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Dimensional measurement -

pneumatic, tactile, optical

Precision is our business.
DIMT_EN 09/2009
Our product and service range.
Tactile metrology
Pneumatic metrology
Optical metrology
Product program
Roughness measurement
Contour measurement
Form measurement
Optical shaft measurement
Dimensional measurement
Optical surface inspection
Inspection processes
Final inspection
Measuring room
System solutions
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JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology
HOMMEL-ETAMIC GmbH Alte Tuttlinger Strae 20
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Diversity and fexibility characterize our complete line of
dimensional metrology products. Our aim is to provide
the optimum solution for the measuring task, the degree
of automation, and the machine design. Its here that you
proft from our years of experience and broad knowledge
base in the development of standard and customized
metrology solutions.
Pneumatic - highest precision, extreme robustness. For di-
mensional, geometric, position, and form measurements.
Tactile - classic multi-point measurement with LVDT
probes, fast capture of measurement parameters. For
dimensional, form, and position measurements.
Optical - fast measurement, highest fexibility. For dimen-
sional, contour, form, and position measurements.
Hommel-Etamic, the Industrial Metrology Division of the
Jenoptik Group, is a leading manufacturer and system
provider of high-precision, tactile and non-tactile produc-
tion metrology.
Our range of products includes solutions for a wide range
of measurement tasks such as testing surfaces, form, and
determining dimensional tolerances throughout all pha-
ses of the production process, for fnal inspection or in a
metrology lab. Our product portfolio is rounded off by a
wide range of services in consulting, training and service,
including long-term maintenance contracts.
Hommel-Etamic. Precision is our business.
The technologies for precision.
Pneumatic. Tactile. Optical.
Optimum solutions.
Measurement of engine, gear and chassis components
rotationally symmetrical components such as shafts
and disks
asymmetrical components such as pistons or gear cases
Systems for dimensional measurement
Manual measurement fxtures (standardized or
Semi-automatic measurement fxtures
Fully automatic gaging machines (inline and offine)
In-process measuring heads and probing systems
Dimensional inspection example
Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Geometry elements, workpiece profle
Form and position tolerances
Dynamic measurements and statistical process control
(SPC) are possible, as well as 100% inspection with in-
terlinked semi- and fully automatic gaging machines that
can be integrated into the production line.
Dimensional measurement is often only one of the tasks
specifed for our gaging machines. Weighing, grading,
marking and sorting can also be an integral part of the
gaging system.
For statistical process data analysis, the measuring
systems can be equipped with a AQDEF certifed qs-STAT
Dimensional measurement.
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In-process measurement.
High reliablity as well as easy mechanical and electrical in-
tegration are conditions that we take into account when
designing our measuring control systems for machine
tools. Our modular concept guarantees a high degree of
fexibility that can be easily adapted to a variety of measu-
ring tasks.
Hommel-Movomatic manufactures in-process measure-
ment systems for simple or complex grinding applications
(e.g. grinding or superfnishing). These systems measure
during the actual grinding process, helping to eliminate
tolerance variations due to wear of the grinding wheels,
thermal fuctuation of the workpiece and coolant, and
the instability of the machine related to all of the above
The measuring systems are also used for pre- and post-
process applications (quality surveillance, SPC) as well as
match grinding.
Determination of position
and diameter
Handheld measuring instruments.
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Our handheld measuring instruments and manual gaging
benches are designed to assess the dimensional work-
piece characteristics by part sampling, or through 100%
inspection. These benches utilize tactile and pneumatic
tooling (for dynamic or static measurements), control
systems for visualization and evaluation of the measure-
ment results as well as statistical analysis.
Thanks to their robust design, these benches are ideally
suited for use in production environments.
Examples of applications
Air plugs for inner diameters
Air snaps and rings for outer diameters
Custom gaging fxtures designed for a full range of
dimensional and geometric measurements
The gaging fxtures are custom-assembled from a variety
of measuring components and are therefore always opti-
mized for your workpiece and measuring task.
Valve seat gage
Manual gaging benches.
Plug gage for cylinder head
Fully automatic gaging machines.
Our gaging machines utilize both tactile and pneumatic
measurement tooling, made of wear-resistant, dirt-
repellent materials (i.e. carbide, TCIN coating, etc) that
precisely capture the dimensions of the workpiece.
Our product range includes machines for fnal inspection
all the way up to fully automated interlinked measure-
ment stations for 100% control of the production line. In-
line and offine gaging machines and fxtures, with semi-
or fully automatic measuring runs as well as workpiece
specifc multi-point fxtures, are all a part of our product
Fast measuring rates as well as part classifcation, mar-
king, and sorting are key abilities of our gaging machines.
Optionally, optical sensors for surface inspection can be
integrated into our machines, saving time and making
your production cost-effective.
Measuring station
for crankshafts
Cylinder block
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Optical measuring systems.
Thanks to fast measuring cycles and easy handling, our
optical measuring systems are extremely fexible for use in
production and may be used throughout all phases of the
production process.
Optical measuring systems are used for fexible interme-
diate inspection as well as fnal inspection. Applications
range from SPC measuring systems up to fully automa-
ted, interlinked post-process gaging machines for 100%
Optical measuring principles, combined with our award
winning design, guarantee fast conversion between a
huge variety of different workpieces. Standard systems
are ideally suited for measurement of all common shafts.
Some optical measuring systems can be optionally equip-
ped with a tactile scanning system for length and axial
face run-outs.
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opticline C1023
Measuring station
for camshafts
Measurement of
SPC measuring system
for crankshafts
Optical surface inspection.
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Our automated surface inspection systems utilize special
360 optical sensors that are capable of 100% control.
The sensor can be integrated directly into the production
line, where the high scanning rate of the ring sensor de-
livers consistent high quality measurement results in the
shortest possible cycle times.
For the inspection of cylinder bores a special and unique
measurement technology is used. Simultaneous forward
advancing of the inspection sensor into the bore and
circular scanning, allow the generation of an undistorted
image of the inner surface of the bore.
Surface defects such as blow holes, scratches or poro-
sities, are completely and automatically checked and
classifed. Error and defect boundaries are also automati-
cally detected.
Display of the
Bore inspection of
cylinder blocks
Bore inspection of