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Zappers and Other Gizmos
Following is the "Gizmos" article from Richard Loyd's (Dr. Dick's) website at followed by
a post by Aubrey Scoon.
Zappers and other Gizmos 1-2002 by Richard Loyd
This is an attempt to describe some of the bio-electronic equipment available and to suggest reasons why more
than one type may be useful. These are not necessarily presented in order of invention. I have either built, used,
owned, or taken apart nearly all of these devices.
The violet ray device. This is a small Tesla coil that feeds variously shaped plasma tubes. Good results have been
reported. Currently some are building these with variable frequency capability. Construction details are at I have built one of these using the 555 circuit and transistor from an
The Rife beam-ray device. Rife fed various frequencies into the electrodes of gas filled glass phanotron tubes to
form an ionized plasma. This was very effective against the carcinoma and sarcoma viruses and other pathogens.
It also stimulated various tissues to repair themselves - dissolve cataracts, and so on. It is reported that he fed
500 watts of power into the tube, which was placed within a few inches of the person being treated. This was a
bit more aggressive than the current practice of using a 100 or so watt unit several feet from the patient. Rifes
frequencies ranged from 160,000 to 12,830,000 Hz and many of these were in the same range as those
researched by Dr. Hulda Clark.
Contact Pad Devices. It is not certain who began using audio frequencies and applied them to the skin via contact
electrodes. Such pad devices are often called Rife machines, but Rife-Crane or just Crane may be more
accurate. A lot has been said about the effectiveness of such devices, much of it negative. On the other hand, I
have seen these units destroy diseases like herpes quickly, and take care of mononucleosis in one treatment so
that a very sick child was fine the next morning and ready for school. Many have reported "spontaneous
remissions" of cancers. Not bad by any standard. I am sure that many more stories could be told. The BK-4011
or 4040 can easily be converted to a Crane type of device. Unfortunately some companies are advertising contact
pad devices as Original Rife Machines
Dan's Enhancer. Wanting to observe auras, Dan (not the same Dan who built the first EMEM devices) took a
12000 volt neon sign transformer, two sheets of glass, one sheet of aluminum foil, a small sheet of copper, and a
neon bulb and built the Enhancer. The unit was found to have biological effects by accident. Hundreds of these
units have been built, and numerous "spontaneous remissions" of many conditions, including cancer, have been
reported. Run times used by those who have recovered from cancer tend to be in the range of four hours per day.
One theory is that the Enhancer puts out a huge variety of frequencies, and that the person using it is getting
small doses of the ones that they need. It takes a long time so soak up enough of the desired frequencies. It is
also said that the device increases the voltage across cell membranes, also very desirable. One advantage of this
unit is that it may be effective against conditions where frequencies are not yet known. The Enhancer cost me
about $200 to build, and the test run was a very interesting experience.
The "Doug" unit. "Doug" had heard that Rife had killed pathogens using various frequencies. So "Doug" fed
frequencies into a small coil under his microscope stage and discovered Lyme disease frequencies. He then fed
these into a 2000 watt audio amplifier, and ran the output of that into a large capacitor and coil combination. Using
this setup, he cured himself. Several others used the device for successful breast cancer cures. They reported
that they could feel something happening in the tumors at 2128 Hz. Construction information is available at
The EMEM unit. As the 2000 watt amplifiers that "Doug" used are no longer built, Dan Tracy built a device using a
smaller coil with a ferrite core and smaller amplifier. Results have been good. One Seattle researcher reports that
breast cancers often feel hot when exposed to the device. Some tumors have disappeared in as little as two
The "Ray" device. The Crane type units generally have an output control that controls the output voltage, and thus
the current. "Ray" developed a device that puts out 200 volts at constant current of about 1 milliamp. Low currents
are used, so that there is less sensation than when other pad-type devices are used. A woman with breast cancer
borrowed the unit and placed one electrode on each side of her affected breast. In only one week of treatments,
the tumor shrunk to the point where the mastectomy was cancelled. This device was later successfully with a
case of prostate cancer. One man who has used the Ray device reports 7 consecutive cancer recoveries and
recoveries from everything else it has been used on except for a case of diabetes. The Ray device is solid state
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but there are plans for a vacuum tube version of this device at The vacuum
tube version has also successfully been used for cancer.
The Beck zapper/plant stimulator/blood cleaner. At one point, Dr. Bob Beck (who invented the camera strobe)
weighed 285 pounds, was confined to a wheelchair, had very high blood pressure, had very high blood sugar, and
had lost most of his hair. He had previously written articles on Rife-Crane type equipment. In 1991 he heard about
Dr. Stephen Kaali and others at Albert Einstein College and their announced and patented cure for AIDS. They
had found that a mere 50-100 micro-amperes of electricity at 60 Hz would rid the blood of AIDS. According to the
patents, it will also rid the blood of any other pathogens present. Beck decided that it was not necessary to
remove the blood from the body as per the patents. He would just apply 4 Hz (AC is used to prevent electrolysis)
to a small electrode on each of two pulse points and clean the blood in the body. He chose the pulse points on the
inside of the ankle just below and behind the ankle bone. (We currently use the radial and ulnar arteries on the
same wrist.) To test for negative effects, he went around for four hours a day for a month with one electrode on
each ankle. He also used his magnetic pulser (see below) on himself. After a month, he began to effortlessly lose
weight. His blood pressure and blood sugar normalized. His hair grew back. When I visited with him in March of
1996, he weighed 180 pounds and was not using a wheelchair. This unit will clear up many (possibly all) infections
in the blood, and no frequency needs to be known. I have seen hepatitis C clear up using this device a number of
The Beck magnetic pulse generator. The Beck blood cleaner only cleans what is in the blood that flows past the
electrodes. It does not get at the lymph (which may have little or no circulation) or pathogens that may hang out
there. So Beck put a 2.5mh coil in series with the flash tube of a camera flash. When the test button is pushed, a
powerful magnetic pulse is produced. This produces a small current in any nearby tissue, dealing with pathogens
resident there. It is not only a lymph cleanser; it does very well on localized infections such as sties or pockets
beneath teeth. No frequency need be known. It also loosens up tight muscles so that chiropractic adjustments are
much easier. The Vivitar 1900 flash has been used as the basis of thousands of these devices. The coils come
from MCM Electronics. Another variety that I call the super thumpy, uses the same coil, and the small party
strobe from Radio Shack. Construction notes are at And at are plans for a much more powerful version designed by Bob Haining.
Hainings version uses even higher voltages than the super thumpy and construction should not be attempted by
those not familiar with safety procedures. Sota makes a good version.
The Clark zapper. Dr. Hulda Clark used a frequency generator to deal with various pathogens. At one point, she
asked her son Geoffrey to build her a small battery operated frequency generator. The device he built produced a
pulsed DC - only the positive half of the full wave. Dr. Clark found that it would kill various pathogens even when it
was not set to their frequency. Thus was born the "zapper". These small homemade units can destroy many
different parasites, bacteria, and viruses using just the one frequency of 30,000-40,000 Hz at 3-5 volts. A real
time-saver. Many of us have had good results with these units. The output wave does not remain square when the
contacts are applied to the skin. Dr. Gary Gear was able to keep the wave square by reducing the output to
under 2 volts.
The Super Zap. There have been three areas where the Clark zapper has been criticized. The first area has been
the low output. The second has been the 30,000 Hz frequency. At that frequency, there is some skin effect, so
that current tends to travel along the skin and around the outside of internal organs. Also, the zapper output is not
a square wave when the unit is attached to the skin. The corners of the wave become very round. To deal with all
of these issues, the Super Zap was developed. The output voltage has been increased and lower frequencies
such as 727 Hz or 2128 Hz have been used. Other frequencies could be selected if some health problem (like
Lyme disease) was the primary concern. A tantalum capacitor is used in parallel with the output resistor to keep
the wave square. (Thanks to Dr. Bill Biagioli for this.) Pulse length has been increased to 75%. Like the Clark
zapper, the Super Zap is most effective at its selected frequency, but it will also kill a very large variety of other
pathogens at the same time. No frequencies need to be discovered to use it. At
/zapper727.html are construction details for these zappers. Bruce Stenulson makes quality variable frequency
The Rife-Bare Device. This is a re-discovery, to a considerable degree, of Rife "beam ray" technology. It uses a
frequency generator, CB radio, linear amplifier, antenna tuner, and plasma tube. It is the favorite treatment device
of many. We greatly appreciate the fact that Dr. Bare has been willing to share his discoveries with the world. So
much these days is "proprietary".
The Wade device. Gary Wade has experimented with applying audio frequencies to the body with a vibrating
piezo-electric plate. Some good successes have been reported.
The BioTec 2000. This is a Rife/Bare type of device that uses a 86,000 Hz carrier and two small glass tubes that
are held in the hands or are placed on the body. I am hearing good reports about these units.
The Photon Sound Beam appears to be somewhat similar to the BioTec 2000 except that it does not produce a
full range of frequencies. The Photon Sound Beam promoters claim that these frequencies are not necessary. I do
not have much experience with this one. One I tested only produced 727 Hz.
The EMEM2. Dan, who designed the original coil-type EMEM, tried feeding the output of an audio amplifier into
an automotive ignition coil, through a spark plug, and then into one end of a plasma tube similar to those used in
the Bare devices. The other end of the plasma tube is connected to a ground, and to a plate for contact with the
feet. It is a contact device - the tube (or a small metal plate attached to it) must be touched for best results. Dan
reports that it is more effective against Lyme and other conditions than was his EMEM coil device. In the latest
version, a single transistor replaced the audio amplifier. There are reported cases of cancer recovery using this
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device. One Seattle researcher reports that the EMEM2 using plates for both feet is more effective for prostatitis
than other devices including the EMEM3. Construction information is available at
/emem2.html. Bruce Stenulson produces a quality version of this device with some refinements such as variable
output and adjustable spark gap or no gap as some prefer.
The EMEM3. This is similar to the EMEM2 but uses a high pressure helium phanotron tube. It is more convenient
than the EMEM2 in that no contact is made with the device during use. The current version is called the EMEM3D
and uses two ignition coils for added power. One Seattle man built a quad with four coils, and even an eight coil
version. That is the most powerful radiant device that I have personally seen. Users of EMEM3 and EMEM3D
have reported numerous spontaneous remissions of cancers. One patient with advanced prostate and bone
cancer used an EMEM3 using only 727 Hz. After several months his doctor phoned me to say that the unit
appeared to be doing some good. After a few more months (one year total) the doctor called to say that the
patient is now cancer free. A radionics saliva test showed high levels of BX, however so the single frequency was
not adequate for that. The EMEM3 also works well without the spark gap.
The Weeks Parker device. Dr. Rife reported the frequency of 11,780,000 Hz as the frequency that kills the
carcinoma/BX virus. Weeks Parker developed an inexpensive 5-watt unit to produce that frequency. No audio is
used. His device has been used to drive the linear amplifier on a Bare unit. One person with prostate cancer used
this device and I was later able to have a radionics saliva test done. BX virus levels had dropped to zero.
Construction information is at
I have also experimented with a B&K-4040 at 11,780,000Hz for BX and 11,430,000 for BY with good results.
Treatment times have to be fairly long.
There is also a person using the Icom IC-718 ham radio transmitter on 11,430,000 and 11,780,000 with very good
results. Run times have to be very short, on the order of 30 seconds due to die-off problems. Two antennas are
used instead of a plasma tube. These frequencies can also easily be modulated with audio if desired. A plasma
tube could be used if desired.
The Bioray. The Bioray (also called the BeamRay) is a computer that produces audio frequencies, an audio
amplifier, and a plasma tube. There have been some good reports from users. One user reported that she liked
hers almost as well as her EMEM3D, so it must be good!
The F-Scan. This is a major breakthrough. The F-Scan pings the body with frequencies from 1-2,999,999 Hz
and detects resonances.
From Richard Loyd's (Dr. Dick's) website at
A post from Aubrey Scoon writing on the Rife listserver:
I'm interested primarily in pure Rife research. Therefore to me, the definition of "works" (in Rife terms) is that a
device blows (or otherwise kills) specific microorganisms at specific frequencies. This is a purely objective test
that involves taking a sample of whatever a machine claims to kill, exposing it to the machine and verifying that it is
indeed killed.
I'm well aware that many machines seem to improve various medical conditions and I don't deny that as I've
benefitted from this myself. But in the case of most claims and most anecdotes I don't see ANY objective
evidence that the machine has actually killed the specific microorganism as claimed. Now I realise this is not
important to the "patient". But it is vitally important for REAL research and in order to properly understand and
develop the technology, and, hopefully to get it "officially approved" one day. Anything else is just guesswork.
Everyone assumes that so called "Rife" machines are killing bacteria with specific frequencies. But nobody
bothers to prove it, and as a result if they are NOT really doing that, but actually doing something else (i.e.
stimulating the immune system), then the majority of the alleged research is pointless and meaningless - that's my
opinion at least.
Anyway, for what it's worth, the Rife Bare machine has met the criteria, Jim Bare has shown the machine blowing
bugs. It's not perfect, it's not 100% the same as what Rife was doing, nor is it as effective as Rife's original, but
it's going along the "right lines" so to speak.
I have never personally seen one shred of objective evidence of ANY other alleged Rife machine doing this. I'm
not saying there isn't any, just that I've never seen it, and I HAVE asked for it many times.
Now in terms of treatment effectiveness, I know various honest people who I believe who tell me that the Rife
Bare and the EMEM (II/III's) seem to work well in alleviating medical conditions. Other plasma devices I don't
know about.
As for pad machines some people swear that they work just as well or better than plasma devices. All I can say
about that is that no single frequency pad device has ever worked for me personally. Of course that doesn't mean
they don't work for others, but I'm a simple person who likes to see something before I believe it! :-)
Now the Ultimate machine is a different kettle of fish. I've never seen or used one, but I have done experiments
with pads and multiple frequencies with a carrier, and in THOSE experiments it DID work for me. So I would
tentatively say that I personally find the Ultimate more credible than other pad devices. But of course since I've
never seen or tried the majority of pad devices I'm not really in a position to make any absolute pronouncements
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about what works or doesn't.
In the non-Rife arena, I've done extensive studies of the Scenar device and I believe this is a highly effective
device in resolving various medical conditions. I've been party to a lot of confidential and "inside" information about
this device from the Russian inventors, but a condition of this is that I have agreed not to reveal their trade
secrets. I have no commercial (or other) interest in this device whatsoever beyond personal use and I have run
my own independent tests on it which have verified the actual electrical specifications given to me by the
Russians. I have found no discrepancy between what they've told me and what I've observed in practice which is
one major reason why I consider this a credible device.
I've also tested a Q2/BEFE device. I consider the claims by the inventors about HOW it works are complete
pseudoscientific rubbish (just my personal opinion), but it DOES have a definite and measurable bioeffect.
Whether it's beneficial in the long run I don't know, but I rather liked it.
I have also tested a Dan Dial "Molecular Enhancer". I'm not really sure about the claim about HOW it works (it's
not a totally unreasonable claim so it's possible but unproven in my book). But again, like the BEFE I found it
personally very interesting and it does have a definite effect which I like.
My opinion of the F-scan is well known so I won't repeat it here! :-)
Finally I don't believe the claims of the QXCI. Again, I personally consider it to be pseudoscientific rubbish and I
find it very hard to believe that the machine actually does ANYTHING at all.
These are just my personal opinions. I know some people won't agree with them and I'm not trying to start any
arguments, all I'm doing is trying to be honest about what I personally believe. As always, I encourage everyone
not to just take my word for it but to do their own tests and research and draw their own conclusions.
Now as for the "perfect" Rife machine, I'm working on it! :-) However the design is nowhere near as simple as it
appears. I have one prototype I developed which does some very interesting things (including resonating glass
which is something the real Rife machines were supposed to do) BUT, so far I haven't been able to duplicate it! I
have built exact copies of this machine but they don't work the same way as the original, which is frustrating to
say the least! I can easily understand the problems that Rife and others had in getting their machines consistent.
I'm currently working on isolating the "missing link" so to speak, and I have already made some progress along
those lines. The key definitely lies in the area of impedance which is something I have been trying to explain
(without much success!) for some time. Anyway, the machine is not finished and I'm not going to get into any
questions/discussions about it because I don't know all the answers and I don't have time anyway. If I ever
manage to get it working I'll let everyone know!
Finally I can't speak for anyone else. Anyone can build a machine and determine whether or not it meets the basic
criterion of the Rife effect (i.e. a bug blow under a microscope or otherwise objectively verifiable). So I don't know
whether anyone else is developing a real "Rife" machine. Basically if anyone claims to be doing this then I
personally would look forward to seeing the proof that it does meet the above criterion.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes
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