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PRE-SA-1 (2015)

General Instructions:
a) All questions are compulsory.
b) The question paper comprises of two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections.
c) Questions 1 to 3 in section A are one mar questions. These are to be answered in one word or in one
d) Questions ! to " in section A are two mars questions. These are to be answered in about 3# words
e) Questions $ to 1% in section A are three mars questions. These are to be answered in about &# words
f) Questions 1' to (! in section A are fi)e mars questions. These are to be answered in about $# words
*) Questions (& to ($ in section B are ( mars questions and Questions (% to 3" are multiple choice
questions based on practical sills. +ach question of multiple choice questions is a one mar question.
You are to select one most appropriate response out of the four pro)ided to you.
Section A
1. ,hat happens when -ydro*en combines with ./y*en in the presence of an electric current0
(. ,hy is nutrition necessary for an or*anism0
3. ,hy is tun*sten metal selected for main* filaments of incandescent lamp bulbs0
!. ,rite two obser)ations you would mae when quiclime is added to water.
&. ,here does cerebrospinal fluid occur in our body0 1ention any two of its functions.
". 2raw a setch of the iron fillin*s as you spray them on a ma*net.
$. 3a) ,hat is an ionic equation0 4i)e an e/ample.
3b) ,rite the name of followin* compounds5
3i) 1n3.-)( 3ii) 6e7l3
%. 3a) ,hat is 2ouble displacement reaction0 4i)e an e/ample.
3b) ,rite balanced equation5
8odium 9 ,ater ::: 8odium hydro/ide 9 -ydro*en
'. 3i) ,hat is the action on litmus of5
3a) 2ry ammonia *as. 3b) 8olution of ammonia *as in water
3ii) 8tate the obser)ations you would mae on addin* ammonium hydro/ide to aqueous
solutions of 3a) 6errous sulphate, 3b) Aluminium chloride.
1#. ,hat is an alloy0 ;ame the constituents of ((:carat *old. ,hy is (!:carat *old con)erted to ((:carat *old0
11. 8tate reasons for the followin*5
3a) Aluminium o/ide is called an amphoteric o/ide.
3b) 8odium and potassium metals are ept immersed under erosene oil.
3c) -ydro*en *as is not e)ol)ed when most metals react with nitric acid.
1(. <ist two )ital functions of the human idney. 2raw a labelled dia*ram of an artificial idney.
13. +/plain the process by which inhalation occurs durin* breathin* in human bein*s.
1!. 2raw a dia*ram showin* endocrine *lands in a human male body. <abel the followin* *lands on it5
3a) =ituitary 3b) Thyroid 3c) Adrenal 3d) Testes
1&. ;ame the unit used in sellin* electrical ener*y to consumers. Two lamps, one rated 1## ,att at ((# > and the
other !# , at ((# > are connected in parallel to a ((# > mains supply. 7alculate the electric current drawn from
the supply line.
1". 2raw the pattern of lines of force due to ma*netic field associated with a current carryin* strai*ht conductor.
8tate how the ma*netic field produces chan*es5
3i) with an increase in current in the conductor and
3ii) the distance from the conductor
1$. >inod went to his ancestral )illa*e alon* with his father durin* the summer holidays. -e found that the
women of the )illa*e used dried cow:dun* caes 3uple) as the fuel to coo food and for other heatin* purposes.
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.ne day >inod went to =anchayat meetin* in a )illa*e which is attended by all the )illa*e elders and requested
them to install ?4obar 4as plant@ in the )illa*e and used cow:dun* in it to produce *obar *as, instead of burnin*
cow:dun* caes directly. -e e/plained the ad)anta*es of usin* the *obar *as as a fuel instead of cow:dun* caes.
+)eryone lied the idea and thaned >inod for *uidance.
Aead the abo)e passa*e and answer the followin* questions5
3a) 8tate one disad)anta*e of usin* dried cow:dun* caes as a fuel for cooin* food.
3b) 8tate one ad)anta*e of usin* *obar *as as a fuel for cooin* food.
3c) ,hat )alues are displayed by >inod in this whole episode0
B>alue Based QuestionC
1%. 3a) ,rite the principle of *eneration of electric power by a boilin* water type nuclear reactor. ;ame the
coolant used in such a reactor.
3b) +/plain the process of *eneration of ener*y in the 8un and name the scientist who was first to propose
1'. Translate the followin* statements into chemical equations and then balance them5
3a) -ydro*en *as combines with nitro*en to form ammonia.
3b) -ydro*en sulphide *as burns in air to *i)e water and sulohur dio/ide.
3c) Barium chloride reacts with aluminium sulphate to *i)e aluminium chloride and aprecipitate of
barium sulphate.
3d) =otassium metal reacts with water to *i)e potassium hydro/ide and hydro*en *as.
3e) -ydro*en sulphide *as reacts with o/y*en *as to form solid sulphur and liquid water.
,rite the difference between 2isplacement reaction and 2ouble displacement reactions. ,rite equations for these
reactions also.
(#. 6our metals A, B, 7 and 2 are, in turn, added to the followin* solutions one by one. The
obser)ations made are tabulated below5
Answer the followin* questions based on abo)e information5
3i) ,hich is the most acti)e metal and why0
3ii) ,hat would be obser)ed if B is added to a solution of 7opper 3DD) sulphate and why0
3iii) Arran*e the metals A, B, 7 and 2 in order of increasin* reacti)ity.
3i)) 7ontainer of which metal can be used to store both Einc sulphate and 8il)er nitrate
3)) ,hich of the abo)e solutions can be easily stored in a container made up of any of these
You are *i)en the followin* materials5
3i) Dron nails 3ii) 7opper sulphate solution 3iii) Barium chloride solution
3i)) 7opper powder 3)) 6errous sulphate crystals 3)i) quic lime
Ddentify the type of chemical reaction tain* place when5
3a) Barium chloride solution is mi/ed with copper sulphate solution and a white precipitate is obser)ed.
3b) .n heatin* copper powder in air in a 7hina dish, the surface of copper powder turns blac.
3c) .n heatin* *reen coloured ferrous sulphate crystals, reddish brown solid is left and smell of a *as
ha)in* odour of burnin* sulphur is e/perienced.
3d) Dron nails when left dipped in blue copper sulphate solution become brownish in colour
and the blue colour of copper sulphur fades away.
3e) Quic lime reacts )i*orously with water releasin* a lar*e amount of heat.
(1. -ow is FAespirationG is different from FBreathin*G0 +/plain the process of FAerobic respirationG and
FAnaerobic respirationG.
1athematics Test:8imilar Trian*les Page 2
2raw a dia*ram showin* F-uman respiratory systemG. <abel its followin* parts5
3i) <aryn/ 3ii) Trachea 3iii) =rimary Bronchus 3i)) <un*s
,hy do the walls of the trachea not collapse when there is less air in it0
((. A household uses the followin* electric appliances5
3i) Aefri*erator of ratin* !## , for 1# hours each day.
3ii) Two electric fans of ratin* %# , each for " hours daily.
3iii) 8i/ electric tubes of ratin* 1% , each for " hours daily.
7alculate the electricity bill for the household for the month of Hune if cost electrical ener*y is As. 3.## per unit.
3i) The potential difference between two points in an electric circuit is 1 )olt. ,hat does is mean0 ;ame a de)ice
that helps to measure the potential difference across a conductor.
3ii) ,hy does the connectin* cord of an electric heater not *low while the heatin* element does0
3iii) +lectric resisti)ities of some substances at (#
7 are *i)en below5
8il)er 1."#I1#
, m 7opper 1."(I1#
, m
Tun*sten &.(I1#
, m Dron 1#.#I1#
, m
1ercury '!.#I1#
, m ;ichrome 1##I1#
, m
Answer the followin* questions usin* abo)e data5
3a) Amon* 8il)er and 7oper, which one is a better conductor and why0
3b),hich material would you ad)ise to be used in electrical heatin* de)ices and why0
(3. 8tate 6lemin*Gs <eft hand rule. ,ith a labelled dia*ram, describe the worin* of an electric motor. ,hat is the
function of split rin* commutator in motor0
+/plain with a neat dia*ram, the principle, construction and worin* of an A.7. *enerator.
(!. ,hat are ma*netic field lines0 -ow will you draw them0 ,rite their characteristics.
8how a domestic electric circuit with fuse, a bulb and a *eyser from main electric line. Dndicate
also the capacity of fuse used for *eyser and the bulb.
(&. Df we mi/ equal )olume of 1 1 ;a.- solution with 1 1 solution of -7l and then if we add blue litmus into
it, then what will be the chan*e in litmus paper0 ,rite the chemical reaction in)ol)ed.
(". Dn an e/periment on photosynthesis, a student fi/ed a strip of blac paper on the dorsal surface of a
Bou*ain)illea leaf in the mornin*. Dn the e)enin* she tested the leaf for starch.
3a) ,hat will be the result0
3b) Hustify your answer
($. Dn the e/periment on studyin* the dependence of current 3D) on the potential difference 3>), three students
plotted the followin* *raphs between 3>) and 3D) as per their respecti)eobser)ations.
3a) ,hich obser)ation is correct0 3b) Hustify your answer.
(%. 6our students D, DD, DDD and D> were ased to e/amine the chan*es for blue and red litmus paper strips with
dilute -7l 3solution A) and dilute ;a.- 3solution B). The followin* obser)ations were reported by the four
students. The si*n 3:) indicatin* no colour chan*e.
The correct obser)ation would be of the student5
1athematics Test:8imilar Trian*les Page 3
3a) D 3b) DD 3c) DDD 3d) D>
('. The apparatus should be ept air ti*ht because5
3a) 8.( is li*hter than air.
3b) 8.( is soluble in water.
3c) 8.( will escape from the *aps.
3d) 8.( is poisonous.
3#. ,hen acidified potassium dichromate solution is added to a Jar containin* sulphur dio/ide *as, the solution
3a) colourless 3b) brown 3c) dar oran*e 3d) *reen
31. ,hich structure out of D, DD, DDD and D> mared in the *i)en dia*ram of the epidermal peel of leaf should be
labelled as stoma5
3a) D 3b) DD 3c) DDD 3d) D>
3(. =hototropism 5 8hoots 5 4eotropism 5 KKKKKKKKKK
3a) <ea)es 3b) 6lowers 3c) Aoots 3d) 8hoots
33. The rest positions of the needles in a 1illiammeter and >oltmeter were shown in fi*ure A. ,hen a student
used these in her e/periment, the final readin*s of the needle were in the
position shown in fi*ure B.
The correct readin*s of the two instruments are5
3a) 3! mA and !.( > respecti)ely 3b) 3$ mA and !.% > respecti)ely
3c) 31 mA and !.% > respecti)ely 3d) 31 mA and !.( > respecti)ely
3!. To study the dependence of current 3D) on the potential difference 3>) across a resistor, two students used the
two set ups shown in fi*ure 3A) and 3B) respecti)ely. They ept the contact H in four different positions, mared
3i), 3ii), 3iii), 3i)) in the two fi*ures.
6or the two students, their Ammeter and >oltmeter readin*s will be minimum when the
contact H is in the position5
3a) 3i) in both the set ups.
3b) 3i)) in both the set ups.
3c) 3i)) in set up 3A) and 3i) in set up 3B)
3d) 3i) in set up 3A) and 3i)) in set up 3B)
3&. A circular loop placed in a plane perpendicular to the place of paper carries a current when the ey is .;. The
current as seen from points A and B 3in the plane of paper and on the a/is of the coil) is anti:clocwise
respecti)ely. The ma*netic field lines from B to A. The ;:pole of the resultant ma*net is on the face close to5
3a) A 3b) B
3c) A, if the current is small and B, if the current is lar*e. 3d) B, if the current is small and A, if the
current is lar*e.
3". Dn a hydro power plant5
3a) =otential ener*y possessed by stored water is con)erted into electricity.
3b) Linetic ener*y possessed by stored water is con)erted into potential ener*y.
3c) +lectricity is e/tracted from water.
3d),ater is con)erted into steam to produce electricity.
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