation of the in
visible "Spirit of Fire." This combination of the 7th and 6th
Principles (Atma-Buddhi) is called the "Monad" in the Ancient
Wisdom. Each person's soul contains a monad which contains
the "Seed of the Spirit," the core of individualized Being. Each
atom in the universe also has its monad. The Atmic and Buddhic
Essences of the monad comprise the "Fiery Spirit," or "God
The 5th Plane-Manas
Manas is the plane of Universal Mind. It is that plane of Cos
mic Intelligence which also permeates the entire Universe and is
the carrier of Cosmic Ideation-the Cosmic Plan of image and
form. Atma, Buddhi and the higher aspects of Manas, together
constitute the "Higher Triad" of existence, which, in human
terms, would translate into one's "Higher Self''
The 4th Plane-Kama
The term "Kama" means "desire," so this is the plane where
desires begin to take form. It is the middle, therefore a kind of
pivotal and transitional plane between the three Higher and the
three lower planes. When a constructive cosmic thought origi
nates in the Higher Planes of Manas (5th), it produces an invisi
ble prototypical form on this plane. From here, the form will
eventually be replicated downward through denser prototypes on
the 3rd and 2nd planes before becoming a visible object on the
physical (1st) plane.
The 3rd Plane-Prana
Prana is the "Life Principle" or "Life Force" which is infsed
into every atom of the manifested universe-animal, vegetable,
mineral, human. It is subjective in manifestation and is similar
to the principle of vitality. When a physical object is destroyed
by burning, for example, the atoms of prana are released and in
stantly re-join the subjective cosmic mass. 'Jiva" is another
name for this Principle.
The 2nd Plane-Astral
The Astral Plane, being the closest to the physical, objective
plane, is where the invisible prototype of a person, object or
thing reaches its final subjective form before appearing on the
physical plane. Thus, everything in physical manifestation has
previously had its own Astral Archetypal image, exactly as Plato
The 1st Plane-Objective
The Objective Plane is the materiaL physical plane-where
Matter is densest. Although everything in physical manifestation
(that which can be seen) is objectifed on this plane, all of the
other Principles fom the six Higher planes are also present i
each manifestation, including human beings. The objective
plane is also the Earth Plane which we are on now.
The manner in which the manifested universe unfolds (Fig.
12) shows again the nature of the Master Key to all spiritual un
derstanding: that everything which exists-visible and invisi
ble-is but an individualized differentiation and graded vibra
tion of a single Energy Source: The Word.
This is the basic cosmic infastructure of all existence and we
will return to it in different ways as other aspects of Creation un
fold. Thus, we human beings share a common unity not only
with each other, but with animals, the vegetable kingdom. plan
ets and stars, all visible and invisible space and even our homes,
automobiles and lawn mowers. The bottom line: All is One.
These Seven Planes of Existence constitute the vast dispersal
of The Word (as the vehicle and container of Spirit and Matter)
into a format which will manifest all forms. In this unfolding of
the universe we are able to detect the Judaic "'doctrine of emana
tions'' with The Word being the first Sephira. The Word also
corresponds to the Sanskrit term "Agni'' which means the Crea
tive Fire of the universe. It is also the great "AUM," the three
sacred letters signifing Spirit. Matter and The Word.
The unfolding of the universe is divided into Seven Planes by
the Ancient Wisdom in order to more easily show the septenary
nature of all existence, but in actuality the unfolding is seamless and i
this seamless infastructure we will also find the space-time contin
uum of Albert Einstein's General Theor of Relativity
We will also find in this unfolding of the universe the seamless
blending of the implicate and explicate orders which Physicist David
Bohm employed to describe the wholeness of all being. Bohm's
unique quantum theory portrayed the universe as a "holomovement" in
which there was a deeper, invisible reality behind visible existence
with the manifestation of visible existence being a result of a continu
ing interplay between the two. Whether he knew it or not, Bohm's
"Holographic Universe"-as it has come to b called--can easily be
seen in the gradation and differentiation of forms due to the unfolding
of Spirit (the invisible) and Matter (the visible) within the Oneness of
The Word.
It was the Apostle Paul, a gifed theologian, who frst divided the
seven planes of the manifested universe into three distinct sections
called Body (the physical plane), Mind (the invisible spheres of the
2nd to 4th Planes) and Spirit (the Higher Divine Energies of the 5th,
6th and 7th Planes) in order to make them more understandable to
early Christians (Fig. 14).
fig. 14- The Seven Planes of Existence divided into
Body, Mind and Spirit
However, while the above division is quite proper and makes the
three major divisions of life easier to visualize, the Ancient Wisdom
groups the Seven Planes ito two geometric figures, the top three
planes as a Triad and the bottom four as a Quaternary (Fig. 15).
udd hi
Fig. 15- The Seven Planes grouped as a Triad
and a Quaternary
The above division of the planes is a more accurate represen
tation of the principles of the Acient Wisdom. The upward
pointing Triad encompasses the planes of Atma. Buddhi and
Manas and is thus known as the "World ofFire." This represents
the Trinity of Creative Forces-The Word. Spirit and Matter
in manifestation. Nothing of defnite form can exist in these
three planes. This configuration is also known-as will be
shown in following chapters-as the "Higher Triad" or the
"Higher Self"
The Quaternary (square) represents the "World of Form.''
Even though this division includes three planes which are invisi
ble to the naked eye, each of these three planes is still able to
manifest forms, albeit subtle. invisible shapes. Regardless of the
plane it may be on, each form will carry an inner seed of Fire
fom the Higher Triad.
The two geometric fgures. the Triad and the Quaternary. are
shown in different colors in order to distinguish them. but they
share a common leg between the 4th and 5th planes. This is to
show that although there is a definite division here. they still
fow together seamlessly as one configuration.
Taken all together, this geometric grouping demonstrates that
there is a Divine Unity to all things created. Since all life is sep
tenary, each form created-whether it be a thing, animal, vege
table or human being-is united in Spirit with everything else
because everything has the same seed of the One Spirit in its
monad and is thus invested with the same High Creative Fire.
This investing of Fire into every created thing is the reason
Mme. Blavatsky said that "God" is a "Living Fire." Thus we can
view this whole seamless septenary structure as made up-n
the smallest, molecular level-f "fery lives," each element
called a "life" because each element has at its core a spark of
Fiery Consciousness in its monad. Thus, everything in the uni
verse is simply made up of different vibrational arrangements of
these fery lives. This demonstrates that there is a Fiery Synthe
sis to all life, again proving that All is One.
Thus is outlined the process of the unfolding of the mani
fested universe as part of The Third Theory. For most people,
this unfolding of differentiated and graded energies represents
another new area of thought. The fact that all descending planes
remain One in Essence regardless of the extent of the polariza
tion of Spiit and Matter is a concept which needs time to fer
ment in one's consciousness before fll realization comes. Nev
ertheless, in the fnal analysis, it all comes down to this: the en
tire universe is a complete integration of differentiated aspects
of One Primary Energy. This is where The Third Theory most
dramatically demonstrates its total integrity.
* *
''The seven beings in the sun are the seven holy ones,
self-born from the inherent power in the matri of mother
It is they who send the seven principle forces called
rays ... "
-Mme. H. P. Blavatsky
Te Stanzas of Dyzan
Before looking at where suns and planets and human beings
come fom it is important to discuss where Mind and God Con
sciousness originate because, according to the Ancient Wisdom,
all created things have both consciousness and a intel ligence
behind them. Unfortunately. most people are inclined to believe
without question either what the church tells them: that a per
sonal-type God somehow shoved little brains into everyone. giv
ing them the ability to think and act, or what Science theories:
that intelligence simply happened as a random act of evolution.
These two explanations are patently absurd. On the other
hand. it must be admitted that the Ancient Wisdoms account
probably sounds just as peculiar, so this isn't a subject which
lends itself to easy understanding. However. the validity of the
Ancient Wisdom's version happens to be completely substanti
ated by the cosmogony of all the other major religions. This kind
of verifcation is what gives it its credibility.
According to the Ancient Wisdom. when the manifested uni
verse emerges from Infinity and begins to untold into seven dif
ferentiated planes of existence. seven Spiritual Beings. as part
and parcel of that emergence. come into manifestation with The
Word to occupy the Highest (6th) Plane of manifestation (Fig.
16). The 7th Plane. being Infnity, is. of course. unavailable to
any type of manifestation.
Fig. 16- The Word, upon entering manifestation, immediately
diferentiates into Seven High Spiritual "Beings."
These Spiritual Beings do not possess corporeal bodies but
rather are the personifcations of seven creative cosmic forces.
ofen referred to as the "Seven Ravs" in the Ancient Wisdom.
These are the "seven principle forces" mentioned by Mme.
Blavatsky at the top of the previous page and they are located in
the realm of the "hidden sun"-the 6th Plane ofFire.
These Seven Spiritual Beings are called, in Sanskrit, ''Dhyan
Chohans," a phrase which means "Lords of Meditation." They
are invested with Divine Will and. collectively, represent the
Universal Mind of Cosmos. or God Consciousness. They are not
new on the job, having emerged once again fom Infnity where
they had previously returned fom developing another, earlier
manifested universe in some other quadrant in the vastness of
space. It is these Seven Creative "Beings" which will now em
ploy Divine Will to guide the unfolding of the universe into all
its differentiated planes and myriad forms.
The concept of these Seven Spiritual Beings probably sounds
at frst as if it were simply made up to be part of some far-out
sci-f fantasy world, but their existence is confrmed in all the
world's great religions. For example. when the early church
made up its own eclectic cosmogony, it threw out the structure
of unfolding energies, but it kept these Seven Spiritual Beings
in, naming them "Archangels" and calling them "Messengers of
God." Why did the church keep them in? Because they were al-
ready accepted in all the Pagan religions plus Judaism. all o:
which were well-acquainted with these "Highest Gods: Since
the early church was trying to convert all Pagan and Jewish wor
shippers to Christianity, it wanted to provide as smooth a transi
tion as possible for them. Having already invented a new all
male Trinity which eliminated the greatly-loved Feminine Prin
ciple fom the Creation process. it did not want to be so radical
as to throw out too many concepts already strongly-embedded in
the religious psyche of the times.
Other proofs of the existence of these High Beings is found
in the fact that they have exact counterparts in other religions
besides the Chistian Religion. They are the "Elohim," of the
Hebrew Kabala and the "Seven Spirits before the throne of
God" which are talked about in Revelations. The word "Elohim"
means a plural or indeterminate number and it is this word in the
fst sentence of the Hebrew account of Genesis which is trans
lated in the King James version of the Bible as "God. " This is
very important to understand because it means that the opening
verse of Genesis should actually read: "In the beginning Gods
created the heaven and the earth." And so thev did. Seven of

As for Islam. the ancient tradition of the Muslims has the

Ka'bah. the cubic-shaped granite rock in the Grand Mosque at
Mecca. surmounted by seven ethereal Ka'bahs which are said to
be hovering over it. These Seven Ka'bahs are said to reside in
"Seven Heavens" which correspond exactly to the unfolding of
the universe into seven differentiated levels of energies. Thus do
all three of the great monotheistic religions-plus Tibetan Bud
dhism with its Dhvan-Chohans-honor the "Seven fom the

So the idea of Seven Spiitual Beings emerging into exis

tence with The Word is not so far-out afer all! In fact, it is a
cosmic staple of the cosmogony of most religions. It's just not
talked about all that much out in the open because it's so dif
cult to explain. This is a good example of the kind of concept
which is taught only in the inner cicles of religious bodies or i
so-called "secret societies.
As the manifested universe unfolds, these Seven Spiritual Be
ings ("Elohim,'' "Archangels.'' "Dhyan-Chohans." "Ka'bahs")
then descend to the next lower plane of existence, the 5th (Fig.
17-next page), where each differentiates into Seven "Dhyani
Buddhas" a Sanskrit term which is translated as "Lords of
Thus we now have the beginnings of a "Hierarchy of Light"
consisting of Seven Dhyan-Chohans on the 6th Plane and their
differentiation into 49 Dhyani-Buddhas on the 5th Plane.
\ The /
\.//7th Plane Infinity
Fig. 17- The seven Dhyan-Chohans diferentiate into
49 Dhyani-Buddhas on the 5th Plane
It should be very clearly understood that the Ancient Wisdom
looked upon these Spiritual Forces as a Creative Hierarchy of
Achetypal Energies. or Forces. and not as personal-type gods
who perform personal acts of creation in space.
As we will see in the next chapters, the Dhyani-Buddhas are
the actual "builders" of the manifested universe. Thus if we
were to put all of this into semi-secret Masonic terms, the
Dhyani-Buddhas would be the builders (Masons) who work un
der the direction of the "Great Architect" (the collective Dhyan
Chohans--Dr "God.").
Since this Hierarchy of Light is at work on all Seven Planes,
we can also discover in their movement between planes the very
"angels of God ascending and descending" on what has become
known as "Jacob's ladder" as found in Genesis 28:10-12. This is
not simply a coincidence, but a realistic affirmation of the way
these Spiritual Beings operate in the manifested universe.
Thus we have an outline of what constitutes Universal Mind
and God Consciousness. It is invested in the Seven Spiritual Be
ing which manifest on the 6th Plane with The Word and it is
carried to all other planes of existence by the 49 Spiritual Beings
who manifest on the 5th Plane-the plane of Cosmic lntel11
How does all this translate into Human consciousness and
intelligence? This will be explained in detail in the chapter on
"Human Evolution." But if we can for now visualize Universal
Mind, or Cosmic Consciousness, as the Universal Soul of the
entire manifested universe. then we will have the general format
of the relationship of its invisible presence in every living thing
throughout the universe-even in human creation.
Thus we can see that despite appearances, there is an overall
intelligence in the universe which works fom and through the
infrastructure of the universe-fom the Highest to the lowest
planes-to not only create all things visible and invisible, but
invest them with God Consciousness.
This consciousness is actually Divine Love in action. Divine
Love, in a cosmic sense is a unifing, creative power and such
all-encompassing love is our ever-present indication that we live
and move and have our being always in contact with Cosmic
Consciousness and we can learn to draw upon it anytime we
want to. Thus we have the assurance of the Cosmos that we are
not lef somewhere out in space solely on our own.
* *
'The atoms emanated from the Central Point emanate
in their turn new centers of energy. which, under the potential
breath of Fohat, begin their work fom within without, and
multiply other minor centers.
"These, in the course of evolution and involution. form in
their turn the roots or developing causes of new effects, from
worlds and 'man-bearing' globes, down to the genera, spcies,
and classes of all the seven kingdoms."
-Mme. Helena P. Blavatsky
Te Stanzas of Dyzan
In order to explain where suns. planets and stars come fom
we are going to have to use some Sanskrit terms which are al
ready familiar to students of esoteric wisdom. These terms are in
use in Tibetan Buddhism and Eastern religions in generaL so it
will make learning this process easier tor some but not all that
harder tor anvone else.
Sanskrit is the language par excellence of the Ancient Wis
dom. That's because Sar,skrit terms are richer in meaning than
other languages and can even convey paradoxical thought. For
example, one of the frst Sanskrit words we will use is the term
""Svabhavat." which is pronounced "Swa-ba-vat."' Swabavat (we
shall spell it as it is pronounced) is a concept which means both
""to be" and "to become." It is such an important concept in Cos
mic Creation that an entire religion was built up around it
among the frst Buddhists.
Swabavat is the verv first emanation fom the Trinity of
Forces in manifestation It spins out like a web--a malleable
matrix of the finest substance in the universe-between the 4tl
and 1st planes (Fig. 18). This substance is the "root of all
things" and the force of this encompassing action also sets in
motion the phenomenal chain of events which ultimately result
in the visible universe. In other words, Swabavat prepares the
atoms ofPrimordial Chaos for activation.
Fig. 18 - Swabavat, a matix of the finest substance,
fills the 4th to the 1st planes
Swabavat is actually two substances in one, which is why it
has a double meaning. The active substance is called "Fohat" i
the Ancient Wisdom. It is positive in nature. The passive sub
stance is called "Mulaprakriti." It is receptive in nature. These
two Cosmic Forces, guided by Cosmic Consciousness-which
is inherent in Fohat-will create all things in the universe.
Fohat is the very first differentiation of Primal Energy, or
The Word, therefore it is activated Spirit-the Masculine Princi
ple in manifestation. Thought-energy is the Highest Form of Fo
hat and electricity is considered a crude form of Fohat.
Fohat will be the active pole of Creative Force throughout the
evolution of the universe. It is a "carrier'' energy, i.e., it is a vi
bratory force within which, as part of its fndamental nature,
dwells the Divine Cosmic Will and Intelligence of the collective
Dhyanis. Therefore, at the unfolding of the universe. when Fohat
accompanies Swabavat into manifestation, it will also carry Cos
mic Consciousness to every corner of visible space.
Fohat itself is septenary in nature, i.e., it contains seven crea
tive principles which are harmonics of its basic energy. These
are Electricity, Magnetism. Light, Sound, Heat, Attraction and
Cohesion. Fohat brings these basic building blocks of the uni
verse to every plane of manifestation and to every created thing.
Thus. Fohat is a kind of "cosmic impregnator" in the process of
the creation of forms.
The expansion and distribution of Swabavat throughout the
universe is called the "Great Breath" in the Ancient Wisdom.
This concept is found in most Easter Religions as a metaphor
for the universe being ''breathed into existence" by Brahma
(God). The symbol of breath is used because each spoken word
is carried into sound (manifestation) by the exhaling breath of
the speaker. And so is Fohat swept into manifestation by the Di
vine Energy of The Word. In Scandinavian myth Fohat is known
as "Thor's Hammer."
As Fohat is the positive, active pole of Swabavat, it now
must have something to act upon, i.e., "impregnate," and that
something is the second aspect of Swabavat which is called
"Mulaprakriti''-the passive Feminine Aspect of creation.
Mulaprakriti is an interesting concept. It is Feminine in char
acter and represents Matter in manifestation and means the ''root
of Nature" in Sanskrit. This is where we get the term "Mother
Nature." Mulaprakriti is also a term the Gnostics used for the
Feminine Aspect of the universe in their cosmogony.
Because Mulaprakriti is an all-pervading invisible substance
the early Christian fathers appropriated it for their own eclectic
cosmogony and called it the ''Holy Ghost." The Gnostics still
claim (and rightflly so) that the good fathers simply stole it and
then changed its gender to make it conform to its all-male triune
So now we have Fohat and Mulaprakriti as the manifested
Father-Mother of all created things. That which they create frst
wilL of course, be their off-springs, or "Sons"-or, to be more
precise, "Suns." Thus the first action of Fohat and Mulaprakriti
will be to create "Suns of God." This happens exactly in the
manner described by Mme. Blavatsky in the quote at the begin
ning of this chapter.
Accordingly. the "atoms emanated fom the Central Point"
are the rays ofFohatic energy which expand and permeate Mub
kapriti, or conditioned space, in a series of waves. The "Central
Point" fom which Fohat radiates is the intersection of Infnil\
and the manifested universe. In the process of creation, however,
this is not really a single point. Although such a point could very
well exist the "point" talked about here comprises the entire
outer cicumference of the manifested universe. It is sometimes
spoken of in the Ancient Wisdom as the "center which is every
where with a circumference which is nowhere."
This "point" happens to be the outer ring of the manifested
universe which is the 6th, or Buddhic, plane where the Dhyan
Chohans dwell. This is the plane of Light-Fire-and it is de
picted so by the Ancient Wisdom (Fig. 19).
7 Infinity
Fig. 19 - The Fiery Energy at the outer ring of the 6th Plane
A vision of the fiery nature of the outer circumference sur
rounding the manifested universe was received by the renowned
12th century Benedictine nun and Abbess Hildegard of Bingen.
She painted a picture of the manifested universe as an almost
egg-shaped sphere with a fery ring around it. Did she know she
was actually depicting the creative forces of the universe? Yes.
She was a mystic and her visions were quite precise.
The 6th (Buddhic) Plane of Light, is also known in the An
cient Wisdom as the 'Central Spiritual Sun." or sometimes the
"Hidden Sun." Even though this "Central" Sun is not centralized
and not manifested, but constitutes the entire 6th plane, it is of
ten referred to as being "Central" because it will be the Primary

rce of energy for all created suns and thei off-springs in the
To wrap this all up, we have present in the 6th Plane-the
Highest, Fiery Plane-the Seven Dhyan-Chohans who collec
tively represent Divine Will and Cosmic Consciousness plus the
all-pervading principle of Swabavat, which also contains the es
sence of the creative powers of Fohat and Mulaprakriti. It is
fom here, the 6th plane. that all creation proceeds "fom within
without" just as Mme. Blavatsky outlined.
Let us sav now that the bell has sounded for the creation of
suns in a ne universe. As the first act of creation, Swabavat,
proceeding in harmonic waves fom the 6th ring of fire inward,
tills the 4th to the 1st planes, enfolding and flling all areas of
Primordial Chaos with the fne substance of Mllaprakriti. As it
happens, Primordial Chaos is littered with dormant centers and
it is Mllaprakriti which prepares them for the Fohatic Energy of
Swabavat to awaken them to new "life." Here's how it's done:
The dormant atoms which fill Primordial Chaos are atoms of
potential existence. There are many degrees of these atoms and
each is keyed to respond to a distinctive impulse, or vibratory
rate. Primary among these atoms are what the Ancient Wisdom
calls "laya centers," major nodes throughout the universe which
are slated to become Central Suns-the same as Earth's sun.
When the First Hour of Creation sounds. the Fohatic Energy
is sent out in a great wave throughout the entire universe. It has
already been modulated by the Seven Dhyan-Chohans to carry
the vibratory rate necessary to awaken the dormant laya centers.
When this "Breath of Life" reaches these dormant atoms, it im
pregnates them with the necessary vibratory rate which. at the
appointed time. will "excite" the atoms "to life.'
This is exactly analogous to a musical note resonating with
the atoms of a drinking glass, and exploding it into pieces. In
this case, the keynote in the Fohatic Energy strikes a resonance
within a dormant atom tuned to respond to that note. The result
of this resonance. or excitement, is a tremendous explosion of
Matter-a release of a huge burst of gaseous energy which will
eventually become a visible Central Sun.
Yes, this is a "Big Bang." It is perhaps the biggest bang there
is in the universe. But it is not the Big Bang or even the only Big
Bang in the universe. It happens all over space. And it keeps on
happening as long as the universe keeps expanding. In fact, sci
entists observed just such an explosion of gamma rays in April,
1998. This could have been the birth of yet another sun or even
some lesser degree of creation we don't know about.
This whole process provides some interesting and rather star
tling parallels between Science, Religion and The Third Theor.
In the frst place, whereas Science's chief wizard, Stephen
Hawking, theorizes that the Big Bang's explosion comes fom a
pea-shaped pod, it actually comes fom an atom-the smallest
particle of energy in the universe. Compare this with Jesus' par
able of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:31-32), where he says,
"The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a
man took and sowed i his field. This indeed is the smallest of
all seeds; but when it grows up it is larger than any herb and be
comes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and dwell in its
Obviously, Jesus was describing in the terms of His times the
action of Fohat on the laya centers. The "grain of a mustard
seed" is a dormant atom. or laya center--a ''pod," if you will.
"Sowed i the feld" is the germination or "awakening to life" of
the seed/atom. "Becomes a tree" is the explosion into a Central
Sun and "the birds of the air come and dwell in its branches'' is
the attraction into its gravitational field of the necessary energy
and matter which will make up the sun's fture planets. These
similarities between The Third Theor, and the theories of Sci
ence and Religion are too close to be accidents. They bear close
examination by both Science and Religion.
Secondly, since the Dhyan-Chohans collectively constitute
God Consciousness, their Essence is contained in the Fohatic
vibratory force which goes out and awakens dormant atoms.
Thus one can readily see where the church got its idea to call
their Archangels "Messengers of God." So the church, while not
actually lying, does conceal what its Biblical Archangels were
messengers of-the awakening force ofFohat.
So each Central Sun is, as Blavatsky states above, a "new
center of energy" which will now begin '1heir work fom within
without, and multiply other minor centers." To "work fom
within without" takes some explanation. It means that suns,
planets and stars are built fom the center outward by the inward
focus of cosmic energies. This is the universal format of the
creation of all things in the objective universe, even replicating
the womb of human birth. It is graphically depicted in Fig. 20.
7 Infinity
Fig. 20- The Higher Spiritual Forces focus their energies
inward to create objects from within without
Applying this format to the creation of visible Central Suns.
we see the waves of Fohatic Energy converge inward on a
atomic laya center (the small solid sphere). Wen the necessary
resonance is struck. the center explodes and a core mass is
formed. This is the core around which a sun will be built fom
within without. Since each core has magnetic poles such as our
North and South poles, the process begins with the rotation i
space of the core mass around these poles. This causes atoms of
lesser degrees which have been exploded into manifestation to
be attracted to the core. coalescing around its fiery center. Thus
the Central Sun builds up its powerfl mass.
The particles emitted fom the Central Sun's core are actually
'fery lives" and some of them. in the process of taking on mass,
will begin to orbit wildly in space as comets. At some point their
core mass will become powerfl enough so that the comet will
become magnetically attracted to the sphere of influence of the
visible Central Sun which spawned it-or perhaps. if its orbit is
wide enough. another Sun-and it will then stabilize in orbit. It
is this meticulous equilibrium of the magnetic attraction and n:
pulsion of spatial bodies which creates galaxies and, in the fnal
analysis, holds the entire universe in balance.
In the course of time, the Central Sun will emit particles of
itself fom its core mass which will be thrown into space. These
particles will eventually become the cores of the "minor centers"
of activity-stars-to which Mme. Blavatsky also referred.
Thus we can visualize the birth and activity of all Central
Suns in the Cosmos. We are used to thinking of our own Central
Sun as a source of heat and light, but it is more than that. It is, in
fact, a visible mirror of the "Hidden" Spiritual Sun. It collects
the vibrations of Fohatic Energy emanated by the Spiritual Sun
and radiates them throughout its own sphere of infuence as
magnetic waves of attraction and repulsion. These are Creative
Energies which will now be used to support the growth of other
planets and impregnate, inform and sustain various life forms.
It is equally important to know that behind every Central
Sun's creative energy is Divine Love and God Consciousness.
Thus each Central Sun is a visible replica of the nature of God
and a source of Divine Love for humankind. This is why so
called primitive societies were sun worshipers.
Stars are the ultimate form an earthly Ascended Conscious
ness takes. While this may take a stretch of the imagination,
there is much written in legend and mythology to support this.
One might begin by asking the logical question, "What happens
to consciousnesses who have risen to the limits of spiitual per
fection on some planet?" The most fequent answer to this ques
tion is that they will take the form of a star in order to cast thei
concentrated High Energies into surrounding space in order to
beneft wider areas of the universe. Mme. Blavatsky, in The Se
cret Doctrine, states that if one could view the creation of a star
(or man-bearing planet) fom afar, one could see the visible out
line of the face of the Creator in its incipient mass.
Stars are a good example of the "within without" process.
Thus the High Consciousness which is the basis of a fture star
becomes the core which will attract the energy force emanated
by the 6th Plane (Fig. 20-previous page). The core is then mag
netized with a north and south pole which, through the rotation
of the core, will now attract the appropriate matter for all the
succeeding layers up to and ending with the outer crust. It is the
outer crust which will act as a conductor for the Higher Energies
emitted fom the High Soul within.
"Man-bearing globes" are planets formed precisely for the
evolution of life forms-whether human. as on earth, or some
other kinds of life forms found on other planets. Such a planet is
"built" by the Will of a Dhyani-Buddha who focuses his (or her)
rays into a thought form which becomes the invisible prototype
of the planet to be constructed. In the Ancient Wisdom, this pro
cess is referred to as creation through "Will and Yoga" and is
why the Dhyanis are called "Lords of Meditation." Then, the
needed cosmic material is attracted by means of the rotation of
the new planefs magnetic poles and is then constructed accord
ing to the Dhyani's Will. The Dhyani-Buddha is the "host" of
such a planet as he (or she) is "the Archetypal Thinker" behind
the myriad ways it is constructed.
Each planet has an evolutionary life cycle, just as we humans
have the same kind of cycle. A planetary cycle consists of seven
stages which evolve through the four lower planes-the planes
of form in the septenary differentiation of energies (Fig. 21 ).
Fig. 21 -Planetar evolution devolves fom the 4th
to 1st Planes and evolves back again
Thus a planet begins its first period of evolution on the 4th
Plane as a "shadow" or "reflection" of a thought-form fom the
Higher Spheres. It then devolves downward through the 3rd and
2nd Planes-picking up mass-to the 1st (Objective) Plane, that
plane which we and our Earth are on now. During the devolu
tion fom the ethereal to the material, the basic polarization of
the planet is one of "opposites attract." This allows the magnet-
ism of the planet to attract the cosmic matter it needs to evolve.
Afer the axial mid-point of planetary evolution has been
reached, at the middle of its trek through the 1st Plane, the po
larity of the planet changes to "like attracts like.'' From this
point on, the planet will be attracting higher, spiritual energies.
This will cause it and its humanity to transmute their actual bod
ily matter back into energy as all move fom the lower, material
state back into the higher, spiritual realms. Finally, at the con
clusion of the 7th period of evolution, the planet and its human
ity will be back on the 4th Plane where it all started. All will
have evolved back again into a completely ethereal mass, but
and this is the whole point of planetary evolution-it will be
higher up on the spiral of the spiritual path than it was when it
At the conclusion of its life cycle, a planet's life energy
leaves and is used to form another planet. The "dead" planet will
ultimately disintegrate over millions of years. Earth's moon is a
good example of a dead, disintegrating corpse of a former planet
and so-called "Black Holes" are simply dead spatial bodies
which are receding back into Infnity.
Even though this is a lot of new information to process, we
have just scratched the surface concerning the creation of the
starry firmament. The details are much more involved. But the
important part is to learn the format because it is exactly the
same for all creation-"down to the genera, species, and classes
of all the seven kingdoms," as Mme. Blavatsky indicates. What
this means is that the "Central Spiritual Sun," emanating its En
ergy of Divine Love inward fom the 6th Plane to each central
visible sun, is the font of all life! From it comes the energy of
creation and the prototypical shape and form of all things to be.
Each created thing is formed fom within without according to
the Will of Higher Cosmic Intelligence which not only creates
the archetype of a thing and the thing itself, but remains as an
ever-present Essence within the created thing.
This is Creation according to the Ancient Wisdom, and be
cause it all happens within the manifested universe, every aspect
of creation is in complete unity with all other aspects. Thus the
complete integrity of the universe is preserved.
* *
'I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you
are children of the most High."
--Psalms 82:6
Yes, we are all potential Gods and children of the Highest
Energies. In fact, our planet's sole reason for existence is to ac
commodate the evolvement of the human spirit on its evolution
ary journey. ft is through the process of discovering and releas
ing the energies of each step of evolution that we proceed to
ward our eventual denouement--omplete Oneness with the
''most High,'' or God Consciousness. We are here on earth to
learn this process and travel this path. When this, our real desti
nation, is known, following this path can be the most beautifl
experience of life-full of excitement, adventure and discovery.
The first thing on the path we need to kow is that all human
beings are more than just a physical body. In fact. as is every
thing else manifested in the universe. we humans have seven
bodies in all-ne on each of the Seven Planes-and they are
grouped into a Higher Triad and a lower Quaterary just like
stars. planets, etc. These bodies are with us constantly (Fig. 22 ).
Fig. 22 - The septenary nature of the human being
Even though the graphic on the previous page shows seve:
similar shapes it should be noted that the three invisible (we n
call them "subtle" hereafer) bodies in the Higher Triad are with
out form and the three subtle bodies in the lower Quaternary
plus the physical----do have form and substance. the subtle sub
stance being graded according to the level the body is on.
As we have shown before, the Higher Triad is composed of
Fiery Energies. so fine that form cannot penetrate there. If you
will remember, the 7th (Atma) and 6th (Buddhi) Principles con
stitute what the Ancient Wisdom calls the human monad-the
7th Principle being the infnite, all-pervading Cosmic Fire and
the 6th being its universal sheath. The 5th Principle is Cosmic
Consciousness. or Divine Will. The three of them together con
stitute our "Higher Self"
Now here's the most important part: all human beings on this
planet have the same Higher Self!
As a matter of fact, every created thing in the whole universe
has the same Higher Self The great signifcance of this fact in
human terms is that we are. each one of us. One in Spirit with
every other human being, not to mention every other created
thing in the universe.
Thus, while we humans may appear to be different on the
physical plane of existence. we are all One on the Highest
Planes and we share these common Spiritual Energies. This is
scientifc proof that the ideal of the Brotherhood of All Human
kind is an actuality in spirit.
"So we fi our eyes not on what is seen, but on
what is unseen. For what is seen is temporar, but what
is unseen is eternal."
-2nd Corinthians, 4:18 NN
But this is only the first step on the adventurous trek called
the Spiitual Path. The rest involves the actual evolution of the
human spirit fom its inception to its fture re-connection with
the "most High."' Mme. Roerich. the great Russian mystic and
writer declares that on the path to the most High. "'One becomes
literally a god ... and then ... God." This means that we are unlim
ited in our spiritual striving and can move upwards as fast as our
audacious selves can assimilate the Higher Energies.
You see, Darwin only had it half right. Evolution exists. of
course. We see it in the physical changes which have come
about even in the short span we have been on earth in this life-
time. The thing is: Darwin limited his explorations to physical
life-the world of Matter. Had he also included in his studies a
exploration of the world of Spirit, he would have had it all.
Since the world is made up of Spirit and Matter. why should one
evolve and not the other? This unfortunate failure of Darwin's
(which should not discount all the wonderfl things he discov
ered) can be laid directly at the feet of Science and its prejudice
against anything spiritual.
So let's look now at the evolution of the human being in both
its physical and spiritual aspects. First of all, the human being
goes through seven major stages of evolution between the 4th
and 1st planes of existence. These planes correspond exactly to
the seven stages the earth goes through (Fig. 23).
Fig. 23 - The seven stages of human evolution
Thus the evolutionary cycle of a human being begins when a
Dhyan-Chohan (or Dhyani-Buddha) projects his consciousness
onto the 4th plane of existence (again. just as is done with plan
ets) to create a "'shadow: or refection, of himself which, for all
intents and purposes is a formless outline surrounding a small
.. point" of energy which will be the central cell of the new. indi
vidual monad. This central cell contains all the necessary princi
ples for the fture growth of the monad into the form of a physi
cal human being including the Higher Energies fom the 5th. 6th
and 7th Planes which will later fgure in the acquisition of spiri-
tual consciousness. It is the central cell which calls forth th
necessary "fery particles" which will eventually give the monad
fnction and form-the same format as for planets and stars!
All through its evolution, the human form will depend for its
growth upon seven major centers, commonly called "Chakras,"
and 49 related minor centers which act as distributors, transmit
ters and transmuters of the energies along the path of evolution.
Not so incidentally, these seven and 49 centers correspond pre
cisely with the number of Dhyan-Chohans and Dhyani-Buddhas
i the 6th and 5th Planes. So right away we can see that man is
truly made in the "'image ofGod."
The initial prototype of the human form begins as an ethereal
"shadow," so to speak. It then descends through its evolutionary
stages to physical form-"gathering mass" just as a planet does.
Along the way it gradually undergoes wholesale changes in form
in order to adapt to each succeeding stage.
During the frst three stages of the downward arc, the subtle
"bodies" are successively androgyne ("male and female created
he them") and then a kind of egg-bearing type (the '"egg" being a
womb outside the body in the area of the stomach). Each stage
also produces a succeedingly denser subtle body beginning with
protoplasmic "sacks" and extending to forms with small extru
sions where arms and legs will later develop. Near the middle of
the third Period these "beings" begin to separate into distinct
male and female forms, the egg-bearing womb now having
evolved to its present place inside the female form.
While all this is going on, the Dhyani-Buddhas, the Higher
Beings govering this process, are busy constructing the pro
gressively denser forms by the process of ''Will and Yoga," i.e.,
focusing their energies on these evolving "bodies" and infsing
them with forms derived fom archetypal images. The polarity
of "opposites attract" which is present on the downward arc al
lows these bodies to "pick up mass" fom the particles ofMatter
which are contained in the man-bearing planet they inhabit.
This is where the concept that our bodies were made with the
"dust of the earth" comes fom.
This constructive process is not always on target because it
takes time to work out fnctions as intricate as a central nervous
system, so evolution proceeds by way of trial and error until the
Dhyani in charge sees that "it was good," as the Bible says.
Since nothing is wasted in the process, previous forms found
wanting are not cast aside, but will become prototypical forms
for animals. Nothing is wasted in cosmos. And yes, according to
the Ancient Wisdom. humanind preceded animals on the earth.
Along about the end of the 3rd period of evolution. the primi
tive human body begins to take shape and its 5th, or "thinking"
principle, starts its development as the body begins to densif.
This is precisely analogous to a human fetus growing to the
point where it is able to accept its spiritual "soul" into its body
near the end of the first trimester. In fact, the Ancient Wisdom
tells us that we can fnd analogies to the whole evolutionary pro
cess of the human species-fom the initial point of energy
within the monad to a flly-developed body in the gestation pe
riod of a human fetus.
How do the bodies densif and eventually become visible?
As evolution proceeds towards the physical plane of existence,
the bodies become material through the processes of condensa
tion and fermentation--condensation in the same maner that a
visible raindrop is formed in invisible space and fermentation in
the manner that atmospheric pressure agitates the molecules to
cause rain. This cosmic process is the reason why Science will
never find its cherished ''missing link." If it really wants to, it
will have to look at the process of fermentation for the answer.
But on the other hand, the so-called "ape-man" species on which
Science focuses its attention today are, according to the Ancient
Wisdom, really the result of human copulation with animals dur
ing the most primitive stages of physical existence.
In the 4th period of evolution, human forms, now with
crudely-developed intelligence, begin to roam around the earth.
Of course, they're wandering around like dumb animals be
cause, although they have a rudimentary brain which fnctions
in a primitive fashion. they don't know anything. They live by
instinct which, to say the least, is brutal. It is at this time that
seven Dhyani-Buddhas (called the "Sons of Fire" or the "Seven
Kumaras" in the Ancient Wisdom) of the 5th Plane of existence
come down to the 1st Plane to incarate into these crude bodies.
They become the planet's "wise men" who teach these incipient
Homo-sapiens such basic things as how to use fre, make tools
and get along together. Of course, they are sumarily killed for
their efforts, but they keep on incarnating, lifetime afer lifetime,
always teaching, always trying to fnd ways to raise the accumu
lated consciousness of humankind-always at the sacrifce of
their lives.
This is how the human race acquires knowledge. It is an ac
cumulation of intelligence begun by the sacrifce of the Dhyani
Buddhas and then continued fom generation to generation. To-
day, we are the beneficiaries not only of those initial sacrifice
lives, but of the sacrifces great leaders and inventors. artisb.
etc .. have made to elevate the mass consciousness of human
kind. This is why the 5th Plane of existence is called the
'Universal Mind" in the Ancient Wisdom. Not only is it the
source of intelligence, it is where ideas beneficial to humanity
come fom.
We can readily see the element of sacrifce involved in the
Dhyani-Buddhas' lowering of their consciousness in order to in
carnate as crude human beings in order to teach their charges the
rudiments of civilization. Interestingly enough, these are the
very same High Beings whom the church turned into "fallen an
gels"-as if they had "disobeyed God." Actually, they "fell" into
incarnation into material existence to bring Light to humanity.
The idea that they were inferior or somehow disobeyed God is a
fabrication of the church.
Next, at the axial mid-point of evolution, the "balance is
struck," as Blavatsky says, and no more human souls will incar
nate on this planet. From then on, due to the reversal of polarity
(fom ''opposites attract" to "like attracts like") which occurs at
this time, the consciousnesses of all the humans extant becomes
slowly geared toward the eventual discovery of their own divin
ity, i.e. that they are repositories of inherent Higher Energies
which, afer they are discovered and assimilated, can be subse
quently developed to attain contact with the Source of these en
ergies--a process called Yoga, or Union With God.
The human evolutionary process evolves spiritually when the
'Soul" of each individual personality begins to draw upon the
Higher Energies of the 5th, 6th and 7th Planes and uses them to
transmute the lower, 3rd, 2nd and 1st principles. Conversely, if
the individual lives and thinks in a pattern which denies its soul
access to the Higher Energies, it is forced to live only by the
lower energies, by instinct-like an animal. But when the hu
man being learns to incorporate the Higher Energies into its
thinking, such a change transmutes the lower energies into their
Higher Aspects-raises them up. so to speak.
- and one thus evolves spiritually.
As the graphic (Fig. 24) reveals. when the
three lower energies are transmuted into their
Higher Aspects. they are raised up into complete
harmony with the three Higher Energies. The
soul then becomes the connecting point which.
Fig. 24 because it is now irrevocably on The Path. locks
all of these energies into a, transmuted Oneness. This is the eso
teric meaning of"Soloman's Seal."
The evolution of the spirit is the most important of all human
tasks because when a planet is on its upward ac of evolution, a
ours is now, the physical bodies will begin to slowly, over the
next millions of years, transmute their material being back into
subtle bodies of pure energy. Thus fom now until human evolu
tion arrives back up on the 4th Plane where it started (but at a
higher level than when it began), our bodies will undergo a proc
ess of transmutation whereby they will slowly become Pure
Light Energy. This entire process, fom beginning to end, is
what the Apostle Paul was talking about (Cor. I, 15:45) when he
wrote, "And so it is written, The frst Adam was made a living
soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit."
Even though the end of one of these seven-fold stages of hu
man evolution fnishes where it began--on the 4th Plane-there
will be a huge major difference: each consciousness will contain
all of the additional energies and experiences which have been
assimilated and transmuted throughout the lifetimes of its evolu
tionary sojourn on earth. Thus, collective humanity will have
succeeded in transmitting its Matter into Energy, evolving into a
harmony of Existence that is a wonderfl Oneness of all its ac
cumulated experiences, adding all those new experiences to the
One Light.
In this overview of the transmigration of the soul we find the
very deepest meaning of life--or "lifetimes,'' if you will: that we
are all, basically, transmuters of gross Matter into Spiritual En
ergy. We, in effect, "spiritualize" Primordial Chaos as we travel
our evolutionary path. Therefore when we ultimately become
beings of Pure Light, we add our own Light to the Light of the
Cosmos. Thus we contribute our individual share to the Collec
tive Whole.
Why? This is the "Great Mystery'' of beig to many. To oth
ers it is no mystery at all, but an evolutionary fact. It all depends
on how you look at it. Our own ultimate self-realization of our
Oneness with God comes as the result of our embarking on, and
staying with, the path of Spirit-which is also the path of truth.
Treading such a path enhances a person's ability to transcend the
known and explore the unknown and this is how one's individ
ual consciousness is steadily developed.
Understandably, each person who embarks on the path 11'
Spirit sooner or later asks the question: how can I evolve faster'?
How can I experience this Higher Consciousness now? The an
swer lies in the long evolutionary process we have all gone
through which has brought us precisely to our present point in
time. Because we are now in a very dense physical body, these
Higher Energies, Aspects of Higher Consciousness, are en
trapped in our physical existence and overshadowed by the ma
terialism of life. Oh, they are there inside us alright, but they
need to be released fom their bodily confinement and the only
way this can be done is through one's conscious effort to, first,
just realize that it can be done and, next, develop the necessary
willpower to make it happen,
This is where the 4th Plane Principle of the human constitu
tion comes in. This is the "Desie" Principle which takes us
where we choose to go. Since the evolution of each individual is
a matter of the choices made, it is fom this pivotal principle that
right choice operates. The Ancient Wisdom says this is why it is
so important to think on a higher plane rather than just the mate
rialism of life, because then we draw down the proper energies
which will infuence our Spiritual Heart in making the correct
Thinking with the Higher Self is what is mainly meant by fo !
lowing the spiritual path. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but can
there be any more important task? Think of it: all of those mil
lions of years of evolutionary development of our bodies and our
consciousnesses have placed us in the position today, right now,
of being able to choose to follow the path of Spirit and Truth.
And only we ourselves-and no one else-have the responsibil
ity of making that choice.
* *
''All evolution is cyclic. Everthing runs in cycles,
from our daily bodily functions to the evolution of the
entire universe. If you could see it, it would look like
billions of spirals throughout the vast reaches of space,
all cycling upwards to their ultimate denouement.
-Guru Ralph Hars Houston
Just as night follows day and ebb follows fow, the mani
fested universe has its evolutionary existence in cyclic periods
of activity and inactivity which are of equal length. And just as
the earth s daily rotation is a smaller cycle within a larger cycle
of its rotation around the sun, so do cycles exist within cycles
throughout the universe.
According to the Ancient Wisdom. the existence of the mani
fested universe is finite, i.e .. it has a beginning-its emergence
from Infnity. and it will have an end-its ultimate recovery
back into Infinity. This is the largest of all cycles in cosmos and
thus it is called a ''Maha-manvantara: or "Great Cycle.'' It is
also referred to as the "out-breathing and in-breathing'' of the
'Great Breath." The out-breathing is the cycle of expansion of
the universe and the in-breathing is, of course the contraction.
But the most ftting euphemism used by the Ancient Wisdom for
this largest of all the cycles is the ''Grand Cycle of Necessity:'
named so because everything in cosmos is created out of neces
sitv. This means that the universe creates what is needed to fl
fill itself throughout each cycle of evolution.
The length of a Maha-manvantara has been calculated by the
early Theosophists to be, in solar years. 31 1,040,000,000,000.
However. Mme. Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, always
pointed out that these numbers are somewhat meaningless be
cause there is no time in space. Nevertheless. the calculation
shows that it is the nearest thing to an eternity!
Within this Grand Cycle of Necessity will take place all the
smaller cycles. such as galactic and Solar cycles, planetary cy
cles, and, too. the humble peregrinating cycles of reincarnating
human beings. The whole idea of this universal evolution is that
all creation will unfold and devolve fom the ethereal to the
physical and then evolve back to the ethereal again. but always
to an ever-higher level. Ultimately, when all Matter in our uni
verse has been "Spiritualized," i.e., transmuted into Higher En
ergies, the universe will be absorbed back into Infinity. Thus.
fom beginning to end, the manifested universe (The Son of
God) is truly the "Alpha and Omega" of all being.
Cycles of activity and inactivity are everywhere we look. We
are even able to see smaller cycles in our own lives-as prosaic
as going to sleep at night and waking up again in the morning.
And so we see that these cycles are really periods of instruction
and refection where we can gather information about our rela
tionship to the Cosmos and to each other. Thus we are lovingly
brought along the spiritual path, lifetime-afer-lifetime, in accor
dance with the Cosmic Plan.
* *
'The equality of the sexes must be reconized as
cosmic law ... only the ignorant can oppose this."
-Mme. Helena Roerich
Leters, Vol. I
In the section on "'Creation according to the Ancient Wis
dom:' it was shown that when Spirit and Matter break through
into manifestation and become differentiated. they remain a Sin
gle Element-conditions of each other-ven though they de
scend into the physical plane of existence where polarization is
at its widest point. Thus. (and this can't be said ofen enough),
even though Matter is visible and Spirit is invisible on the 1st
Plane where we now exist. thev are still One and Indivisible-a
Single Element.
This is what the Ancient Wisdom calls '"The Great Equilib
rium." lt is also Cosmic Harmony. It means that the entire mani
fested universe is always in perfect balance even though it is a
duality of Spirit and Matter. It means that Spirit and Matter are
always relative opposites and therefore-just as water seeks its
own level-seek and establish their own balance in all evolu
tionary planes and situations. Thus the natural state of all life in
the universe is perfect balance and harmony. This is Cosmic
There is only one element in all of cosmos that can upset the
natural balance and equilibrium it is heir to: feethinking, inde
pendent humankind. The fact that we have Free Will allows us
to choose whether to be good or bad. constructive or destructive.
etc. This means that humanitv can. if it wants to, willfllv disre
gard Cosmic Law. It is fee to do as it pleases. And that"
is true.
In fact. humanity is fee of everything-except the law.
As it so happens, Mother Earth and its humanity are one. ho-
mogeneous, interdependent whole. In fact, according to the A
cient Wisdom, humanity collectively represents the 6th Principle
of the earth-the principle of Buddhi-Dr Light. Thus how we
think and act directly affects the equilibrium of the earth. If most
of the mass of humanity which inhabits earth thinks and acts in a
negative, destructive manner, to that degree is the earth thrown
out of balance. If the people lose their equilibrium, so does the
earth. It's that simple.
What happens when the earth loses its equilibrium will b
discussed in the next chapter. For now, let us look at the reasons
behind the loss of equilibrium in humanity, for that is where it
all begins.
The Ancient Wisdom lays the lack of equilibrium at the feet
of a number of causes-the inequality of the sexes, the inability
of nations to get along and the intolerance of one race towards
another and one religion towards another. But of these four ma
jor causes, by far the most destructive has been the inequality of
the Masculine and Feminine Principles on earth, i.e., the ine
quality between man and woman.
All of these negative actions were bad enough eons ago when
limited to isolated enclaves of peoples, but now these actions
have taken on a planetary scope and that means for quite some
time now that negativity has had a planetary effect. It's much
like the scene in The Day The Earth Stood Still when the alien
(Michael Rennie) stands on his spaceship and tells the assem
bled scientists fom around the world that they are fee to have
their little wars amongst themselves, but when they developed a
weapon which could affect other planets as well, it was time for
them to think differentlv and halt their arms race.
The causes of the grat inequity between the sexes were initi
ated ages ago and were due mostly to the physical strength of
man which enabled him to dominate woman. Even so, woman
was always highly regarded in the temples of Egypt, Greece and
Rome and Buddha took women disciples. But it was the early
church with its fabricated dogma which really sealed womans
fate as it made of her a second-class citizen according to doc
trine. This was a near-lethal blow to equality.
How could the church do this? Pure ignorance-ignorance of
the foundations of existence combined with its desire to set up a
bogus all-male chain-of-command extending fom God to Jesus
to the pope. Thus it began with the exclusion of the Feminine
Principle fom its contrived Trinity, making it the only religion
on earth with an all-masculine Trinity.
Was this simply pandering to the males they were seeking to
convert? Perhaps. but if the truth were known. we would find
that woman was condemned in the minds of Old Testament be
lievers long before the holy fathers set out to confrm it by doc
That doctrine contains two basic theological errors: I) the
church's determination. whether by ignorance or design. to ac
cept and teach the Biblical story of creation as literal fact and, 2)
the belief that Spirit and Matter are separate and opposed to one
another. From these two mistakes and one other-the concept of
Jesus as the "only begotten Son of God"-fow literally moun
tains of false doctrine and illogical dogma, all to the benefit of
the male and to the detriment of the female.
Add to this the generally-accepted concept that Eve brought
evil into the world by eating the apple (and who created the ap
ple?) and therefore, according to doctrine, caused not only all
women born afer her to be sentenced to a life of sorrow and tra
vail, but also caused the downfall of man. and you have the
makings of a mass psychological prejudice second to none.
But the earlv mind-set that sealed woman's fate as far as the
church goes was built around the false idea that Spirit, the Mas
culine Principle. and Matter, the Feminine Principle were polar
opposites and pitted against each other. Because of this apparent
duality. Spirit was identified with Good and Matter with Evil.
Thus the male was deemed to be basically positive and good and
the female was basically negative and evil. You want proof?
Well, wasn't she responsible for the downfall of man? And that
is how this whole mess got started.
Then, in the 12th Century. St. Thomas Aquinas got hold of a
set of the works of Aristotle. He found the thinking of Aristotle
so similar to church doctrine that he appropriated it in wholesale
lots, re-writing it as dogma. In his Summa Theologica, Aquinas
writes: " ... woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active
force in the male seed tends to the production of a perfect like
ness in the masculine sex." It was Aristotle who wrote: "the fe
male is a misbegotten male ... an incomplete or mutilated man."
So we can now see where Aquinas got his ideas about the male
and female sex. Thus this trash became holy writ.
The concept of the inferior woman has now been preached as
doctrine fom church pulpits for 2,000 years. Implied in this
doctrine is the subtle concept of woman as evil. The effect of
this doctrine (and similar doctrines fom other religions) on the
daily life of individuals has been enormous, growing stronger
with each century and embedding a strong prejudice in the won .
mind-set. This inequality, in numerous forms in all nations, Is
the main cause of the earth's loss of equilibrium.
If we take a closer look at the process of creation, we will
find that it is the "Great Mother" which gives birth to her con
substantial (of the same substance) "Son"-which is the mani
fested universe. Thus the matrix of the manifested universe is
entirely Feminine in nature. This manifestation is certainly not
eviL but simply a fact of cosmogony. The Ancient Wisdom also
says that Spirit alone, without Matter is useless and that Matter
without Spirit is inert, therefore both the Masculine and the
Feminine Principles are necessary to the equilibrium of the cos
Thus we see how important it is to understand the close in
terplay of energies which affect the equilibrium of our lives and
our planet and the entire Cosmos. The defamation of Woman
has excluded her fom the creative process of the planet when
she, as the Mother, should be revered as the font of all creation.
With the process wholly in the hands of men, we have seen a
world gone astray and plunged into the negativity of wars,
abuse, power and greed.
This is why Jesus blessed the peacemakers as children of
God. It's why He blessed the meek (non-aggressiveness, found
inherently in Woman) and said they would inherit the eah.
Woman, the life-giver, is the natural enemy of war. the life-taker
and should be returned to her rightfl place along with her eter
nal co-worker, Man, in guiding the destiny of the world and its
institutions. Then the Equilibrium of the earth will begin to b
restored. As the great Hindu Saint, V ivekananda said, "The
spirit of the bird of humanity cannot fy on just one wing."
* *
''They know not, neither will they understand;
they walk on in darkness; all the foundations of
the earth are out of course."
-Psalms 82:5
The above Psalm shows where we are now; with all the foun
dations of the earth (i.e., the earth's equilibrium) out of course
the Earth out of balance. The Acient Wisdom has long been
aware this time would come because of negative causes set i
motion eons ago. Those causes are part of a negative past we
have all been part of which is why we are part of this Karma
now. How it got this way, where we are now ad where the
earth's evolution is going is one of the most interesting subjects
of all.
As previously shown, we live in a reciprocal universe where
everything is inextricably tied to everything else. This means,
among other things, that Earth's humanity is in the same meta
phorical boat as the physical earth. Since the earth is on an evo
lutionary path, we, earth's humanity, are also on the same evolu
tionary path. These paths should coincide with each other. But if
humanity does not keep its balance, the result is: ''all the founda
tions of the earth are out of course," i.e .. the negative disunity of
humanity will upset the Earth's foundation of equilibrium. And
the earth will react to that.
According to the Ancient Wisdom. negativity and disunity
of thought can prevent needed beneficial energy rays fom the
suns. stars and planets in space fom tlowing into and nourish
ing the earth. Sound preposterous? Certainly the earth receives
sustenance fom the Sun. why not other heavenly bodies? In
fact. each time we look at a star or planet, we bask in its rays.
' hese rays have definite chemical combinations and many are a
valuable to the earth's survival as are the rays of the sun.
Humanity, being the earth's 6th Principle, is the conductor of
these rays. When the earth and its humanity are in balance. the
fery rays of space make use of our own human fiery essence a
a conduit, pouring this magnified spiritual energy into the body
of the earth, energizing it. When humanity is out of balance with
the earth, we act as resistors, and the fiery energy of space. fnd
ing no resonance with humanity, hangs around the crust of the
earth and turns destructive.
The same principle operates with individual human beings.
Part of our fery aura constitutes our 6th Principle. Thus it is our
negative and destructive thoughts and actions which prevent the
fery rays fom passing through our aura into our body. When
this happens, the aura becomes sick and our body, which de
pends upon the fery rays as much as it depends upon food. also
gets sick.
The reason these energies are needed is because beneath the
earth's crust are interconnecting channels of fiery molten
magma. The ''Ring of Fire" around the perimeter of the Pacifc
Ocean is a good example. Thus when humanity is out of har
mony with the earth, this fery magma is deprived of the fiery
energies it needs to be kept in equilibrium. Thus it seeks an out
let and this outlet usually takes the form of an erupting volcano
or a slippage and shifing of fault lines. causing an earthquake.
This is why it says in the Bible that the so-called coming de
struction of the earth will be by "fire.'' Thus, when it comes to
our evolutionary fture. the way we think and act truly makes of
us either the saviors or the destroyers of our planet.
All of the above have a lot to do with where we are today i
the earth's evolution because we are approaching a time when
we, just as was explained to the scientists in The Day The Earth
Stood Still, have to put aside our negative, destructive ways and
begin thinking differently. According to the Ancient Wisdo
our fture depends on it.
Like the humanity which peoples it. the earth goes through
seven major Periods of evolution. Each Period contains seven
minor periods of evolution which we will call "Eras." And each
Era. in turn, has seven more mnor periods which we will call
"Ages" (Fig. 25-next page). In her magnum opus, The Secret
Doctrine, Mme. Blavatsky refers to these three divisions as
"Rounds," "Races'' and "Sub-races." These designations will b
quite familiar to people who have already studied the sacred sci
ences, however they can be very confsing to those who have
not. so we will use the new designations.
Fig 25 - A depiction of the seven Periods, the seven Eras
within each Period and the seven Ages within each
Era of a planet's round of evolution
Thus. during the 1st Period of evolution. a planet and its hu
manity are ethereal in nature. They both begin to acquie mass i
the 2nd Period and approach density near the end of the 3rd Pe
riod. At the beginning of the 4th Period. both the planet and its
humanity are "falling" into form, i.e .. the earth has built up
enough mass fom within-without in order to create the forms
that compose the outer crust of the earth which will be able to
support a primitive form of humanity. Both humanity and the
earth reach their densest physical state in the middle of the 4th
Period-the "axial mid-point'' of the earth's evolution.
According to the Ancient Wisdom, we are right now near the
end of the 5th Age in the 4th Era of the 4th Period of the Earth's
evolution. (Fig. 26-next page). To put all this into a little
clearer perspective. the time of Atlantis occurred during the ax
ial mid-point of the earth's evolution-an Age-and-a-half ago.
The purpose of each of these Periods, Eras and Ages is not
only for the evolution of the bodies of the human beings and the
planet. but, even more importantly, for the development of the
Seven Psychic Principles of the human make-up. Thus each
Principle is developed to its fllest extent during each Period,
Era and Age. Therefore. looking at where humanity is now, we
should have by this time developed our 5th Principle-ou
Higher thinking, or spiritual thought processes-to the highet
point possible in the 4th Era of the 4th Period. I other words.
humanity should, en masse, be thinking on a much higher spiri
tual level than we are now.
-4t Pro
Fig. 26-We and our earth are currently at the end
of the 5th Age of the 4th Era of the 4th Period
of evolution
The fact is we are not thinking on as high a spiritual level as
we should be and the biggest proof of this lies in the evidence
that we are still a warring planet, i.e .. war between nations. war
between religions, war between races and the ever-present war
between the sexes. There is no unity or harmony. Nations are
still unable to think and act at the higher levels necessary for the
planet's collective well-being, especially the leading nations.
This is why Mother Earth is currently out of equilibrium-its
foundations "out of course." The fact that our planet is not now
in the process of assimilating and distributing the Higher Fiery
Energies it needs, should be a warning to us all: that if we do not
start thinking immediately in global terms of peace and security.
harmony, equality and justice for all, the earth may well react i
kind, not as some kind of punishment fom God, but in a purely
scientifc manner-arthquakes and volcanoes caused by explo
sions of molten magma deprived of the energy needed to keep
everything in equilibrium.
The portent of all this is that when the earth moves fom the
5th Age to the 6th Age of the 4th Period, all the remaining evo
lutionary stages of the earth-the Ages and Eras lef in the 4th
Period plus the entire 5th, 6th and 7th Periods-will all take
place in the three Higher Planes of the Seven Spiritual Planes
and Principles (Fig. 27).
Fig. 27- The shaded area represents the remaining
Periods, Eras and Ages of Earth's evolution
This is important to know because just as the 5th, 6th and 7th
Periods will not admit any consciousness or thing that has mate
rial form or substance, that premise, applied to the present 5th
Age, means that no human consciousness which has not yet
raised its level of thinking to the necessary higher level required
of the 6th Age will be denied entr into this next stage of evolu
That is because each new Age attracts new and higher ener
gies in order to keep current with the planet's evolution. The 6th
Age will be different, however, as it represents a complete de
parture fom previous Ages. Thus only those elements of hu
manity which will have assimilated the necessary Higher Ener
gies corresponding to our present 5th Age of evolution-our
present position-will be able to enter the 6th Age when the
transition time comes. Truly will it be a New Age. It's as if a gi
ant cosmic sieve were erected between the 5th and 6th Ages
which will only allow a sufficiently spiritually refmed con-
sciousness through to the next level.
Why didn't this occur between the 4th and 5th Ages? Be
cause, according to the Ancient Wisdom, evolution is somewhat
forgiving in that humanity is always given a chance to catch up
and come to its senses and flly realize the foundations of its
own existence. In other words, it is given a grace period in order
to learn the scientifc basis of evolution-that precisely the man
ner in which humanity lives life makes a huge difference in the
way the earth flflls its collective evolution.
It's the same thing as if a person does not learn the necessary
lessons to advance fom one school grade to the next. If the les
sons are not learned, the grade must be repeated. The only dif
ference is that at the point of cosmic evolution we are right now,
if the lessons are not learned the Schoolhouse is metaphorically
burned down.
A hoard of television evangelists are pointing to the signs of
today's times and, with all the New Testament fervor they can
muster, scream that the "end of the world" is near. But if we ex
amine the many times the so-called "Word of God" has been re
written and altered by man we will find that in a 16th Century
re-write, the "end of the world" replaced the previous translation
which said, "the consummation of an Age."
The Ancient Wisdom has always declared that Jesus was
never really talking about His "second coming" or the so-called
"Rapture," but about the particular time we are in right now-at
the end, the consummation, of the 5th Age. When the people
sought Him out in Capernaum and asked him to teach them
more of the truth (bread) of God, Jesus told them about his mis
sion on earth and then said (John 6:40), "And this is the will of
him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and be
lieveth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up
at the last day."
Accordig to the Acient Wisdom, the phrase "And this is
the will of him that sent me," means that it was the good Karma
of the people there to be in contact with and learn fom Him.
"That every one which seeth the Son," does not mean that they
see Jesus, but that they become aware through his teaching of
the Christ Principle which is actually the three Higher Planes of
Life that constitute the "Higher Self' and the "God Within"
the Spiritual "Sun." He asked people to simply think and con
duct their lives by these principles.
"And believeth on him" means that they believe, not in Jesus,
but in the Christ Principle; that they, too, can attain a high de-
gree of spiritually if they will make an effort to walk in His foot
steps and follow His example. "May have everlasting life,"
means that a person is able to go on incarnating on the spiritual
path, advancing in harmony in evolution with the earth. And f
nally, "And I shall raise him up at the last day" means that those
who have assimilated the necessary Higher Energies at the end
of the 5th Age will be able to "rise in spirit" and make the tran
sition upwards to the 6th Age-able to continue to evolve spiri
tually without interruption on earth.
Thus, Jesus knew of the coming Spiritual Battle and was pre
paring people for it back then. And what is the battle really? It
is the same as it has always been-the battle between our lower
and Higher Selves. The Bhagavad Gita, the great Hindu epic
known as the "Song of God," is a metaphor for this battle. And a
true battle it is. It is won when one's Higher Energies are mas
tered and the lower energies are "slain," i.e., sublimated and
transmuted. This is why all spiritual strivers have been called
"warriors" by the Ancient Wisdom, not that anyone vanquishes
hoards of non-believers in some physical "Holy War," but that
one is able to vanquish the biggest obstacle of all on the spiritual
path: one's own lower nature.
In other words, it means that those human beings who have
learned to renounce war, greed and the abuse of power in all
forms will "receive the Light" and be able to act in equilibrium
with the evolution of the planet; that they will recognize the
equality of the Masculine & Feminine Elements, treat all chil
dren as the fture of the planet and be honest and forthright with
each other. Basically, that we all simply learn to "love one an
This, according to the Ancient Wisdom, is what it will take
to put the earth back into equilibrium. The choice is really ours,
but it had better be made soon because time is runnig out. The
evolution of the planet must proceed and the fture New Age
will arrive at the appointed time regardless of whether it's in
peace or distress. The only question is: will we be among those
"raised up on the last day?"
* *
'I am the way, the truth and the life: no
man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
-Jesus (to His disciples)
John 1-:6
In the graphic of the Higher Triad and the lower quartenary,
is hidden the symbol of the cross. The line where the lower leg
of the Higher Triad meets the upper leg of the lower quater
nary-between the 4th and 5th Planes-forms the horizontal bar
of the cross. This represents the upper limit of Matter as any
thing of form and substance cannot go higher. The vertical bar
of the cross represents the universal, all-pervading Essence of
Spirit (The Word) which descends into Matter and also rises
above it into Infnity (Fig. 28).
fig. 28 -A cross is formed by the intersection
of Spirit and Matter
Where the two bars meet is called in the Ancient Wisdom
the "intersection of Spirit and Matter." This point is one of the
most defning characteristics of the Seven Principles which
make up our visible and invisible bodies. It marks the precise
position where every human being ascending the spiritual path is
"bor again" fom Matter into Spirit. Reaching this point on the
path, one becomes a "Christ" and is thus on "the way" to "the
Truth," i.e., the ultimate goal of a "Glorifed Christ."
Yes, this is a wholly different paradigm of the "Christ" that
has been given to us fom pulpits all over the world in the last
2,000 years. That is because when the early church fathers fabri
cated their eclectic cosmogony they wanted their version cou
pled with the person of Jesus so it could fit the dogma of his be
ing consubstantial-f the same substance-with God. Thus
they took this supreme Spiritual "Christ" Principle and carnal
ized it-made it fesh-and set it up as an object of worship (an
"idol," if you will) rather than the spiritual beacon it was meant
to be for all humanity.
Proof of this doctoring of doctrine comes to us immediately
when we simply observe the fact that Jesus' last name was not
"Christ." Thus Jesus must have been the Christ. Alright, but just
what does "Christ" mean? WelL most people think it means "the
Son of God." Obviously this is what tradition has dictated, but is
it true?
According to the Ancient Wisdom. The Christ is the Divine
Principle in every human being. The concept of The Christ is
based upon the voluntary sacrifices of the "Seven Kumaras"
who "fell" into incarnation in primitive bodies in order to ad
vance the consciousness of human beings. The Christ Principle
is universaL all-pervading, eternal and is in everyone and cannot
be monopolized by any one person, regardless of what the
church says. Thus "The Christ" is our own "God Within."
The "Path of Christ" is one of voluntary sacrifice for the
good of humanity. We first begin to contact The Christ Principle
when we dedicate our thoughts and actions to a Higher Purpose.
i.e., we begin thinking with our Higher Self, disdaining the ma
terial illusions of life. Thus we "rise in spirit." Metaphorically,
we "roll back the stone of matter fom the door of our own inner
sanctuary of spirit." In short, we "resurrect" the Divine in us by
putting to death-sacrifcing-ur material thinking.
When we bring our Christ Principle up to the intersection of
Spirit and Matter, we then have a "risen Christ" within us and
are "born again" into the world of spirit. What this means is that
we have through our own efforts "built" (crystallized) the Chn,t
Principle within us, thus transmuting and fsing our transient
ego with our Eternal Ego. Consequently the Christ Principle is
truly ''the way. the truth and the life," just as it is said in John
14:6. Next, there is before one the fnal goal of the "Glorifed
Christ" which is God Consciousness, complete Oneness with the
Father, or Divine Spiit. When this takes place we find "the Son
is in the Father and the Father is within the son:'
The conception of the "God within" is found in the Epistle to
the Galatians ( 4: 19), in the First Epistle to the Corinthians (3: 16)
as well as in The Gospel of St. John (15 :4) and The Gospel of
St. Luke ( 17:21 ). Also, Paul, when he used the word "Christ,"
meant precisely that abstract ideal of the "God Within" every
one. When he declared (2nd Cor. 5: 1 7), "If any man is in Christ.
he is a new creation" it is evident that he didn't mean inside the
person of Jesus, but that one had thus attained the spiritual level
where The Christ Principle had been crystallized within him.
This is why the most meaningfl aspect of Jesus' life as "The
Christ" is found in His life itself He lived the ethical doctrine of
the Ancient Wisdom and He brought the truth of that doctrine to
others. He was a humble advocate of the poor and. because He
was a purifed Christ, was a healer of great power. Thus Jesus'
life was a supreme example of a life of self-sacrifce in service
to others-a life to be imitated, as Thomas a Kempis indicated
in his book. 'The Imitation of Christ."
If one will read the New Testament and substitute the phrase
"The Christ Principle" wherever there is a reference to "Jesus"
or ''Christ" or when Jesus says "I" or "through me" or "my," one
will receive a new and more powerfl understanding of what the
Christ Principle is and what Jesus' life was really all about.
The Ancient Wisdom tells us that Jesus became a Christ at
his baptism by John the Baptist and a "Glorified Christ" at the
conclusion of His last, supreme trial-His crucifxion. He was a
'son of God" as much as we are all sons and daughters of God.
His life of sacrifce and truth is a standard for all of us who dare
to raise The Christ within ourselves. Thus His life continues to
challenge us today to create our own second coming-to raise
the Christ Principle within us and help regenerate the world.
* *
"The Supreme Being penetrates everything with Itself,
consequently it is the innate possession of everyone."
-The Upanishads
Since God is a Divine Principle-an Infnite Abstract-it
must permeate all existence, thus it must also exist in each per
son or created thing. Therefore, since 'no one has seen God at
any time:' no one can impose thei conception of God on any
one else and no one should ever have to accept the word of
someone else-regardless of how holy they may appear to be
as to the nature of God. Neither should anyone allow anyone
else to tell them what God wants of them.
Watever you imagine God to be, that is what God is for you.
For example, lefs say 500 people are attending church. Every
time the minister pronounces the word ''God," there are 500 dif
ferent imaginings of what God is. That is because each person s
consciousness responds differently to the evocation of the word
""God" and that's just the way it should be. Anyone who tries to
impose their conception of God on anyone else-regardless of
their claim to authority-is simply wholly ignorant of the fnda
mentals of existence.
Since God is an abstract Spirit, we are therefore fee to make
our own connection to our own God Within and we do not have
to take someone else's word for what we will find there. We
will defnitely fnd God, because this will be our own form of
God and nobody else can find that for us. Ifs not only preferable
to do this by ourselves, it's the only reasonable way it can be
Matthew 6:6 has Jesus telling his disciples, ... when thou
rrayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door,
pray to thy Farther which is in secret." When Jesus refers to '"th>
closet,'' it is obviously a metaphor for the deepest reaches ot
one's own heart. More importantly, Jesus says to pray to ''thy
Father, not "my'' Father. In other words, he tells them to pray to
their own conception of God and not His. Also, "thy Father
which is in secret" can only be one's own God Within.
However, even though one prays to one's God in secret it's
impossible to visualize such an abstract. One needs some form,
some concrete representation of God, to get started. But there is
no reason why people cannot choose their own. Some people
choose a Buddha because it represents enlightenment. Some
choose a representation of Jesus because He symbolizes Love
and Sacrifce. We are all fee to choose whichever spiritually he
roic image is closest to our heart.
The point is: the concrete symbol is only the representation
of the abstract ideal. Whatever one chooses for an image of God,
the idea is to use prayer and meditation to transcend the image
and superimpose one's own intuitional understanding on it. It is
the transcendence, not the image, which produces insights into
the nature of Be-ness. By doing it ourselves, we are thus making
our own private connection with God.
While God may be an abstract concept, the worship of God is
not complex. It can be as easy as putting aside worldly endeav
ors for a moment, relaxing the body and focusing on one's im
age of God and letting go. The worship of one's God Within is
personal and secret, therefore no one can be an intercessor be
tween you and your God. Another person may be able to kindle
our fire and inspire us to seek God Consciousness, but in the
end, we all have to find our own path.
"Go comes and goes by different names,
but to no particular sect he claims."
-Guru Ralph Harris Houston
The Green Horse
* *
"The goal and meaning of existence is to stive
upward beyond the limits of the known, and to help
one another."
--Leaves of Mora's Garden
Book II
To "strive upward. beyond the limits of the known." is easier
to understand if we remind ourselves that all areas of life con
verge in the Oneness of Spirit-God Consciousness. This means
that if we strive upwards with our family, fiends and business
relationships, science, religion, etc .. we will eventually fnd out
that there is a spiritual denouement for everything. Thus. we
should never stop striving upward in whatever we do.
The main obstacle to our upward striving is usually our past
Karma-the negative baggage we brought with us fom past
lives. For many people, the most misery in this life occurs be
cause of past family Karma. Family Karma has a way of keeping
us coming and going alternately as father and son, mother and
daughter. This means that if your children don't appreciate you
in this life or give you a hard time. ifs probably because you
didn' t appreciate them in a past life when you were the child and
they were the parents. Thus. if we can understand that in this life
we are primarily cleaning up our own family mess. we can begin
to see our way clear of these obstacles and immediately begin
solving not only our family problems. but other Karma as well.
The Ancient Wisdom understands that negative Karma fom
past incarnations usually means a thorny life path. but it is in fll
consciousness of the real meaning of life that it proclaims.
'Blessed be the obstacles. for through them we grow.'' And
growth is the thing. Above alL we need to grow! It is stagnation
of the consciousness that kills us spiritually, not our earthly bur
den. And we always have the pledge of the Ancient Wisdom that
we will never be given more than we can bear. Thus, we have ;
iron-clad guarantee that our path is meant for our success, m't
our failure.
We are here in an earthly body to learn something or atone
for something and, through the knowledge of learing and the
suffering of atoning, perfect our spirits. That's all. We do this by
striving upward and helping other people with their problems
along the way. It's that simple.
But we tend to get mixed up in negative Karma in this life
especially when we react emotionally to a bad situation or when
we try to "get back" at another person for something bad they
have done to us. This is how we get caught up into those endless
cosmic vortexes which trap our spirits in Karmic revolving
doors. The thing we need to understand is that we are not help
less when confonted with these earthly snares. We always have
the choice not to react. Through self-discipline we can learn to
approach these incidents calmly by controlling our anger and re
sentment. Learning such self-control will help us solve our big
gest problems now and avoid similar problems in the fture.
The most common snare is wanting to control others. If we
have suffered great emotional hurt in our youth, it is standard
practice for us to want to try to control everything in our life
including the lives of others-in order to shield us fom experi
encing that hurt which still lies deep within us. Whether in a
small family, a business corporation or a huge nation, the moti
vation is always the same: our ego is enhanced through our con
trol over others. We learn this in childhood and reinforce it later
in school and business. But, if we can learn to re-program our
selves to give up the need to controL we can immediately start
building a better Karma for ourselves.
The inability to let loose the reins of power is the other end
of the control syndrome. A businessman will tell you that it is
his right to run a company the way he sees fit, and to a certain
extent that is true, but he has no right to use his position to abuse
people just because he is the boss. Such a man should rather cre
ate an atmosphere of cooperative willingness which is so attrac
tive that his employees will buy into it. This is a more modern
paradigm. Unfortunately, there are way too many unenlightened
bosses who will even sacrifice their honor by lying, cheating and
stealing in order to do all they can to preserve their power.
Thus, they create a horrible Karma not only for themselves but
also for the sycophants who support them in order to advance
their own positions.
Many people love to challenge the idea of letting loose the
reins of power and controL saying that people will take advan
tage of them and walk all over them if they do. The Hindu Saint
Sri Ramakrishna used to tell the story of the snake who appealed
to the guru to help him become more likeable so people would
not avoid him. The guru advised the snake to be more open, to
love people more and not be so quick to bite. Afer the passage
of a year. the guru saw the snake again and the poor reptile was
in tatters. The guru asked him what had happened. "I followed
your advice and look, people took advantage of me," he replied.
"Well," said the guru, "I didn't tell you to stop hissing!"
The other thing that keeps bringing us back in a negative
Karmic state is overpowering greed. It seems that the biggest
test in life always comes when we are faced with the option of
sacrifcing our principles for money. Money has no intrinsic
power of itself It is our desire for it that brings us trouble. That
is exactly why Jesus said, "Seek ye frst the Kingdom of God
and all these things shall be added unto you."
The "Kingdom of God" is not some nether world out i
space, but is what we create for ourselves on earth when we live
a principled. ethical life, i.e., when we "strive upward." We all
have an idea of what these principles are. but probably the very
highest principle-and that which is most elusive for us-is the
principle of self-sacrifce. Why self-sacrifce? Because it is the
primary motive power behind spiritual progress.
Self-sacrifce embodies the principle of selflessness. Since
our own being is a product of all the selfess sacrifces of the
Higher Beings who gave us consciousness and individuality, it
stands to reason that the ideal of self-sacrifce would be the chief
factor in one's quest for Spiritual Oneness with the Divine Prin
ciple. The great and small sacrifces made by spiritual Saints
throughout history ae testimony to the high regard in which the
world holds this principle. It is the reason we enshrine their
memory. There has never been a spiritual shrine built to the
memory of money.
Self-sacrifce does not mean that we wear ourselves out go
ing around doing things for people who don't appreciate them.
On the contrary, it is the sacrifce of the ego-self It is simply
placing one's ego on the alter of ambition, power and greed and
letting it die there. That's all. Just let go of the idea of getting
yours before everyone else and somehow outdistancing all oth
ers. This is what the Ancient Wisdom calls "feeing oneself
fom the illusions of life." If s one of the most important things
to learn in order to lead a balanced life. It's an absolute prerequ1
site to striving upward! And it begins with simply being kino
and considerate to other people.
When we fee ourselves fom the need to possess, own and
control everything, we find that everything becomes ours to en
joy. Goodbye stress; hello a peacefl heart! Sometimes people
are afaid to change to this way of thinking because they fear
they will be lef out and not get what they deserve. This is fear
of the unknown. We need to learn to vanquish this fear. If we
are able to get rid of our fear, we can learn to live in the fllness
of life. We will become rich in Spirit. We may not always get
everything we want, but we will always have everything we
It would also be a good idea to replace fear with faith. Striv
ing upward beyond the known accomplishes this for us. The An
cient Wisdom says that ''fear is but a beetle on a sunlit wall." It
is our own negative imagination that turs it into a monster
which obscures the light. If we make a sincere effort to seek the
path of spirit now, we can dispel all fear of the fture. The An
cient Wisdom guarantees it.
Finally, we need to understand that to "enjoy life" means to
bring enjoyment into life. Thus, we are not here to be enter
tained, but to act-to build constructively. As Nicholas Roerich.
the great artist and mystic said, "Positive constructiveness is the
fndamental quality of the human spirit." There is no reason on
earth for us to waste time with anything negative. It is a luxury
we can no longer afford. We all have the ability to be positive
and constructive members of society and it's certainly more fn
to live life that way.
There's no doubt about it, to flfill our purpose in life takes
self-discipline. Anything of any spiritual value does. But it is
through such discipline that we acquire wisdom and wisdom is
the only thing we can take with us when we pass on.
The great Indian Mogul Emperor Akbar used to test the wis
dom of his lieutenants by drawing a line in the sand and asking
them to shorten it without erasing fom either end. Those who
passed the test drew a longer line next to Akbar's, thereby
"shortening" it. "Wisdom," said Akbar, "is learning to draw the
longer line."
* *
An old East Indian story ...
A guru was one day engaged in
teaching his students and he told
them he was going to give them a
mantra which, if pronounced, was
able to resolve all of one's Karma. He
added, however, "You must not give
this to anyone else, otherwise you will
have to take on their Karma."
With that, the group went into
meditation. About half-way through,
one of the guru's disciples got up and
ran outside and went up and down
the street, giving the manta to every
one he met.
"Ah," smiled the guru, "I have one
true disciple."
About the Author ...
Burt Wilson is a philosopher, writer, broadcaster, mus1c1an.
video producer/director and a former member of the Board of
Trustees and lecturer at The Philosophical Research Society of
Los Angeles, founded by Manly Palmer Hall.
Wilson has had a long and varied career in public service, be
ginning with the Watts Revitalization Corp which he formed in
1966 after the Watts riots. His work attracted national attention
and was praised by then Senator Robert F. Kennedy as an out
standing example of volunteer community involvement.
In 1969. Wilson served on the Steering Committee of the West
Coast Vietnam Moratorium Day rallies which focused public at
tention on the illegal and futile war in South Vietnam.
In 1970, Wilson was asked by the Taos Indian Pueblo in New
Mexico to help in their struggle to gain title to their sacred Blue
Lake lands and prevent a government take-over of this religious
sanctuary. For his successful efforts. Wilson was awarded a cere
monial blanket and made a brother of the pueblo. His name was
spoken in Native American kivas throughout the West.
1973 found Wilson working in Coachella with Cesar Chavez
during the grape strike. Working out of the UFW Union Hall in
Coachella's grapefruit-growing area. Wilson helped organize farm
workers and did PR for the Union.
In the mid-70's Wilson became the co-coordinator of CAUSE
(Campaign Against Utility Service Exploitation) a coalition of 29
different consumer and activist organizations which was success
ful in fghting ARCO and the Southern California Gas Company
to secure a $1.8-billion refund to ratepayers.
In 1984, Wilson was among I 08 community activists in a suc
cessful $1.3-million ACLU suit against the Public Disorder and
Intelligence Division of the Los Angeles Police Department for
illegal surveillance. He has always been amused that his work for
consumer justice was considered by the police to be a threat to the
A Dixieland trombonist, Wilson has appeared as a Guest Artist
and band member in a number of Dixieland Jubilees over the past
30 years.
He currently resides in Chenango Forks in upstate NY,
and works with the Binghamton chapter of Citizen Action.