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Arteriosclerosis A General Synopsis on

its Condition
A condition that can cause serious health issues to leave you devastated for a life,
Arteriosclerosis can cause damages you should be highly aware of. It happens inside arteries
that can thicken, harden and stiffen the space for proper flow of blood to narrow or close it
down. This can actually decrease the supply of oxygen to various distant and local tissues. The
key symptom of this condition may vary from poor organ function, pain and bad general
condition. Its further conditions can even cause tissue damage. Apparently, an acute damage
can even stop blood flow, which is caused by a sudden blood clot that forms in the narrowed
The Proper Causes of Arteriosclerosis
The inner most walls of the arteries do consists of an innermost layer of endothelial cells. There
are different changes that may take place in your endothelial cells and in this muscle layer. The
changes may consist of:
A certain degree of cell proliferation or Tumor
Cholesterol and Fat deposit
Deposits of calcium salts
Deposits of blood elements like fibrin.
Such deposits are known as atherosclerotic plaque or atheroma. Atherosclerosis is moreover
one kind of several other types of artery thickening and hardening conditions. The most
common name for hardening and thickening of arteries is "arteriosclerosis which is more often
known atherosclerosis.
Factors that Cause Atherosclerosis
Comparatively higher level of cholesterol in the blood
Higher level of blood fat and especially saturated fat.
Inflammation in the blood vessels.
Presence of a substance known as C - reactive protein.
Higher content of oxidation agents in the blood.
High level of blood pressure.

The Symptoms of Atherosclerosis
The condition can actually affect your entire body but possibly the symptoms may vary.
However, few general symptoms from that of affected parts of your body are:
Tiredness, comparatively less Productivity
Pain with any sort of physical activity
Serious condition such as impairment of blood flow, tissue damage or may be sores can
When our heart gets affected the symptoms may vary from -Anoxic pain from heart to
physical activities known as angina pectoris.
Breathing Problems or not feeling enough air
Blood clots or Plaque can rupture, making way to a sore inner wall of the vessel.
The atherosclerotic plaque can even grow itself near a blood vessel.
A certain portion of plaque can itself tear and clog another blood vessel.
Look for a serious Arteriosclerosis treatment online and make sure you change your diet
accordingly and seek just the right way to ward off the condition as early as possible.
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