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Subject Description Form

Subject Code ISE404

Subject Title Total Quality Management
Credit Value 3
Level 4
Students who do not have background knowledge in quality control and quality
engineering should be reared to do additional reading!
This sub"ect rovides students with the knowledge to
#! understand the hilosohy and core values o$ Total Quality Management
(! determine the voice o$ the customer and the imact o$ quality on economic
er$ormance and long)term business success o$ an organi*ation'
3! aly and evaluate best ractices $or the attainment o$ total quality!
!ntended Learnin"
+on comletion o$ the sub"ect, students will be able to
a! select and aly aroriate techniques in identi$ying customer needs, as
well as the quality imact that will be used as inuts in TQM
b! measure the cost o$ oor quality and rocess e$$ectiveness and e$$iciency
to track er$ormance quality and to identi$y areas $or imrovement'
c! understand roven methodologies to enhance management rocesses, such
as benchmarking and business rocess reengineering'
d! choose a $ramework to evaluate the er$ormance e-cellence o$ an
organi*ation, and determine the set o$ er$ormance indicators that will
align eole with the ob"ectives o$ the organi*ation!
Subject S#nopsis/
!ndicative S#llabus
#! .rinciles o$ Total Quality
/oncets o$ quality' /ore values and aradigms $or TQM, including
cororate citi*enshi and rotection o$ the environment' Models $or
er$ormance e-cellence0 1eming .ri*e, 2aldrige Quality 3ward, Euroean
Quality 3ward
(! /ustomer 4eeds
Internal and e-ternal customers' 5oice o$ the customer' /ustomer
satis$action' /ustomer loyalty' Service recovery' /risis management
3! Economics o$ Quality
/lassi$ication and analysis o$ quality costs' Imlementing quality costing
systems' Economic value o$ customer loyalty and emloyee loyalty
4! TQM Methodologies
Quality 7unction 1eloyment %Q71&' 2enchmarking' 2usiness rocess
reengineering' .rocess imrovement
8! 9earning and :rowth
;rgani*ational learning' ;rgani*ational renewal' /hange management'
Emloyee emowerment
<! Strategic Quality Management
5ision, strategy, goals, and action lans' Measurement o$ organi*ational
3 mi-ture o$ lectures, grou discussions %tutorials&, and mini)case studies are
used to achieve the ob"ectives o$ this sub"ect! Some toics are taught in the
classroom environment' students have to learn these toics by themselves in the
rocess o$ writing roblem)based assignments! 1irected study is also used to
develo the sel$)learning ability o$ students!
&ssessment %et$ods
in &li"nment 'it$
!ntended Learnin"
Seci$ic assessment
Intended sub"ect learning outcomes to
be assessed
a b c d
#! 3ssignments 38>
(! Tests (0>
3!E-amination 48>
Total #00>
The assignments, re$lective "ournals, essays, and case studies $acilitate the
alication o$ concets and skills learned in analy*ing and attaining total quality
while emhasi*ing $actors that may a$$ect decisions!
E-amination=tests allow students to demonstrate the e-tent o$ their
understanding o$ concets, as well as their abilities to analy*e and solve
roblems related to the sub"ect!
Student Stud#
E((ort Expected
/lass contact0
9ecture=Tutorial ( hours=week $or #3 weeks (< ?rs!
Tutorial=/ase Study # hour=week $or #3 weeks #3 ?rs!
;ther student study e$$ort0
Studying and sel$ learning 80 ?rs!
3ssignment and reort writing (6 ?rs!
Total student study e$$ort ##@ ?rs!
)eadin" List and
#! 2ester$ield, 1?, et!al! (003, Total Quality Management, 3
edn, .rentice
(! :oetsch, 19 A 1avis, 2 (00<, Quality Management: Introduction to
Total Quality Management for Production, Processing and Services, 8
edn, .earson
3! :ryna 7M (00#, Quality Planning & Analysis, 4
edn, Br!, Mc:raw)?ill
4! Selected articles in Quality .rogress and the web site o$ 3merican Society
$or Quality