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Assignment # 3 Recruitment

a) She can determine if there is a Human resource plan in place for the company to
identify staffing requirements, or is getting requests from managers the only option
to fill positions. Human resource planning allows the Human resource group to be
proactive when hiring. Both methods are good sources of information to start the
recruitment process.
b) If turnover is increasing Jane can request information from managers about what
they are looking for in new employees. She can also talk to eisting employees
! successful recruiter must
"iversity management
#ecruiter habits
can constrain the recruiter. $olicies seek to achieve uniformity, economies, public
relations benefits, and other ob%ectives unrelated to recruiting. &our policies that have
implications for recruiters are'
Promote from within Policies
$romoting from within aids employee morale, attracts recruits looking for %obs with
a future, and helps retain present employees. Bypassing current employees can
lead to employee dissatisfaction and turnover. (ooking internally for the right
employee may slow down the recruiting process.
Compensation Policies
! common constraint faced by recruiters is pay policies. )rgani*ations with
human resource departments usually establish pay ranges for different %obs.
#ecruiters seldom have the authority to eceed stated pay ranges.
International Hiring Policies
$olicies in some countries, including +anada, may also require foreign %ob
openings to be staffed with local citi*ens
Human Resource Plans
! good human resource plan will identify which %obs should be filled by recruiting and
which ones should be filled internally. ,he plan helps recruiters because it
summari*es future recruiting needs. ,his foresight can lead to economies in
Diversity Management Programs
-here diversity management and employment equity programs eist, recruitment
must also take these programs into account. ! diversity management program may
restrict hiring to women or minorities.
Recruiter Habits
#ecruiter habits may also perpetuate past mistakes or obscure more effective
alternatives. .sing recruitment techniques that worked in the past may not work in
today/s economy.
Environmental Conditions
+hanges in the labour market and the challenges mentioned can affect recruiting. ,he
unemployment rate, the pace of the economy, spot shortages in specific skills,
pro%ections of the labour force by Statistics +anada, labour laws, and the recruiting
activities of other employers0all of these factors affect the recruiter/s efforts
Job Reuirements
)f course, the requirements of each %ob are a constraint. Highly speciali*ed workers,
for eample, are more difficult to find than unskilled ones. #ecruiters learn of a %ob/s
demands from the requesting manager/s comments and %ob analysis information. Job
analysis information is especially useful because it reveals the important
characteristics of the %ob and applicants. 1nowledge of a %ob/s requirements allows
the recruiter to choose the best way to find recruits, given the constraints under which
the recruiter must operate. -ithout this %ob analysis a recruiter2s %ob becomes difficult.

(ike all other members of an organi*ation, recruiters must also operate within
budgets. ,he costs of identifying and attracting recruits are an ever3present limitation.
,he recruiter is very much like a marketer0he or she is selling the company as a
potential place of work to all eligible recruits. !s with any marketing effort,
inducements may be necessary to stimulate a potential recruit/s interest.
,here are many reasons that may account for inefficient hiring that are not the result
of who is doing the recruiting or where ads are being placed. Jane should review
these factors with her manager.
2) Jane is already using several methods to recruit employees, however these may not be
enough or they may not be used ineffectively.
!al"#ins and !rite#ins' Jane is already receiving unsolicited resumes through walk3ins
and write3ins however this may not be sufficient. Suitable applications should be kept in
an active file until an appropriate opening occurs or until the application is too old to be
considered valid0usually si months. Information collected like this can be input into
their overall human resource information systems. .sing scanners, recruiters can store
r4sum4s on databases for fast, easy access using a few key words'
$he Internet' ,he internet is currently being used but only through the company2s web
site. ,here are other places she can place ads on the net that will be more effective.
Jane should follow some of the suggestions for improving a firm/s recruitment success on
the Internet as follows'
5ake postings attractive online, %ob postings can be longer and more informative,
can be visually more eciting, and can be interactive.
$ublish your -eb address on everything' 5ake sure that your -eb address 6.#(7
is included in your traditional want ads in the newspapers, marketing information,
public relations notices, and all other corporate communication devices.
#egister your site' 5ake sure that you register your site with all popular search
engines, such as 8ahoo !lta9ista, 5S:, and ;oogle
.se speciali*ed recruitment -eb sites. By advertising on speciali*ed -eb sites,
you are likely to target specific markets eg
,arget the -eb sites in the province or territory where the %ob is.
$ost the recruitment ads in Internet newsgroups.
,ake advantage of special Internet advertisement offers' !dvertise your openings
with popular online newspapers and maga*ines as their -eb sites are well surfed.
(ist your ad with all ma%or -eb3based %ob banks such as -orkopolis.
%dvertising& Jane is already using this method but it can be the most epensive' !ds
placed in newspapers only reach a few people for a limited time. -hen ads are placed they
must be as effective as possible. ,o have an effective !d, Jane should ensure her !d has
the qualities that all good !ds should posses as follows.
<. ,hey address the audience and use a language that the applicant finds comfortable.
=. ,hey use short sentences and familiar words that are action3oriented.
>. ,hey contain all relevant information about the %ob and the firm. Some ma%or items here
@ %ob title
@ working conditions
@ a clear description of the %ob
@ training offered
@ organi*ational and work culture
@ ma%or skills, competencies, and educational requirements
@ career and personal development possibilities
@ location of the %ob
@ salary, benefits, and other incentives
@ travel and other requirements
@ company selling points
A. ,hey sequence the content logically and in an engaging manner.
B. ,hey respect provisions of human rights and other laws and the dignity of the
C. ,hey do not use seist, racist, or otherwise unacceptable language. Dven the use of
ad%ectives that are normally associated with males or whites may be unacceptable
to other groups 6e.g., use of ad%ectives such as Eassertive,E Edominant,E
Eaggressive,E etc., usually connote male se rolesF while terms such as
Ecompassionate,E Egentle,E and EsympatheticE signify female se roles<G7.
H. ,hey stand out from other advertisements with good copy layout, visual balance,
visual tension, and colour contrast.
I. ,heir si*e and presentation should be cost3effective compared with other recruitment
methods and considering si*e and location of target audience.
G. ,hey should make a favorable pro%ection of corporate image and activities without
boasting or making unsupported claims.
%lternative Methods' ,here are many other methods that can be used to attract recruits
such as'
Dmployee referrals
,emporary help agencies
$rivate employment agencies
Dducational institutions
$rofessional search firms
(abour )rgani*ations
$rofessional associations
Human #esources and skills development +anada provides the following tools and
services for businesses at no charge.
Job Bank
Dlectronic (abour Dchange
-ork "estinations -ebsites
:on ,raditional #ecruitment 5ethods that can be investigated are as follows'
.sing an applicant tracking system
+ontingent workers
+ontract or leased workers
!lumni associations
Social agency partnerships
"irect mail solicitations
3) (ike all other corporate H# functions, recruiters will not be able to %ustify their own efforts
unless these contribute to bottom line financial performance. #ecruitment costs can run
as high as BJ per cent of the yearly salary for professionals and managersF what is even
more important, recruitment can reflect a firm2s overall human resource strategy. ,his
means that the effectiveness of the recruiting function should be evaluated on an ongoing
,here are several popular methods Jane can use for evaluating the effectiveness of the
recruitment function, these are as follows'
,he total number of applicants received
,ime required to get applications
,ime elapsed before filling positions
+osts per hire
#atio of offers etended to numbers of applicants
#atio offers accepted to number of offers etended
#atio of number of qualified applicants to total number of applicants
$erformance rating of hires
,urnover of hires.