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Summer Workshops were a great success this year!

In our July newsleter we highlighted the Writng Workshop and

the Garage Band Music Workshop. Our last two workshops were Art and Photography. We were extremely fortunate to have
two amazingly talented ladies volunteer their tme and expertse to lead these
workshops. Not only are they artstc and talented, but they also have a great
rapport with students and are really good at getng some incredible work out of
July 21st was the frst day of our Art Workshop, Meet the Masters.
Led by Lisa Brouwer Thompson, (an artst from Tri-cites*), this workshop was
not only a fun hands-on type workshop, but also interestng and educatonal!
Lisa introduced the students to artsts Georgia OKeefe, Henry Moore, Pablo
Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh. Students learned a litle bit about the life and
work of each artst and tried their hand at creatng art pieces of their own in
the style or subject mater of each artst! We had some colorful fower drawings, unique sculptures, interestng abstract self-
portraits, and beautful sidewalk art! During this workshop, the students worked on their sawhorse sheep entry for the Yakima
Valley Fair and Rodeo. The fnal product was Edible Elsa, a sheep made out of marshmallows of all sizes, with licorice legs, a
bread loaf face, and avocado skin ears. It was quite an undertaking in problem-solving as the hot glue guns used to atach the
marshmallows got so hot the marshmallows were meltng of instead of stcking on!
It is so fun to watch students create together, but it is pure joy to see them discover
that they have talent and gifs that they never tapped into before! Watching students as they
realize that they can create something unique and artstc is indeed priceless! Self-esteem
is a direct result of this process of persevering to the successful
completon of a fnished product! We will be celebratng all
of our students creatve masterpieces from all of our summer
workshops on Tuesday, September 30th. Please be sure to mark
your calendars now to join us in encouraging students to excel!
Our last workshop started on July 28th and was led by
Rene Groom, a local photographer from Prosser. Rene brought photography down to earth for our
students and helped them learn how to expertly handle a camera. Students spent the mornings
maneuvering their way around the camera and learning the 3 pillars of photography, aperture,
shuter-speed, and ISO. Afer lunch, students were given the opportunity to go out with their
cameras and practce the techniques they learned each morning. We are extremely grateful to all
those adults who volunteered to take groups of students out all over Lower Valley to capture so
many amazing sights on camera!
As always, we are so grateful to ALL of the volunteers who made these workshops possible.
Many hands DO make light work! Thanks to those of you who brought some awesome lunches, drove students around in the
heat, edited stories, looked at photos, rated stories, and ofered a word of encouragement as well as all of our instructors! We
could not do it without ALL of you! Thank you!
*If you are interested, Lisa Brouwer Thompsons work can be viewed on Facebook and on-line under the name Naked Wall.


Mark your calendars now!! Tuesday, September 30th we will be displaying
some of the student creatons from our summer workshops. Students will be looking
forward to showing you their work and sharing their summer experiences with you.
Please join us in celebratng their talents and hard work!
We will have a book of student artwork and writng along with some pictures
of students in the workshops available at out Back to School Summer Showcase. These
will be used as a fund-raiser and will be on sale along with cards and calendars showing
of the students work. Please look for your copy of Masterpiece this fall and join us
for a night of celebratng students on September 30!
Gene Iwami
Co-Founder and Director
Kathy Iwami
Co-Founder and Assistant Director
Board of Directors:
Javier Alvarez
Alfonso Contreras
Tamara Brader
Kevin Chase
Tyler Sorensen
Enrique Morales
Student Leaders:
Sarah Alonzo Lizeth Valencia
Josue Arteaga Cindy Espinoza
Martin Figueroa Arcelia Garcia
Jimmy Guajardo Salvador Gutierrez
Araceli Licea Alondra Perez
Erick Rodriguez Marlen Rojas
The Extra Mile Student Center exists to
provide students in grades 7-12 a network
of people and resources in a safe and
encouraging environment to help them
develop and achieve their educational,
personal, and career goals.
Telephone: (509) 882-0363
Mobile: (509) 840-4478
206 W. 2nd St.
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Monday 2:00-6:00
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Success Connection meets on Tuesday and
Thursday from 7:00-9:00.
Visit our website at www. and like us on
Facebook. Share our sites with your friends!
The Extra Mile Student Center is a state of
Washington 501(c)(3) Non-Proft
The answer is yes, you are! The truth is, we all are leaders, followers, and mentors
at diferent tmes in our lives for diferent people. And you have infuence! Whether you
know it or not, like it or not, there is someone in your life that you are infuencingfor
good or bad! We are none of us islands! We really cannot live entrely to ourselves and
most of us dont really want to live the hermit life. Maybe on occasion that sounds good
or easy, but basically, we really do need each other! So how much more do our kids
need us?
We have been in the habit of creatng mini adults in our culture by allowing
children to choose for themselves and pay the consequences when they are not mature
enough or disciplined enough to know what is good for them. While this may work for
some, the results are much more positve when a young person has the guidance and
encouragement of a caring adult.
Mentoring is not always easy! Ask someone who has done it! It is rarely
convenient, and sometmes it isnt even fun and rewarding! (MOSTLY IT IS FUN AND
REWARDING!) But we can promise you that it does make a diference in the life of a
student! You dont even have to take our word for it! You can research mentoring all day
long and fnd plenty of statstcs and life-stories that validate the value of mentoring! So
are you ready?? The school year is about to begin! Call today to sign up to be a mentor in
our Success Connecton mentoring/tutoring program!
On Friday, August 1, students from the
Leadership Team served lunch to the employees
of Fruitsmart, one of our corporate sponsors. This
was a small way of saying Thank You for all of the
support we have received from Fruitsmart and their
employees. There are 47 employees partcipatng
in the payroll deducton and company matching
donaton program! What a great demonstraton
of community awareness and support! We are grateful to the managment team of
Fruitsmart for setng a good example and helping their employees to see the benefts of
supportng students in the community!
We had a great tme of fun, games, food,
rafes, and fellowship as many families atended
the Family Fun Night at the Grandview Community
Center on Friday, August 1. Students from the
center helped out as we partnered with the Parks
and Rec department to sponsor the event. Mike
Carpenter and Parks and Rec Intern Eric Charvet
did a great job of organizing the night and making
it enjoyable for everyone involved!
July Finances
July Donations - $7,246
Monthly Budget - $10,568
Actual June Expenses - $10,368
Pledged For July - $7,351
Our Online Aucton Fundraiser will take place in November again this year! There
are a couple of ways you can help make this a successful event. One is to mark your
calendars and spread the word to everyone you know! Another way is to donate funds or
an item for the aucton. Unique items, tckets to games and events, hotel or resort stays,
collectbles, and gif certfcates are great aucton items. Or maybe you know someone
who might be willing to donate an item. We are looking forward to seeing this event
contnue to grow and for as many people as possible to partcipate!