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Audio Modular MIXER with 6 and up input Channel

A lot of friends ask me a circuit AUDIO MIXER, for various uses. I will begin wit a circuit wic !ou can it
manufacture, as !ou want. "is !ou can #lace in te MODU$E% of in#uts an! circuit !ou want, de#ending on te use
tat !ou intend te MIXER, te same is also for te number of in#ut cannels, tat !ou will manufacture. &elow I
will give enoug circuits wit various levels of 'ualit! and com#le(it!. All te circuits tat #ro#ose and are sim#le
also te! maintain, a ver! good level of 'ualit!. )or tose wo te! are interested te! can make few #atience.
%ortl! I will give #ro*ect, #rofessional level console of mi( signals of sound.
In te )ig. + e(ist te main circuit of MIXER,-.. It is constituted b! - in#ut cannels. "e cannels from ./ +,0
are mono#onic cannels. "e circuit tat !ou will select for tis #lace, can be in in#ut connection, &A$A1.E or
U1&A$A1.E 2 %!mmetrical or as!mmetrical 3, ave 4O5ER 4/A1"OM, for Electret micro#ones, use various t!#es
#lugs of in#ut. "e cannels ./ 6,-, are intended for stereo use. "e number of in#ut cannels te! can increase
itself as long !ou want, making coice between mono and stereo of circuits. More details for te in#ut circuits I will
give se#aratel! for eac circuit. "e out#ut of eac cannel drive te R7+,-, tat #otesometer regulation level of
sound. 5it R78,+9 we create conditions of balance between two cannels 2 #anoramic #otesometer 2 &A$A1.E 33.
All te signals from te in#ut cannels in tis #oint are added b! two adders 2 I.+a,b 3, for eac cannel /ere e(ist
two trimmer "R+,9 tat ad*ust te gain of eac I., ada#ting te level of signal of out#ut, in te level tat we want.
"e! can be su##ressed if !ou do not need suc someting. "e ne(t stage is a E:UA$I;ER 2 )ig. < 3, tree band of
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regulation. "e I.=>,b, constitute te out#ut of MIXER, te! are ave gain one and te! make te essential
isolation of #revious stages, wit te unit tat we will drive. )or woever te! want te! use ead#ones, it e(ist a
classic circuit drive of ead#ones, round te I.9a,b, tat give out#ut in te ?)+=. It can also e(ist also o#tical clue
of audio level, wit a %"EREO 7UME"ER. .ircuit tat !ou can select between wat I give in te categor! of 7U
Meters or tat oter !ou want. "e su##l! of various circuits becomes from te #ower su##l! tat connect to ?)+9b
and gives a variet! from voltages, tat #robabl! will need. .
VU Meter collection 213223233
Part List 2)ig.+3
R+.....+9@0.8Aoms R7+....0@08Aoms $og. 2)ader3 .+<,9B@99Bu) 967
R+=.....90@+BAoms R76,-,+=@9X08Aoms $og. 2)ader3 :+,=@BD139
R96,9-@99Aoms R78....+9@+BAoms $in. #ot. $og. :9,0@BD140
R98,=B,=0,=<@+BBoms "R+,9@0.8Aoms trimmer I.+,=@NE5532
R9C,9<,=-,=8@+BBAoms .+....C@+Bu) 967 I.9@NE5532 , TL072
R=+,09@+BAoms .<,++@08#) ceramic or m!lar ?)+....-@X$R )emale 4lug
R=9,0+@0.8Aoms .+B,+9@08u) 967 ?)8....++@ R.A )emale 4lug
R==,0B@+BAoms .+=,+0@+BBu) 967 ?)+=@?A.A )emale 4lug
.+6,+-@9.9u) +-7 2.+8,99@1o
All te Resistors is +D05 +E metal
.+C,9+@+BB#) ceramic or m!lar
Modules for mono Input Channels
A sim#le coice a##ear in te )ig. 9, in as!mmetrical 2 unbalance 3 connection of in#ut. It uses integrated circuit 2
I.+ 3, in inverting and #ossibilit! of regulation gain of unit, for low levels 2 micro#one 3 u# to ig 2 line 3. 5it
switc %+ we can, if it is necessar! we give su##l! for te o#eration of Electret, condenset micro#ones. In te #lace
of I.+ we can use a variet! from integrated circuit tat give below. "e t!#e of integrated circuit tat we will use,
de#end from te number of in#ut cannels, tat we will manufacture, for tis reason I do not give also concrete
t!#e. M! own coice isF I.+@NE5534 , NE5532 , LM833, TL072, TL074.
Electronic Balance Mic-Line in!t
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In te )ig. =, a##ears one stage wit muc better caracteristics, in s!mmetric connection 2 balance 3, wit
continuous regulation of stage from te #otesometer 99AG. "is give te #ossibilit! for regulation of sensitivit!,
from low in#ut levels until ig. And in tis circuit I do not give concrete t!#e for te I.+,=. "e coice can become
from te below list, according to te caracteristics te eac I. and #ro#ortionall! use for wic im we intend. M!
own coices areF I.+,9@1E66=9 , $MC==, I.=@NE5534 , "$B8+.
Micro#one transistors
In te )ig. 0,6, e(ist two coices for #ream#lifiers of micro#one tat use transistor, in as!mmetrical 2 unbalance 3
of in#ut connection. )or te su##l! of tis stages, e(ist two coices. "e first coice, are wit diode Hener, te oter
coice, use voltages tat give te regulators, from main #ower su##l!..
Mic/Line Balance input Professional
Modules for Stereo Input Channels
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)or te modules of in#uts stereo, e(ist two coices, tat a##ear in te )ig. -,8. "e first coice in )ig. -, it is in
s!mmetric in#ut connection 2 balance 3, wile in te )ig. 8, e(ist one of sim#le as!mmetrical in#ut connection 2
unbalance 3. "e gain of also two units is one. "is gain can increase itself, if tis need, if we increase te #rice of
resistors tat is #arallel wit te ca#acitors ==#). %ould tese resistors be e'ual between tem.
&tereo P#ono Prea$li%ier '()**
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In te )ig. C, e(ist a classic #ream#lifier 4/O1O of correction RIAA, for tose wo te! insist te! use disks of vin!l.
)or good #recision in te re#roduction of sound, sould te materials tat find in te negative feedback and correct
RIAA, to be good 'ualit!, as resistors of +E metal film, te ca#acitors #ol!#ro#!lene and M!lar. "e ca#acitor .C,
ada#tation in te in#ut, can cange wit suc #rice, so tat it suits wit te caracteristics of cartridge tat we will
use. In te #lace of I.+ we can use also te $MC== or oter com#leted low noise integrated circuit.
3 Band EQ
In te )ig. <, e(ist a sim#le and classic circuit E:UA$I;ER, tree band, low, mid and ig fre'uencies, wit gain of
regulation 2 I+C d&Doct 3. All #otesometer te! are doubl! linear and good 'ualit!.
Power Supply for 6 Ch MIXER
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"e 4ower su##l! in fig. +B, e is ver! sim#le in is designing. "ere are four regulators tat for us #rovide a variet!
from voltages, tat #robabl! we will need. "e basic voltage are +67. "e voltage of J +97 is intended basicall!
for te circuit of 7UME"ER. If we do not use electronic 7UME"ER, we can im su##ress. "e imself is also in effect
for te voltage of J 67, Kis intended for te in#ut circuits, wit transistor 2 )ig. 0,6 3, if we do not use te Hener
diodesL. )or until - in#ut cannels te regulators, it does not need te! are #laced in eatsinks . )or more cannels
good it will be te! are #laced on eatsinks. Is good transformer "+, it is #laced far b! te remainder circuits.
In te )ig. ++, a##ear various coices of connection for various t!#es of #lugs, tat !ou can use in all te in#ut
circuits. Attention sould be given in te connections, so tat are not created broncuses, so tat we ave um. "e
clue 2 J /O" 3 corres#ond in signals inside #ase, wile clue 2 , MO$D 3 in out #ase signals. All te com#onents
sould be good 'ualit!. .
Typical characteristics for IC's, that I
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"e MIXER,-., can be manufactured in a bo(, wic te above surface will ave a certain bent. In te #lace
R7+,-, can be used #otesometer )ader. %o if !ou cannot accom#lis wit tis manufacture, !ou can use sim#l!
rotativel! #otesometer in all te #laces.
N If !ou use NE5534, it sould !ou #lace ca#acitor 99#) between #in 6 and C .
Pre +a"er Listen 'P+L, sta-e %or *!"io
Monitor &el/ +ro$ )n!t
0#annel To 1ea"#one
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Many friends asked if its possible in the MIXER exist also a circuit monitor, so that is possible the pre-listen channels without they are
open pot. Fader or they can hear that it exist in the each input channel, parallel with the sound that oes to the main output, without
exist his effect of one in the other. !his work him they make the circuits that I i"e. In the Fi.#$, exist a circuit that this listen
becomes from independent switches, with possibility of listen all channels, we want. %arallel, exist also diodes &E' '#-(, that shows
more channel is open. !hen exist a classic summin amplifier and a potesometer that reulates le"el to headphone amplifier. !his
sinal is chared with the mainly sinal, but only in a headphone amplifier. If the circuit became complexer, we could cut the sinal
from exit &-R, when we pressed some switch. In the Fi.#), exist a circuit that make the same work, but is simpler. Instead of
switches, exists a double rotary switch, that select only a input channel each time. In the place of I*#, it can enter somebody from
opamp. that propose, choice of that will be proportional units that will be used.
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