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Building Relationships.

Enhancing Lives.

A National Network of Local Health and Human Service Providers

The MENTOR Network:

A Leader in Human Services Since 1980
At The MENTOR Network, we seek to enhance the
lives of adults, children and families across the country
and improve the delivery of human services through
innovative, quality programs. Our home- and communitybased servicesincluding our Therapeutic Foster Care
and Host Home models, neurorehabilitation, supported
living, day programs and moreare designed to help
individuals realize their full potential in the communities
they call home.
We believe in the power of relationships, personal choice,
and community involvement and create cost-effective
solutions to meet the needs of all our partners. As a
national network of local providers with more than 30
years of experience, we have touched thousands of lives
creating ripples of hope and a foundation for change
across the country.

Our Mission
To offer adults, children, and their families
innovative, quality services and supports that
lead to growth and independence, regardless
of the physical, intellectual or behavioral
challenges they face.
Our philosophy emphasizes partnershipswith
those we serve, their families, our employees,
Mentors, payors and the communities in which
we workin an effort to help individuals shape
the direction of their own lives in communitybased settings.

Specialized Programming:
National Reach. Local Touch.
Therapeutic and Medically Complex Foster Care as well as wraparound support services for children
and adolescents with intellectual, behavioral, medical or physical challenges.
Permanency programs for children in foster care, including adoption and kinship care, adoption training
and transitional services.
Evidence-based treatment and support services delivered at home, in school or in the community for
youth with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families.
Early intervention programs for young children with specialized needs, including developmental
disabilities and Autism.
Host Home services for adults with developmental disabilities and brain injuries who wish to receive
services in private, family homes.
Residential services and community homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Supported living services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Day programs and vocational services to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
achieve greater independence and participation in the community.
Continuum of post-acute services, including neurobehavioral rehabilitation and supported living for
people with brain, spinal cord and other catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

We have built an organization that allows us to support more people

more effectively than we ever could as individual providers. We create
and implement systems that help ensure quality services are delivered at
the local level. Collectively, the resources and experience of The Network
enable us to support individuals of all abilities, their families, our staff,
payors and the communities in which we work.
Bruce Nardella, President and Chief Executive Officer

Florida MENTOR responded so fast

and brought so many resources to bear
in what was a sudden and challenging
situation for us. They showed incredible
commitment. I cant thank them enough.
Kerry Schoolfield, Chief Of District Supports
For Developmental Disabilities at Floridas
Department of Children and Families

Effective Solutions: How They Happen

The MENTOR Network is a case study in the power of collective knowledge. With more than three decades
of experience, we have a proven track record of delivering effective solutions and the nations best thinking in
community-based, individualized services.
By leveraging the support of our national structure, a two-person office can launch and operate a new local
program to meet a unique need of clients or public partners. Working together as part of The Network, like-minded
clinicians across the country can share best practices and explore common challenges and solutions. To our public
partners, The Network is a reliable provider in an ever-shifting human services environment.

National Program Development

Leveraging the expertise of clinical staff and the
financial strength of The Network to develop programs
tailored to the needs of our customers
Quality Assurance
Offering a clear vision and standards that ensure quality
and accountability for every program
Compliance Program
Combining an employee Code of Conduct with an
internal reporting system to ensure adherence to all
policies, laws and regulations
Financial Reporting
Providing financial structure to Network providers and
state purchasers of service
Program Management
Providing real-time reporting, client tracking, program
outcomes and the ability to assess, predict and
prevent incidents
National Surveys
Producing employee, payor, consumer and family
satisfaction surveys to evaluate services and meet the
needs of accreditation organizations and
funding agencies
Learning & Development
Providing employees with access to ongoing training
and educational opportunities to sharpen skills and
encourage career development

I have spent over ten

years preparing for my
son to transition into a
group home, and I have
been absolutely thrilled
with the decision to go
with REM.

The transition process

was absolutely
unbelievable. [REM] staff
provided the necessary
support to let my son
feel safe and cared for.
This is his home now.

Support Systems

Theresa Schnell, RN, on the services her

son receives through REM River Bluffs,
a partner of The MENTOR Network, in
Rochester, Minnesota

Quality: At the Core of Our Mission

Public policy changes. Regulations vary. Models and
approaches evolve. While change occurs in every walk of life,
it is more keenly felt in the area of human services. In such an
environment, quality must be the constant.
At The Networks foundation are quality assurance standards
and a fundamental Code of Conduct that are ingrained in
every aspect of the organization. This framework of integrity,
compliance and best practices is vital to the work we do.
We take great care to see the bigger picture, to remain
focused on the people we serve and to ensure that promises
made are promises kept.

Careers: The Will to Develop Them

Relevant experience in human services can be measured in
decades, and senior leaders of The MENTOR Network can
report a 30-year track record in both the public and
private sectors.
But we are not an organization content to rest on
our resums.
Not only does The Network model offer more options for the
people we support, it also provides exciting opportunities
for the professionals who deliver our services.
To that end, The Network takes an activist approach to staff
development, cultivating leaders at all levels throughout the
organization. In offering a genuine career path in human
services, we strive to strengthen our network of local
providers to respond to the increasingly complex needs of
the communities we serve and the agencies with which
we partner.

[NeuroRestorative] Carbondale provides flexible services allowing participants

to move through the continuum of care and reach their maximum level
of independence.
Excerpt from a survey report completed by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

Our Roots
The people that make up The MENTOR Network are part of a legacy of activism and advocacy for the individuals we serve.
Active in the community-based movements for both children at risk and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,
partners of The MENTOR Network have spent more than three decades working with agencies and experts in those fields to
develop new and better services for people in need of support.

Our Vision
As The MENTOR Network continues to grow, our
commitment to the people we support remains our first
priority. Looking ahead, we envision playing an active role
in shaping new generations of human services reform.
Our experience as an innovative provider offers the
opportunity to test new models of care. Our cutting-edge
systems can help document success and explore ways to
achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. And our rich
history lends a unique perspective to the policy debates
taking shape in state capitals and in Washington, D.C.

Our Reach
In the true spirit of social entrepreneurship, our national network
is built upon shared values and resources that enable us to
reach a greater number of peopleoften in places no one
else is able to go. We offer those we work with and those we
support the benefits of local service delivery combined with
state-of-the-art systems, proven care techniques and welldefined policies. Our focus on program development drives
continued growththrough acquisition, merger or other
strategic partnershipsand adds further expertise to the
growing array of programs and services operating under The
Network umbrella.

A National Network of Local Providers

Founded in 1980, The MENTOR Network began as Massachusetts MENTOR and received its first
contract to provide therapeutic foster care to children and adolescents. Since our beginning, we have
evolved from a single residential program to a diversified network of providers offering an array of home
and community-based services to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities,
brain and spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries and illnesses, and to youth with emotional,
behavioral and medically complex challenges as well as their families.

The MENTOR Network is committed to giving back to the individuals we serve, our employees
and the communities in which we live and work through two 501(c)(3) organizations:

For more information about The MENTOR Network and a complete list of our partners and the
services we offer, please visit
313 Congress Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02210
p. 617-790-4800 f. 617-790-4848