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EE/CompE Senior Design

Dr. Fred R. Beyette Jr. Dr. Karen C. Davis

900 Rhodes Hall 828 Rhodes Hall
556-4588 556-2214

8/29/14 1 EECE 50x1 Senior Design
Todays Agenda
! Course announcements
" the text book
" your responsibilities
# team
# project
# advisor
" overview of the assignments
" homework for next week
# take online survey (URL emailed and posted)
# Piazza invitation (for course discussion)
# assigned readings
" poster and demo day (aka tech expo): April 6, 2015
! Co-op activity
8/29/14 EECE 50x1 Senior Design 2
Course Objective
! The goal of this course is to enable the student
to apply the knowledge and engineering skills
acquired in the preceding 4 years.
" develop/demonstrate hands-on design experience
" prototype a device/system or perform research
" develop project management and presentation skills
! Students work in teams under the supervision of
an advising professor.
! Each student is expected to display significant
independent effort in the design of the project,
system, or the research experiment.
8/29/14 EECE 50x1 Senior Design 3
Text Book
Engineering Design: A Project-based Introduction
Clive L. Dym and Patrick Little, 4
" Why are we using a text book
! Insight into what we mean when we say design
! Insight into project management methods
! Insight into social/ethical implications of engineering design
" How will we use the text book
! Guide to our lecture discussion
! Guide to you as you go work through your design project
! Basis for some of the content we expect to see in your project
EECE 50x1 Senior Design
Fall Course Structure
" First Phase: Planning
# Some course lecture upfront regarding design methodology
and project management
# Simultaneously, you should be forming teams and
identifying a design project
" Second Phase: Design
# Work with your team and project advisors to develop a
project design
# Submit weekly status reports and have your Design History
File signed off weekly
" Third Phase: Formal Design Review
# Summarize your final design
# Get approval for moving forward into the implementation
phase in spring semester
EECE 50x1 Senior Design
Project Identification
! You are responsible for forming a team, choosing a project and
finding an advisor for that project
! There are many sources for good senior design projects
" Something that you have been wanting to work on
" A faculty member you have been wanting to work with
" An idea that came from your experience on co-op
" An idea contributed by a faculty member
! What are the requirements for a good project
" Something that you will enjoy working on all year
" Something with enough substance to be challenging
" Something that will allow you to showcase your skills/talents
" Something that will be good for a team of 3-4 students to work on
! Project ideas will be posted in a folder under the resources tab
8/29/14 EECE 50x1 Senior Design 6
Task Schedule
Title Description
Due Date
% of Course
Preliminary Project Proposal Description of your project,
approaches, and team members TBD 10%
Final Project Proposal A final statement of your project,
goals, objectives and project
TBD 15%
Design Review Written and oral presentation of your
Last Week
of Classes
5 min. Elevator Speech A 5 min video pitching the importance
of your project Finals Week 10%
DHF/Weekly Status Reports Design process documentation and
weekly progress reports Continuous 5%
8/29/14 EECE 50x1 Senior Design 7
Homework Reminder
! complete the online survey by Tuesday 9/2/14 at 5pm
" interest areas
" teammates, if known
! read Chapters 1 and 2.1-2.3 in the text book
! read the couch potato/hitchhiker paper online
! start discussing project ideas
" with classmates
" with professors
" with professionals
! teams of 3-4 will be assigned by the course profs and
announced in class on Friday 9/5
8/29/14 EECE 50x1 Senior Design 8