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Lord Ganesha Series:

Shwetam Ganesham Athitya Card


A pristine white card with Lord Ganesha on the envelope and the cover is shubham for all kinds of new
ceremonies. Lord Ganesha and an ensemble of people on the front speak volumes without words. You
can distribute these cards as invitations for occasions like Anniversary, Engagement, Family, Featured
cards/best selling, Hindu Events, Housewarming, Inauguration and Opening ceremonies, New arrival,
Reception, Screen, VIP reception for functions and Weddings also. The envelope is of minimalist fashion
which has a Lord Ganesha logo on the top left corner and the card has a matte finish, which ensures that
the presage of the event is indeed lucky.

Royal Suvarnam Ganesha Card

An all-occasion invitation card which has a bearing, that the event has received the benevolence of all
the Godesses and Gods in advance. The Golden Brown and alternating White coloured assembly of
Ganesha Design on the cover and the card seriously point that card is strictly for initiating events like an
Anniversary, Engagement, Family, Featured cards/best selling, Hindu festivals and occasions,
Housewarming, Inauguration /Opening, New arrival, Reception, Screen, VIP, Wedding. The charges are
purely affordable. Now you do not need to run to the card maker. All you need is to order online.

Green Ganesha: Eco friendly Ganesha Card

Another card from the Ganesha series, this is the best choice for those who are instilled with modernism
and traditions. The card is a contemporary blend of traditions and values. The astral imagery shows the
omnipotence of the invitation. It is best suited for VIP invitations and Hindu Weddings. Ganesha
presides as Ganpati due to his power in removing unnecessary obstacles. It is comfortably priced. This
card theme is a symbol of luck and prosperity in all walks of life. May Ganpati bless you!

VIP Invitation Card

This is a secular invitation card. This is a normal card which can be used for all kinds of formal and
informal occasions. You can use it for family and non-familial events as well. This card is apt for an
Anniversary, Christian festival and events, Engagement, Family, Featured cards/best selling, Hindu,
Housewarming, Inauguration /Opening, Interfaith, New arrival, Reception, Screen, Sikh, VIP, Walima or
Wedding. All you need is to order online, and the consignment will be delivered to your home. It is well
suited for any budget.

Parama Ganesha, Balaji and Lakshmi Card

This is a featured card and one of our best sellers. This card consists of three omnipotent Gods, namely
Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. This card is best suited for VIP invitations. It is equally
suitable for a Hindu festival or wedding. The glossy finish indicates the importance that is being
bestowed to the occasion and the guest. In India, serving the guest properly is Param Dharma. The
heavenly bliss of the card infuses a divine stupor in the invitees request. The guests will surely feel
welcome to the event. There is no way he will be able to refuse such a gracious invite.