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Malaysia is located on South East Asia.

Malaysia totals land area is is 329,847 square

kilometers, which is the 67th largest country by the total area. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur. It
connects with Thailand in West Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei in East Malaysia. Malaysia main
exports are Integrated Circuits, Refined Petroleum, Palm oil, Petroleum Gas and Crude Petroleum.
Also main imports of Malaysia are Integrated Circuits, Refined Petroleum, Crude Petroleum,
Office Machine Parts and Computer as well. In 2010 the population was 28.33 million. Malaysia
has a good trading for many years. In 2555, Malaysias economic growth up by 5.6 that is very
high because of many factor such as the growth of the demand in the country that growth the best
in 10 years and the rate of invest in their government part. Although the supplied of Malaysia is
growth up very well and constantly specific on their building that always growth up since 2538.
While their inflation rate is around 1.6 percent because of the slowly of increase the goods price.
However the expert believe that develop country that follow Economic Transformation Program
of Malaysia will make Malaysia better develop and expand to world economic.

The financial system of Malaysia depends on various factors. The first important factor
that has the most effect on Malaysia's economic is about the area of the country. The land of
Malaysia is a peninsular. Therefore, it is a lot easier to send their commodities by shipping. Also,
it is faster than by using land. The land of this country is suitable for growing rubber trees. Many
foreigners are interested in a rubber because their native climates could not grow it like Malaysia
does. However, most of the populations in Malaysia are Muslim people, and some of them are
Chinese. It may occur some internal conflicts in the country and it will decrease the quality of the
country. Pollution in Malaysia also effected to quality of the country. Air pollution that comes
from Industries, Development Activities, Motor Vehicles, Power Generation, Land clearing, Open
Burning and Forest Fires this thing are affected to quality of air in Malaysia in every area.

However Malaysia government have economic policy. First they are open for trade
invests and changes in technology from the western country for develop their country to the
developed country. They use political policy in economic for the benefit and chance for trade of
their country also expands the connection between the country about economic and trading with
the developed country. For the way to save our money in transportation in this country is the bus
but it must be late for the round so taxi can be more comfortable and save the time they charge on
2 Ringgit per 2 km and 10 cent for after 200m. Malaysia has many trains for their transportation.
First is KTM it is the electric train that create by Indian this train travel around the city and they
also has the Express Langkawl. STAR sky train or System Transit Aliran Ringan It is the light
railway that used people for driving. It begin to build on 1993 for welcome to the competition of
British Empire (Commonwealth Game) which Malaysia is the host in 1998.KLIA Express, This
train run to Kuala Lumpur International Airport-KLIA. The important natural resource in
Malaysia is tin oil forest and natural gas. Malaysia important export is Electronic equipment, Palm
Oil and Natural gas. Malaysia main import is electronic equipment, machine part etc. Floods are
the primary hazard affecting Malaysia. Landslides and droughts are also significant though their
effects are limited too much smaller areas in the eastern regions. When weighted by mortality,
landslides pose a large risk for the northeastern part of the country. The hazards affecting the
western region are distinctly different than those impacting the eastern areas.