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Five Myths About Lotto Results And Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Winning - Oz Lotto

We understand that lotto results are dran at rando!" #ut our sound $udg!ent tells us there is
so!ething !ore occurring" This article e%&lores a nu!ber of the !yths around lotto dras and
e%actly ho this can be used 'noledge ithin your lotto selections"
(" )very Lotto *u!ber +as A ),ual -robability Of #eing .ran
*u!bers are dran at rando!/ so every nu!ber has an e,ual chance fro! the dra" #ut in real
life e 'no situations are a bit different" For instance/ a se,uential series li'e (/0/1/2/3/4 is
achievable ithin a lotto dra hoever it &robably hasn5t ha&&ened any &lace in the history of
In lotto/ every nu!ber is going to be dran/ given &lenty of ti!e" #ut our sound $udg!ent
infor!s us unli'ely scenarios for e%a!&le re&eated nu!bers &robably on5t occur anyti!e soon"
0" The Luc'y .i& Is The )asiest Method To -ic' Lotto *u!bers
6o!e &eo&le thin' that a 7luc'y di&7 &rovides the best &robability of inning" As a luc'y di& is
&urely rando!/ this could be consistent ith lotto dras generally" 8nfortunately this strategy
doesn5t consider the nu!bers !ay bring u& an unusual nu!ber series/ hich reduces the chances
of you inning"
As an e%a!&le/ the di& !ight o&t for the nu!bers 0/2/4/9/(:/(0" This ould be an e%tre!ely
unli'ely to occur in the saturday lotto dra"
8sually the one ti!e a luc'y di& generally is a good idea ha&&ens hen you5re inca&able of
consistently buy tic'ets; i!agine having regular nu!bers after hich forgetting to ac,uire the!
and also the nu!bers co!e u&<
1" *u!bers #ased On #irthdays Or 6&ecial *u!bers Are *ot A =ood Idea
6o!e &eo&le base their selections around their birthdays or other s&ecial nu!bers" The situation
ith this strategy is the nu!bers can include unli'ely co!binations" For e%a!&le in case the
birthday as 00 February (>?4 &ossible nu!bers !ight are the folloing@
Our &ri!e rate of lo nu!bers inside the selection gives it a lo &ossibility of inning" If
birthdays are to be used/ a better idea could &ossibly be to utilize co!binations that &rovide a
better s&read"
The nu!bers belo are utilizing the birthday but adding various nu!bers to ac,uire a better
s&read; 10 is calculated ith the hel& of 00 ( >"
2" Wait 8ntil The Lotto Aac'&ot Is A&&roaching Ma%i!u! For To& Level Result
The thought the folloing is that if you are &lanning to have luc'y/ and then !a'e it orthhile"
The fla using this strategy is that because !any &eo&le are &laying/ your odds are reduced"
Re!e!ber #abe RuthB +e hit the !ost ho!e runs/ but had the !ost stri'e outs" If you ould
li'e e!ulate #abe/ then you5d should &ut !ore !oney in a $ac'&ot dra; never a good idea"
Much better to !i!ic the fly ball s&ecialist ho consistently gets bat on ball and reduces his
odds of being struc' out"
3" 8nusual Lotto *u!bers =ive The #est -ossibility Of A Large -ayout
Certainly/ for those ho have an unli'ely nu!ber series that reduces the li'elihood of sharing the
i!&ortant &rize" #ut/ !uch li'e the $ac'&ot scenario/ additionally/ it lessens your chances of
inning in the first &lace"
We5ve all learn about &eo&le inning the i!&ortant one/ only to need to share the &rize ith a
large nu!ber of others" #ut they are e really gonna be disa&&ointed once e in D9:/::: as
o&&osed to D(/:::/::: ta'ing into consideration the odds to start ithB
Although lotto outco!es are co!&letely rando!ly/ that doesn5t !ean there is absolutely no ay
to increase the li'elihood of inning" This article has considered a fe of the !yths in &laying
lotto and e%&lored the reality behind so!e co!!only held &erce&tions"