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The Laws

83 The Law was "ade and ordained o' old3
93 The Law was "ade 'or the $i%%a: to ad.ise and hel! in their trou,les3
;3 The $i%%a should gi.e due worshi! to the gods and o,e7 their will: whi%h the7 ordain: 'or it was
"ade 'or the good o' $i%%a as the worshi! o' the $i%%a is good 'or the gods3 For the gods lo.e
the ,rethren o' $i%%a3
<3 As a "an lo.eth a wo"an ,7 "astering her:
=3 So should the $i%%a lo.e the gods ,7 ,eing "astered ,7 the"3
>3 And it is ne%essar7 that the &ir%le whi%h is the te"!le o' the gods: should ,e trul7 %ast and
!uri'ied3 And that it "a7 ,e a 'it !la%e 'or the gods to enter3
?3 And the $i%%a shall ,e !ro!erl7 !re!ared and !uri'ied to enter into the !resen%e o' the gods3
#3 $ith lo.e and worshi! in their hearts: the7 shall raise !ower 'ro" their ,odies to gi.e !ower to
the gods3
@3 As has ,een taught o' old3
8A3 For in this wa7 onl7 "a7 "en ha.e %o""union with the gods: 'or the gods %annot hel! "an
without the hel! o' "an3

883 And the High Priestess shall rule her %o.en as the re!resentati.e o' the Goddess3
893 And the High Priest shall su!!ort her as the re!resentati.e o' the God3
8;3 And the High Priestess shall %hoose who" she will: ,e he o' su''i%ient ran(: to ,e her High Priest3
8<3 For: as the God Hi"sel' (issed Her 'eet in the 'i.eB'old salute: la7ing His !ower at the 'eet o' the
Goddess ,e%ause o' Her 7outh and ,eaut7: Her sweetness and (indness: Her wisdo" and Custi%e:
Her hu"ilit7 and generosit7:
8=3 So He resigned all His !ower to Her3
8>3 But the High Priestess should "ind that the !ower %o"es 'ro" Hi"3
8?3 It is onl7 lent: to ,e used wisel7 and Custl73
8#3 And the greatest .irtue o' a High Priestess ,e that she re%ogniDe that 7outh is ne%essar7 to the
re!resentati.e o' the Goddess3
8@3 So she will gra%e'ull7 retire in 'a.our o' a 7ounger wo"an should the &o.en so de%ide in %oun%il3
9A3 For a true High Priestess realiDes that gra%e'ull7 surrendering !ride o' !la%e is one o' the greatest
983 And that there,7 she will return to that !ride o' !la%e in another li'e: with greater !ower and

993 In the old da7s: when wit%hdo" e0tended 'ar: we were 'ree and worshi!!ed in all the greater
9;3 But in these unha!!7 ti"es we "ust %ele,rate our sa%red "7steries in se%ret3
9<3 So ,e it ordained that none ,ut the $i%%a "a7 see our "7steries: 'or our ene"ies are "an7 and
torture loosens the tongue o' "an3
9=3 So ,e it ordained that no &o.en shall (now where the ne0t &o.en ,ide3
9>3 Or who its "e",ers ,e: sa.e onl7 the Priest and Priestess and "essenger3
9?3 And there shall ,e no %o""uni%ation ,etween the": sa.e ,7 the "essenger o' the gods: or the
9#3 And onl7 i' it ,e sa'e "a7 the &o.ens "eet in so"e sa'e !la%e 'or the great 'esti.als3
9@3 And while there: none shall sa7 when%e the7 %a"e nor gi.e their true na"es3
;A3 To this end: that i' an7 ,e tortured: in their agon7: the7 "a7 not tell i' the7 do not (now3
;83 So ,e it ordained that no one shall tell an7one not o' the %ra't who ,e o' the $i%%a: nor gi.e an7
na"es or where the7 ,ide: or in an7 wa7 tell an7thing whi%h %an ,etra7 an7 o' us to our 'oes3
;93 )or "a7 he tell where the &o.endo" ,e3
;;3 Or the &o.enstead3
;<3 Or where the "eetings ,e3
;=3 And i' an7 ,rea( these Laws: e.en under torture: THE &/RSE OF THE GODDESS SHALL
BE /PO) THEM: so the7 "a7 ,e re,orn on earth and "a7 re"ain where the7 ,elong: in
the hell o' the &hristians3

;>3 Let ea%h High Priestess go.ern her &o.en with Custi%e and lo.e: with the hel! and ad.i%e o' the
High Priest and the Elders: alwa7s heeding the ad.i%e o' the Messenger o' the Gods i' he %o"eth3
;?3 She will heed all %o"!laints o' all Brothers and stri.e to settle all di''eren%es a"ong the"3
;#3 But it "ust ,e re%ogniDed that there will alwa7s ,e !eo!le who will stri.e to 'or%e others to
do as the7 will3
;@3 These are not ne%essaril7 e.il3
<A3 And the7 o't ha.e good ideas and su%h ideas should ,e tal(ed in %oun%il3
<83 But i' the7 will not agree with their Brothers: or i' the7 sa7:
<93 EI will not wor( under this High Priestess:E
<;3 It hath ,een the Old Law to ,e %on.enient to the Brethren and to a.oid dis!utes3

)E$ &OE)S
<<3 An7 o' the third "a7 %lai" to 'ound a new &o.en ,e%ause the7 li.e a league awa7 'ro" the
&o.enstead or are a,out to do so3
<=3 An7one within the &o.endo" and wishing to 'or" a new &o.en: shall tell the Elders o'
their intention: and on the instant a.oid their dwelling and re"o.e to the new &o.endo"3
<>3 Me",ers o' the old &o.en "a7 Coin the new one when it is 'or"ed3 But i' the7 do: the7 "ust
utterl7 a.oid the old &o.en3
<?3 The Elders o' the new and old &o.ens should "eet in !ea%e and ,rotherl7 lo.e to de%ide the new
<#3 Those o' the %ra't who dwell outside ,oth &o.endo"s "a7 Coin either ,ut not ,oth3
<@3 Though all "a7: i' the Elders agree: "eet 'or the great 'esti.als i' it ,e trul7 in !ea%e and
,rotherl7 lo.e:
=A3 But s!litting the &o.en o't "eans stri'e: so 'or this reason these Laws were "ade o' old and "a7

=83 I' 7ou would (ee! a ,oo(: let it ,e in 7our own hand o' write3 Let ,rothers and sisters %o!7 what
the7 will: ,ut let the ,oo( out o' 7our hands: and (ee! the writings o' another3
=93 For i' it ,e 'ound in their hand o' write: the7 "a7 ,e ta(en and arraigned3
=;3 Let ea%h guard his own writings and destro7 the" danger threatens3
=<3 Learn as "u%h as 7ou "a7 ,7 heart and: when danger is !ast: rewrite 7our ,oo(: an it ,e sa'e3
==3 For this reason: i' an7 die: destro7 their ,oo( an the7 ha.e not ,een a,le to3
=>3 For: an it ,e 'ound: +tis %lear !roo' against the"3
=?3 And our o!!ressors (now well E1e "a7 not ,e a wit%h aloneE3
=#3 So all their (in and 'riends ,e in danger o' torture:
=@3 So destro7 e.er7thing not ne%essar73
>A3 I' 7our ,oo( ,e 'ound on 7ou: +tis %lear !roo' against 7ou alone: 7ou "a7 ,e arraigned3

>83 2ee! all thoughts o' the %ra't 'ro" 7our "ind3
>93 I' the torture ,e too great to ,ear: sa7 EI will %on'ess3 I %annot ,ear this torture3 $hat do 7ou want
"e to sa7FE
>;3 I' the7 tr7 to "a(e 7ou s!ea( o' the Brotherhood: do not3
><3 But i' the7 tr7 to "a(e 7ou s!ea( o' i"!ossi,ilities su%h as 'l7ing through the air: %onsorting with
a &hristian or sa%ri'i%ing %hildren: or eating "en+s 'lesh:
>=3 To o,tain relie' 'ro" torture sa7 EI had an drea": I was ,eside "7sel': I was %raDed3E
>>3 )ot all "agistrates are ,ad: i' there ,e an e0%use: the7 "a7 show "er%73
>?3 I' 7ou ha.e %on'essed aught: den7 it a'terwards: sa7 7ou ,a,,led under torture: sa7 7ou (new not
what 7ou said3
>#3 I' 7ou are %onde"ned: 'ear not3
>@3 The Brotherhood is !ower'ul and will hel! 7ou to es%a!e i' 7ou stand stead'ast: ,ut i' 7ou ,etra7
aught there is no ho!e 'or 7ou in this li'e or in that to %o"e3
?A3 Be sure: i' stead'ast 7ou go to the !7re: drugs will rea%h 7ou: 7ou will 'eel naught3 1ou go to
death and what lies ,e7ond: the e%stas7 o' the goddess3

?83 To a.oid dis%o.er7: let the wor(ing tools ,e as ordinar7 things that an7 "a7 ha.e in their houses3
?93 Let the !enta%les ,e o' wa0 so that the7 "a7 ,e ,ro(en at on%e or "elted3
?;3 Ha.e no sword unless 7our ran( allows it3
?<3 Ha.e no na"es or signs on an7thing3
?=3 $rite the na"es and signs on the" in in( ,e'ore %onse%rating the" and wash it o'' i""ediatel7
?>3 Let the %olours o' the hilts tell whi%h is whi%h3
??3 Do not engra.e the" lest the7 %ause dis%o.er73

?#3 re"e",er 7e are the hidden %hildren o' the Goddess so do an7thing to disgra%e the"
or Her3
?@3 ) ,oast: threaten: sa7 7ou would wish ill o' an7one3
#A3 I' an7 !erson not in the &ir%le: s!ea( o' the %ra't: sa7: ES!ea( not to "e o' su%h: it 'rightens "e:
+tis lu%( to s!ea( o' it3E
#83 For this reason: the &hristians ha.e their s!ies e.er7where3 These s!ea( as i' the7 were well
a''e%ted to us: as i' the7 would %o"e to our "eetings: sa7ing: EM7 "other used to worshi! the
Old Ones3 I would I %ould go "7sel'3E
#93 To su%h as these: den7 all (nowledge3
#;3 But to others: sa7: E+Tis 'oolish "en tal( o' wit%hes 'l7ing through the air3 To do so the7 "ust
,e as light as thistledown3 And "en sa7 that wit%hes all ,e ,learBe7ed old %rones: so what !leasure
%an there ,e at a wit%h "eeting su%h as 'ol(s tal( on FE
#<3 And sa7: EMan7 wise "en now sa7 there ,e no su%h %reatures3E
#=3 "a(e it Cest6 and in so"e 'uture ti"e !erha!s: the !erse%ution "a7 die and we "a7 worshi!
our gods in sa'et7 again3
#>3 Let us all !ra7 'or that ha!!7 da73
#?3 Ma7 the ,lessings o' the Goddess and God ,e on all who (ee! these Laws whi%h are ordained3

##3 I' the %ra't hath an7 a!!anage: let all guard it and hel! to (ee! it %lear and good 'or the %ra't3
#@3 And let all Custl7 guard all "onies o' the %ra't3
@A3 And i' an7 Brother trul7 wrought it: +tis right the7 ha.e their !a7: an it ,e Cust3 An this ,e not
ta(ing "one7 'or the art: ,ut 'or good and honest wor(3
@83 And e.en the &hristians sa7: EThe la,ourer is worth7 o' his hire:E ,ut i' an7 Brother wor(
willingl7 'or the good o' the %ra't without !a7: +tis ,ut to their greater honour3 So ,e it ordained3

@93 I' there ,e an7 dis!ute or -uarrel a"ong the Brethren: the High Priestess shall straightl7 %on.ene
the Elders and in-uire into the "atter: and the7 shall hear ,oth sides: 'irst alone and then together3
@;3 And the7 shall de%ide Custl7: not 'a.ouring one side or the other3
@<3 re%ognising there ,e !eo!le who %an agree to wor( under others3
@=3 But at the sa"e ti"e: there ,e so"e !eo!le who %annot rule Custl73
@>3 To those who "ust ,e %hie': there is one answer3
@?3 E+oid the &o.en or see( another one: or "a(e a &o.en o' 7our own: ta(ing with 7ou those who
will go3E
@#3 To those who %annot rule Custl7: the answer ,e: EThose who %annot ,ear 7our rule will lea.e 7ou3E
@@3 For none "a7 %o"e to "eetings with those with who" the7 are at .arian%e3
8AA3 So: an either %annot agree: get hen%e: 'or the %ra't "ust sur.i.e3 So ,e it ordained3

8A83 In the olden da7s when we had !ower: we %ould use the art against an7 who illBtreated the
Brotherhood3 But in these da7s we "ust not do so3 For our ene"ies ha.e de.ised a ,urning
!it o' e.erlasting 'ire into whi%h the7 sa7 their god %asteth all the !eo!le who worshi! hi": e0%e!t
it ,e the .er7 'ew who are released ,7 their !riest+s s!ells and "asses3 And this ,e %hie'l7 ,7 "onies and ri%h gi'ts to re%ei.e his 'a.our 'or their great god is in need o' "one73
8A93 But as our gods need our aid to "a(e 'ertilit7 'or "an and %ro!s: so is the god o' the &hristians in need o' "an+s hel! to sear%h out and destro7 us3 Their !riests tell the" that an7 who
get our hel! are da"ned to this hell ' so "en ,e "ad with the terror o' it3
8A;3 But the7 "a(e "en ,elie.e that the7 "a7 es%a!e this hell i' the7 gi.e .i%ti"s to the tor"entors3
So 'or this reason all ,e ' s!7ing: thin(ing: EAn I %an %at%h ,ut one o' these $i%%a: I will
es%a!e 'ro" this 'ier7 !it3E
8A<3 So 'or this reason we ha.e our hidels: and "en sear%hing long and not 'inding: sa7: EThere ,e
none: or i' there ,e: the7 ,e in a 'ar %ountr73E
8A=3 But when one o' our o!!ressors die: or e.en ,e si%(: is the %r7: EThis ,e wit%hes+ "ali%eE:
and the hunt is u! again3 And though the7 sla7 ten o' their own to one o' ours: still the7 %are not3
The7 ha.e %ountless thousands3
8A>3 $hile we are 'ew indeed3 So ,e it ordained3
8A?3 That none shall use the art in an7 wa7 to do ill to an73
8A#3 "u%h the7 "a7 inCure us: har" none3 And nowti"es "an7 ,elie.e we e0ist not3
8A@3 That this Law shall %ontinue to hel! us in our !light: no one: great an inCur7 or
inCusti%e the7 re%ei.e: "a7 use the art in an7 wa7 to do ill: or har" an73 But the7 "a7: a'ter great
%onsultations with all: use the art to restrain &hristians 'ro" har"ing us Brothers: ,ut onl7 to
%onstrain the" and to !unish3
88A3 To this end "en will sa7: ESu%h a one is a "ight7 sear%her out: and a !erse%utor o' old wo"en
who" the7 dee"eth to ,e wit%hes: and none hath done hi" har": so it ,e !roo' that the7 %annot
or "ore trul7 there ,e none3E
8883 For all (now 'ull well that so "an7 'ol( ha.e died ,e%ause so"eone had a grudge against the": or
were !erse%uted ,e%ause the7 had "one7 or goods to sieDe: or ,e%ause the7 had none to ,ri,e the
sear%hers3 And "an7 ha.e died ,e%ause the7 were s%olding old wo"en3 So "u%h that "en now
sa7 that onl7 old wo"en are wit%hes3
8893 And this ,e to our ad.antage and turns sus!i%ion awa7 'ro" us3
88;3 In England and S%otland +tis now "an7 a 7ear sin%e a wit%h hath died the death3 But an7 "isuse o'
the !ower "ight raise the !erse%ution again3
88<3 So ,rea( this Law: "u%h 7ou are te"!ted: and %onsent to its ,eing ,ro(en in
the least3
88=3 I' 7ou (now it is ,eing ,ro(en: 7ou "ust wor( strongl7 against it3
88>3 And an7 High Priestess or High Priest who %onsents to its ,rea%h "ust i""ediatel7 ,e de!osed
'or +tis the ,lood o' the Brethren the7 endanger3
88?3 Do good: an it ,e sa'e: and onl7 i' it ,e sa'e3
88#3 And (ee! stri%tl7 to the Old Law3

88@3 ) a%%e!t "one7 'or the use o' the art: 'or "one7 s"eareth the ta(er3 +Tis sor%erors and
%onCurers and the !riests o' the &hristians who a%%e!t "one7 'or the use o' their arts3 And
the7 sell !ardons to let "en as%a!e 'ro" their sins3
89A3 Be not as these3 I' 7ou a%%e!t no "one7: 7ou will ,e 'ree 'ro" te"!tation to use the art 'or
8983 All "a7 use the art 'or their own ad.antage or 'or the ad.antage o' the %ra't onl7 i' 7ou are sure
7ou har" none3
8993 But let the &o.en de,ate this at length3 Onl7 i' all are satis'ied that none "a7 ,e har"ed:
"a7 the art ,e used3
89;3 I' it is not !ossi,le to a%hie.e 7our ends one wa7: !er%han%e the ai" "a7 ,e a%hie.ed ,7 a%ting in
a di''erent wa7 so as to har" none3 MA1 THE &/RSE OF THE GODDESS BE O) A)1
$HO BREA2ETH THIS LA$3 So ,e it ordained3
89<3 +Tis Cudged law'ul i' an7 o' the %ra't need a house or land and none will sell: to in%line the
owner+s "ind so as to ,e willing to sell: !ro.ided it har"eth hi" not in an7 wa7 and the 'ull !ri%e
is !aid without haggling3
89=3 ) ,argain or %hea!en an7thing whilst 7ou ,u7 ,7 the art3 So ,e it ordained3

89>3 ETis the Old Law and the "ost i"!ortant o' all laws: that no one "a7 do an7thing whi%h will
endanger an7 o' the %ra't: or ,ring the" into %onta%t with the law o' the land or an7 !erse%utors3
89?3 In an7 dis!ute ,etween Brethren: no one "a7 in.o(e an7 laws ,ut those o' the %ra't3
89#3 Or an7 tri,unal ,ut that o' the Priestess: Priest and Elders3

89@3 It is not 'or,idden to sa7 as &hristians do: EThere ,e wit%h%ra't in the land:E ,e%ause our
o!!ressors o' old "a(e it a heres7 not to ,elie.e in wit%h%ra't and so a %ri"e to den7 it whi%h
there,7 !uts 7ou under sus!i%ion3
8;A3 But sa7: EI (now not o' it here: !er%han%e there "a7 ,e ,ut a'ar o'': I (now not where3E
8;83 But s!ea( o' the" as old %rones: %onsorting with the and riding through the air3
8;93 And sa7: EBut how "a7 "an7 ride the air i' the7 ,e not as light as thistledown3E
8;;3 But the %urse o' the Goddess ,e on an7 who %ast sus!i%ion on an7 o' the Brotherhood3
8;<3 Or who s!ea( o' an7 real "eetingB!la%e or where the7 ,ide3

8;=3 the %ra't (ee! ,oo(s with the na"es o' all her,s whi%h are good: and all %ures so all "a7 learn3
8;>3 But (ee! another ,oo( with all the Bales and A!ies and let onl7 the Elders and other trustworth7
!eo!le ha.e this (nowledge3 So ,e it ordained3
8;?3 And "a7 the ,lessings o' the gods ,e on all who (ee! these Laws: and the %urses o' ,oth the God
and the Goddess ,e on all who ,rea( the"3

8;#3 Re"e",er the art is the se%ret o' the gods and "a7 onl7 ,e used in earnest and 'or show or
8;@3 Magi%ians and &hristians "a7 taunt us sa7ing: E1ou ha.e no !ower: show us 7our !ower3 Do
"agi% ,e'ore our e7es: then onl7 will we ,elie.e:E see(ing to %ause us to ,etra7 the art ,e'ore
8<A3 Heed the" not: 'or the art is hol7 and "a7 onl7 ,e used in need: and the %urse o' the gods ,e on
an7 who ,rea( this Law3

8<83 It ,e the wa7 with wo"en and with "en also: that the7 see( new lo.e3
8<93 )or should we re!ro.e the" 'or this3
8<;3 But it "a7 ,e 'ound a disad.antage to the %ra't3
8<<3 And so "an7 a ti"e it has ha!!ened that a High Priest or a High Priestess: i"!elled ,7 lo.e: hath
de!arted with their lo.e3 That is: the7 le't the &o.en3
8<=3 )ow i' the High Priestess wishes to resign: she "a7 do so in 'ull &o.en3
8<>3 And this resignation is .alid3
8<?3 But i' the7 should run o'' without resigning: who "a7 (now i' the7 "a7 not return in a 'ew
8<#3 So the Law is: i' a High Priestess her &o.en: she ,e ta(en ,a%( and all ,e as ,e'ore3
8<@3 Meanwhile: i' she has a de!ut7: that de!ut7 shall a%t as High Priestess 'or as long as the High
Priestess is awa73
8=A3 I' she returns not at the end o' a 7ear and a da7: then shall the &o.en ele%t a new High Priestess:
8=83 /nless there is a good reason to the %ontrar73
8=93 The !erson who has done the wor( should rea! the ,ene'it o' the reward3 I' so"e,od7 else is
ele%ted: the de!ut7 is "ade "aiden and de!ut7 o' the High Priestess3

8=;3 It has ,een 'ound that !ra%ti%ing the art doth %ause a 'ondness ,etween as!irant and tutor: and it is
the %ause o' ,etter results i' this ,e so3
8=<3 And i' 'or an7 reason this ,e undesirea,le: it %an easil7 ,e a.oided ,7 ,oth !ersons 'ro" the
outset 'ir"l7 in their "inds to ,e as ,rother and sister or !arent and %hild3
8==3 And it is 'or this reason that a "an "a7 ,e taught onl7 ,7 a wo"an and a wo"an ,7 a "an: and
wo"en and wo"en should not atte"!t these !ra%ti%es together3 So ,e it ordained3

8=>3 Order and dis%i!line "ust ,e (e!t3
8=?3 A High Priestess or a High Priest "a7: and should: !unish all 'aults3
8=#3 To this end all the %ra't "ust re%ei.e %orre%tion willingl73
8=@3 All !ro!erl7 !re!ared: the %ul!rit (neeling should ,e told his 'ault and his senten%e !ronoun%ed3
8>A3 Punish"ent should ,e 'ollowed ,7 so"ething a"using3
8>83 The %ul!rit "ust a%(nowledge the Custi%e o' the !unish"ent ,7 (issing the hand on
senten%e and again than(ing 'or !unish"ent re%ei.ed3 So ,e it ordained3

l These Laws a!!ear to ha.e ,e%o"e !art o' the GBG BOS shortl7 a'ter Doreen aliente le't his
&o.en 5in 8@=?6H the7 e0isted at the ti"e that she le't3 5The7 were an inno.ation at that ti"e: and
were one o' the things that the !eo!le who hi.ed at that ti"e re'used to a%%e!t: though not
the" a reason 'or hi.ing36 See Doreen aliente+s EThe Re,irth o' $it%h%ra'tE3
l So"e o' this "aterial was alread7 in the GBG BOS at the ti"e3 See the Farrars+ EThe $it%hes+
l The7 also see" to ,e !resent throughout the Ale0andrain strea"3 5See the Farrars+ EThe
$it%hes $a7E: and Iune Iohns+ E2ing o' the $it%hesE36
l The list I gi.e here is drawn 'ro" se.eral !u,lished sour%es:
" Iune Iohns:E2ing o' the $it%hesE
" Lad7 She,a:EThe Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,aE
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar:EThe $it%hes+ $a7E
l I used Iohns as "7 !ri"ar7 sour%e: as She,a is generall7 'ull o' %o!7ist errors: and the Farrars
don+t gi.e the 'ull te0t3 I %ouldn+t 'ind the se%tion headings in an7 !u,lished sour%e: ,ut I
in%luded the" an7wa7 ,e%ause the7 "a(e the te0t easier to 'ollow3
l She,a J"a7J ,e a "ore a%%urate sour%e than Iohns 'or the GBG .ersion3 5So"e o' what I too( to
,e t7!os "a7 well ha.e ,een GBGBis"+s36 Iohns is !ro,a,l7 a ,etter sour%e 'or Ale0 Sanders+
own .ersion3 &o.ens in either lineage ha.e !ro,a,l7 %ross re'eren%ed and +%orre%ted+ what the7
too( to ,e errors3 5For e0a"!le: in Law >A: I use the word +arraigned+3 She,a +engained+:
whi%h "a(es no sense 5that we (now o'63 +engined+ 5"eaning tortured6 "a(es "ore
sense in %onte0t than +arraigned+3 Did Ale0 Sanders "isB%orre%t the +engained+ error F
The $i%%an Redes

Bide the $i%%an Redes 7e "ust:
In Per'e%t Lo.e and Per'e%t TrustH
Li.e 7e "ust and let to li.e:
Fairl7 ta(e and 'airl7 gi.eH
For" the &ir%le thri%e a,out:
To (ee! unwel%o"e s!irits outH
Bind 'ast the s!ell e.er7 ti"e:
Let the words ,e s!o(e in rh7"e3

So't o' e7e and light o' tou%h:
S!ea( 7e little: listen "u%hH
Deosil go ,7 wa0ing "oon:
Sing and dan%e the $it%hes+ RuneH
$iddershins go ,7 waning "oon:
&hant 7e then a ,ale'ul tuneH
$hen the Lad7+s "oon is new:
2iss hand to her ti"es twoH
$hen the "oon rides at !ea(:
Heart+s desire then 7e see(3

Heed the )orth wind+s "ight7 gale:
Lo%( the door 4 tri" the sailH
$hen the wind %o"es 'ro" the South:
Lo.e will (iss the" on the "outhH
$hen the wind ,lows 'ro" the $est:
de!arted souls ha.e no restH
$hen the wind ,lows 'ro" the East:
E0!e%t the new and set the 'east3

)ine woods in the %auldron go:
Burn the" -ui%(: ,urn the" slowH
Elder ,e the Lad7+s tree:
Burn it not or %urs+d 7e+ll ,eH
$hen the wind ,egins to turn:
Soon Beltane 'ires will ,urnH
$hen the wheel has turned to 1ule:
light the log: the Horned One rules3

Heed the 'lower: ,ush or tree
B7 the Lad7 ,lessed ,e+
$hen the ri!!ling waters 'low
%ast a stone B the truth 7ou+ll (nowH
$hen 7e ha.e 4 hold a need:
Hear(en not to others+ greedH
$ith a 'ool no seasons s!end:
Or ,e %ounted as his 'riend3

Merr7 "eet and "err7 !art
Bright the %hee(s: war" the heartH
Mind the three'old law 7e should:
Three ti"es ,ad and three ti"es goodH
$hene+er "is'ortune is enow:
$ear the star u!on 7our ,rowH
True in troth 7e ,e
Lest th7 lo.e !ro.e 'alse to thee3

+Tis ,7 the sun that li'e ,e won:
And ,7 the "oon that %hange ,e doneH
I' 7e would %lear the !ath to will:
Ma(e %ertain the "ind ,e stillH
$hat good ,e tools without Inner LightF
$hat good ,e "agi% without wisdo"BsightF
Eight words the $i%%an Rede 'ul'ill B
An it har" none: do what 7e will3

l er7 well (nown 5!u,li% do"ain63 $&& has it3 Pu,lished in Rhuddlw" Gawr+s The $a73
Pu,lished in an !a"!hlet %alled Ottawa Pagan Resour%esH the !a"!hlet was organiDed*written
,7 our .er7 own Artos3 Dou,tless "an7 other !u,lished sour%es3
l )o reason to ,elie.e it+s !art o' a EstandardE Ale0andrian or Gardnerian BOS: ,ut it has ,een
%o!ied ,7 a lot o' !eo!le3
arious A!horis"s

For wit%hes this ,e Law B
$here 7e enter in: 'ro" there withdraw3

An 7e will se%ure the s!ell:
&ast so"e in the well3

Enhan%e th7 tran%e
$ith drug and dan%e3

er.ain and dill lend aid to will3

Tre'oil: .er.ain: St3BIohn+sBwort: dill:
Hinder wit%hes o' their will K

/!on the %lo%(: de!endeth not3

Su%%ess !ursueth the !ersistent3

Guilt 'lees when none !ursueth3

Power shared is !ower lost3

See( thine ene"7 in se%ret3

Thoughts are things: as a "an thin(est: so he is3

)o one !erson %an a%%o"!lish all3

Danger is"e without danger3

The !ast is 'i0ed: 7et the 'uture "a7 ,e ,ent3

$here %o""uni%ation 'ails: %on'usion 'ollows3

So"e things %annot ,e understood ,7 "ortal "an3
Man7 su%h "ust si"!l7 ,e a%%e!ted3

Rush in where angels 'ear to tread: the Gods are with 7ou3

As a "an thin(eth: so is he3

I' 7ou thin( s"all: 7ou ,e%o"e s"all3

Re"e",er the Passwords: Per'e%t Lo.e and Per'e%t Trust: so trust the
/ni.erse and ,e at Ho"e e.er7where3

I' 7ou i"agine and 'ear +I will get tra!!ed+: o' %ourse 7ou will get
tra!!ed3 Fear not: and 7ou won+t3

1ou are less alone than when 7ou thin( 7ou are alone3

Fear not: 'or 'ear is 'ailure and the 'orerunner o' 'ailure3

Pra7 to the Moon when she is round
Lu%( with 7ou shall then a,ound
$hat 7ou see( 'or shall ,e 'ound
In sea or s(7 or solid ground 333

l These %o"e 'ro" .arious sour%es
l There+s no reason to ,elie.e that an7 list o' a!horis"s is !art o' the EstandardE Gardnerian or
Ale0andrian BOS3
l Sour%es o' this list are (nown to in%lude:
" The $it%hes+ Al"ana%
" The Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a
" $i%%a the An%ient $a7
" Paul Huson+s Mastering $it%h%ra't
l Add 7our ownH I did3 BBBSe(het3
The Tenets


l These ha.e ,e%o"e %o""on (nowledge in neo!aganis": at least in Ottawa3
l The7 don+t see" to ,e !art o' the Gardneroid strea" originall7: ,ut so"e Gardneroid traditions
ha.e ado!ted the"3
l Tra%ea,le sour%es in%lude S7,il Lee(+s The &o"!lete Art o' $it%h%ra't 5the onl7 !u,lished
sour%e (nown to "e6 and the $i%%an &hur%h o' &anada 5or so I ha.e ,een told6
&asting the &ir%le

)eeds: Altar: 9 Altar &andles: $ater Bowl: Salt Dish: Penta%le: &enser: Atha"e: BellH Presen%e La"!H
Guarter &andlesH Sword 5o!tional6: &andle Snu''er 5o!tional6
Let all ,e 'it to enter into the !resen%e o' the Gods3
Start in the dar(3
Ritual Leader waits until it 'eels li(e ti"e to ,egin: then rises:

I light this &andle 5lights Presen%e La"!6
in the na"e o' that an%ient !resen%e:
whi%h is: was: and shall ,e
"ale: 'e"ale: allB(nowing: allB!ower'ul
and !resent e.er7where3

And in the na"es o' the 'our Might7 Ones:
the rulers o' the ele"ents:
"a7 !ower and ,lessing des%end
in this hour u!on this !la%e
and those gathered here3

R lights the two altar %andles: the %har%oal: and the 'our -uarter %andles 'ro" the Presen%e La"!3

R (neels ,e'ore the altar and !la%es the $ater Bowl u!on the Penta%le3
R !uri'ies the water ,7 !lunging the ti! o' his*her atha"e into the water: sa7ing:

I e0or%ise thee: O &reature o' $ater: that thou %ast out 'ro" thee
all the i"!urit7 and un%leanliness o' the world o' !hantas"3 In
the na"es o' &ernunnos and &erridwen3

R sets the $ater Bowl aside and in its !la%e sets the Salt Dish u!on the Penta%le3 R tou%hes salt
with ti! o' atha"e: sa7ing:
Blessings ,e u!on thee: O &reature o' SaltH let all "alignit7 and
hindran%e ,e %ast 'orth 'ro" thee: and let all good enter within3
$here'ore do I ,less and %onse%rate thee: that thou "a7est aid
"e3 In the na"es o' &ernunnos and &erridwen3
/sing the ti! o' the atha"e: R ta(es three "easures o' salt and !uts it into the water: then stirs
deosil three ti"es with the atha"e: sa7ing:
But "ind that as water and salt !uri'ies the ,od7: so the
s%ourge !uri'ies the soul3 So "ote it ,eK

R draws a %ir%le: %ontinuous 'ro" north deosil unto north with the Sword 5or atha"e6: sa7ing:
I %onCure thee: O &ir%le o' Power: that thou ,eest a ,oundar7
,etween the world o' "en and the real"s o' the Might7 OnesH a
"eeting !la%e o' lo.e and Co7 and truthH a shield against all
wi%(edness and e.ilH a ra"!art and !rote%tion that shall !reser.e
and %ontain the !ower that we raise within thee3 $here'ore do I
,less thee: and %onse%rate thee: in the na"es o' &ernunnos and

5I' others are without: a gate is o!ened: and the7 are now ,rought into the &ir%le with a (iss: and
the &ir%le is resealed36

R ta(es u! the %onse%rated water and as!erges the &ir%le with his*her 'ingerti!s: 'ro" north deosil
unto northH and then tou%hes ea%h !erson within with the water: ,eing tou%hed in turn ,7 his*her
wor(ing !artner 5or another o' the o!!osite se0 to R: i' a.aila,le63 $ater Bowl is returned to altar3
R then ta(es u! the %enser: and li(ewise %enses the &ir%le 'ro" north unto north3
Lastl7 R ta(es around the Presen%e La"! 5or a %andle lit 'ro" the Presen%e La"! and returned to

All stand and salute the East3 R stands in 'ront o' grou! 'a%ing East3 Maiden stands at ,a%( o'
grou! with the Bell3 M rings Bell3
$ith atha"e: R draws three deosil %ir%les and then an in.o(ing earth !entagra": sa7ing:
1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the East: 7e Lords o' AirH I: )33333:
do su""on: stir and %all 7ou u!: to witness our rites and guard
the &ir%leK

All turn and 'a%e South3 Ritual Leader and Maiden "o.e to %orres!onding !ositionsH others Cust
turn in !la%e3 M rings Bell3
$ith atha"e: R draws three deosil %ir%les and then an in.o(ing earth !entagra": sa7ing:
1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the South: 7e Lords o' FireH I:
)33333: do su""on: stir and %all 7ou u!: to witness our rites and
guard the &ir%leK
Si"ilarl7: in $est:
1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the $est: 7e Lords o' $aterH
Lords o' Death and InitiationH I: )33333: do su""on: stir and %all
7ou u!: to witness our rites and guard the &ir%leK

And in )orth:
1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the )orth: 7e Lords o' EarthH
Boreas: thou Guardian o' the )orthern PortalsH I: )33333: do
su""on: stir and %all 7ou u!: to witness our rites and guard the

All turn ,a%( to the East and salute3

)ow all turn to )orth again3 M rings Bell3 R sa7s:
1e Might7 Ones:
Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the /ni.erse:
Dread Lords o' the outer s!a%es:
Thou !ower'ul God: thou gentle Goddess:
$e in.ite 7ou to our "eeting3
O thou &erridwen3
O thou Might7 &ernunnos:
we gather 5I stand6 ,e'ore 7ou to 3333E 5state intent6
The &ir%le is now !er'e%t3

l Ada!ted 'ro" Farrars+ Eight Sa,,ats 'or $it%hes: ,ut !u,lished all the !la%e in se.eral
l +Lighting o' &andle+ added ,7 2haled: Se(het 4 Rando"3
l +E0or%is" o' $ater+ 4 +Blessing o' Salt+ %losel7 'ollow those o' the 2e7 o' Solo"on: Boo( 9:
&ha!t3 3
&losing the &ir%le

$hen the &ir%le+s wor( is done: R goes to the East: atha"e in hand: salutes: and draws a ,anishing
!entagra": sa7ing:
1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the East: 7e Lords o' Air: we
than( 7ou 'or attending our ritesH and ere 7e de!art to 7our
,eauteous real"s: we ,id thee Hail and Farewell333

Hail and FarewellK 5R e0tinguishes Guarter &andle6

Re!eat 'or the re"aining Guarters: addressing ea%h with the titles ,7 whi%h it was in.o(ed3

R than(s and sa7s good,7e to the God and Goddess3 5$ords To Be De%ided36 and e0tinguishes altar
R then than(s and dis"isses an7 s!irits who ha.e gathered3
The &ir%le is o!en ,ut un,ro(en3 Merr7 "eet: "err7 !art and
"err7 "eet again3

R e0tinguishes the Presen%e La"!: sa7ing:
This rite is endedK
So "ote it ,eK

l lots o' !u,lished .ersions
l this .ersion %o"es 'ro" Gui%(
&onse%rating a Sword or Atha"e

La7 sword 5or atha"e6 on !enta%le: !re'era,l7 ,7: and tou%hing: another: %onse%rated: wea!on3 The
as!erges the" with %onse%rated salt and water: whereu!on the wo"an !i%(s u! the wea!on to ,e
%onse%rated and !asses it through the i"%ense s"o(e and re!la%es it on the !enta%le3 Both la7 their
hands u!on the wea!on and !ress down: sa7ing:

I %onCure thee: O Sword 5Atha"e6: ,7 these )a"es: A,raha%h:
A,ra%h: A,ra%ada,ra: that thou ser.est "e 'or a strength and
de'en%e in all "agi%al o!erations against all "ine ene"ies: .isi,le
and in.isi,le3 I %onCure thee anew ,7 the Hol7 )a"e Aradia and
,7 the Hol7 )a"e &ernunnosH I %onCure thee: O Sword 5Atha"e6:
that thou ser.est "e 'or a !rote%tion in all ad.ersitiesH so aid "e

Again the "an as!erges: and the wo"an %enses: and the wea!on is returned to the !enta%le: sa7ing:

EI %onCure thee: O Sword 5Atha"e6 o' Steel: ,7 the Great Gods
and Gentle Goddesses: ,7 the .irtue o' the hea.ens: o' the stars
and o' the s!irits who !reside the": that thou "a7est re%ei.e
su%h .irtue that I "a7 o,tain the end I desire in all things wherein
I shall use thee: ,7 the !ower o' Aradia and &ernunnos3

The Partner the Fi.e'old (iss unto the owner o' the wea!on3 I' the owner is not !resent: or i' the
wea!on is Cointl7 owned ,7 the" ,oth: the "an will gi.e the Fi.e'old (iss to the wo"an3 For the 'inal
(iss u!on the "outh: the wea!on is sus!ended ,etween their ,reasts: held there ,7 the !ressure o' their
e",ra%e3 As the7 se!erate: the owner o' the wea!on i""ediatel7 uses it to re%ast the &ir%le: ,ut

)otes: I' !ossi,le: la7 sword with an alread7 %onse%rated sword or atha"e3 It should: i' !ossi,le: ,e
%onse%rated ,7 ,oth a "an and a wo"an: ,oth o' who" are initiated: and ,oth na(ed as drawn swords3
During %onse%ration: !ress down on sword hard with %onse%rated sword or atha"e3 I' !ossi,le !arta(e
&a(es and $ine 'irst: then Magus should s!rin(le with water: $it%h should %ense in First &onCuration:
then s!rin(le and %ense and %onCure again with Se%ond &onCuration3 I' true sword and atha"e are
a.aila,le: a sword and atha"e %an ,e %onse%rated at the sa"e ti"e in whi%h %ase Magus should !ress
with sword on sword: and $it%h with atha"e on atha"e: and new sword and atha"e should tou%h3 In
an7 %ase: when 'inished the wea!on should ,e handed to new owner with Fi.e'old Salute: and should
!ressed against the ,od7 'or a ti"e to get the auraH and it should ,e in as %lose %onne%tion as !ossi,le to
the na(ed ,od7 'or at least a "onth: i3e3 (e!t under !illow: et%3 Do not allow an7one to tou%h or handle
an7 o' 7our tools until thoroughl7 i"!regnated with 7our auraH sa7 si0 "onths or as near as !ossi,le3
a !air wor(ing together "a7 own the sa"e tools: whi%h will ,e i"!regnated with the aura o' ,oth3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes $a7
l The7 sa7 it %o"es 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5Te0t B*& .ersion6
l The7 sa7 that he deri.ed it 'ro" The Greater 2e7 o' Solo"on: ,ut had dro!!ed the He,rew and
other "agi%al na"es ,7 te0t B 5the7 were in te0t A63
l See 2e7 o' Solo"on Boo( 9: &ha!t3 III3 8st %onCuration 'ollows the te0t %losel7: ,ut 9nd and
instru%tions di''er3
l The Farrars sa7 that GBG+s te0t A .ersion %an ,e 'ound in The 2e7 o' Solo"on and High Magi%+s
&onse%rating Other $or(ing Tools
5e0%e!t a sword or atha"e6

Pla%e tool on !enta%le: and la7 right hand5s6 on it: sa7ing:
Aradia and &ernunnos: deign to ,less and to %onse%rate this
$hiteBHilted (ni'e 5or whate.er6 that it "a7 o,tain the ne%essar7
.irtue through 7ou 'or all a%ts o' lo.e and ,eaut73

Magus s!rin(les: $it%h %enses3 Then sa7:
Aradia and &ernunnos: ,less this instru"ent !re!ared in 7our
honour35i' S%ourge or &ords: add 333 that it "a7 ser.e 'or a good
%ause and end and 'or 7our glor736

Again Magus s!rin(les and $it%h %enses3 5Hand tool to new owner as 7ou would a sword or atha"e:
with a Fi.e'old Salute36

All these wea!ons should ,e !resented to the new owner with Salute3 I' a $it%h Gueen: the downward
!ointing triangle as in the 'irst Degree Initiation3 5I re!hrased the !re.ious senten%e: as the Farrar+s
.ersion is unt7!ea,le3 BBSe(het6 End %ere"on7 with Fi.e'old Salute3 The new owner should
use the new instru"ents: i3e3 'or" &ir%le with Sword: then Atha"e: in%ise so"ething with
$hiteBHandled (ni'e: e0hi,it Penta%le to Four Guarters: %ense to Four Guarters: use &ords and
and should %ontinue to use all o' the" in a &ir%le as o'ten as !ossi,le: 'or so"e ti"e3

To "ar( out a new &ir%le: sti%( sword or atha"e in ground: "a(e a loo! in %ord: and sli! o.erH then:
using %ord: "ar( out a %ir%le: and later "ar( it with !oint o' sword or atha"e3 Alwa7s renew the &ir%le
with sword or atha"e when a,out to use: ,ut ha.e it "ar(ed so that 7ou alwa7s retra%e it in sa"e !la%e3
Re"e",er the &ir%le is a !rote%tion: a guard against in'luen%es: and to !re.ent !ower %reated 'ro"
dis!ersingH ,ut the $it%h: not ,eing "a7 enter and lea.e 'reel73 But in Art Magi%: it is a ,arrier
against 'or%es raised: and when on%e in the Magus "a7 not lea.e without great danger3 I' an7 great
danger is "ani'ested it would ,e ad.isa,le to ta(e re'uge in the &ir%leH ,ut ordinaril7 sword or atha"e
hand is !er'e%t !rote%tion against an7thing3 Those who "a(e these tools "ust ,e !uri'ied: %lean and
!ro!erl7 !re!ared3 $hen not in use: all tools and wea!ons should ,e !ut awa7 in a se%ret !la%eH and it
good that this should ,e near 7our slee!ing !la%e: and that 7ou handle the" ea%h night ,e'ore retiring3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7
l The7 sa7 it %o"es 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5Te0t B*&6
l The7 sa7 GBG+s original 5te0t A6 "a7 ,e 'ound in The 2e7 o' Solo"on and in High Magi%+s Aid3
The &harge to )ew Initiates

O Thou who hast de%lared intent to ,e%o"e one o' us: hear then that
whi%h thou "ust (now to do: Single is the ra%e: single o' "en and o'
Gods: 'ro" a single sour%e we ,oth draw ,reath: ,ut a di''eren%e o'
!ower in e.er7thing (ee!s us a!art: 'or we are as nothing ,ut the Gods
sta7 'ore.er3 1et we %an: in greatness o' "inds: ,e li(e the Gods3
Though we (now not to what goal ,7 da7 or in the night: Fate has
written that we shall run ,e7ond all seas: and earth+s last ,oundaries3
Be7ond the S!ring o' night and the Hea.en+s .ast e0!anse there lies a
"aCest7 whi%h is the do"ain o' the Gods3 Those who would !ass
through the Gates o' )ight and Da7 to that sweet !la%e: whi%h is
,etween the world o' "en and the do"ains o' the Lords o' the Outer
S!a%es: (now that unless there is truth in th7 heart: th7 e.er7 e''ort is
doo"ed to 'ailure3 HEAR THE) THE LA$: That thou lo.est all
things in nature3 That thou wal(est hu",l7 in the wa7s o' "en and the
wa7s o' the Gods3 Also it is the law that %ontent"ent thou shalt learn:
through su''ering: and 'ro" long 7ears: and 'ro" no,ilit7 o' "ind and
o' !ur!ose3 FOR THE $ISE )EER GRO$ OLD3 Their "inds
are nourished ,7 in the da7light o' the Gods and i' a"ong the
.ulgar so"e dis%o.eries should arise %on%erning so"e "a0i"s o' th7
,elie' in the Gods so do thou: 'or the "ost !art: (ee! silent3 For there
is a great ris( o' those who straightawa7 .o"it u! that whi%h the7 hast
not digested3 And when so"eone shall sa7 to thee: thou (nowest
naught and it ,ites thee naught: then (nowest thou that thou hast
,egun the wor(3 And as shee! do not ,ring their 'ood to the she!herd
to show how "u%h the7 ha.e eaten ,ut digesting inwardl7 their
!ro.ender do ,ear outwardl7 wool and "il(: e.en so: do not dis!la7
the "a0i"s to the .ulgar: ,ut rather the wor(s that 'low when the7 are

l This is !art o' Lad7 She,a+s First Degree Initiation Ritual: where it is gi.en as a s!ee%h "ade to
the &andidiate ,7 the High Priestess
First Degree Initiation

l Hiero!hant 5H6 5Initiator6
l &andidiate 5&6
l Hiero!hant+s $or(ing Partner 5P6
l Su""oner 5S6 5Hiero!hant does his !art i' S una.aila,le6
l High Priestess 5HPS6 5a%tuall7: H or P: de!ending on gender6
l ,lind'old
l nine 'oot red %ord
l short white %ord
l oil
l s%ourge
l all ordinar7 es,at re-uire"ents

&andidate stands outside &ir%le to )E: ,lind'olded and ,ound ,7 "e",ers o' the o!!osite gender3
are ,ound together in ,a%( ,7 "iddle o' a @ 'oot red %ord: (notted in 'ront at throat with ends hanging
down 'ront as %a,leBtow3 A short white %ord is 'astened to the right an(le with ends tu%(ed in so as not
tri! & u!: sa7ing:

Feet neither ,ound nor 'ree

HPS %asts &ir%le3 O!ening ritual is 'ollowed to the end o' the Drawing Down o' the Moon: ,ut the
&harge is not 7et de%lai"ed3

Su""oner 'et%hes Sword 5or atha"e6 'ro" the altar: and o!ens a gate in )E3 S: H: and P 'a%e & and S
issues the &hallenge:

O thou who standest on the threshold ,etween the !leasant world
o' "en and the dread do"ains o' the Lords o' the Outer S!a%es:
hast thou the %ourage to "a(e the assa7F

Pla%ing !oint o' ,lade against &+s heart: S %ontinues:

For I sa7 .eril7: it were ,etter to rush on "7 ,lade and !erish:
than "a(e the atte"!t with 'ear in th7 heart3

I ha.e two !asswords3 Per'e%t lo.e and !er'e%t trust3

All who ha.e su%h are dou,l7 wel%o"e3

I gi.e thee a third to !ass thee through this dread door3

H gras!s & a,o.e waist with H+s le't ar": (isses & on the li!s: and swings & into the &ir%le with H+s
,od7: 'ro" ,ehind3

S 5or P i' no S6 %loses the gate3

H leads & to ea%h Guarter in turn: sa7ing:
Ta(e heed: 7e lords o' the East 5South*$est*)orth6 that )333 is
!ro!erl7 !re!ared to ,e initiated a !riestMessN and wit%h3

H leads & ,a%( to %entre o' &ir%le 5.ia East6 while %o.en dan%es around: singing:

E(o: e(o ADra(: 5et%363333

333 and "eanwhile !ushing & ,a%( and 'orth a"ong the": until H %alls a halt3

Partner then rings ,ell three ti"es as H turns & to stand ,e'ore the altar: with &+s ,a%( to the altar 5i3e3
'a%ing South i' altar is in )orth63 H stands in %entre o' &ir%le: 'a%ing & 5and altar63 H sa7s:

In other religions: the !ostulant (neels: while the !riest towers
a,o.e3 But in the Art Magi%al we are taught to ,e hu",le: and we
(neel to wel%o"e her M*hi"N and we sa7: M(neelsN
Blessed ,e th7 'eet: whi%h ha.e ,rought thee in these wa7sHM(iss r3
'oot: then l3 'ootN
Blessed ,e th7 (nees: that shall (neel at the sa%red altarHM(iss r3
(nee: then l3 (neeN
Blessed ,e th7 wo",M*!hallusN: without whi%h we would not
,eHM(iss a,o.e !u,esN
Blessed ,e th7 ,reasts M*,reastN: ere%ted in ,eaut7 M*'or"ed in
strengthNHM(iss r3 ,reast: then l3 ,reastN
Blessed ,e th7 li!s: that shall utter the sa%red na"es3M(iss on li!sN

)ow we are going to ta(e 7our "easure3
H: aided ,7 another wit%h o' the sa"e gender: stret%hes a ,utton thread 'ro" the ground ,7 &+s 'oot to
%rown o' &+s head and %uts it there with atha"e or ,olline3
Measure & on%e a,out the 'orehead with the %ut thread and (not at the !oint o' o.erla!: again a,out the
heart starting 'ro" the sa"e end M(notN: and lastl7 a,out the hi!s a%ross the genitals M(notN3 The
is wound and !la%ed u!on the altar3 H as(s:

Be'ore thou art sworn: art thou read7 to !ass the ordeal and ,e

I a"3

H: aided ,7 another wit%h o' the sa"e gender: hel!s & to (neel: head and shoulders ,owed 'orward3
loose ends o' the short %ord are unwound and &+s an(les ,ound se%urel73 The %a,le tow is 'astened to
altar3 H 'et%hes s%ourge 'ro" altar as Partner rings ,ell three ti"es: sa7ing:

H s%ourges & 'ir"l7: ,ut tenderl7: thri%e3
P sa7s 5,ut doesn+t ring ,ell6:
Se.en 333 )ine 333 Twent7Bone3:
And ea%h ti"e H s%ourges & with the nu",er o' stro(es P has na"ed: and all should ,e light: 7et 'ir":
sa.e onl7 the .er7 last whi%h "a7 sting so"ewhat as a re"inder that H3 has ,een deli,eratel7
Hiero!hant then sa7s:
Bra.el7 thou hast !assed the test3 Art thou read7 to swear that
thou wilt alwa7s ,e true to the ArtF:
I a":
Art thou read7 to hel!: !rote%t and de'end th7 ,rothers and
sisters o' the Art: e.en though it should %ost thee th7 li'e3F:
I a":
Then sa7 a'ter "e: I: )333: in the !resen%e o' the Might7 Ones: do
o' "7 own 'ree will and a%%ord: "ost sole"nl7 swear: without an7
reser.ation in "e that I will (ee! se%ret: and
re.eal: the se%rets o' the Art: e0%e!t it ,e to a !ro!er !erson:
!ro!erl7 !re!ared within a &ir%le su%h as I a" now in3 This I
swear ,7 "7 ho!es o' a 'uture li'e: "ind'ul that "7 "easure has
,een ta(enH and "a7 "7 wea!ons turn against "e i' I ,rea( this
"7 sole"n oath:
H and other wit%h o' the sa"e gender hel! & to 'eet3 P 'et%hes anointing oil and %hali%e o' wine3 H
"oistens 'ingerti! with oil sa7ing:
I here,7 sign thee with the Tri!le Sign3 I %onse%rate thee with oil
H tou%hes "oistened 'inger to Cust a,o.e !u,es: right ,reast: le't ,reast: and a,o.e !u,es again3 H
"oistens 'ingerti! with wine and anoints the sa"e three !la%es: sa7ing:
I %onse%rate thee with wine 333:
I %onse%rate thee with "7 li!s 333 M(iss as a,o.eN PriestMessN and
& is now un,ound and the ,lind'old re"o.ed ,7 H and assistant o' sa"e gender3 )ew Initiate is
wel%o"ed ,7 %o.en: then !resented with the $or(ing Tools3 As ea%h tool is na"ed: H ta(es it 'ro" the
altar and !asses it to the Initiate with a (iss3 As ea%h tool is 'inished with: the assistant ta(es it 'ro" the
Initiate M(issN and re!la%es it u!on the altar3 H sa7s:
)ow I !resent to thee the $or(ing Tools3:

First: the Magi% Sword3:

$ith this: as with the atha"e: thou %anst 'or" all Magi% &ir%les:
do"inate: su,due and !unish all renellious s!irits and dae"ons:
and e.en !ursuade angels and good s!irits3 $ith this in th7 hand:
thou art ruler o' the &ir%le3:

)e0t I !resent the Atha"e3 This is the true wit%h+s wea!on and
has all the !owers o' the Magi% Sword3:

)e0t I !resent the $hiteBhilted (ni'e3 Its use is to 'or" all
instru"ents used in the Art3 It %an onl7 ,e used in a Magi%

)e0t I !resent the $and3 Its use is to %all u! and %ontrol %ertain
angels and genii to who" it would not ,e "eet to use the Magi%

)e0t I !resent the &u!3 This is the .essel o' the Goddess: the
&auldron o' &erridwen: the Hol7 Grail o' I""ortalit73 Fro" this
we drin( in %o"radeshi!: and in honour o' the Goddess:

)e0t I !resent the Panta%le3 This is 'or the !ur!ose o' %alling u!
a!!ro!riate s!irits3:

)e0t I !resent the S%ourge3 This is the sign o' !ower and
do"ination3 It is also used to %ause !uri'i%ation and
enlighten"ent3 For it is written: +To learn 7ou "ust su''er and ,e
!uri'ied3+ Art thou willing to su''er to learnF:

I a":

)e0t and lastl7 I !resent the &ords3 The7 are o' use to ,ind the
sigils o' the ArtH also the "aterial ,asisH also the7 are ne%essar7 in
the Oath:

I now salute thee in the na"e o' Aradia: newl7 "ade !riestMessN
and wit%h M(issN:

H and P now 'a%e the new Initiate and the &harge3
The Initiate "a7 %onse%rate his atha"e hereH he "ust %onse%rate it ,e'ore using it3
&a(es and $ine
The Initiate is now !resented to ea%h Guarter in turn ,7 the Hiero!hant: sa7ing:
Hear 7e Might7 Ones o' the East MS3*$3*)3NH )333 has ,een
%onse%rated !riestMessN: wit%h and hidden %hild o' the Goddess3
to north de%lai":
Hear 7e Might7 Ones o' the )orthH Boreas: thou guardian o' the
)orthern !ortalsH thou !ower'ul God: thou gentle GoddessH )333
3333 5et%36

&lose &ir%le3

A graduation !art7 should 'ollow3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7
Initiation o' the Se%ond Degree

HPS %asts &ir%le as usual3 Es,at rite is 'ollowed to end o' In.o%ation o' the Horned God3
&andidate: !ro!erl7 !re!ared 5in %entre o' &ir%le6: is ,ound and ,lind'olded as in the First Degree: ,ut
with the addition o' a ,lue %ord ,ound a,out the (nees3 Hiero!hant leads &andidate to ea%h Guarter in
turn: !ro%lai"ing:

Hear 7e O Might7 Ones o' the East MS: $: )N: )3333: a dul7
%onse%rated Priest5ess6 and $it%h is now !ro!erl7 !re!ared to ,e
"ade a High Priest and Magus 5High Priestess and $it%h Gueen63
&andidate is returned to %enter: 'a%ing altar3 &o.en lin(s hands and thri%e %ir%le &3
&andidate is now assisted to (neel and re,ound se%urel7: 'a%ing altar3 Hiero!hant sa7s:

To attain to this su,li"e degree: it is ne%essar7 to su''er and ,e
!uri'ied3 Art thou willing to su''er to learnF

I a"

I !uri'7 thee to ta(e this great Oath rightl73
The ,ell is rung thri%e and !uri'i%ation 'ollows: ;: ?: @: 98 5O<A6 stro(es3 S%ourge and ,ell are returned
the altar as Hiero!hant sa7s:

I now gi.e thee a new na"e: )3333 $hat is th7 na" light
s"a%( or !ush6

M7 na"e is )3333 light s"a%( or !ush6
Ea%h "e",er o' the &o.en in turn &andidate a light swat or !ush: as(ing:

Ea%h &o.ener:
$hat is th7 na" light s"a%( or !ush6
&andidate res!onds to ea%h with his 5her6 new na"e3 $hen all ha.e !ut the -uestion: all return to their
!la%es and H3 ad"inisters the Oath sa7ing:

Re!eat th7 new na"e a'ter "e: I: )3333: swear u!on "7 "other+s
wo",: and ,7 "ine honour a"ong "en and "7 Brothers and
Sisters o' the Art: that I will re.eal: to an7 at all: an7 o' the
se%rets o' the Art: e0%e!t it ,e to a worth7 !erson: !ro!erl7
!re!ared: in the %enter o' a Magi% &ir%le su%h as I a" now inH and
that I will den7 the se%rets to su%h a !erson: i' he or she has
,een !ro!erl7 .ou%hed 'or ,7 a Brother or Sister o' the Art3 All
this I swear ,7 "7 ho!es o' sal.ation: "7 !ast and "7 ho!es
o' 'uture ones to %o"eH and I de.ote "7sel' and "7 "easure to
utter destru%tion i' I ,rea( this "7 sole"n oath3

2neeling: H3 !la%es le't hand under &andidate+s (nee and right hand u!on his 5her6 head to 'or" the
Magi%al Lin( and %on%entrates long enough to 'ull7 %harge &: sa7ing:

I will all "7 !ower into thee3

&andidate+s (nees and an(les are now un,ound: and he*she is assisted to rise3 Hiero!hant ta(es u! oil
anoints &3 at !u,es: right ,reast: le't hi!: right hi!: le't ,reast: and a,o.e !u,i% hair again: sa7ing:

I %onse%rate thee with oil3

And again with wine: sa7ing:

I %onse%rate thee with wine3:FTDP
And lastl7 (isses &andidate in the sa"e !attern:

I %onse%rate thee with "7 li!s: High Priest5ess6 and Magus 5$it%h

The ,lind'old and %a,leBtow are now re"o.ed and the Initiate is %ongratulated ,7 %o.eners3

H3 ta(es u! Magi% Sword 'ro" altar: sa7ing:

1ou will now show the use o' ea%h o' the $or(ing Tools in turn3
First the Magi% Sword3 5S6
5Initiate silentl7 redraws &ir%le and returns Sword with a S36

Se%ond the Atha"e3 5S6

5Initiate silentl7 redraws &ir%le and returns Sword with a S36

5Initiate again re%asts &ir%le in silen%e3 5S6
Third: the $hiteBHilted 2ni'e3 5S6

5Initiate ins%ri,es !entagra" in new white %andle3 S6

Fourth: the $and3 5S6

5Initiate %ir%u"a",ulates !resenting $and to ea%h Guarter3 S6

Fi'th: the &u!3 5S6

5Initiate %onse%rates wineH "a7 ,e assisted ,7 H3 S6

Si0th: the Penta%le3 5S6

5Initiate %onse%rates %a(esH "a7 ,e assisted ,7 H3 S6

Se.enth: the &ords3 5S6

5Initiate: with hel! 'ro" Partner: ,inds H3 as s*he was ,ound to ta(e this degree3 S6

Eighth: the S%ourge3 For learn: in $it%h%ra't 7ou "ust gi.e
as 7ou re%ei.e: ,ut tri!le3 So where I ga.e thee three: return
nineH where I ga.e thee se.en: return twent7BoneH where I ga.e
thee nine: return twent7Bse.enH where I ga.e thee twent7Bone:
return si0t7Bthree3

5Initiate @: 98: 9?: >; O 89A stro(es with S%ourge36

Though hast o,e7ed the Law3 But "ar( well: when thou re%ei.est
good: so e-uall7 art thou ,ound to return good three'old3

H3 is un,ound and assisted to rise: then leads Initiate to wa%h Guarter in turn: sa7ing:

Hear 7e: Might7 Ones o' the East MS3 $3 )3N: )3333 has ,een dul7
%onse%rated High Priest5ess6 and Magus 5$it%h Gueen63:
H3 leads Initiate ,a%( to %enter o' &ir%le: sa7ing:

H: learned this 'ar: 7ou "ust (now wh7 the $i%%a are %alled
the Hidden &hildren o' the Goddess3
Pro%eed with the Legend o' the Des%ent o' the Goddess3 Generall7 Initiate and Hiero!hant a%t the
a!!ro!riate !arts3 H3 a!!oints )arrator and Guardian3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7
l lots o' other !u,lished sour%es too3
The Legend o' the Des%ent o' the Goddess

l )arrator 5)6
l Goddess
l Lord o' Death 5D6
l Guardian5s6
l .eils: Ceweller7
l Horned &rown
l Sword
l S%ourge

She who will !ortra7 the Goddess re" her ne%(la%e and !la%es it u!on the altar: donning .eils and
Ceweller7 in its stead3
He who will !ortra7 the God dons the Horned &rown and stands ,e'ore the altar with s%ourge and
in the God !osition3
5S6he who !ortra7s the Guardians ,ears the Sword3
Ea%h will a%t out their !arts as the )arrator reads:

In An%ient ti"e: out Lord: the Horned One: was as he still is: the
&onsoler: the &o"'orter: ,ut "en (new hi" as the dread Lord o'
Shadows B lonel7: stern and Cust3

)ow our Lad7 the Goddess had lo.ed: ,ut she would sol.e
all the M7steries: e.en the "7ster7 o' DeathH and so she Courne7ed
to the /nderworld3

The Guardians o' the Portal %hallenged her:

Stri! o'' th7 gar"ents: la7 aside th7 CewelsH 'or naught "a7est
thou ,ring with thee into this our land3

So she laid down her gar"ents and her Cewels: and was ,ound: as
are all who enter the Real"s o' death: the Might7 One3

Su%h was her ,eaut7: that Death hi"sel' (nelt and (issed her 'eet:

Blessed ,e th7 'eet: that ha.e ,rought thee in these wa7s3 A,ide
with "eH ,ut let "e !la%e "7 %old hand on th7 heart3

She re!lied:

I lo.e thee not3 $h7 dost thou %ause all things that I lo.e and ta(e
delight in to 'ade and dieF

Death re!lied:

+Lad7 +tis age and 'ate: against whi%h I a" hel!less3 Age %auses all
things to witherH ,ut when "en die at the end o' ti"e: I gi.e the"
rest and !ea%e: and strength so that the7 "a7 return3 But thou K
Thou art lo.el73 Return notH a,ide with "eK

But she answered:

I lo.e thee notK

Then said Death:

An thou re%ei.est not "7 hand u!on th7 heart: thou "ust (neel to
Death+s s%ourge3

It is 'ate B ,etter so:

She said3 And she (nelt: and Death s%ourged her tenderl73

And she %ried:

I 'eel the !angs o' lo.e3

And Death raised her: and said:

Blessed ,eK

And he ga.e her the Fi.e'old (iss: sa7ing:

Thus onl7 "a7est thou attain to Co7 and (nowledge3

And he taught her all his M7steries: and the7 lo.ed and were one3
And she taught hi" her "7ster7 o' the sa%red %u! whi%h is the
%auldron o' re,irth3 And he ga.e her the ne%(la%e whi%h is the
%ir%le o' re,irth: and taught her all the "agi%s3

For there are three great e.ents in the li'e o' "an: Lo.e: Death
and Resurre%tion in the new ,od7H and Magi% %ontrols the" all3
For to 'ul'ill lo.e 7ou "ust return again at the sa"e ti"e and
!la%e as the lo.ed one: and 7ou "ust "eet: and (now: and
re"e",er: and lo.e the" again3 But to ,e re,orn: 7ou "ust die
and ,e "ade read7 'or a new ,od7H and to die: 7ou "ust ,e ,ornH
and without lo.e: 7ou "a7 not ,e ,ornH and this is all the Magi%s3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a75as the end o' the Se%ond Degree
Initiation6: and in their Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes 5as !art o' the Re-uie"63
l The .ersion gi.en here draws 'ro" ,oth o' these sour%es3 I don+t re"e",er what other sour%es I
a%tuall7 used here: ,ut o' %ourse this ritual e0ists in e.er7 standard Gardnerian or Ale0andrian
Initiation o' the Third Degree

HPS sits u!on the altar: 'a%ing South: in the Osiris !osition3 HP (neels ,e'ore her: (isses ,oth (nees:
e0tends ar"s along thighs: and adores3 HP then 'et%hes 'illed %hali%e and %ele,rates $ine and &a(es3
again (neels ,e'ore HPS: (isses (nees and e0tends ar"s in adoration as ,e'ore3 Both rise3

HP sa7s:

Ere I !ro%eed with this su,li"e rite: I "ust ,eg !uri'i%ation at th7

HPS ta(es u! a red %ord and ,inds his ar"s: then ta(ing u! the %a,leBtow: leads hi" on%e a,out the
HP (neels 'a%ing altar3
HP rises and is un,ound whereu!on he ,inds HPS as she ,ound hi": leads her a,out the &ir%le and
s%ourges her as she (neels ,e'ore the altar3 HPS rises and HP ta(es her ,7 the %a,leBtow to ea%h Guarter
in turn: sa7ing:

Hear 7e: Might7 Ones o' the East MS: $: )N: the twi%e %onse%rated
and hol7 )3333: High Priestess and $it%h Gueen MHigh Priest and
MagusN: is !ro!erl7 !re!ared: and will now !ro%eed to ere%t the
Sa%red Altar3*FO)TP

HP unties HPS and sa7s:

)ow again I "ust ,eg !uri'i%ation3
HPS ,inds hi": leads hi" a,out the &ir%le and S%ourges hi" (neeling ,e'ore the altar: as ,e'ore3 He
stands and is un,ound and sa7s:

)ow I "ust re.eal a great "7ster73:
HPS stands .e'ore altar in God Position3
HP her Fi.e'old Salute3 MA'ter he (isses 'eet: HPS o!ens into Goddess !osition: still holding
s%ourge and atha"eN3
HPS then sets s%ourge and atha"e aside and lies in the "iddle o' the &ir%le with her head to the East
her wo", in the she(inah !oint3 HP (neels ,eside her 'a%ing )orth3 MAt ea%h !oint "ar(ed 5S6 ,elow
(isses her wo", unless instru%ted otherwise3N HP sa7s:

Assist "e to ere%t the an%ient altar:
At whi%h in da7s !ast all worshi!!ed:
The Great Altar o' all thingsH
For in old ti"es: $o"an was the altar3
Thus was the altar "ade and !la%edH
And the sa%red !oint was the !oint within the %entre o' the &ir%le3
As we ha.e o' old ,een taught that the !oint within the %entre
is the origin o' all things:
There'ore should we adore it3 M(issN
There'ore who" we adore we also in.o(e:
,7 the !ower o' the Li'ted Lan%e3Mtou%h !hallusN
O &ir%le o' Stars M(issN
$hereo' our 'ather is ,ut the 7ounger ,rother M(issN
Mar.el ,e7ond i"agination: soul o' in'inite s!a%e:
Be'ore who" ti"e is ,ewildered and understanding dar(:
)ot unto thee "a7 we attain unless thine i"age ,e lo.e3 M(issN
There'ore ,7 seed and root: ,7 ste" and ,ud:
,7 lea' and 'lower and 'ruit: Do we in.o(e thee:
O Gueen o' S!a%e: O dew o' light:
&ontinuous one o' the hea.ens M(issN
Let it ,e thus: that "en s!ea( not o' thee as one: ,ut as noneH
And let the" not s!ea( o' thee at all: sin%e thou art %ontinuous3
For thou art the !oint within the %ir%le M(issN
whi%h we adore: M(issN
The 'ount o' li'e without whi%h we would not ,e: M(issN
And in this wa7 are ere%ted the Hol7 Twin Pillars3
M(iss ,reasts: le't then rightN
In ,eaut7 and in strength were the7 ere%ted:
To the wonder and glor7 o' all "en3
MI' the Great Rite is to ,e a%tual: nonB!arti%i!ants lea.e: sealing gate ,ehind3N

O Se%ret o' Se%rets:
That art hidden in the ,eing o' all
)ot thee do we adore:
For that whi%h adoreth is also thou3
Thou art That: and That a" I3 M(issN
I a" the 'la"e that ,urns in the heart o' e.er7 "an:
And in the %ore o' e.er7 star3
I a" li'e: and the o' li'e3
1et there'ore is the (nowledge o' "e the (nowledge o' death3
I a" alone: the Lord within
$hose na"e is M7ster7 o' M7steries3

HP now (isses HPS in the Sigil o' the Third Degree as 'ollows:

MThere+s a diagra" in the nonB%o"!uter .ersion whi%h I %an+t re!rodu%e3 It shows the Priestess with the
!oints o' the Third Degree Sigil "ar(ed on her ,od73 The !oints are: 83 genitals*wo",H 93 right 'ootH ;3
le't (neeH <3 right (neeH =3le't 'ootH >3 genitals*wo",H ?3 li!sH #3 le't ,reastH @3 right ,reastH 8A3 li!s3N

and then la7s his ,od7 gentl7 hers: sa7ing:

Ma(e o!en the !ath o' intelligen%e ,etween usH
For these trul7 are the Fi.e Points o' Fellowshi! B
Foot to 'oot:
(nee to (nee:
Lan%e to Grail:
Breast to ,reast:
Li!s to li!s3
B7 the great and hol7 na"e &ernunnosH
In the na"e o' AradiaH
En%orage our hearts:
Let the light %r7staliDe itsel' in our ,lood:
Ful'illing o' us resurre%tion3
For there is no !art o' us that is not o' the Gods3E

HP rises and goes to ea%h Guarter in turn sa7ing:

1e Lords o' the $at%htowers o' the East MS: $: )NH the thri%e
%onse%rated High Priestess greets 7ou and than(s 7ou3

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7and Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do3
5Pro,a,l7 a 'ew other !la%es too: ,ut these are the ones I+" sure o'36 The Farrars sa7 that the7 are GBG+s Te0t B .ersion3
The Great Rite
5Alternati.e erse ersion o' Priest+s De%la"ation6

Assist "e to ,uild
As the Might7 Ones willed
An altar o' !raise
Fro" ,eginning o' da7s3
Thus doth it lie
+Twi0t the !oints o' the s(7
For thus was it !la%ed
$hen the Goddess e",ra%ed
The Horn+d One: her Lord:
$ho taught her the $ord
That -ui%(ened the wo",
And %on-uered the to",3
Be thus as o' 7ore:
The shrine we adore: M(issN
The 'east without 'ail:
The li' Grail3 M(issN
Be'ore it u!rear
The Mira%ulous S!ear Mtou%hes own !hallusN
And in.o(e in this sign
The Goddess di.ineK M(issN
Thou who at noon o' night doth reign
Gueen o' the starr7 real"s a,o.e:
)ot unto thee "a7 we attain
/nless thine i"age ,e o' lo.e3 M(issN
B7 "oonBra7+s sha't o' !ower:
B7 green lea' ,rea(ing 'ro" the ,ud:
B7 seed that s!ringeth into 'lower:
B7 li'e that %ourseth in the ,lood: M(issN
B7 rushing wind and lea!ing 'ire:
B7 'lowing water and green earth:
Pour us the wine o' our desire
Fro" out th7 &auldron o' Re,irth3 M(issN
Here "a7 we see in .ision %lear
Th7 se%ret strange un.eiled at length:
Th7 wondrous Twin Pillars rear
Ere%t in ,eaut7 and in strength3 M(isses on the ,reastsN
Altar o' "7steries "ani'old:
The Sa%red &ir%le+s %entral !oint
Thus do I sign thee as o' oldH
$ith (isses o' "7 li!s anoint3 M(isses o' the Third Degree SigilN
O!en 'or "e the se%ret wa7:
The !athwa7 o' intelligen%e
,e7ond the gates o' night and da7:
Be7ond the ,ounds o' ti"e and sense3
Behold the M7ster7 arightH
The 'i.e true !oints o' 'ellowshi!:
Here where the Lan%e and Grail unite:
And 'eet and (nees and ,reast and li!3

l This re!la%es the Priest+s de%la"ation in the standard Great Rite3
l It was !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a73
l The7 sa7 it was written ,7 Doreen aliente: and in%luded in GBG+s Te0t &3
Es,at Ritual

l E.er7thing needed to %ast a &ir%le:
l $and: S%ourge: Priestess+ Atha"e
l Priest: Priestess
Here is the se-uen%e o' "odules in a standard Es,at ritual3
l &ast &ir%le
l 5O!tional: rare6 De%lai" An%ient &all
l Drawing Down the Moon
l &harge
l 5O!tional: rare6 HP de%lai"s An%ient &all
l Great God &ernunnos In.o%ation 5generall7 o"itted i' Drawing Down the Sun6
l $it%hes+ Rune 5or other %ir%le %hant: eg3 An%ient &all6
l &one o' Power
l Insert o!tional &ir%le wor( here 5eg3 Sa,,at ritual6
l $ine Blessing
l &a(e Blessing
l Rela0 and %hatH &o.en ,usiness dis%ussion: tea%hing: et%3
l &lose &ir%le

l A EstandardE BOS usuall7 lists its owner+s standard "odules so that the7 'ollow ea%h other: and
o!tional !ie%es are !ro,a,l7 gi.en se!eratel7 with no written e0!lanation o' how to !ut things
l O,.iousl7: the ter" E"odulesE is not traditional3
l There are a large nu",er o' !u,lished sour%es 'or the Es,at ritual as a whole3

The $it%hes+ Rune

Dar(so"e night and shining "oon:
Hear(en to the wit%hes+ rune3
East: then south: west then north:
Here %o"e I to %all the 'orth3

Earth and water: air and 'ire:
$or( 7e unto "7 desire3
$and and Penta%le and Sword
Hear(en 7e unto "7 word3

&ords and &enser: S%ourge and 2ni'e:
$a(en all 7e into li'e3
Powers o' the $it%hes Blade:
&o"e 7e as the %har" is "ade3

Gueen o' Hea.en: Gueen o' Hell:
Lend 7our aid unto the s!ell3
Horned Hunter o' the )ight:
$or( "7 will ,7 "agi% rite3

B7 all the !ower o' land and sea:
As I do will: so "ote it ,e3
B7 all the "ight o' "oon and sun:
&hant the s!ell and ,e it done3

l The original was written ,7 Doreen aliente: and is rather di''erent
5.erses are arranged in an ABAB rh7"e s%he"e:
Dar(so"e night and shining "oon:
East: then south: west then north:
Hear(en to the wit%hes+ rune3
Here %o"e I to %all the 'orth3
instead o' in %ou!lets6H this is unli(el7 ,e 'ound in its original 'or" in a EstandardE )orth A"eri%an
Gardnerian or Ale0andrian BOS3 5It see"s to ha.e ,een %hanged 'airl7 earl7 in its histor736
l See Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7 5as usual6 'or histori%al details3
l See the 'ollowing 5and "an7 "ore6 'or !u,lished .ersions:
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar The $it%hes+ $a7
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes
" Stewart Farrar $hat $it%hes Do
" The Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a
The &harge
5!rose .ersion6

HP stands to HPS+s le'tH ,oth 'a%e &o.en3

Listen to the words o' the Great MotherH she who o' old was also
%alled a"ong "en Arte"is: Astarte: Athene: Dione: Melusine:
A!hrodite: &erridwen: &7,ele: Arianrhod: Isis: Dana: Bride and
,7 "an7 other na"es3 At her altars the 7outh o' La%edae"on in
S!arta "ade due sa%ri'i%e3

$ 7e ha.e need o' an7thing: on%e in the "onth: and ,etter
it ,e when the "oon is 'ull: then shall 7e asse",le in so"e se%ret
!la%e and adore the s!irit o' "e: who a" Gueen o' all the
wit%heries3 There shall 7e asse",le: 7e who are 'ain to learn all
sor%er7: 7et ha.e not won its dee!est se%retsH to these will I tea%h
things that are 7et un(nown3 And 7e shall ,e 'ree 'ro" sla.er7H
and as a sign that 7e ,e reall7 'ree: 7e shall ,e na(ed in 7our ritesH
and 7e shall dan%e: sing: 'east: "a(e "usi% and lo.e: all in "7
!raise3 For "ine is the e%stas7 o' the s!irit: and "ine also is Co7 on
earthH 'or "7 law is lo.e unto all ,eings3 2ee! !ure 7our highest
idealH stri.e towards itH let naught sto! 7ou or turn 7ou aside3
For "ine is the se%ret door whi%h o!ens u!on the Land o' 1outh:
and "ine is the %u! o' the wine o' li'e: and the &auldron o'
&erridwen: whi%h is the Hol7 Grail o' i""ortalit73 I a" the
Gra%ious Goddess: who the gi't o' Co7 unto the heart o' "an3
/!on earth: I gi.e the (nowledge o' the s!irit eternalH and ,e7ond
death: I gi.e !ea%e and 'reedo" and reunion with those who ha.e
gone ,e'ore3 )or do I de"and aught in sa%ri'i%eH 'or ,ehold: I a"
the Mother o' all and "7 lo.e is !oured out u!on the earth3

Hear 7e the words o' the Star GoddessH she in the dust o' whose
'eet are the hosts o' hea.en: and whose ,od7 en%ir%les the

I who a" the ,eaut7 o' the green earth: and the white Moon
a"ong the stars: and the "7ster7 o' the waters: and the desire o'
the heart o' "an: %all unto th7 soul3 Arise: and %o"e unto "e3 For
I a" the soul o' nature: who li'e to the uni.erse3 Fro" "e all
things !ro%eed: and unto "e all things "ust returnH and ,e'ore
"7 'a%e: ,elo.ed o' Gods and o' "en: let thine inner"ost di.ine
sel' ,e en'olded in the ra!ture o' the in'inite3 Let "7 worshi! ,e
within the heart that reCoi%ethH 'or ,ehold: all a%ts o' lo.e and
!leasure are "7 rituals3 And there'ore let there ,e ,eaut7 and
strength: !ower and %o"!assion: honour and hu"ilit7: "irth and
re.eren%e within 7ou3 And thou who thin(est to see( 'or "e: (now
th7 see(ing and 7earning shall a.ail thee not unless thou (nowest
the "7ster7H that i' that whi%h thou see(est thee 'indest not within
thee: thou wilt 'ind it without thee3 For ,ehold: I ha.e ,een
with thee 'ro" the ,eginningH and I a" that whi%h is attained at
the end o' desire3

l Lots o' !u,lished sour%es eg3 Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7
The &harge
5.erse .ersion6

All 7e asse",led in "7 sight:
Bow ,e'ore "7 s!irit ,right3
A!hrodite: Arionrhod: o' the Horned God:
Might7 Gueen o' $it%her7 and night3
Morgan: Etoine: )isene:
Diana: Bridgid: Melusine:
A" I na"ed o' old ,7 "en3
Arte"is and &erridwen:
Hell+s dar( "istress: Hea.en+s Gueen3
1e who would as( o' "e a rune:
Or who would as( o' "e a ,oon:
Meet "e in so"e se%ret glade:
Dan%e "7 round in greenwood shade:
B7 the light o' the 'ull "oon3
In a !la%e wild and lone:
Dan%e a,out "ine altar stoneH
$or( "7 hol7 "7ster73
1e who are 'eign to sor%er7:
I ,ring 7e se%rets 7et un(nown3
)o "ore shall 7e (now sla.er7:
$ho gi.e true worshi! unto "e3
1e who tread "7 round on Sa,,at night:
&o"e 7e all na(ed to the rite:
In to(en that 7e ,e reall7 'ree3
I tea%h 7e the "7ster7 o' re,irth:
$or( 7e "7 "7steries in "irth3
Heart Coined to heart and li! to li!:
Fi.e are the !oints o' 'ellowshi!:
That ,ring 7e e%stas7 on earth:
For I a" the %ir%le o' re,irth3
I as( no sa%ri'i%e: ,ut do ,ow:
)o other Law ,ut lo.e I (now:
B7 naught ,ut lo.e "a7 I ,e (nown3
All things are "ine own:
Fro" "e the7 %o"e: to "e the7 go3

l Lots o' !u,lished sour%es eg3 Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a
l Originall7 written ,7 Doreen aliente 'or GBG3 That .ersion was so"ewhat di''erent 'ro" the
one gi.en here3 See Doreen aliente+s The Re,irth o' $it%h%ra't3
Drawing Down the Moon

l $and: S%ourge: Priestess+ Atha"e
l Priest: Priestess

Follows: &asting &ir%le: $it%hes+ Rune
)e0t: The &harge

HPS stands in God !osition in )3 ,e'ore altar: holding s%ourge and atha"e3
&o.eners are in S3 'a%ing altar3
HP (neels ,e'ore HPS and salutes her with the Fi.e'old (iss 5as he (isses her wo",: she o!ens into
,lessing !osition63

HP again (neels ,e'ore HPS who stands in Goddess !ositon 5right 'oot slightl7 'orward63 HP in.o(es
the Goddess: sa7ing:

I in.o(e thee and %all u!on thee:
Might7 Mother o' us all:
5tou%h right ,reast6
,ringer o' all 'ruit'ulnessH
5tou%h le't ,reast6
,7 seed and root:
5tou%h wo",6
,7 ste" and ,ud:
5tou%h right ,reast6
,7 lea' and 'lower and 'ruit:
,7 li'e and lo.e
5tou%h wo",6
do I in.o(e
5raising wand6
thee to des%end u!on the ,od7
o' this th7 ser.ant and !riestess3
Here: s!ea( with her tongue:
tou%h with her hands:
(iss with her li!s:
that th7 ser.ants "a7 ,e 'ul'illed3

As he in.o(es: HP tou%hes HPS gentl7 with wand u!on r3 ,reast: l3 ,reast: wo", and u!on the sa"e
three !la%es again3

As he 'inishes the in.o%ation: he s!reads his ar"s in adoration 5still (neeling6 and sa7s:

Hail: Aradia K Fro" the A"althean Horn
Pour 'orth th7 store o' lo.eH I lowl7 ,end
Be'ore thee: I adore thee to the end:
$ith sa%ri'i%e th7 shrine adorn3
Th7 'oot is to "7 li! M(issN: "7 !ra7ers u!,orne
/!on the rising in%ense s"o(eH then s!end
Thine an%ient lo.e: O Might7 One: des%end
To aid "e: who without thee a" 'orlorn3

HP stands and ta(es a ste! ,a%(3 All adore in silen%e as HPS tra%es in.o(ing Earth !entagra" in air
,e'ore the" with atha"e: sa7ing:

O' the Mother: dar(so"e and di.ine:
Mine the s%ourge: and "ine the (iss:
The 'i.eB!oint star o' lo.e and ,liss B
Here I %harge 7ou: in this sign3

This %o"!letes Drawing Down the Moon3 HPS and HP now 'a%e the &o.en and the &harge3

l Lots o' !u,lished sour%es eg3 Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7

The An%ient &all

Ma7 ,e used as a %ir%le %hant: or de%lai"ed 5generall7 ,7 HP6 generall7 either ,e'ore the Great God
&ernunnos In.o%ation: or ,e'ore the $it%hes+ Rune3

HP raises his ar"s wide and sa7s:

HP: 5First three .erses are so"eti"es dro!!ed6
E(o: E(o: ADara(
E(o: E(o: Qa"ila(
E(o: E(o: &ernunnos:
E(o: E(o: Aradia

E(o: E(o: ADara(
E(o: E(o: Qa"ila(
E(o: E(o: &ernunnos:
E(o: E(o: Aradia

E(o: E(o: ADara(
E(o: E(o: Qa"ila(
E(o: E(o: &ernunnos:
E(o: E(o: Aradia

Baga,i la%a ,a%ha,e
La"a% %ahi a%ha,a,e
L"a%a la"a% ,a%hal7os
&a,ahagi sa,al7os
LagoD atha %a,7olas
Sa"aha% atha 'a"7olas

HPS and %o.en re!eat:

l Lots o' !u,lished sour%es 'or this one: in se.eral .ariants
l Mi%hael Harrison+s The Roots o' $it%h%ra't atte"!ts to e0!lain it3
l Other !u,lished sour%es in%lude:
" The Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s Eight Sa,,ats 'or $it%hes

Great God &ernunnos In.o%ation

HPS and HP turn to salute altar with the Horned God+s salute as HP sa7s:

Great God &ernunnos: return to earth againK
&o"e at "7 %all and show th7sel' to "en3
She!herd o' Goats: u!on the wild hill+s wa7:
Lead th7 lost 'lo%( 'ro" dar(ness into da73
Forgotten are the wa7s o' slee! and night B
Men see( 'or the" whose e7es ha.e lost the light3
O!en the door: the door whi%h hath no (e7:
The door o' drea"s: where,7 "en %o"e to thee3
O Might7 Stag: O answer to "eK

HPS 4 HP sa7:

A(hera goiti
B a(hera ,eitiK 5lowering their hands6

l !u,lished sour%es in%lude Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes
l The Farrars sa7 it is Ethe In.o%ation to Pan 'ro" &ha!ter LIII o' Moon Magi% ,7 Dion Fortune:
with 333M&ernunnonsN333su,stituted 'or 333PanE3

&one o' Power

HP leads a ring dan%e deosil a,out HPS who stands in the %enter3 &o.eners are arranged "an and
wo"an alternatel7: 'a%ing inwards and holding hands 5le't !la"s u!: right !al"s down63 All dan%e and
%hant either the $it%hes+ Rune or the %all o' the an%ient M7steries:

Eo: E.oheK

Dan%e and %hant 'aster and 'aster until HPS senses that the ti"e is right: whereu!on she %alls:


All shall dro! to the ground in a %ir%le 'a%ing the HPS3 I' there is %o.en wor( to ,e done: now is the
a!!ro!riate ti"e to do it3 Or a "editation u!on the Moon+s season: or su%h other "atter as "a7 ,e
or need'ul3 At an es,at $ine and &a(es will 'ollow: ,ut at a Sa,,at the Great Rite %o"es 'irst3

l Fro" The $it%hes+ $a7 ,7 the Farrars3

$ine Blessing

Follows: wor(ing !art o' Es,at &ir%le 5an7 worshi! &ir%le6

HPS stands in God !osition ,e'ore altar3 HP 'ills a &hali%e with red wine and o''ers it u! to her 'ro"

HPS ta(es Atha"e ,etween her !al"s and holds it a,o.e the &hali%e3

As the atha"e is to the "ale:
so the %u! is to the 'e"aleH
and %onCoined the7 ,ring ,lessedness3

La7ing atha"e aside: HPS a%%e!ts %u! o' HP 5(iss6: si!s and returns it to hi" 5(iss6 who also si!s and
arises to !ass it to a wo"an 5(iss6 to si! and hen%e 'ro" wo"an to "an 5(iss6 and "an to wo"an 5(iss6
a,out the &ir%le3 I' "ore wor( is to ,e done: the %u! "a(es the round ,ut on%e and is returned to the
altar: else it is re!la%ed in the %enter o' the &ir%le3

l O'ten !u,lished: with "an7 slight .ariations
l Sour%es in%lude:
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes
" Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a

&a(e Blessing
Follows: $ine Blessing
To %onse%rate %a(es: HPS !i%(s u! atha"e again as HP (neels ,e'ore her: holding u! the dish o' %a(es3
HPS draws in.o(ing !entagra" o' earth the %a(es sa7ing:

O Gueen: "ost se%ret: ,less this 'ood unto our ,odiesH ,estowing
health: wealth: strength: Co7 and !ea%e: and that 'ul'ill"ent o' lo.e
whi%h is !er'e%t ha!!iness3

All sit as the %a(es are !assed around as was the wine3

HP re'ills %u! and o''ers it to HPS: in.iting her to Coin the"3 $hen done rela0ing and %hatting: %lose

l Man7 !u,lished sour%es3 These in%lude:
" Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes
" Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a

In.o%ation to the Horned God

B7 the 'la"e that ,urneth ,right:
O Horned OneK
$e %all th7 na"e into the night:
O An%ient OneK
Thee we in.o(e ,7 the MoonBled sea:
B7 the standing stone and the twisted tree3
Thee we in.o(e: where gather Thine own3
B7 the na"eless shore: 'orgotten and lone3
&o"e where the round o' the dan%e is trod:
Horn and Hoo' o' the Goat Foot GodK
B7 "oonlit "eadow: on dus(7 hill:
$here the haunted wood is hushed and still:
&o"e to the %har" o' the %hanted !ra7er:
As the Moon ,ewit%hes the "idnight air3
E.o(e th7 !owers that !otent ,ide
In shining strea" and the se%ret tide:
In 'ier7 'la"e ,7 starlight !ale:
In shadow7 host that rides the gale3
And ,7 the 'erndra(es: 'aerie haunted:
O' 'orests wild and woods en%hanted3
&o"e: O &o"eK
To the heart,eat+s dru"K
&o"e to us who gather ,elow:
$hen the ,road white Moon is %li",ing slow3
Through the stars to the hea.ens+ height:
$e hear th7 hoo's on the wind o' nightK
As ,la%( tree ,ran%hes sha(e and sigh:
B7 Co7 and terror we (now thee nigh3
$e s!ea( the s!ell th7 !ower unlo%(s:
At Solsti%e Sa,,ath and E-uino0KE

l Lots o' !u,lished sour%es 'or this one: in se.eral .ariants
l Mi%hael Harrison+s The Roots o' $it%h%ra't atte"!ts to e0!lain it3
l Pu,lished sour%es in%lude:
" Doreen aliente $it%h%ra't For To"orrow3 Her .ersion %ontinues ,e7ond the !art gi.en
here3 I ,elie.e she sa7s that she wrote e.er7thing in this ,oo(: ,ut I+" not sure3
" Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a 5This is her .ersion36

Beso" &hant
Beso": ,eso" long and lithe
Made 'ro" ash and willow withe
Tied with thongs o' willow ,ar(
In running strea" at "oonset dar(3
$ith a !entagra" indighted
As the ritual 'ire is lightedH
Swee! 7e %ir%le: deosil:
Swee! out swee! out ill:
Ma(e the round o' the ground
$here we do the Lad7+s will3

Beso": ,eso": Lad7+s ,roo"
Swee! out dar(ness: swee! out doo"
Rid 7e Lad7+s hallowed ground
O' de"ons: i"!s and Hell+s red houndH
Then set 7e down on Her green earth
B7 running strea" or Mistress+ hearth:
+Till %alled on%e "ore on Sa,,ath night
To %leans on%e "ore the dan%ing site3

l I understand that this %hant was written ,7 Lad7 Ta"ara o' the $&&3 I ha.e no
e.iden%e 'or this e0%e!t hearsa7: and the 'a%t that the $&& a!!ears to use it: so I "a7 ,e wrong36
l There is a,solutel7 )O reason to thin( o' it as traditional Gardnerian or Ale0andrian3 it+s
an e0a"!le o' the (ind o' thing that 'inds its wa7 into a lot o' BOSs: regardless o' tradition3 There
a!!ears to ,e no e-ui.alent to this in the EstandardE BOS: and so"e !eo!le 'eel a need 'or it: so a
lot o' !eo!le ha.e added this %hant to their BOS3
l I don+t ha.e a !u,lished sour%e 'or it B ,ut it+s one o' those things that e.er7 $it%h in town see"s
to ha.e a %o!7 o'3


Let all ,e !ro!erl7 !re!ared and !uri'ied3
In the %entre 5or Cust south o' %entre6 o' the &ir%le stands the &auldron o' &erridwen wreathed a,out
!ine ,oughs: holl7: i.7 and "istletoe and therein is laid a ,ale'ire o' nine woods: rowan: a!!le: elder:
holl7: !ine: %edar: Cuni!er: !o!lar and dogwood3
The altar is de%orated as is the &auldron and ,ears two red %andles as well as an unlit red %andle or
'or ea%h %o.ener !resent3 There should ,e no other light e0%e!t the altar %andles and those a,out the

HP %asts the &ir%le: %alling 'orth the An%ient Ones to ,ear witness3

HP draws down the "oon u!on the HPS and then lights the ,ale'ire3

HP then " to the north: ,e'ore the altar: as the HPS stands in the south with the %o.eners in a
alternatel7 "an and wo"an: a,out the &auldron ,etween the"3

The %ir%le now " slowl7 deosil on%e a,out the &ir%le3 As ea%h !asses the HPS the7 (iss her u!on
the %hee(H as the7 !ass the HP: he hands ea%h one a %andle whi%h is lit 'ro" the ,ale'ire3

&o.eners dan%e slowl7 deosil as the HP %alls:

Gueen o' the Moon: Gueen o' the Sun:
Gueen o' the Hea.ens: Gueen o' the Stars:
Gueen o' the $aters: Gueen o' the Earth:
Bring to us the &hild o' Pro"iseK
It is the Great Mother who ,irth to Hi"H
It is the Lord o' Li'e who is ,orn again3
Dar(ness and tears are set aside when the Sun shall %o"e u! earl73
Golden Sun o' hill and "ountain:
Illu"ine the land: illu"ine the world:
Illu"ine the seas: illu"ine the ri.ers:
Sorrows ,e laid: Co7 to the worldK
Blessed ,e the Great Goddess:
$ithout ,eginning: without ending:
E.erlasting to eternit73
Io E.oeK HehK Blessed ,eK

All raise their ta!ers high and re!eat twi%e the last line3
HPS Coins the dan%e: leading it with a -uieter rh7th"3

The ,urning %auldron is !ushed into the %entre and the dan%ers Cu"! it in "an and wo"an
The last %ou!le the 'ire should ,e well !uri'ied: three ti"es ea%h: and "a7 !a7 an a"using 'or'eit
the HPS "a7 ordain3

&a(es and wine 'ollows and: a'ter the &ir%le has ,een %losed: "u%h "erri"ent: 'easting: dan%ing and

l This is "ostl7 She,a with slight ada!tations 'ro" the Farrars3 Produ%ing a te0t 'or an7 Sa,,at is
"ade di''i%ult ,7 the 'a%t that e.er7one see"s to "odi'7 the Sa,,at rituals3 E.en the Farrars don+t
!rint the GBG Sa,,ats3
l The HP+s s!ee%h was written ,7 Doreen aliente3 It+s gi.en here as she wrote it 5a%%ording to the
Farrars in Eight Sa,,ats For $it%hes6 rather than in one o' the "ore %o""on .ersions3 5As with
her E$it%hes+ RuneE: "an7 &o.ens !re'er a "odi'ied .ersion36
l 2issing the HPS a!!ears to ,e a She,aBis"H it+s !ro,a,l7 onl7 %o""on a"ong )orth
A"eri%an Garneroids3


The HPS: %arr7ing the $and: leads the %o.eners with a dan%e ste! to the %hosen site3
The olta Dan%e 'ollows: in other words: li.el7 dan%ing in %ou!les3
HPS %asts the &ir%le in the usual wa73
HP then enters the &ir%le: with a Sword in his right hand and a $and in his le't3 He la7s these on the
HP now salutes the HPS with the Fi.e'old 2iss3
She sa7s Blessed ,e and hi" the Fi.e'old 2iss in return3

HP assu"es the god !osition ,e'ore the altar as the HPS in.o(es:
Dread Lord o' Death and Resurre%tion:
O' Li'e: and the o' Li'eH
Lord within whose na"e is M7ster7 o' M7steriesH
En%ourage our hearts:
Let the Light %r7stalliDe itsel' in our ,lood:
Ful'illing us o' resurre%tionH
For there is no !art o' us that is not o' the Gods3
Des%end: we !ra7 thee: u!on th7 ser.ant and !riest3

An7 initiations to ,e done are done at this !oint3
The %ere"on7 o' &a(es and $ine 'ollows3
The Great Rite is done i' at all !ossi,le3
Feasting: dan%ing and ga"es 'ollow the %losing o' the ritual3

l Fro" Stewart Farrar $hat $it%hes DoH he deri.ed it 'ro" Ale0 Sanders+ BOS3

ernal E-uino0 5Eostar6

A S7",ol o' the $heel is on the altar: 'lan(ed with ,urning %andles: or with 'ire in so"e 'or" B
or s"all tri!ods with 'ire in their %u!s3
The S7",ol o' the $heel "a7 ,e a !lain dis%: or an eight s!o(ed wheel: or the !enta%le3 Ale0 and
Ma0ine Sanders used a %ir%ular "irror with a ,road 'ra"e: also %ir%ular: de%orated as a twel.eB!ointed
In the %entre o' the &ir%le is either a %auldron 'ull o' in'la""a,le "aterial: or 5out o' doors6 a ,on'ire
read7 to ,e lit3

HPS %asts the &ir%le3

HPS then stands in the $est: and the HP in the East: ,oth with %arr7ing wands3
$e (indle this 'ire toda7
In the !resen%e o' the Hol7 Ones:
$ithout "ali%e: without Cealous7: without en.7:
$ithout 'ear o' aught ,eneath the Sun
But the High Gods3
Thee we in.o(e: O Light o' Li'eH
Be thou a ,right 'la"e ,e'ore us:
Be thou a guiding star a,o.e us:
Be thou a s"ooth !ath ,eneath usH
2indle thou within our hearts
A 'la"e o' lo.e 'or our neigh,ours:
To out 'oes: to our 'riends: to our (indred all:
To all "en on the ,road earthH
O "er%i'ul Son o' &erridwen:
Fro" the lowliest thing that li.eth:
To the )a"e whi%h is highest o' all3

HPS then draws in.o(ing !entagra" ,e'ore the HP and then hands the $and to hi": together with the

The Maiden stri(es a light and hands it to the High Priest: who lights the %auldron or ,on'ire3 He
5%arr7ing a wand6 and the High Priestess 5%arr7ing a sistru"6 lead the dan%e: with the rest 'ollowing in
%ou!les3 Ea%h %ou!le "ust lea! the 'ire3 The last %ou!le the 'ire ,e'ore it goes out "ust ,e
!uri'ied3 The "an "ust then gi.e a 'i.e'old (iss to ea%h o' the wo"en: as the wo"an to the "en: or
other !enalt7 the HPS shall de%ide3

&a(es and wine shall 'ollow3

l Fro" Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do deri.ed 'ro" Ale0 Sanders+ BOS
l I %o!ied the !u,lished .ersion "ore or less as is3 )ota,l7 I did not %orre%t se.eral logisti%
nuisan%es3 A &o.en "a7 onl7 ha.e one $and 5o' %ourse so"e ha.e "ore6 this .ersion o' this
ritual re-uires two3 The HP is %arr7ing his wand: when the HPS hands hi" her wand and the
s%ourge: 'or no o,.ious reason3 He has to Cust !ut down the lot 5or hand the" to so"eone6: as the
ne0t thing he does is light the %auldron3


Two white %andles are on the altar with a wreath o' s!ring 'lowers3 Guarter %andles are green3

HPS leads the %o.en: riding !oles i' !ossi,le: a,out the &o.enstead with a -ui%(: trotting ste!: singing:

O do not tell the !riests o' our Art:
For the7 would %all it sinH
But we will ,e in the woods all night:
AB%onCuring su""er in3
And we ,ring 7ou good news ,7 word o' "outh:
For wo"an: %attle and %orn:
For the sun is %o"ing u! 'ro" the south
$ith oa( and ash and thorn3

A ring dan%e 'ollows a'ter whi%h the High Priestess %asts the &ir%le3
High Priest draws down the Moon u!on the High Priestess3
All are !uri'ied in sa%ri'i%e ,e'ore Her3
She then !uri'ies the High Priest at her own hands3
All Parta(e o' &a(es and $ine 'ollowed ,7 'easting and dan%ing and singing and the Great Rite: i' at
!ossi,le: in to(en or trul73

l Deri.ed 'ro" Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do: ,ased on Ale0 Sanders+ BOS
l So"e !arts e0!anded ,ased on The Gri"oire o' Lad7 She,a where Farrar is un%lear3 5He rarel7 the a%tual BOS te0t: whereas she alwa7s does: ,ut 'ro" a slightl7 di''erent BOS36


The %auldron: 'illed with water and de%orated with 'lowers: is !la%ed ,e'ore the altar3 HPS %asts the
&ir%le and then stands ,e'ore the &auldron: wand u!raised3 HP stands in )orth ,ehind the altarH %o.en
in a %ir%le: 'a%ing inwards: alternatel7 "an and wo"an3 HPS sa7s:
Great One o' Hea.en: Power o' the Sun:
$e in.o(e thee in th7 an%ient na"es B
Mi%hael: Balin: Arthur: Lugh: HerneH
&o"e again as o' old into this th7 land3
Li't u! th7 shining s!ear o' light to !rote%t us3
Put to 'light the !owers o' dar(ness3
Gi.e us 'air woodlands and green 'ields:
Bloo"ing or%hards and ri!ening %orn3
Bring us to stand u!on th7 hill o' .ision:
And show us the lo.el7 real"s o' the Gods3

HPS tra%es an in.o(ing !entagra" u!on the HP with her wand3 He %o"es desoil a,out the altar !i%(ing
u! his own wand and the s%ourge3 He !lunges the wand into the %auldron and holds it u!: sa7ing:

The S!ear to the &auldron: the Lan%e to the Grail: S!irit to Flesh:
Man to $o"an: Sun to Earth3

Saluting HPS with wand: he Coins the &o.en in their %ir%le3 HPS !i%(s u! a s!rin(ler and stands ,7 the
%auldron: sa7ing:

Dan%e 7e a,out the &auldron o' &erridwen: the Goddess: and ,e
7e ,lessed with the tou%h o' this &%nse%rated waterH e.en as the
Sun: the Lord o' Li'e: ariseth in his strength in the sign o' the
$aters o' Li'e3

HP leads a slow %ir%le dan%e deosil a,out the &auldron3 As ea%h !asses: HPS s!rin(les the" with water
'ro" it3

&a(es and wine 'ollow and dan%es: rites and ga"es as the HPS shall dire%t3 A ,ale'ire "a7 ,e lit and

l ,ased on Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do: whi%h is ,ased on Ale0 Sander+s BOS
l There+s a si"ilar ritual gi.en as EA Beauti'ul Old Fire Rite to the Horned GodE in The Gri"oire o'
Lad7 She,a3 The HPS+ 'irst s!ee%h is ,ro(en into .erses here 5,ut not in the Farrar .ersion6 and in
She,a+s .ersion3 I thin( it+s easier to read that wa73


Poles should ,e ridden in a ring dan%e a,out the &o.enstead3 And sing the An%ient &all3 The %asting o'
the &ir%le 'ollows3 HPS tra%es the Fi.e Point Star ,e'ore the &o.en sa7ing:

O Might7 Mother o' us all: Mother o' all things gi.e us
'ruit and grain: 'lo%(s and herds and %hildren to the tri,e: that we
"a7 ,e "ight73 B7 th7 Rose7 Lo.e: do thou des%end u!on th7
ser.ant and !riestess here3
HPS draws down the Moon u!on hersel' and all salute Her3
A'ter a ,rie' silen%e 'or %onte"!lation: the &ere"on7 o' &a(es and $ine 'ollows3

l Per Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do3

Autu"nal E-uino0

The altar is de%orated with the s7",ols o' autu"n: !ineB%ones: oa( s!rigs: a%orns: ears o' grain: et%3

A'ter the &ir%le has ,een %ast: the %o.en stands in a ring 'a%ing inwards: "en and wo"en alternatel73
The High Priest stands to the west o' the altar and the High Priestess to the east: 'a%ing ea%h other3 The
High Priestess re%ites:

Farewell: O Sun: e.erBreturning Light:
The hidden God: who 7et re"ains:
$ho now de!arts into the Land o' 1outh
Through the Gates o' Death
To dwell enthroned: the Iudge o' Gods and "en:
The horned leader o' the hosts o' air B
1et e.en as he stands unseen a,out the &ir%le:
So dwelleth he within the se%ret seed B
The seed o' newl7Bri!ened grain: the seed o' 'leshH
Hidden in earth: the "ar.ellous seed o' the stars3
In hi" is Li'e: and Li'e is the Light o' "an3
That whi%h was ,orn: and dies3
There'ore the wise wee! not: ,ut reCoi%e3

HPS hands HP the wand: and !i%(s u! a sistru"H the7 lead the dan%e three ti"es round the altar3

The &andle Ga"e is !la7ed: 'ollowed ,7 %a(es and wine and an7 other ga"es the High Priestess

l Based on Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do: whi%h is ,ased on Ale0 Sanders+ BOS3
l The &andle ga"e: as des%ri,ed in Stewart Farrar+s $hat $it%hes Do:
The "en 'or" a ring 'a%ing inwards: either sitting or standing3 The wo"en stand in a ring outside
the": standing on so"ething i' too short3 The "en !ass a lighted %andle 'ro" hand to hand: deosil:
while the wo"en lean 'orward and tr7 to ,low it out3 The "an who holds it when it is ,lown out
gets three 'li%(s o' the s%ourge 'ro" the su%%ess'ul ,lower: and "ust gi.e her the Fi.e'old 2iss in
return3 The %andle is relit and the ga"e !ro%eeds3
l There are lots o' .ariants !ossi,le3 Ha.e 'un3


l Bale'ire in %entre3
l Two ,la%( %andles u!on the altar3
l A red %andle in ea%h o' the Guarters3
l A wreath o' autu"n 'lowers and the %rown o' the Horned One are u!on the altar3

All &o.eners are !ro!erl7 !re!ared: na(ed and ,ound3
All are !uri'ied ,7 the s%ourge3

HPS ere%ts the &ir%le3 The HP sa7s:

O Gods: ,elo.ed o' us all:
,less this our Sa,,at that we:
th7 hu",le worshi!!ers:
"a7 "eet in lo.e: Co7 and ,liss3
Bless our rites this night
with the !resen%e o' our de!arted (in3

Fa%ing north with ar"s u!raised: %o.eners handBlin(ed in a se"i%ir%le ,ehind hi": the HP in.o(es the
Horned One3

HPS ,earing a !ria!us wand then leads the &o.en in a "eeting dan%e: slowl7: to the $it%hes+ Rune3 HP ea%h an unlit %andle and ,rings u! the rear o' the dan%e3 The %andles are ea%h lit 'ro" the ,ale'ire
,e'ore the outward s!iral3

$hen it is done the HPS assu"es the Goddess !osition sa7ing:

Dread Lord o' the Shadows: God o' Li'e and Bringer o' DeathK
1et as the (nowledge o'thee is Death: o!en wide: I !ra7 thee: the
gates through whi%h all "ust !ass3 Let our dear ones: who ha.e
gone ,e'ore: return this night to "a(e "err7 with us3 And when
our ti"e %o"es: as it "ust: O thou the &o"'orter: the &onsoler:
the o' Pea%e and rest: we will enter th7 real"s gladl7 and
una'raidH 'or we (now that when rested and re'reshed a"ong our
dear ones: we will ,e re,orn again ,7 th7 gra%e: and the gra%e o'
the Lad7 &erridwen3 Let it ,e in the sa"e !la%e and the sa"e ti"e
as our ,elo.ed ones: and "a7 we "eet: and (now: and re"e",er:
and lo.e the" again K Des%end: we !ra7 thee: on th7 High Priest
and Ser.ant: )3333

HPS goes to the HP and: with wand: draws the 'i.eB!oint star u!on his ,reast and u!on the %rown o'
Horned God3 HP (neels and HPS !la%es the %rown u!on his head3 Fresh in%ense is %ast into the
thuri,le3 HPS stri(es the ,ell and HP sa7s:

Hear 7e "7 wit%hes:
$el%o"e to our Great Sa,,at3
$el%o"e we the s!irits
O' our de!arted (in3

HPS stri(es ,ell3 $it%hes wal( slowl7 around the &ir%le3
HPS 'ills %hali%e with wine and hands it to HP who drin(s and then sa7s:

In hu"ilit7: as the Horned One as(s:
I ,id "7 wit%hes drin(3

HP ta(es %hali%e to 'irst wit%h: it with his right hand whilst ta(ing the ta!er with his le't
5(iss6: then e0tinguishing the ta!er ,e'ore a%%e!ting ,a%( the %hali%e3 Re!eat with ea%h wit%h
!resent3 HP then sa7s:

Listen: "7 wit%hes: to the words o' the Horned One: Drin(: dan%e
and ,e "err7 in the !resen%e o' the Old Gods and the s!irits o'
our de!arted (in3

&o.eners !arta(e o' %a(es and wine3
Dan%es and ga"es 'ollow %losing o' &ir%le3
Great Rite i' at all !ossi,le ,7 High Priestess and High Priest i' no other3
Merr7 "eet: "err7 !art3

l There are !lent7 o' !u,lished Sa"hain rituals: %ontaining at least so"e o' these ele"ents3
l This is 'ro" $hat $it%hes Do ,7 Stewart Farrar: 'leshed out 'ro" Lad7 She,a+s Boo( o'
Shadows: as usual3

Goddess As!e%t:
Astrologi%al Rulers:
enus: Saturn
Law Prin%i!le: Solidit7:Auriel 5ELord o' AweE6
Birth 4 death: ,od7: growth: nature: stones 4 "etals: "aterial things: %has"s: silen%e: 'ields: SanguineH SensationH %al":
Strength: enduran%e: %o""it"ent: res!onsi,ilit7: thoroughness:
!ra%ti%alit7: wisdo": !atien%e: sense o' ti"ing
Dullness: la%( o' %ons%ien%e: "elan%hol7: ,oredo": inertia: stagnation:
hoarding o' resour%es 5in%luding in'or"ation6
Ti"e o' Da7:
Oa(: ro%( %r7stal: salt: ,ull or %ow: stag: grains: %o"'re7: i.7
Penta%le: altar stone 5,od7 o' Ani"a Mundi6
Gno"es under Go, 5'riendl7 4 eas7 to rea%h: tea%h a%%ess to own
de!ths 4 %a.erns 4 how to "ine 4 wor( the .ein o' gold therein6
S!a%iness: h7!erBa%ti.it7: insta,ilit7
Bod7 hea.iness: general la%( o' energ7: inertia: et%3

l arious sour%es in%luding Iune Iohns+ 2ing o' the $it%hes 5a!!endi06: Starhaw(+s S!iral Dan%e:
Ellen &annon Reed+s $it%hes Ga,ala and a lo.el7 !a"!hlet on the ele"ents !ut out ,7 &hur%h o'
the Se.en Arrows3
l Putting ele"ental notes into the BOS 5instead o' in a Gri"oire or in a set o' training notes6 also
a!!ears to ,e 2haled+s idea3

Dee! ,od7 dr7ness: hotness: "ind 4 ,od7 'eel se!erated: no e"!ath7 Bod7 !u''iness: sinus 5et%36
"ood swings: Etou%hinessE: a!ath7
Goddess As!e%t:
Astrologi%al Rulers:
enus: Moon
Lo.e Prin%i!le: Fertilit7: Ga,riel 5turns 'or%e into 'or"6
E"otions: lo.e: sorrow: %ourage: astral !lanes: %lair.o7an%e: tides:
o%eans: !ools: strea"s: wells: wo", Melan%holi%H FeelingH strong:
&o"!assion: tran-uilit7: tenderness: 'orgi.eness: "odest7: 'luidit7 in
%reati.it7: re%e!ti.it7: in'luen%e
Sel'Bindulgen%e: negligen%e: %owardi%e: indi''eren%e: insta,ilit7:
"oodiness: in'atuation: easil7 !ut u!on: delusions
Ti"e o' Da7:
$illlow: dol!hin: 'ish: water sna(es: sea ,irds: "7rrh: 'erns: rushes
/ndines under )e(sa 5elusi.e at 'irst: 'lowing 4 di''i%ult to understand:
wat%h !olitel7 and learn6

l arious sour%es in%luding Iune Iohns+ 2ing o' the $it%hes 5a!!endi06: Starhaw(+s S!iral Dan%e:
Ellen &annon Reed+s $it%hes Ga,ala and a lo.el7 !a"!hlet on the ele"ents !ut out ,7 &hur%h o'
the Se.en Arrows3
l Putting ele"ental notes into the BOS 5instead o' in a Gri"oire or in a set o' training notes6 also
a!!ears to ,e 2haled+s idea3

Goddess As!e%t:
Astrologi%al Rulers:
Sun: Mars: Iu!iter
Light Prin%i!le: A%tion: Mi%hael 5.i%tor ignoran%e6
For%e: energ7: s!irit: heat: "ental !lane: ,lood: sa!: li'e: will: surger7:
destru%tion: !uri'i%ation: hearth 'ires: .ol%anoes: e0!losions: &holeri%H
Intuiti.eH li.el7
&ourageous: sel'Basserti.e: %hi.alrous: enthusiasti%: !assionate:
e0!erien%ed: .irile
Sel'B%entred: ruthless: 'anati%is": .indi%ti.eness: anger: hatred
Ti"e o' Da7:
Fire o!al: al"ond 5in 'lower6: garli%: hi,is%us: !e!!er: oli,anu"
S%ourge: sword: atha"e
Sala"anders under DCinn 5elusi.e 4 hostile: tea%h !ower 'ire 4
Bod7 hea.7 or %hilled: thoughts dragBg7: unenthusiasti%
Hot: h7!er: 'litting thoughts: inso"nia: anger: sna!!ishness

l arious sour%es in%luding Iune Iohns+ 2ing o' the $it%hes 5a!!endi06: Starhaw(+s S!iral Dan%e:
Ellen &annon Reed+s $it%hes Ga,ala and a lo.el7 !a"!hlet on the ele"ents !ut out ,7 &hur%h o'
the Se.en Arrows3
l Putting ele"ental notes into the BOS 5instead o' in a Gri"oire or in a set o' training notes6 also
a!!ears to ,e 2haled+s idea3

Goddess As!e%t:
Astrologi%al Rulers:
Iu!iter: Mer%ur7
Li'e Prin%i!le: Intelle%t: Ra!hael 5instru%tor: tra.eller: healer6
Mind: essential -ualities: s!iritual !lane: (nowledge: a,stra%t learning:
theories: wind7 or high !la%es: ,reath: s!ee%h: Phleg"ati%H Thin(ingH
wea( inhi,itor7
Gregarious: diligent: o!ti"isti%: de0terit7: !ersuasi.e:
'riendl7: health7: (nowledgea,le
Fri.olit7: ,oasting: a,sent "indedness: rootless: easil7 distra%ted:
lo-ua%ious: tends to intelle%tualiDe e"otions 5rather than e0!erien%e
Ti"e o' Da7:
To!aD: gal,anu": as!en: 'ran(in%ense: .er.ain: ,irds: eagle 4 haw(
$and: %enser 5arrow sta,s air 4 %on.e7s "essage Outer to Inner6
S7l!hs under Paralda 5.er7 hard to see 4 (now: tea%h "ind %ontrol and
how to le.el out 7our thin(ing !ro%esses6
Mind ,lan(: shortness o' ,reath: nonB%o"!rehension o' (nown data
EGas ,loatE: ina,ilit7 to 'o%us attention: Es!a%e7E thoughts

l arious sour%es in%luding Iune Iohns+ 2ing o' the $it%hes 5a!!endi06: Starhaw(+s S!iral Dan%e:
Ellen &annon Reed+s $it%hes Ga,ala and a lo.el7 !a"!hlet on the ele"ents !ut out ,7 &hur%h o'
the Se.en Arrows3
l Putting ele"ental notes into the BOS 5instead o' in a Gri"oire or in a set o' training notes6 also
a!!ears to ,e 2haled+s idea3

The $it%hes+ $heel

The Eight Paths

l This is ,ased on a diagra" 'ro" EThe Ale0 Sanders Le%turesE: with a 'ew o,.ious errors re"o.ed3

The $a7s o' Ma(ing Magi%

The Meight !ointed asteris(N sign on the Atha"e is said to re!resent: a"ong other things: the Eight Paths
whi%h all lead to the &enter and the Eight $a7s o' Ma(ing "agi%: and these are:
83 Meditation or %on%entration3
93 &hants: S!ells: In.o%ations3 In.o(ing the Goddess: et%3
;3 ProCe%tion o' the Astral Bod7: or Tran%e3
<3 In%ense: Drugs: $ine: et%3 An7 !otion whi%h aids to release the S!irit3
=3 Dan%ing
>3 Blood %ontrol3 /se o' the &ords3
?3 The S%ourge3
#3 The Great Rite3

1ou %an %o",ine "an7 o' these wa7s to !rodu%e "ore !ower3

To !ra%ti%e the Art su%%ess'ull7: 7ou need the 'ollowing 'i.e things:
83 Intention3 1ou "ust ha.e the a,solute will to su%%eed: the 'ir" ,elie' that 7ou %an do so and the
deter"ination to win through against all o,sta%les3
93 Pre!aration3 1ou "ust ,e !ro!erl7 !re!ared3
;3 In.o%ation3 The Might7 Ones "ust ,e in.o(ed3
<3 &onse%ration3 The &ir%le "ust ,e !ro!erl7 %ast and %onse%rated and 7ou "ust ha.e !ro!erl7
%onse%rated tools3
=3 Puri'i%ation3 1ou "ust ,e !uri'ied3

Hen%e there are = things ne%essar7 ,e'ore 7ou %an start: and then # Paths or $a7s leading to the &entre3
For instan%e: 7ou %an %o",ine <: =: >: ?: and # together in one riteH or <: > and ? together with 8 and 9:
with ; !erha!s3 The "ore wa7s 7ou %an %o",ine: the "ore !ower 7ou !rodu%e3

It is not "eet to "a(e o''ering o' less than two s%ore lashes to the Goddess: 'or here ,e a "7ster73 The
'ortunate nu",ers ,e ;: ?: @ and thri%e ? whi%h ,e 983 And these nu",ers total two s%ore: so a less
!er'e%t or 'ortunate nu",er would not ,e a !er'e%t !ra7er3 Also the Fi.e'old Salute ,e =: 7et it ,e #
(issesH 'or there ,e 9 'eet: 9 (nees and 9 ,reasts3 And 'i.e ti"es # ,e two s%ore3 Also there ,e #
Tools and the Penta%le ,e =H and 'i.e eights ,e two s%ore3

5)ote: # !lus = e-uals 8;3 # "ulti!led ,7 = e-uals <A36

l Pu,lished in Ianet 4 Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a73 The7 sa7 it %o"es 'ro" GBG+s BOS
5Te0t B and Te0t &6


Power is latent in the ,od7 and "a7 ,e drawn out and used in .arious wa7s ,7 the s(illed3 But unless
%on'ined in a %ir%le it will ,e swi'tl7 dissa!ated3 Hen%e the i"!ortan%e o' a !oro!erl7 %onstru%ted
Power see"s to e0ude 'ro" the ,od7 .ia the s(in and !ossi,l7 'ro" the ori'i%es o' the ,od7H hen%e 7ou
should ,e !ro!erl7 !re!ared3 The slightest dirt s!oils e.er7thing: whi%h shows the i"!ortan%e o'
thorough %leanliness3
The attitude o' "ind has great e''e%t: so onl7 wor( with a s!irit o' re.eren%e3 A little wine ta(en and
re!eated during the %ere"on7: i' ne%essar7: hel!s to !rodu%e the !ower3 Other strong drin(s or drugs
"a7 ,e used: ,ut it is ne%essar7 to ,e .er7 "oderate: as i' 7ou are %on'used: e.en slightl7: 7ou %annot
%ontrol the !ower 7ou e.o(e3
The si"!lest wa7 is ,7 dan%ing and singing "onotonous %hants: slowl7 at 'irst and graduall7
the te"!o until giddiness ensues3 Then the %alls "a7 ,e used: or e.en wild and "eaning'ul shrie(ing
!rodu%es !ower3 But this "ethod in'la"es the "ind and renders it di''i%ult to %ontrol the !ower: though
%ontrol "a7 ,e gained through !ra%ti%e3 The s%ourge is a 'ar ,etter wa7: 'or it sti"ulates and e0%ites
,od7 and soul: 7et one easil7 retains %ontrol3
The Great Rite is 'ar the ,est3 It releases enor"ous !ower: ,ut the %onditions and %ir%u"stan%es "a(e it
di''i%ult 'or the "ind to "aintain %ontrol at 'irst3 It is again a "atter o' !ra%ti%e and the natural strength
o' the o!erator+s will and in a lesser degree those o' his assistants3 I': as o' old: there were "an7 trained
assistants !resent and all wills !ro!erl7 attuned: wonders o%%ur3
Sor%erors %hie'l7 used the ,lood sa%ri'i%eH and while we hold this to ,e we %annot den7 that this
"ethod is .er7 e''i%ient3 Power 'lashes 'orth 'ro" newl7 shed ,lood: instead o' slowl7 e0uding as ,7
"ethod3 The .i%ti"+s terror and anguish add (eenness and -uite a s"all ani"al %an 7ield enor"ous
!ower3 The great di''i%ult7 is in the hu"an "ind %ontrolling the !ower o' the lower ani"al "ind3 But
sor%erors %lai" the7 ha.e "ethods 'or e''e%ting this and that the di''i%ult7 disa!!ears the higher the
ani"al used and when the .i%ti" is hu"an disa!!ears entirel73 5The !ra%ti%e is an a,o"ination: ,ut it is
Priests (now this wellH and ,7 their autoBdaB'e+s: with the .i%ti"+s !ain and terror 5the 'ires a%ting "u%h
the sa"e as %ir%les6: o,tained enor"ous !ower3
O' old the Flagellants %ertainl7 e.o(ed !ower: ,ut through not ,eing %on'ined ,7 a %ir%le "ost was lost3
The a"ount o' !ower raised was so great and %ontinuous that an7one with (nowledge %ould dire%t and
use itH and it is "ost !ro,a,le that the %lassi%al and heathen sa%ri'i%es were used in the sa"e wa73 There
are whis!ers that when the hu"an .i%ti" was a willing sa%ri'i%e: with his "ind dire%ted on the Great
$or( and with highl7 s(illed assistants: wonders ensued B ,ut o' this I would not s!ea(3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7H the7 got it 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5Te0t B or
&H it+s the sa"e in ea%h63

Pro!erl7 Pre!ared

)a(ed: ,ut sandals 5not shoes6 "a7 ,e worn3 For initiation: tie hands ,ehind ,a%(: !ull u! to s"all o'
,a%( and tie ends in 'ront o' throat: a %a,leBtow to lead ,7: hanging down in 'ront3 5Ar"s thus
'or" a triangle at ,a%(36 $hen initiate is (neeling at altar: the %a,leBtow is tied to a ring in the altar3 A
short %ord is tied li(e a garter round the initiate+s le't leg a,o.e the (nee: with ends tu%(ed in3 Another
tied round right an(le and ends tu%(ed in so as to ,e out o' the wa7 while " a,out3 These %ords
used to tie 'eet together while initiate is (neeling at the altar and "ust ,e long enough to do this 'ir"l73
2nees "ust also ,e 'ir"l7 tied3 This "ust ,e %are'ull7 done3 I' the as!irant %o"!lains o' !ain the ,onds
"ust ,e loosened slightl7H alwa7s re"e",er the o,Ce%t ,eing to retard the ,lood 'low enough to indu%e
tran%e state3 This slight dis%o"'ortH ,ut great dis%o"'ort !re.ents the tran%e state: so it is ,est
s!end so"e little ti"e loosening and tightening the ,onds until the7 are Cust right3 The as!irant alone
tell 7ou when this is so3 This: o' %ourse: does not a!!l7 to the initiation: as then no tran%e is desiredH ,ut
'or the !ur!ose o' ritual it is good that the initiates ,e ,ound 'ir"l7 enough to 'eel the7 are a,solutel7
hel!less ,ut without dis%o"'ort3

The Measure 5in the First Degree6 is ta(en thus:
Height: round ne%(: a%ross the heart and a%ross the genitals3 The old %usto" is: i' an7one were guilt7 o'
,etra7ing the se%rets: their "easure was ,uried at "idnight in a ,ogg7 !la%e: with %urses that Eas the
"easure rots: so the7 will rot3E

l !u,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7H 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5Te0t B or &H it+s the
sa"e in ea%h63

The Meeting Dan%e

The Maiden should lead3 A "an should !la%e ,oth hands on her waist: standing ,ehind her: and
"en and wo"en do the sa"e: the Maiden leading and the7 dan%e 'ollowing her3 She at last leads the"
into a rightBhand s!iral3 $hen the %enter is rea%hed 5and this had ,etter ,e "ar(ed ,7 a stone6 she
suddenl7 turns round and dan%es ,a%(: (issing ea%h "an as she %o"es to hi"3 All "en and wo"en turn
li(ewise and dan%e ,a%(: "en (issing wo"en and wo"en (issing "en3 All in ti"e to "usi%: it is a
ga"e: ,ut "ust ,e !ra%ti%ed to ,e done well3 )ote: the "usi%ian should wat%h the dan%ers and "a(e
"usi% 'ast or slow as is ,est3 For the ,eginners it should ,e slow: or there will ,e %on'usion3 It is "ost
e0%ellent to get !eo!le to (now ea%h other at ,ig gatherings3

l Pu,lished in Ianet 4 Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5the sa"e .ersion
e0ists in Te0t B and Te0t & o' his BOS6

O' &alls

O' old there were "an7 %hants and songs used: es!e%iall7 in the dan%es3 Man7 o' these ha.e ,een
'orgotten ,7 us hereH ,ut we (now the7 used %ries o' IA/: HA/: whi%h see"s "u%h li(e the %r7 o' the
an%ients: EO or EAOE3 Mu%h de!endeth u!on the !ronun%iation i' this ,e so3 In "7 7outh when I
heard the %r7 IA/ it see"ed to "e to ,e AEIO/: or rather HAAEE IOO// or AA EE IOOOO//3
"a7 ,e ,ut the wa7 to !rolong it to "a(e it 'it 'or a %allH ,ut it suggests that these "a7 ,e the initials o'
an in.o%ation: as AGLA used to ,e3 And o' sooth the whole He,rew Al!ha,et is said to ,e su%h and 'or
this reason is re%ited as a "ost !ower'ul %har"3 At least this is %ertain: these %ries during the dan%es do
ha.e a !ower'ul e''e%t: as I "7sel' ha.e seen3
Other %alls are: IEHO/A and EHEIE3 Also HO HO HO ISE ISE ISE3
IEO EO EO EO EO ORO O OOO "a7 ,e a s!ell: ,ut it is "ore li(el7 to ,e a %all3 +Tis
li(e the EOE EOE o' the Gree(s and the Hea.e HoK o' sailors3 E"en hetan and A, hur: a, hus see"
%allsH as Horse and hatto%(: horse and goK Horse and !ellatis: ho: ho: hoK
Thout: tout a tout tout: throughout and a,out and Rentu" tor"entu" are !ro,a,l7 "is!ronoun%ed
atte"!ts at a 'orgotten 'or"ula: though the7 "a7 ha.e ,een in.ented ,7 so"e un'ortunate ,eing
to e.ade telling the real 'or"ula3

l Pu,lished in Ianet 4 Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

The &one o' Power

This was the old wa73 The %ir%le was "ar(ed out and !eo!le stationed to whi! u! the dan%ers3 A 'ire or
%andle was within it in the dire%tion where the o,Ce%t o' the rite was su!!osed to ,e3 Then all dan%ed
round until the7 'elt the7 had raised enough !ower3 I' the rite was to ,anish the7 started deosil and
'inished tuathil: so "an7 rounds o' ea%h3 Then the7 'or"ed a line with lin(ed hands and rushed towards
the 'ire shouting the thing the7 wanted3 The7 (e!t it u! +til the7 were e0hausted or until so"eone 'ell in
'aint: when the7 were said to ha.e ta(en the s!ell to its destination3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7H 'ro" GBG+s BOS 5Te0t B and & gi.e
identi%al .ersions6
l Doreen aliente Cust a,out the sa"e te0t in The Re,irth o' $it%h%ra't: des%ri,ing it as notes
she "ade 'ro" Gerald Gardner+s des%ri!tion o' the ritual used to deter Hitler 'ro" in.ading Great

O' the Ordeal o' the Art Magi%al

Learn o' the s!irit that goeth with ,urdens that ha.e not honour: 'or +tis the s!irit that stoo!eth the
shoulders and not the weight3 Ar"our is hea.7: 7et it is a !roud ,urden and a "an standeth u!right in it3
Li"iting and %onstraining an7 o' the senses to in%rease the %on%entration o' another3 Shutting the
e7es aids the hearing3 So the ,inding o' the Initiate+s hands in%reases the "ental !er%e!tion: while the
s%ourge in%reaseth the inner .ision3 So the Initiate goeth through it !roudl7: li(e a !rin%ess: (nowing it
,ut to in%rease her glor73
But this %an onl7 ,e done ,7 the aid o' another intelligen%e and in a %ir%le: to !re.ent the !ower thus
generated ,eing lost3 Priests atte"!t to do the sa"e with their s%ourgings and "orti'i%ations o' the
But la%(ing the aid o' ,onds and their attention ,eing distra%ted ,7 their s%ourging the" and what
little !ower the7 do !rodu%e ,eing dissi!ated: as the7 do not usuall7 wor( within a %ir%le: it is little
wonder that the7 o't 'ail3 Mon(s and her"its do ,etter: as the7 are a!t to wor( in tin7 %ells and
whi%h in so"e wa7s a%t as %ir%les3 The 2nights o' the Te"!le: who used "utuall7 to s%ourge ea%h
in an o%tagon: did ,etter stilH ,ut the7 a!!arentl7 did not (now the .irtue o' ,onds and did "an to
But !erha!s so"e did (now3 $hat o' the &hur%h+s %harge that the7 wore girdles or %ordsF

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

To Get the Sight

Sight %o"eth to di''erent !eo!le in di.ers wa7sH +tis seldo" it %o"eth naturall7: ,ut it %an ,e indu%ed in
"an7 wa7s3 Dee! and !rolonged "editation "a7 do it: ,ut onl7 i' 7ou are a natural: and usuall7
!rolonged 'asting is ne%essar73 O' old the "on(s and nuns o,tained .isions ,7 long .igils: %o",ined
with 'asting and 'lagellation til ,lood %a"eH other "orti'i%ations o' the 'lesh were !ra%ti%ed whi%h
resulted in .isions3
In the East +tis tried with .arious tortures whilst sitting in a %ra"!ed !osition: whi%h retarded the 'low
,loodH these tortures: long and %ontinued: ga.e good results3
In the Art: we are taught an easier wa7: that is: to intensi'7 the i"agination: at the sa"e ti"e %ontrolling
the ,lood su!!l7: and this "a7 ,est ,e done ,7 using the ritual3
In%ense is good to !ro!itiate the s!irits: also to indu%e rela0ation to the as!irant and to hel! ,uild u! the
at"os!here whi%h is ne%essar7 'or suggesti,ilit73 M7rrh: Gu" Masti%: Aro"ati% Rush Roots:
Bar(: Mus(: Iuni!er: Sandalwood and A",ergris: in %o",ination: are all good: ,ut the ,est o' all is
The %ir%le ,eing 'or"ed: and e.er7thing !ro!erl7 !re!ared: the as!irant should 'irst ,ind and ta(e his
tutor into the %ir%le: in.o(e suita,le s!irits 'or the o!eration: dan%e round till gidd7: "eanwhile
and announ%ing the o,Ce%t o' the wor(: then he should use the 'lagellu"3 Then the tutor should in turn
,ind the as!irant B ,ut .er7 lightl7: so as not to %ause dis%o"'ort B ,ut enough to retard the ,lood
Again the7 should dan%e round: then at the Altar the tutor should use the 'lagellu" with light: stead7:
slow and "onotonous stro(es3 It is .er7 i"!ortant that the !u!il should see the stro(es %o"ing: as this
has the e''e%t o' !assing: and hel!s greatl7 to sti"ulate the i"agination3 It is i"!ortant that the stro(es
not hard: the o,Ce%t ,eing to do no "ore than draw the ,lood to that !art and awa7 'ro" the ,rainH this:
with the light ,inding: slowing down the %ir%ulation o' the ,lood: and the !asses: soon indu%e a drows7
stu!or3 The tutor should wat%h 'or this: and as soon as the as!irant s!ea(s or slee!s the 'lagellu"
%ease3 The tutor should also wat%h that the !u!il ,e%o"es not %old: and i' the !u!il struggles or see"s
distressed he should at on%e ,e awa(ened3
Be not dis%ouraged i' no results %o"e at the 'irst e0!eri"ent B results usuall7 o%%ur a'ter two or three
atte"!ts3 It will ,e 'ound that a'ter two or three atte"!ts or e0!eri"ents results will %o"e: and soon
"ore -ui%(l7H also soon "u%h o' the ritual "a7 ,e shortened: ,ut 'orget to in.o(e the Goddess or
to 'or" the %ir%le: and 'or good results +tis ,etter to do too "u%h ritual rather than do too little at
It has ,een 'ound that this !ra%ti%e doth o'ten %ause a 'ondness ,etween as!irant and tutor: and it is a
%ause o' ,etter results i' this ,e so3 I' 'or an7 reason it is undesirea,le there ,e an7 great 'ondness
,etween as!irant and tutor this "a7 easil7 ,e a.oided ,7 ,oth !arties 'ro" the onset: ,7 'ir"l7
in their "inds that i' an7 'ondness ensues it shall ,e that o' a ,rother and sister: or !arent and %hild: and
is 'or this reason that a "an "a7 onl7 ,e taught ,7 a wo"an and a wo"an ,7 a "an: and that "an and
"an or wo"an and wo"an should atte"!t these !ra%ti%es together: and "a7 all the %urses o' the
Might7 Ones ,e on an7 who "a(e su%h an atte"!t3
Re"e",er: the %ir%le !ro!erl7 %onstru%ted is ne%essar7 to !re.ent the !ower released ,eing
dissi!atedH it is also a ,arrier against an7 distur,ing or "is%hie.ious 'or%esH 'or to o,tain good results
"ust ,e 'ree 'ro" all distur,an%es3
Re"e",er: dar(ness: !oints o' light glea"ing a"id the surrounding dar(: in%ense and the stead7 !asses
,7 a white ar": are not as stage e''e%ts ,ut rather the7 are "e%hani%al instru"ents whi%h ser.e to start
the suggestion whi%h later unlo%(s the (nowledge that it is !ossi,le to o,tain the di.ine e%sta%7: and so
attain to (nowledge and %o""uni%ation with the Di.ine Goddess3 $hen on%e 7ou ha.e attained this:
ritual is needless: as 7ou "a7 attain the state o' e%sta%7 at will: ,ut +til then or: i' o,tained or
attained it 7oursel': 7ou wish to ,ring a %o"!anion to that state o' Co7: ritual is ,est3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

To Lea.e the Bod7

+Tis not wise to stri.e to get out o' 7our ,od7 until 7ou ha.e thoroughl7 gained the Sight3 The sa"e
as to gain the Sight "a7 ,e used: ,ut ha.e a %o"'orta,le %ou%h3 2neel so that 7ou ha.e 7our thigh:
and %hest well su!!orted: the ar"s strained 'orward and ,ound one on ea%h side: so that there is a
de%ided 'eeling o' ,eing !ulled 'orward3 As the tran%e is indu%ed: 7ou should 'eel a to !ush
7oursel' out o' the to! o' 7our head3 The s%ourge should ,e gi.en a dragging a%tion: as i' to dri.e or
7ou out3 Both wills should ,e thoroughl7 in tune: (ee!ing a %onstant and e-ual strain3 $hen tran%e
%o"es: 7our tutor "a7 hel! 7ou ,7 so'tl7 %alling 7our na"e3 1ou will !ro,a,l7 'eel 7oursel' drawn out
o' 7our ,od7 as i' through a narrow o!ening: and 'ind 7oursel' standing ,eside 7our tutor: loo(ing at
,od7 on the %ou%h3 Stri.e to %o""uni%ate with 7our tutor 'irstH i' the7 ha.e the Sight the7 will
see 7ou3 Go not 'ar a'ield at 'irst: and +tis ,etter to ha.e one who is used to the ,od7 with 7ou3
A note: $hen: su%%eeded in the ,od7: 7ou desire to return: in order to %ause the s!irit
,od7 and the "aterial ,od7 to %oin%ide: THI)2 OF 1O/R FEET3 This will %ause the return to ta(e

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

The $or(ing Tools

There are no "agi%al su!!l7 sho!s: so unless 7ou are lu%(7 enough to ,e gi.en or sold tools: a !oor
wit%h "ust e0te"!orise3 But when "ade 7ou should ,e a,le to ,orrow or o,tain an Atha"e3 So
"ade 7our %ir%le: ere%t an altar3 An7 s"all ta,le or %hest will do3 There "ust ,e 'ire on it 5a %andle will
su''i%e6 and 7our ,oo(3 For good results in%ense is ,est i' 7ou %an get it: ,ut %oals in a %ha'ing dish
,urning sweetBs"elling her,s will do3 A %u! i' 7ou would ha.e %a(es and wine and a !latter with the
signs drawn into sa"e in in(: showing a !enta%le3 A s%ourge is easil7 "ade 5note: the s%ourge has eight
tails and 'i.e (nots in ea%h tail63 Get a whiteBhilted (ni'e and a wand 5a sword is not ne%essar763 &ut the
"ar(s with Atha"e3 Puri'7 e.er7thing: then %onse%rate 7our tools in !ro!er 'or" and ,e !ro!erl7
!re!ared3 But re"e",er: "agi%al o!erations are useless unless the "ind %an ,e ,rought to the
!ro!er attitude: (e7ed to the utt"ost !it%h3
A''ir"ations "ust ,e "ade %learl7 and the "ind should ,e in'la"ed with desire3 $ith this 'renD7 o'
7ou "a7 do as "u%h with si"!le tools as with the "ost %o"!lete set3 But good and es!e%iall7 an%ient
tools ha.e their own aura3 The7 do hel! to ,ring a,out that re.erential s!irit: the desire to learn and
de.elo! 7our !owers3 For this reason wit%hes tr7 to o,tain tools 'ro" sor%erers: who ,eing s(illed
"en "a(e good tools and %onse%rate the" well: the" "ight7 !ower3 But a great wit%h+s tools
gain "u%h !owerH and 7ou should stri.e to "a(e an7 tools 7ou "anu'a%ture o' the 'inest "aterials
7ou %an o,tain: to the end that the7 "a7 a,sor, 7our !ower the "ore easil73 And o' %ourse i' 7ou "a7
inherit or o,tain another wit%h+s tools: !ower will 'low 'ro" the"3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

Ma(ing Tools

It is an old ,elie' that the ,est su,stan%es 'or "a(ing tools are those that on%e had li'e in the": as
o!!osed to arti'i%ial su,stan%es3 Thus: wood or i.or7 is ,etter 'or a wand than "etal: whi%h is "ore
a!!ro!riate 'or swords or (ni.es3 irgin !ar%h"ent is ,etter than "anu'a%tured !a!er 'or talis"ans: et%3
And things whi%h ha.e ,een "ade ,7 hand are good: ,e%ause there is li'e in the"3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

To Ma(e Anointing Oint"ent

Ta(e a glaDed !an hal' 'ull o' grease or oli.e oil3 Put in sweet "int ,ruised3 Pla%e !an in hot
,ath3 Stir o%%asionall73 A'ter 'our or 'i.e hours !our into linen ,ag and s-ueeDe grease through into !ot
again and 'ill with 'resh lea.es3 Re!eat until grease is strongl7 s%ented3 Do sa"e with "arCora": th7"e
and !ounded dried !at%houli an 7ou "a7 ha.e the" 5'or the7 ,e ,est o' all63 $hen strongl7
s%ented: "i0 all the greases together and (ee! in a wellBsto!!ered Car3
Anoint ,ehind ears: throat: ,reasts and wo",3 In rites where Blessed ,e 333 "a7 ,e said: anoint (nees
'eet: as also 'or rites %onne%ted with Courne7s or war3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

arious Instru%tions

A note u!on the ritual o' the $ine and &a(es3 It is said that in olden da7s ale or "ead was o'ten used
instead o' wine3 It is said that s!irits or an7thing %an ,e used: Eso long as it has li'eE 5i3e3 has a (i%(63
All are ,rothers and sisters: 'or this reasonH that e.en the High Priestess "ust su,"it to the s%ourge3
The onl7 e0%e!tion to the rule that a "an onl7 ,e initiated ,7 a wo"an and a wo"an ,7 a "an: is that a
"other "a7 initiate her daughter and a 'ather his son: ,e%ause the7 are !art o' the"sel.es3
A wo"an "a7 i"!ersonate either the God or the Goddess: ,ut a "an "a7 onl7 i"!ersonate the God3 re"e",er: i' te"!ted to ad"it or ,oast o' ,elonging to the %ult: 7ou "a7 ,e endangering 7our
,rothers and sisters3 For though now the 'ires o' !erse%ution ha.e died down: who (nows when the7
,e re.i.edF Man7 !riests ha.e (nowledge o' our se%rets and the7 'ull well (now that "u%h religious
,igotr7 has died down or %al"ed down: that "an7 !eo!le would wish to Coin our %ult i' the truth were
(nown o' its Co7s and the %hur%hes would lose !ower3 So i' we ta(e "an7 re%ruits we "a7 loose the
o' !erse%ution against us again3 So (ee! the se%rets3
Those ta(ing !art in a rite "ust (now e0a%tl7 what results the7 wish to attain and "ust (ee! all their
"inds 'ir"l7 'i0ed on the desired result: without wa.ering3

l Pu,lished in Ianet and Stewart Farrar+s The $it%hes+ $a7: 'ro" GBG+s Te0t B*& BOS3

The $it%hes+ Round

)owada7s used to raise the &one o' Power: this old dan%e "a7 ,e used alone or in 'ull %o.en3 It is
i' the Drawing Down o' the Moon has gone ,e'ore: 'or then the Gods shall 'use with the energies raised
in the e%sta%7 o' the dan%e and there,7 a%%o"!lish 7our will3
All Coin hands to 'or" a ring a,out the HPS3 Heads turned le't and e7es tightl7 shut: will a 'lowing
o' !ower a,out the %ir%le: " 'ro" one through the ne0t: 'ro" "an to wo"an and wo"an to "an:
a,out the %ir%le without ,eginning or end: gathering strength as it goes3
$hen the %ir%le is set thus: in "otionless intensit7: the HPS ,egins to %la! to the rh7th7" o' the
heartB,eat3 And u!on this signal all o!en their e7es and ste! widdershinsH slowl7 at 'irst ,ut with a
-ui%(ening ste! as the HPS -ui%(ens the ,eat o' her %la!: until three rounds are %o"!lete3 And this
,e a%%o"!lished s"oothl7 and without aw(wardness3
)ow %hange dire%tion and dan%e deosil to the $it%hes+ Rune or so"e other tuneH slowl7 at 'irst: ,ut
'aster and 'aster until: the Power ,eing at its !ea(: the HPS shall release it %r7ing: EDown KE:
whereu!on all shall 'all to the ground to sit in a %ir%le 'a%ing in3 Thus also was the &one o' Power
o' 7ore3

l Another .ariant on raising a %one o' !ower3
l This one+s ada!ted slightl7 'ro" The $it%hes Al"ana%: 8@?8B?9: as re!rinted in The $it%hes All3
l It+s si"ilar to "an7 well (nown "ethodsH Cust !uts the !ie%es together rather di''erentl73

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