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Test pattern

Herz some of the questions of previous test paper dat may help u in preparation..
Test pattern
English;5 synoyoms,5 Antonyms,5 fill d blanks
Math's;10 to 15 MCQs
IQ;10 MCQs
G.k ;portion5 MCQs
Previous paper;
complete the sentences..
Math Portion Total 15 question
1.take 1000 and add 40 to it, than 1000 add 47 than add 1000.
ans: 3087
2. if the cost of 10 chairs is 40 than what is the cost of such 20 chairs?
ans: 80
3 man bought shirts at a cost of 400 and sold it @ 500, what is the % profit he earned?
ans: 25%
4 8+7+6+5-(9+8+7+6)
ans: -4
5 worker complete a work in 8 days, how many days require for 4 worker to complete ths
6 2x+3y=8 & y=2X
7. man bought a shirt at 24 and sold it 30. for getting 1200 profit how many shirt he should
Ans. 200

Intelligence question
1.9 18 27 36 .....
2. A D H M S ....
3. B C C D E E F G.....

4.If cloud is called white, white is called rain, rain is called green, green is called air, air is
called blue and blue is called water, where do birds fly in?
Ans blue

5. 27 25, 26 24, 25 23, 24 22, ____
Ans 23 21

6. how many month have 28 days
Ans. 12
SECP for securities and exchange commission of pakistan
First Prime Minister liaqat ali khan
UNDP For united nation development program
IMF for international monetary fund
General Secretry ban ki moon
what is cheque?
what is Bank?
role of SBP?
Cross drawn at?
deposit of bank is known as?

1. How many such
pairs of letters are
there in the word
GUARDIAN each of
which has as many
betweenthem in the
word as in the
English alphabet
?(A) None (B)
One(C) Two (D)
Three(E) More than
three2. Four of the
following five are
alike in a certain way
and so form a group.
Which is the
onethat does
notbelong to that
group ?(A) 19 (B)
17(C) 23 (D) 29(E)
273. How many
meaningful English
words can be made
with the letters
TEBI using each
letter only once in
eachword ?(A) None
(B) One(C) Two (D)
Three(E) More than
three4. In a certain
code LONG is
written as 5123 and
GEAR is written as
3748. How isLANE
written in that code
? (A) 5427(B) 5247
(C) 5847(D) 5237(E)
None of these5. BD
is related to EG and
MO is related to
PR in the same way
as FH is related to
.(A) JM (B) IL
(C)JL (D) IKs