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Complan's procedures and check-lists are supplied with WinPCS

Over 600 international standard procedures to cover QA/QC, HSE,
construction completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning,
start-up, operations and maintenance. These procedures are based
on the best from the nearly 100 WinPCS projects (lesson learned).
Some covers strict government regulation requirements and many
are in dual languages. Major industries and all disciplines are
covered. Utilising these proven procedures can immediately give a
substantial cost saving as they eliminate the need for teams of
procedure writers.
Deliverables - Procedures - Typical - (dual languages available too)
The following (example) - Oil&Gas - test procedures / records are only a few of procedures that
come with WinPCS. A set of procedures are also available for FPSO, High-Speed Rail-Roads,
Mining, Fertilizers, Refineries, Copper, Uranium, Gold, Aluminium, Magnesium, Chemical and
Water-treatment Plants. All procedures are in both WinPCS (fast printing) or Word for Windows
Formats. - Client's own test procedures in any language may be used - WinPCS can easily convert
any document represented in other electronic formats.
Inspection Test Procedure
Construction -Mechanical Completion (MC)
Function Test Procedure
Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning
(Foundations upon request)
A001A - Area Completion
A002A - Sanitary Equipment
A003A - Specialist Equipment
A004A - Combined Area Acceptance
A005A - Painting, Systems and Areas
A006A - Fireproofing, Systems and Areas
A007A - Painting Route Markings (By Area)
A008A - Insulation of Walls & Ceilings
D001A- Drilling System Installation
D002A- Drilling Equipment
D003A- Drilling Chemicals
E001A- H.V. Cables
E002A- L.V. Cables ( <1000 v )
E003A- L.V. Switchboard (including SCR switchboard)
E004A- H.V. Switchboard
E005A- Distribution Boards
E006A- Lighting and Small Power Circuit
E007A- Equipment Earth
E008A- Control or Relay Panel
E009A- Control Station / Junction box
E010A- Electric Motor (AC / DC)
E011A - Battery Charger and Batteries
E012A- Inverter
E013A- Generator
E014A- Power Transformers
E015A- Trace Heating Tape
E016A- Electric Heater
E017A- Certified Equipment
E018A- Neutral Earth Resistor
E019A- Earth Loop Resistance
E020A- LV Starter/Contactor
E021A- Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment
E022A- Ladder Rack (By Area)
E023A- Secondary Route, Racks and Trays (By Area)
E024A- Cable Transit Installation (By Area)
H001A- HVAC Ductwork Installation
H002A- HVAC Ductwork Air Leakage Test
H003A- Damper Installation
H004A- Heating / Cooling Coil
E001B - H.V. Cables
E001R - H.V. Cable Record Sheet
E002B - L.V. / H.V. Switchboard
E002R - L.V. / H.V. Switchboard Record Sheet
E003B - Distribution Boards
E004B - Lighting Circuit
E005B - Small Power / Socket Circuit
E006B - Control Panel
E007B - Motor Circuit
E007R - Motor Circuit Record Sheet
E008B - UPS / Battery System
E008R - UPS / Battery System Record Sheet
E009B - Generator / Alternator
E009R - Generator / Alternator Record Sheet
E010B - Power Transformer
E010R - Power Transformer Record Sheet
E011B - Heat Trace Circuit
E012B - Electric Heater
E013B - Miscellaneous Equipment
E014B - Protection Relay Circuit
E014R - Protection Relay Circuit Record Sheet
H001B - HVAC System (Static Check)
H002B - HVAC Fire Dampers & Panel (Test)
H003B - HVAC Dampers & Panel (Test)
H004B - HVAC Heating / Cooling Coil
H005B - HVAC Air Handling Units
H006B - HVAC Filter Coalescer & Air Filter
H007B - HVAC Electric Heater & Panels
H008B - HVAC Humidifiers & Panels
H009B - HVAC Fans
H009R - HVAC Fan / Motor Test Record Sheet
H010B - HVAC Package Air Conditioner (UPS, Refrigeration, AHU)
H011B - HVAC Constant Volume Terminal Boxes
H012R - HVAC Air Volume Ductwork Traverse Record Sheet
H013R - HVAC System Performance - Branch Duct Balance Record
H014R - HVAC System Performance Terminal Balance Record Sheet
H015R - HVAC Area Pressure Test Record Sheet
H016R - HVAC System / Area Temperature Humidity Record Sheet
H017R - HVAC System / Area Noise & Vibration Record Sheet
H018R - HVAC System Performance Record Sheet
I001B - Instrument Loop Check
ITR, Construction Procedures and FTC, Pre-Commissioning Procedures
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H005A- Air Handling Unit
H006A-Filter / Coalescer
H007A- Insulation of HVAC Ductwork
H008A- Air Filter
H009A- Humidifier
H010A- Attenuators and Weather Louvers
H011A - Refrigeration Units
H012A- Constant Volume Terminal Boxes
H013A- Grilles Diffusers and Nozzles
H014A- Extract Hoods
H015A- Spray Washer / Mud Scrubbing Unit
H016A- Air Reservoir Vessels Dampers
H017A- Expansion Vessel.
H018A- Fans.
H019A- Heat Exchangers
I001A - Instrument Inspection - Electronic
I002A - Instrument Installation
I003A - Valves & Ancillaries.
I004A - Orifice Plate Inspection
I005A - Instrument Panels & Junction Boxes
I006A - Instrument Area Completion
I007A - Relief Valve
I008A - Insulation of Instrument Systems
L001A - Portable Fire Extinguishers
L002A - Hosereel & Cabinets
L003A - Hydrants & Hydrant Cabinets
L004A - Deluge Valve skids & Sprinkler Systems
L005A - Fire Water / AF Monitor
L006A - Dry Powder System
L007A - Aircraft Equipment / Firemans Cabinet
L008A - Safety-showers & Eyebaths
L009A - Breathing Apparatus
L010A - Lifebuoys, Lifejackets & Cabinets
L011A - Miscellaneous Equipment
L012A - Escape Routes and Signs
L013A - Fire Protection Insulation or liquid
M001A - Tank
M002A - Vessel
M003A - Heat Exchanger
M004A - Centrifugal / Positive Displacement Pumps
M005A - Submersible Pumps
M006A - Coupling Alignment
M007A - Pedestal Crane
M008A - Lifting Equipment General
M009A - Filter / Strainers
M010A - Flare Tips & Spools
M011A - Lifeboat & Davit
M012A - Flange Alignment
M013A - Base Plate
M014A - Miscellaneous Equipment
M015A - Gas Compressor
M016A - Air Compressor
M017A - Insulation of Equipment
M050A - Packaged Equipment Installation
M051A - Packed Equipment Inspection
M001R - Mechanical Alignment Recordings
P001A- Testpack Isometric Index
P002A- Piping Installation
P003A- Test Equipment Calibration Certificate
P004A- Flushing and testing Certificate
P006A- Testpack Reinstatement
P007A- Chemical Cleaning
P008A- Hot Oil Flushing
P009A- Insulation of Piping Systems
P010A- Testpack Completion Record
(Foundations upon request)
S001A- Main Structural Completion
S002A- Doors & Hatches
S003A- Cathodic Protection
I002B - Control / Shutdown Logic Test
I003B - System Interface/Interlock Check
I004B - HVAC Dampers Loop Check
I005B - Fire & Gas Detection / General Platform Alarm Information Test
I006B - Fire & Gas System Logic Test
I007B - Sprinkler System Test
I008B - C0
System Test
I009B - Instrument PSV Check
I010R - Instrument Calibration Record Sheet
I011R - Instrument Set Point Change Record Sheet
L001B - Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
L002B - Deluge Valve Skids & Sprinkler System
L003B - Firewater / AFFF Monitor
L004B - Dry Powder System
L005B - Safety shower & Eyebath
L006B - Safety Equipment
L007B - Escape Routes and Signs
M001B - Tank
M002B - Vessel
M003B - Heat Exchanger
M004B - Centrifugal / Positive Displacement / Submersible Pumps
M005B - Coupling
M006B - Crane
M007B - Lifting Equipment
M008B - Filters / Strainers
M009B - Lifeboat & Davit
M010B - Packaged Equipment
M011B - Air Compressor
M012B - Compressor Train
P001B - Process System Installation
P002R - Test Certificate (Gross Air Leak Test)
P003R - Test Certificate (N2/He Leak Test)
P004B - Witnessed Joint
P005B - Valve Interlocking System
T001B - GA/PA System Commissioning Onshore
T002B - System Commissioning
T003B - GA/PA System Commissioning Offshore
T004B - PABX System Commissioning Offshore
T005B - Communication System Commissioning Offshore
T006B - Entertainment System Commissioning Offshore
In addition to the above FTCs comes Vendor specific tests and
calibration sheets.
The following documentation can be provided :

Pre-Commissioning Manuals
Commissioning and Start-up Manuals
Maintenance Manuals
Maintenance Instruction
ITR, Construction Procedures and FTC, Pre-Commissioning Procedures
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S004A- Insulation (Lagging) Walls & Ceilings
T001A- Field Device Installation Check
T002A- Equipment Rack Installation Check
T003A- Cable & MDF Installation
In addition to the above ITRs comes Vendor specific tests and calibration
ITR, Construction Procedures and FTC, Pre-Commissioning Procedures
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