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Eng 100

Basic Principles of Composition

Jeannine Stanko
Class Sections/Time/Location
Section: BC33H

Dates: 9/3 12/8

Days: Wednesdays & Online

Time: 10:00AM 11:45AM

Room: S661
Class Sections/Time/Location
Section: BC31

Dates: 9/3 12/8

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Time: 1:00 2:30PM

Room: N313
Ice Breaker
Choose a classmate that you dont already know. Ask
this classmate the following questions. You will be
introducing this person to the rest of the class so
make sure to write down their answers!
1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
2. What is your favorite Disney movie?
3. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
4. If you could visit any place in the world, where
would you go and why?
5. What is something that greatly annoys you?
Instructor Information
Jeannine Stanko

Office Hours: MTW by appointment
Office Location: Writing Lab

Class website:

Materials & Resources
Miller, George. The Prentice Hall Reader. 10
Boston: Prentice Hall, 2012. Print.

Internet capability

Flash drive

Tutoring Options: The Learning Assistance Center
and the Learning Commons provide free tutoring
to registered CCAC students. Online services are
available through
Learning Outcomes
Write effective paragraphs and short expository
essays that employ unity, coherence,
completeness, and order
Apply editing skills
Apply basic skills in critical reading and thinking
Shape writing by an awareness of audience,
purpose, and tone
Use and credit sources responsibly and
Produce 5-7 multi-paragraph essays, some of
which include reading-based writing, 14-18 pages
of writing for the semester
Listed Topics
Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and
Paragraph development, unity, and coherence
Thesis sentence development, evaluation, and
Plagiarism and proper citation conventions
The Writing Process
Editing and proofreading
Computer format
Quotation, summary, paraphrase
Writing for audience, purpose, and tone
Primary vs. secondary sources
Evaluating basic library holdings and internet sources
Differentiating between academic, professional, and
informal writing
Grading scale
A = 100-90%
B = 89 80%
C = 79-70%
D = 69-60%
F = 59% or below
Students must earn a C grade or better to
register for the next course in this
discipline or to use this course as a
prerequisite for a course in another

Tests & Quizzes
18% of final grade
Quizzes(4) - 80 points each
Grammar Final 50 points
Writing Final (2-3pgs) 50 points

10% of final grade
Writing chapter presentation
Must be done in groups (max 4 per group)
Classification & division
cause & effect
Pre-writes, Plans
10% final grade
Pre-writes & Plans (1-2pgs each), 100 points total
Narrative OR Description
Compare/contrast OR Classification & division
Process OR cause & effect

Attendance 22%
Students are expected to attend every class.
Each class is worth a portion of your final grade.
Rough drafts, peer reviews, in-class work, and quizzes cannot
be made up.
If you choose to come to class unprepared, you will be marked
For example, in order to participate in the peer review process,
you must have a completed rough draft. Rough drafts are due the
class before submissions no exceptions.
You will be considered late if you arrive after I have taken roll.
Lateness or early departure of 20 or more minutes counts as a
complete absence. After three late entries or early departure,
coming in late or leaving early will count as an absence.
Missing three classes will result in class failure. After missing
three classes, your grade will drop one letter grade every time
you miss class. One hour = one class

40% final grade
Essay #1 (1-2pgs) 100 pts
(narrative or description)
Essay #2 (2-3pgs) 100 pts
compare/contrast or classification/division
Essay #3 (2-3pgs) 100pts
Process or cause & effect
Essay #4 (2-3pgs) 100pts
argument annotated bibliography

Total 400 points

Each quiz and essay can be redone once
Due before next quiz or essay
If absent for a quiz, the mulligan is
forfeited. If an essay is submitted after
its due date, the mulligan is forfeited.
Further instructions for mulligan
submission described in syllabus
Essay Submission
Must be submitted at beginning of class!
Late papers forfeit mulligan
Essays will not be accepted after mulligan
Computer problem is NOT an emergency.
Email essay option
Attach & copy/paste into body
Must be received before class on due date
I will respond for your reassurance (text!)
A plagiarized essay will result in failure of

Must be turned off & out of sight

Texting or engaging in social networking
Computer/internet activities during instruction
Receive an absence for class period

No personal calls or bathroom breaks
Inform about emergencies

Disruptions talking during instruction or
student Q&A
Refer to Student Handbook for
acceptable/unacceptable behavior
Disciplinary policies & procedures of college
CCAC makes every effort to provide reasonable
accommodations for students with disabilities.
Questions about services and procedures should
contact the Office of Supportive Services.
During the semester, reasonable changes to the
course outline may be academically appropriate.
Students will be notified of these adjustments in
a timely manner.
Class Website
can access through Blackboard
Grades calculated on Blackboard
Can access directly


Prior to viewing online PowerPoint, read
definitions of parts of speech pgs. 582 583

Sample essay
Read Preface pages 1 46 (How to Read an Essay,
How to Write an Essay, How to Revise an Essay)

(Hybrid) For next Wednesday...
read definitions of parts of speech pgs. 582 583

For Wednesday
Sample essay
Read Preface pages 1 46 (How to Read an Essay,
How to Write an Essay, How to Revise an Essay)

(1:00) For Monday...
Writing Sample Prompt Due Wednesday
Choose 1 of the following.
Relate an experience that caused you to learn
something about yourself.
Describe either an annoying/obnoxious person or a
pleasant/courteous one.
Compare your values and priorities today to those you
held in high or middle school.
Explain what you consider to be the three most
important qualities of an instructor, teacher, or boss
Explain how to be a successful student.
Explain the causes of a bad day you recently
Argue for or against animal testing.
Diagnostic exam
Fill in the scantron bubble that corresponds with
your answer.
Does not count as a grade, but is a factor in your
final exam.