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Sept. 11, 2014

Contact: Linda M. Lopez (0! "2#$402%
Senator Linda M. Lopez of Albuquerques South Valley issued a
statement today afrming that she doesnt believe Governor Susana
Martinez possesses the heart to ee!tively govern "e# Me$i!o. %his
!omes after the media reported that Attorney General Gary &ing
referen!ed the #ords of legendary a!tivist 'olores (uerta that this
Governor) although she has a Latino surname) does not have Latinos
interests at heart.
*+t is ,ust li-e the Martinez administration to ma-e the truthful
#ords of a genuine (ispani! #oman #ith the best interests of "e#
Me$i!ans at heart and politi!ally t#ist them to ma-e her opponent loo-
bad). Senator Lopez /'01102ernalillo3 said. *%his is !lassi! Susana) #ho
only seems to be on the #omans side or the (ispani! side #hen it
politi!ally suits her. (er tra!- re!ord) espe!ially during Legislative
sessions) spea-s other#ise.
*+ seem to remember an appalling re!ording of a high0ran-ing
member of the Governors sta referring to the late (ouse Spea-er
2en Lu,ans (ispani! a!!ent as sounding retarded. She remained silent
as this embarrassing statement #as made) all during a !onferen!e !all
in #hi!h she and others disparaged the 4ommission on the Status of
5omen and the Albuquerque (ispano 4hamber of 4ommer!e..
A re!ent Albuquerque 6ournal poll sho#ed the Governor
struggling to !ourt (ispani! and Latino voters in "e# Me$i!o. Martinez
falls behind Gary &ing by nearly 78 per!ent amongst (ispani! voters.
4ombining su!h fa!tors as "e# Me$i!os struggling e!onomy and the
la!- of support from (ispani! leaders su!h as Senator Lopez and Ms.
(uerta) the Martinez administration !ontinues to lose tra!tion in this
*%he Latino !ulture is built around !ompassion and !onsideration
for our !ommunities). Senator Lopez said. *5hile our state remains at
the top of the list for !hild hunger) adult hunger and poverty) Governor
Martinez has demonstrated an ab,e!t indieren!e for the people of our
state by sti9ing legislation that #ould help those #ho need it most.
Li-e many of my !onstituents) + !annot understand ho# she !an ,ustify
huge ta$ !uts to !orporations #hile so many of our !itizens suer.
*(er style of divisive politi!s) su!h as introdu!ing legislation
ma-ing our roads more dangerous by for!ing mostly undo!umented
Latino immigrants to operate automobiles #ithout some form of legal
drivers li!enses is ,ust another e$ample of this administrations
inability to lead and !ome up #ith sensible solutions..
'-e.. Con/e-ence: FRIDA0, SE'T. 12, 2014 A12 OLD TO3&
'LA(A ":"0 'M45oin Sen. Lopez and ot6e- 7o8en 9eade-. to
6ea- 8o-e on t6i. i..:e;