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Call Tony Savarese at 817-26-6!" for sales and te#$ni#al s%&&ort

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Quotation and Description - Revised April 28,
Dear Customer
Thank you for your interest in our Journal Runout Measurment System. AP!"# has new re$uirements
for the electrical runout measurement of a %earin& 'ournal or electrical (ro%e area. )ur runout
instrument com(lies with these new AP s(ecifications. The com(lete system is descri%ed %elow in
detail. All (rices are *)+ Arlin&ton T,. Standard deli-ery time is .# days. Please feel free to call any
time if you ha-e any $uestions.

Complete System as described below for measuring both
the Electrical Runout and Mechanical Runout of a bearing
journal. Electrical Runout is measured with an Eddy
Current Sensor similar to that made by Bently Nevada. The
Mechanical Runout is measured with an LVDT probe.
Tracking of the angle is managed by an incremental
encoder running tangentially on the shaft. You can
measure one or both types of runouts. Your shaft can be
turned by hand without requiring constant speed.

A System as described below but without the LVDT probe
and without the encoder. This would be for measuring
Electrical Runout only. Your shaft must be rotated at
constant speed by machine rather than at variable speed
by hand. The run out software and hardware will only
measure the Electrical Runout. This system can later be
traded in for an upgrade to a complete system.

If you do not need all the features of the complete
system, but need more then the minimum system, give us a
call and we can configure the system as you desire and
make the appropriate adjustments in the price.

/e include all the hardware necessary to take electrical and mechanical runouts at the same time is
included e0ce(t for the com(uter and 12%locks. f you want us to include the com(uter3 (lease call
4"526!72!8.7 for information on selectin& a com(uter and the (rices. Ty(ically3 any current com(uter
system %ein& sold with a full -ersion of MS /indows will work. 9ou will also need :# de&ree 12
%locks to su((ort your rotor durin& measurement. De(endin& on the wei&ht of your rotors3 we would
recommend that you use nylon inserts in your 12%locks. f you need us to su((ly 12%locks3 we will
need the ran&e of your rotor wei&hts and 'ournal dimensions in order to $uote. The Standard System
<ddy Current Pro%e and ca%le =<lectrical Runout 2 Schenck 1i%ronecs >2#47?
@1DT Mechanical Pro%e and ca%le =Mechanical Runout resolution; #.####6A?
Pro0imity switch and ca%le =key (hasor?
Buadrature encoder with inde0 and ca%le
*our =8? Ma&netic %ase assem%lies to mount the (ro%es and encoder
Si&nal ConditionerCinterface %o0
Com(uter nterface Ca%le =US+?
Ru&&ed3 water (roof carryin& case. +y Stormcase
Software and license
. year warranty and life time free software u(dates
Setu(3 installin& the software on your com(uter3 and trainin&. Hotel and airfare not included.
)PT)> 2 +ud&etary (rice for a standard com(uter
/e ha-e decided to make the com(uter an o(tion %ecause many com(anies re$uire com(uter systems
to %e (urchased throu&h their own MS de(artments. f you want us to su((ly the com(uter3 we can do
so as an o(tion. The o(tional com(uter will %e a %rand new one and will (ro-ide you all the ori&inal
cash recei(ts and (a(ers so that you can re&ister it and claim any re%ates or ser-ice. /e char&e a
ser-ice fee of D"57 to handle the (urchase3 confi&uration3 and deli-ery of the com(uter. Com(uter
(rices fluctuate so you should %ud&et a total of D6### for this o(tion. Re&ardless of who su((lies the
com(uter3 we will -isit your facility and install the software and (ro-ide trainin&. This would %e done
in one day. The com(uter that you choose must ha-e a current full -ersion of a Microsoft /indows
o(eratin& system. )ther o(eratin& systems can %e su((orted at additional cost. The com(uter must
also meet the followin& re$uirements;
Pentium 8 at !## MHE or hi&her
67!k RAM or more
)ne ="? Fi&a%yte a-aila%le s(ace on the Hard Dri-e or more
Screen ad'usta%le to a "#6805!4 resolution
<thernet interface
nternet ca(a%ility to recei-e u(dates
US+ (ort
All tele(hone su((ort is free. A Three =.? year warranty is included on all (arts e0ce(t the com(uter.
The com(uter warranty would %e (ro-ided %y the com(uter manufacturer or distri%utor. All hardware
is off the shelf with minor modifications to connections. /arranty is handled on a re(lacement %asis.
Just call for o-er the (hone trou%leshootin& and &et an RMA to return the (art for re(lacement. /hen
we recei-e the %ad (art3 a re(lacement will %e returned the ne0t day. f you are in the continental US3
shi((in& of the new re(lacement (art is co-ered %y us for standard &round deli-ery. f you re$uire
o-erni&ht re(lacement3 you will %e res(onsi%le for the shi((in& cost. >o (urchase order is re$uired
unless you re$uire a new (art in ad-ance of us recei-in& the dama&ed (art. After we recei-e the (art3 it
will %e e-aluated. f the (ro%lem is a result of misuse3 this warranty will not a((ly and an in-oice will
issue which would include the details of our findin&s on the cause of failure.
f you are in the Continental US3 la%or and tra-el e0(enses for on2site setu( and trainin& is included in
the (rice e0ce(t for hotel and airfare. /e would %e tra-elin& from Dallas Te0as and -isit your facility
for one day. At that time we will install the software on your com(uter. /e would do this throu&h your
com(uter de(artment if they re$uire. )nce installed3 we will show your o(erators how the system
works and how to set it u( to take measurements. All features will %e re-iewed. Ma0imum attendance
is ! (eo(le. There is a small char&e for additional time to train more (eo(le.
The Runout Software is (ro-ided on CD R)M. t was de-elo(ed with the new AP s(ecification in
mind (lus additional features descri%ed %elow. Any new releases after your (urchase will %e a-aila%le
for free on our we%site. There is >) additional license fee. There is no re$uirement to install the latest
-ersion to &et su((ort. All -ersions will always %e a-aila%le on the we%site and all -ersions will %e
su((orted. >ew releases will %e issued to incor(orate new features. Customers can send su&&estions
%y email or throu&h the we%site. Su&&estions would %e incor(orated as (art of our continuous
im(ro-ement (ro&ram and will %e a-aila%le as new releases are issued. A readme file will always %e
included in the new release to identify the details of all the chan&es.
The software that we (ro-ide includes standard re(ort ty(es and includes many fields to enter -arious
(arameters. There is no limitation of how many com(uters you can install the software. All data can %e
-iewed and re(orts can %e &enerated on any com(uter without re$uirin& the interface hardware or
additional license fees. The hardware is only re$uired to take new measurements.
/e include a Schenck 1i%rone0 (ro%e which is an eddy current sensor. These are 'ust like the
+ently (ro%es e0ce(t the oscillatorCdemodulator electronics are inside the sensor makin& for a much
more sim(le setu(. Since the electronics are inside the sensor3 there is no re$uirement for a s(ecial
cali%rated ca%le. The dimensions of the 1i%rone0 are the same as the +ently (ro%e. The tem(erature
limit is lower for the Schenck (ro%e as com(ared to the +ently %ut this is not an issue durin& rotor
re(air. f you (refer to use your e0istin& eddy (ro%e3 then we will (ro-ide an ada(ter ca%le.
An @1DT ty(e (ro%e is used for measurin& mechanical run out. The (ro%e ti( is interchan&ea%le
with any AFT ty(e indicator ti( like those used on Starret indicators. The electronics to dri-e this
(ro%e are internal to the interface %o0. +y settin& u( %oth (ro%es3 the software can show you %oth the
mechanical and electrical run out at the same time for one (ro%e surface. This is dis(layed &ra(hically
with dis(lacementC&a( -s an&le. Usually these (ro%es are :# from each other if measurements are
taken in 12%locks %ecause they would %e setu( normal to the 12%lock surface. The software shifts the
trace in the &ra(h so that %oth traces are in (hase.
A key (hasor or (ro0imity switch is used to identify the %e&innin& of each re-olution. t can
tri&&er off the key or key way. Settin& u( the &a( is aided with an @<D on the sensor. 9ou can set the
(ro&ram to tri&&er on the leadin& ed&e3 trailin& ed&e3 or center of the keyway. As the rotor is rotated3 a
loud %ee( sounds to let you know each time you (ass the tri&&er. The o(erator can ha-e the software
measure any num%er of re-olutions. The trace for all re-olutions can %e shown3 or an a-era&e of the
re-olutions can %e (lotted. A minimum of one re-olution must %e measured. This run out instrument is
com(ati%le with shafts ha-in& more than one key or keyway.
The encoder is used to monitor the an&le durin& the measurement. This allows the o(erator to turn the
rotor %y hand and the (lots will still %e correct with res(ect to the an&le. f you are turnin& with a
machine at constant s(eed3 you do not ha-e to connect the encoder. The encoder is (ro-ided on a
ma&netic %ase and has a (ulley on it. The encoder can %e dri-en %y a +una %elt3 or the (ulley can ride
tan&entially on the surface of the rotor. Since the encoder %racket is s(rin&loaded 3 it will
mantain contact with the rotor. There is a threaded insert in the center of the (ulley so the encoder can
%e directly dri-en. f directly dri-en3 the (ro0imity switch is not re$uired %ecause the internal inde0 of
the encoder can %e used for the tri&&er si&nal. The interface %o0 is desi&ned to eliminate the errors
inherent with encoders such as rin&in& in the lines as well as chatter that is caused when the encoder
sto(s on a transition of the $uadrature. Please call for a descri(tion on how this works.
)nce the (ro%es are setu(3 the o(erator starts the (ro&ram. There is a lar&e dis(lay of a %ar &ra(h
to assist the o(erator settin& the &a( of the eddy (ro%e and the center (osition of the mechanical (ro%e.
Then the o(erator confirms the (ositions of the (ro%es and num%er of re-olutions to measure =default
is one?. The o(erator (resses a %utton when ready to take a %earin& runout measurement and then
rotates the rotor at will. The machine records the data as it is turned and knows when to start and sto(
%ased on the tri&&er of the (ro0 switch or encoder inde0. Data is immediately dis(layed &ra(hically in
a full screen with a lar&e li-e cursor . As the o(erator continues to rotate the rotor3 the
lar&e li-e cursor mo-es alon& the &ra(h indicatin& the (osition with res(ect to the (ro%e. The
smaller curser indicates the hi&h s(ot in the runout. This makes it easy to mark the hi&h s(ot on the
This system is -ery easy to use for measurin& %earin& 'ournal runout and meets the re$uirements of
AP2!"#. /e a((reciate your interest and look forward to your order. f you ha-e any $uestions3 you
can reach us at =4"5? 6!72!8.7.
+est re&ards3
Tony Sa-arese
6"": +radford Dri-e
Arlin&ton T, 5!#"#