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National Polytechnic Institute.

Interdisciplinary Professional Unit Engineering Campus Zacatecas.

Leadership and Entrepreneurs
Case: A day in the Alex Sanders life
Jose Manuel Lira Avalos
Ruben de Jesus Murillo Olvera
Mario Jaramillo Marquez
Diego Ivan Esparza Palacios
Mahatma Vazquez Arceo
Mechatronics Engineering.
M.S. Aglae Berenice Campos Cortes

Zacatecas, Zacatecas, September 9

According with what has been seen in class, a good leader gives advice and
tells the way, a good leader says ours, our company, our team. A leader inspires
enthusiasm. Personality features are empathy, adjust, openness to experience,
emotionality and scrupulousness.

Alex fits in two features:
Scrupulousness because he wants everything to work perfectly.
Adjustment because he works harder than others to do it right, and he feels
good, it means, he does not look tired out.

Alexs good skills.
Alex has several characteristics of an efficient leader such as a lot of energy
because he never tires out, intelligence because he has a lot of knowledge in
marketing, self-confidence because he never doubts in his decisions, stability.
Also, Alex is a responsible person who cares about the job more than his partners
even more than other things like his personal life, so he is a productive person. He
can make an employee to give his best effort but Alex also expected much form
that employee, Alex is a very smart guy that has a lot of knowledge in marketing.
Another characteristic is that he is not afraid to say what he thinks, also the team
believes than he can solve any problem that occurs. He has no problems learning
new things and he is committed to do all kind of things on time and form.

Alexs bad skills.
Alex believes that everything is about himself. He is an insensitive guy that can
create a hostile environment and make other people feel bad, he expected all the
employees to work at the same rhythm than him, and he doesnt take the time to
reward the group work. As an effective leader he fits almost in all features but he
must feel more sensitive to others, also he must be more flexible; he must
understand that not everybody will work like him nether everybody is as smart as
he is.

Right now we believe that Alex is only a boss not a leader, because of his way of

Three solutions are proposed to solve the question what to do with Alexs talent?

The first one consists that Alex is an indispensable person for the company
speaking about productivity, thanks to him the company has succeeded incomes
since he arrived; we decided that he can stay at the company for the following

a. He never gives up.
b. He desires to work and improve the company.
c. He is young and expert.

But he must notice three things he should change about his attitude.

a. He must balance his job and his personal life.
b. He must notice than not everyone is a star like him.
c. He should accept working in group.

The second one is about he can be a very good employee also he could be an
important man to this enterprise but he is not the only one worker here, the
enterprise needs a lot of people working hand to hand and developing constantly.

We believe that if Alex can change some attitudes he could be one of the best
employees of the company. Also, he could influence persons working with him to
get a better environment and his colleagues will appreciate it more and they could
feel more comfortable with him.

What we propose for him is that he takes a course that consists in developing
leader skills like group work. Also he will notice the difference between a leader
and a boss, if he changes he can stay with us more time but if he does not, the
best for this company is to fire him.

The last solution we found is that he is very important to the company, but there
are many complaints such as he does not know treating other people, he considers
that everything is about himself, he does not have work/life balance, he expects
team members to work for long hours and he is an arrogant guy.

Even the way he answers the auto-evaluation on the test of development 360 is
inadequate, because in the part of areas needing further development he puts do
not suffer fools gladly (though I could also put this under strengths. Thats not a
great attitude for the company and we can find someone better.
For this reason we consider that is better to look for someone else.

After the case has been being discussed, there is always a lot of people that can
do the work, but we prefer to develop our personnel, including Alex, so that, we will
offer a leadership course directed to our managers. Also we think that Alex will be
able to carry on with his job and the course because he is a skillful man.
We chose the second option because he is a skillful man and we think that he can
become a good leader. We expect that he can have an excellent team direction. In
the other hand if he does not change nobody is essential in the company and we
can fire him.