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Sample Paper 2015

Class X
Subject Science
Time: 2 Hrs
Maximum Marks: 60
General Instructions:
I) The question paper comprises of two sections A and ! "ou are to attempt #oth the sections!
ii) The candidates are ad$ised to attempt a%% the questions of &ection A separate%' and &ection separate%'!
iii) A%% questions are compu%sor'!
i$) There is no o$era%% choice! Howe$er( interna% choice has #een pro$ided in two questions of fi$e marks
cate)or' in &ection A and one question of 2 marks cate)or' and one question of * marks cate)or' in
&ection ! "ou are to attempt on%' one option in such questions!
Marks a%%ocated to each question are indicated a)ainst it!
$i) +uestions , to 6 in &ection A and ,- to,. in &ection are $er' short answer questions! These are to #e
answered in one word or one sentence on%'!
$ii) +uestions - to ,0 in &ection A and 20 to2/ in &ection are short answer questions! These are to #e
answered in a#out *0 0/0 words each!
+uestions ,, to ,/ in &ection A and 21 to 26 in &ection are a%so short answer questions! These are to
#e answered in a#out /0 0 10 words each!
+uestions ,1( ,6 in &ection A and 2- in &ection are %on) answer questions! These are to #e answered
in a#out -0 words each!
Section- A
,! 2rite the product formed when 3errous &u%phate is heated4
2! 2hat is the re%ationship #etween an)%e of Incidence 5 an)%e of 6ef%ection4
*! 2hat wi%% happen if the so%ution H'dro)en 7ar#onate is heated4 8i$e the equation of the
reaction in$o%$ed4
/! How can 9res#'opia #e corrected4
1! 2hat is the 7omposition of Aqua re)ia4
6! 2h' are copper wire used as connectin) wire4
-! An e%ement : on #urrin) in air form an oxide :o which when disso%$ed in water turns #%ue
%itmus red! Identif' if : is a meta% or non ; meta% <ustif' 'our answer4
=! 2hat is the cause of resistance offered #' a conductor4
.! How is )raphite used in %ead 9enci%s4
rief%' exp%ain the mechanism of nuc%ear fission process4
7%assif' the e%ement of third period into meta% 5 non ; meta% of the modern periodic ta#%e4
resistance 6 of conductor affected when on%' > is ha%$ed on%' ? is ha%$ed and on%' A is
@escri#e an experiment in detai% to stud' refraction of %i)ht throu)h a prism @raw with a ra'
dia)ram too! 2hat do 'ou mean #' an)%e of de$iation4
@escri#e an experiment to stud' refraction of a %i)ht ra' throu)h a rectan)u%ar )%ass s%a#
what are the important resu%t o#tained from the experiment4
The reaction meta% : and 3e A is hi)h%' exothermic and is used to Boin rai%wa'
Ca) Identif' meta% : and name the reaction
C#) 2rite the chemica% equation of its reaction with 3e A
2 *
An or)anic 7ompound A is wide%' used as a preser$ati$e in pick%es and has a mo%ecu%ar
formu%a 7 H A This compound reacts with ethano% to form a sweet sme%%in) 7ompound
/ 2
Ca) Identif' the 7ompound A
,0! 2hat are the two methods of producin) ma)netic fie%d4 2hich of these is #etter and wh'4
,*! A meta% : acquires a )reen coatin) on its surface an exposure to air
Ca) Identif' the meta% : and name the process responsi#%e for this chan)e
C#) Dame the )reen coatin) formed on the meta%4
A potentia% difference > across a conductor of %en)th ? 5 cross section area A how is the
C#) 2rite the chemica% equation with ethano% to from compound
Cc) How can we )et compound A #ack from
Cd) Dame the process and write equations4
Ce) 2hich )as is produced when compound A reacts with washin) &oda4 2rite the
7hemica% equations4
,-! 2hen #i%e is stored4
,=! Dame the p%ant hormone which in ha#its )rowths4
,.! 2hat is )enetic drift4
20! In which part of the fema%e reproducti$e or)an of human fema%e ferti%iEation take p%ace 5

@escri#e the workin) of artificia% Fidne'4
2hat happen to the ferti%iEed the e))4
2,! 2hat is the function of receptors 5 effectors or)an4
22! 2hat is #%ood pressure4 2hat is the $a%ue in a hea%th' person name the instrument used to
measure it4
2*! How information passes throu)h neurons4
2/! How do we know how o%d fossi%s are4
21! 2hat is meant #' po%%ination4 @escri#e its $arious t'pes a %on) with name of $arious
po%%ination a)ents4
@raw a dia)ram of Human rain4 26!
2hat is meant #' $e)etati$e propa)ation4 @escri#e its $arious wa's! 2hat is si)nificance of
$e)etati$e propa)ation4

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