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Oliver Robinson

English 1101X

Dr. Reiman

Final Reflection

As I look back on this semester I feel accomplished in many different

ways. At the beginning I never knew that I could take a piece of writing and

write essays that do not require a syllabus and where I can voice my own

opinion. Inquiring and interpreting were two ways of writing essays that I

knew nothing about, but now I want to do more of them and explore new

essay writing techniques. As far as becoming a true academic writer, this

course has helped me greatly. Last year I knew very little about academic

writing and this semester’s class has allowed me to find out what it is, and

has also given me key tools to become one. My day book will never be

thrown away and more than likely added to as I explore new ideas and

techniques in further writing courses. In the past my English classes have

been straight forward classes with assignments that did not allow for too

much creativity, this writing class was truly a new take on writing that I both

enjoyed and learned from.

I mentioned in my mid-term reflection that I improved my note taking

abilities and that I have improved my essay writing abilities, as the semester

progressed I continued improving on other areas of the class. One such area

is my role in peer our workshop groups. It took me a while but I realized the

true potential of learning from my peers and also helping them in any way
that I could. As I read other peoples pieces of works it allowed me to add or

exclude certain parts of my own essay. Reading my peers work also helped

me understand a better language to write in that could benefit me later on. If

I were to look at myself as a writer from the first week to week sixteen I can

see a definite change in my confidence towards new challenges such as how

to attack a new type of essay. This is evident in not only my essays

throughout the semester but the entries in my day book. The length and

quality changes which lets me know that even in class I can draw from my

new techniques.

This sixteen week course has truly benefited my writing abilities. I have

learned new techniques I mentioned above and I learned how to use these

techniques with different styles of writing. My abilities to take notes and use

quotes affectively in essays has also been improved to the point that I am

confident to put quotes in any piece of writing and help those who do not.

Peer Workshops have allowed me to become a more observant writer and

editor not only for my own pieces of writing but for others as well. In the

future I will look at my first college writing class with a positive view due to

the fact it has helped me so much.