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Reminder to Belgian lawyer who

sold her soul to devil!

by Mohammad Asghar
01 Sep, 2007
This is the text of a letter I wrote to the Belgian lawyer who is attempting to silence
one of the voices of reason.

Dear Ms. Wouters,

This has reference to Dr. Ali Sina's note to your legal notice, which you have served
on the website Laughi, alleging that it is guilty of i nsulting Islam and its
founder. Since Dr. Ali has covered almost all the aspects of one human's expectation
from another I will suffice by sharing with you my commentary on one of the verses
of the Quran, with the hope that it will help you understand a little bit how you are
going to sacrifice your and your children's future, if you have any, at the altar of Islam
and its founder by becoming a tool of one of the Muslim bigots.

But before doi ng that, I would like to emphasis that as a lawyer, it is your duty to
always stand up for the cause or causes of the aggrieved humans. That said, may I
ask you if the suit you are contemplati ng to file against Laughi is for
defending the rights of the aggrieved humans, or is it i ntention to defend something
that is i ndefensible?

I am sure the Islamist who has hired you to file the lawsuit is not an aggrieved
human, for Islam is not his personal property. Whatever has been post or is bei ng
posted on the was or is not directed at him. On the other hand, I
strongly believe that the non-Muslims are the aggrieved humans whom Islam has
reduced to the status of sub-humans. The following verse should help you
understand what I am tryi ng to say here:
9:29: "Fight [kill] those who believe not i n Allah nor the Last Day nor hold that
forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle [i.e. Muhammad], nor
acknowledge the Religion of Truth [i.e. Islam], (even if they are) of the People of the
Book [i.e. Jews and Christians], until they pay Jizya with willing submission, and feel
themselves subdued."
If you agree with me that the non-Muslims are the aggrieved humans, then you
should stand up for them and sue the defenders of Islam for causing immense harm
and pain to them by following its evil precepts and doctri nes. Will you please
consider doing so for saving mankind from the clutches of Islam and its proponents?

Please read my commentary keeping the above verse i n your mind. Should you
have any difficulty in understanding it, please feel free to let me know; I will be more
than happy to help you understand the threat Islam poses to the entire non-Muslim
community of the world.

10:108: O ye men! Now truth hath reached you from your Lord! Those who
receive guidance, do so for the good of their own souls; those who stray, do so to
their own loss: and I am not (set) over you to arrange your affairs.
To a casual reader, what is stated in the above verse will appear to be a reasonable
proposition from Allah to the people of Mecca, it being: as you sow so will you reap.
I am not here to set your affairs in order. But has Allah really said that? Let us

When Muhammad had doubt on the veracity of His teachings, Allah asked him to
consult the Christians, in order to remove his doubt. But when they told him that what
Allah was telli ng him was not to be found in their book, He not only called them liars,
He also threatened them with the punishment of Hell for hiding truth from
Muhammad.[1] He did the same thing to the Jews of Medina. This means that Allah
disputed even those matters, which were recorded i n the Scriptures of the Jews and
the Christians. So, the questions are:

When Allah had no intention of accepting as true what was written in the books of
the Jews and the Christians, then why did He ask Muhammad to check His
messages with them? When He was determi ned to reject even the recorded
messages of Moses and Jesus Christ, was it possible for their followers to argue and
come out successful agai nst His allegation that their Scriptures were the corrupted
and i nterpolated versions of the messages He had sent to both His apostles a long
time ago?

The truth of the matter is that Allah had to win at any cost against the Pagan, Jewish
and the Christian communities of his land. He referred to their Scriptures when it was
convenient for Him. He rejected them when doi ng so was i n His best i nterest. An
opponent with such a sharp and manipulative mind, coupled with an ability to turn
any and all situations to His advantage, His opponents never succeeded i n nailing
Him down; every time they tried, they ended up being the losers.

The loss of Allahs opponents was the loss of the entire humanity. Their legitimate
failure to contain Him gave us Islam a religion that is supposed to turn the life of all
the non-Muslims into hell. Not only that, the non-Muslims also stand to eventually
lose their li ves to the soldiers of Islam, should they succeed i n getting an upper hand
over them. They have been worki ng hard for it and with the way the things in the
world are goi ng today, they are likely to succeed i n their Allah-assigned duty very

The Muslims will make the non-believers reap what they are sowi ng today. With
Allahs help, they will kill them, but save their young mothers, sisters and daughters
etc. to be their sex-slaves, if they refused to become Muslims. They will, however, be
able to save their lives, if they agreed to pay protection tax to the Muslims with wi lli ng
submission with a promise to live the lives of slaves.[2]

So the non-Muslims of the world beware! Your days as non-believers in Islam are
limited. Therefore, either begin taking actions to defend yourselves against the
imminent Muslim onslaught, or be ready to surrender your freedom to the dictates of
Islam. Choice is yours. Unquote


Mohammad Asghar

[1] Cf. The Quran; 11:5.

[2] Cf. The Quran; 9:29.