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Actual test is conducted ONLINE
Test Duration is 2 HOURS
Questions on the test are arranged in mixed fashion i.e. there are NO SEPARATE
SECTIONS. However, the number of each category will be as follows:

English: 45 Questions
Math: 45 Questions
Analytical Reasoning: 10 Questions
Students can navigate back and forth between questions during the ONLINE TEST.
Students will be provided a Pencil and Blank Sheet of Paper for doing rough work during
Students are NOT ALLOWED to take the rough work sheet with them after the test.

Q1 If 4(3x 8) = 25, what is 3x 10?
A) 8
B) 23
C) 11
D) 25
E) None of these

Q2 The average of 21 numbers is 30. The largest number is 50. If we remove the largest
number, then the average of remaining numbers will be
A) 33
B) 31
C) 29
D) 27
E) None of these

Q3 Which of the following is equivalent to 3x + 2x -1?
A) (3x+1) (x+1)
B) (3x+1) (x-1)
C) (3x-1) (x+1)
D) (3x-1) (x-1)
E) None of these

Q4 If b< 0 and |b| = 4b + 15, then what is value of b?
A) 3
B) -5
C) -3
D) -4
E) None of these

Q-5 In the given right angled triangle, AB=15 inches and BC=10 inches, what will be the
length of side AC?
Note: Figure not drawn to scale.

B C?
A) 25
B) 17
C) 5 13
D) 300
E) None of these

Q6 The perimeter of a triangle is 240. Its sides are proportional to 3:4:5. The largest side of
the triangle is
A) 80
B) 120
C) 60
D) 100
E) None of these

Q7 The grades of Javed in nine monthly tests were 58, 56, 58, 64, 80, 56, 90, 80. The mode
of his grades is
A) 58
B) 80
C) 65
D) 90
E) None of these

Q8 The Arithmetic mean of two numbers is 20 and their standard deviation is 5. The
numbers are
A) 5, 15
B) 15,25
C) 20, 20
D) 20,50
E) None of these

Q9 If |W|< 25 then
A) W < 25
B) W > - 25
C) W < 25 and W >-25
D) W - 25
E) W - 25

Q10 Area of a circle of diameter is 100 square inches. The area of another circle of radius d is
A) 200 square inches
B) 100 square inches
C) 400 square inches
D) 25 square inches
E) None of these

Q11 If + 10 = 11, the value of x will be
A) 9
B) 10
C) 2
D) 15
E) -3

Q12 The solution set of the following pair of linear equations is
x + 2y = 6; x y = 9
A) {(6, 0)}
B) {(0, 3)}
C) {(8, -1)}
D) {(9, -1)}
E) None of these

Q13 The solution set of the equation |x- 24|= 15 is
A) {(15, 24)}
B) {(9, 39)}
C) {(9, 24)}
D) {(39, 54)}
E) None of these

Q14 If z = 3 is a solution of the equation 5z + kz 30 = 0, the value of k and other solution of
the equation are respectively
A) -5 and 2
B) -5 and -2
C) 5 and 2
D) None of them
E) All of them

Q15 When n is divided by 12, the remainder is 6. What is the answer when n is divided by 6?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) None of them

Q16 The table below shows the scores of students in a certain exam of a class of size 20.

Scores 30 45 50 55
Number of students 6 4 4 6

The average score of the class was
A) 30
B) 45
C) 50
D) 44.5
E) 55

Q17 If the area inside the square given below is 100 square units, then the circumference of
the inscribed circle is given by

A) 1000
B) 5
C) 10
D) 100
E) None of these

Q-18 The width of a triangle is 6 cm less than its length. If its perimeter is 80 cm then its
lengths (in cm) and area (in cm) are respectively
A) 16,351
B) 23,391
C) 17,391
D) 20,341
E) None of these
Q-19 A shop was sold for Rs. 3,000,000 by an agent who received a commission of 2.5%. How
much commission did he receive?
A) 30,000
B) 750,000
C) 7,500
D) 75,000
E) None of these
Q-20 What is the smallest integer u, for which 5
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
E) None of these

Q-21 The table below shows the number of fire incidents per day in a city over a period of 50
Number of fire incidents 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Number of days 12 13 9 6 4 3 3
The percentage of the days when there were more than 3 incidents occurs is
A) 15
B) 20
C) 25
D) 40
E) None of these
Q-22 The set of all integers values of w for which 5 <w 18 and w is given by
A) {5,7,11,13}
B) {7,11,13, 17}
C) {4,5,, 12}
D) {7,9,11,13,15,17}
E) None of these
Q-23 The average speed of a car is 75 km/h. How many meters can the car travel in 20 minutes
A) 25
B) 250
C) 2500
D) 25000
E) None of these
Q-24 What is the thickness, in inches, of pipe that has an outer diameter of inches and an inner
diameter of 5 inches?
A) 1
B) 2
D) 3
E) 4
Q-25 How long will it take Jafar and Kadir working together to cultivate a filed which Jafar
can cultivate alone in three hours and Kadiraline in six hours?
A) Two hours
B) Four hours
C) Eight hours
D) None of these
Q-26 169 144 121
A) -12
B) -11
C) -10
D) -9
Q-27 The number 2 X 324 is
A) 72
B) 54
C) 18
D) 48
E) None of these
Q-28 The highest common factor of 112, 64 and 96 is
A) 8
B) 16
C) 32
D) 64
E) None of these
Q-29 If y = 256 then y will be
A) -4
C) 4
D) 1/256
E) None of these
Q-30 If y + 1/y = 4, then y + 1/y is
A) 16
B) 2
C) 4
D) 14
E) None of these
Q-31 If y varies directly as x and y = 24 when x=2, then y will have a value of when x=10
Q-32 Maryum is twice as old as her youngest sister. The difference between their ages is 13
years. How old is her youngest sister?
A) 10
B) 13
C) 26
D) 22
Q-33 Of the following fractions, which is less than 3 ?
A) 4
B) 6
C) 31
D) 6
E) None of these
Q-34 If (w + 3)(2x a) = bw - w + 3c, then the value of a b + c will be
A) 7
B) 8
C) -9
D) -7
E) -2

Q-35 Let A and B be two non empty unequal sets such that A B= B, then
A) A B
B) A B = B
C) B A
D) A B= A
E) None of these
Q-36 The value of (3 11 ) (3 + 11)
A) -2 11
B) -3 11
C) 11
D) All of them
E) None of these

Question 01:
The integer a is even and the integer b is odd. Which of the following integers will be even:
a) (a+b)

b) a

c) 2a+b
d) a+2b
e) None of the above

Question 02:
If an athletes weight decreased from 160 pounds to 152 pounds, what was the percent decrease in the
athletes weight?
a) 16%
b) 10%
c) 8%
d) 5%
e) 4%

Question 03:
The point P(2, -1) lies on a cartesian plane. The point Q(a, b) is a reflection of P about the x-axis. What is
the value of a?
a) -1
b) 1
c) 0
d) 2
e) -2

Question 04:
If the ratio of the number of men to the number of women on a committee of 20 members is 3 to 2,
how many members of the committee are women?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 8
e) 12

Question 05:
Which of the integers 312, 98, 112, and 144 are NOT divisible by 8 ?
a) 98
b) 112
c) 144
d) 312
e) None of the above

(3 + 2) 4 = ?
a) 4 (3 + 2)
b) 3 (4 + 2)
c) 2 (2 + 4)
d) (2 + 4) x 3
e) (3 + 4) x 2

[7 - (2 - 7(2 - 4) + 7)] + 5
a) -11
b) -16
c) 43
d) 54
e) None of the above

7(6x - (4 - 7y + 5x) + 3y)
a) 80x + 68y - 52
b) -13x + 97y - 0
c) -81x + 51y - 39
d) -77x + 34y - 43
e) None of the above
9. (x - 3) / 5 = (x + 4) / 4


Questions 1- 4 are based on the following passage. First, read the passage; then, choose the
alternative that shows the best capitalization or punctuation for each underlined part.

Madam Helena P. Blavatsky born in Russia on May 8, 1831, claimed to have psychic powers and
to be capable of performing feats of clairvoyance and telepathy. During her 60 years, she
traveled to many countriesincluding the United States, England, India, and Egyptin order to
study the occult. Although many considered her a fake throughout her lifetime she was
surrounded by faithful believers, including such influential persons as British statesman Allen O.
Hume and Swedish countess Constance Wachtmeister. To this day, followers commemorate
the date of her death calling May 8 White Lotus Day.

a. Blavatsky: born
b. Blavatskyborn
c. Blavatsky, born
d. Blavatsky. Born
e. Correct as is

a. countries, including
b. countries: including
c. countries. Including
d. countries including
e. correct as it3333

a. fake, throughout
b. fake. Throughout
c. fake: throughout
d. fake; throughout
e. correct as is

a. death. Calling
b. death, calling
c. death: calling
d. death; calling
e. correct as is

For the following questions, choose the underlined part of the sentence that contains a
grammatical error. If there are no errors, choose answer e.

5. All employees with two years experience are entitled to full benefits, including health
a b c d
insurance, life insurance, a retirement plan, and stock options. No error

6. To find the perimeter of a polygon, add the lengths of its sides. No error
a b c d e

7. After the director and assistant director both resigned, we all wondered who would be
A b c
appointed to fill their positions. No error
d e

8. Last spring, my cousin and I packed the tent, the sleeping bags, and a cooler filled with food
a b c
and headed west. No error
d e
9. Although mollusks usually have soft bodies and muscular feet, it may also have hard
A b c d
shells. No error

10. For all of those people who have vowed to give up fatty foods, video games, and shopping

the new year, heres an incentive to keep him on the straight and narrow path. No error
b c d e

11. To formalize and commit themselves to there new government, the Pilgrims signed the
a b c d
mayflower Pact. No error

12. Last summer around the end of July, my brother, Aunt Clarissa, and me jumped into the
a b c
Ford station wagon and headed out of the city. No error
d e

13. Some buildings, such as the White House, Saint Pauls Cathedral, and the Taj Mahal,
a b
deserve to be preserved not only because of their artistic excellence but also because of
c d
their symbolic associations. No error

14. Because they close resemble sound arguments, fallacious arguments can sound convincing,
a b

be sure to carefully organize your thoughts when youre writing an opinion paper. No error
c d e

15. When the professor called out Petes name, he walked rather hesitant to the front of the
a b c
room and stood there shaking. No error
d e

16. The Peace Corps, instituted by President Kenedy, appealed to the generosity, idealism, and to their
a b c d
of adventure of the American people. No Error
17. Official records, it was reported, been falsified to conceal the secret bombing of
a b c
Cambodia in 1969.No Error.
d e
18. If you stand up in the boat, jumping around and wave your arms, you are likely to
a b c
capsize it. No Error
d e
19. The documents, which the reporters obtain under the Freedom of Information Act,
a b
were subsequently published in the book form. No Error.
c d e
20. These kind of apple, if left on the street to ripen, is sweeter than the Cortland.
a b c d
No Error.

Read the following passage and answers the questions that follow:

A Mystery in Macedonia

Alexander the Greats accomplishments are well-known. One of the greatest military leaders of
all time, this Greek king of ancient Macedonia was undefeated in battle. Yet one part of his life
remains a mysterythe cause of his death one month before his 33rd birthday.
Historians agree on a few facts about his death. On May 29, 323 BC, Alexander became ill after
attending a banquet. He remained in bed with a high fever. By June 9, he was unable to move
or speak, and could only acknowledge visitors by waving his hand. Two days later, he was dead.
Today, there are several theories about the cause of his death. Some experts believe he died of
disease. Malaria and typhoid fever were both common in the region at that time. Drinking
alcohol, as he did at the banquet, might have increased the effects of the disease.
Other historians suspect that Alexander was murderedpoisoned by one of his many enemies.
Critics of this theory point out that twelve days passed before Alexander died, and long-acting
poisons were not common in ancient Macedonia. Supporters of the theory, however, respond
by suggesting that Alexander might have been poisoned once on May 29 and then again before
he died. Recently, some historians have suggested another possibility. People who knew
Alexander often described his unusual posture. He held his head high, looking upward and
outward. This pose might have been the result of a spinal condition known as scoliosis. Its
possible that a related spinal infection was the cause of his inability to move and may have led
to his death. For now, however, the questions surrounding Alexanders death remain

Read each question, and tick the correct answer.

21. Which possible meaning of the title is supported by information in the passage?

a. The location of Macedonia is a mystery.
b. The date of Alexanders death is a mystery.
c. The cause of Alexanders death is a mystery.
d. The cause of scoliosis was a mystery to Macedonians.

22. Which detail supports the theory that Alexander died of a disease?

a. Alexander died before his 33rd birthday.
b. Malaria and typhoid fever were common.
c. Alexanders posture was unusual.
d. Alexander attended a banquet before dying.

23. Which evidence is used to dispute the theory that Alexander was murdered?

a. Alexander may have been poisoned twice.
b. Alexander had a lot of enemies.
c. Alexander consumed alcohol before his final illness.
d. Long-acting poisons were uncommon.

24. Which detail supports the theory that Alexanders death was related to scoliosis?

a. Alexander died after going to a banquet.
b. Alexander was unable to move just before he died.
d. Alexander had many enemies.
e. Alexander drank alcohol heavily.

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:


For thousands of years, people have placed a high value on gold. But did you know that tulips
were once valued just as highly as gold? Tulips came to Holland, a region that is now part of the
Netherlands, in 1593 from Central Asia. At first, tulips were very rare and were grown only by
wealthy people. This made the flowers a status symbol, and within ten years, tulip-mania had
taken over Holland and spread to other regions and countries.
People sold tulip bulbs by weight, using the same measure as they did for gold. By 1624, a tulip
bulb could cost as much as 3,000 guilders, or $1,500 in todays dollars. In months when tulips
did not grow, traders would sign contracts to receive certain numbers of bulbs in the future,
intending to sell them for still higher prices.
Tulips eventually became even more overpriced. Finally, in 1637, people realized that the
flowers were not worth what they cost. The market for tulips crashed, and many tulip traders
lost all their money. After that, the government set a maximum price that could be charged for
a tulip bulb.
Today, the Dutch still love their tulips. The Netherlands produces three billion tulip bulbs each
year, selling nearly one billion of them to the United States. The Netherlands is also the home
of the worlds largest flower garden, Keukenhof, where seven million tulips bloom each spring.

Read each question and tick the correct answer.

25. What is the passage mostly about?

A. the real value of tulips
B. the tulip craze in Holland
C. how tulips are grown
D. the biggest tulip garden

26. Which sentence could best be added at the end of the passage as a summary of the main

A. Tulips are grown in many other parts of the world besides the Netherlands.
B. The tulip fields at Keukenhof stretch for many acres.
C. The Dutch also grow other bulb flowers, such as irises, lilies, and hyacinths.
D. The tulip is still important in the Netherlands, but now it is a more sensible passion.

27. Which detail best supports the idea that tulips were overvalued in the 1600s?

A. the government set a maximum price that could be charged for tulip bulbs.
B. the Dutch still love tulips and grow billions of them.
C. the United States imports nearly one billion tulip bulbs each year.
D. many tulip traders lost all their money.

28. Where did tulips come from originally?

A. Holland
B. The Netherlands
C. Central Asia
D. The United States

Questions 2933 are based on the following passage.
I fretted the other night at the hotel at the stranger who broke into my chamber after midnight,
claiming to share it. But after his lamp had smoked the chamber full and I had turned round to
the wall in despair, the man blew out his lamp, knelt down at his bedside, and made in low
whisper a long earnest prayer. Then was the relation entirely changed between us. I fretted no
more, but respected and liked him.
29. In line 1, fretted most nearly means
A. wondered.
B. considered.
C. vaguely recognized.
D. worried.
E. panicked.
30. The probable purpose of the author using the phrase, lamp had smoked the chamber
full is to
A. establish a period of time.
B. show a low grade fuel was used.
C. establish the faultiness of the lamp.
D. indicate the lamp was turned up too high.
E. utilize figurative language.
31. What can the reader infer about the speaker based on the passage?
A. He is a brave man.
B. He is used to sharing his room with strangers.
C. He easily overcomes fear.
D. He is a religious man.
E. He is easily put off.
Choose the best option to complete the sentence.

32. Brians pale Irish skin was _____________ to burn if he spent too much time in the sun.

a. prone
b. urbane
c. eminent
d. erect
e. daunted

33. Over the years, the Wilsons slowly _____________ upon the Jacksons property,
moving the stone markers that divided their
lots farther and farther onto the Jacksons

a. encroached
b. jettisoned
c. conjoined
d. repudiated
e. teemed

32. His suit of armor made the knight _____________ to his enemys attack, and he
was able to escape safely to his castle.
a. vulnerable
b. churlish
c. invulnerable
d. static
e. imprudent

33. Choosing a small, fuel-efficient car is a(n) _____________ purchase for a recent college

a. corrupt
b. tedious
c. unhallowed
d. sardonic
e. judicious

34. As the _____________ in Romeo and Juliet,
Romeo is a hero able to capture the audiences
sympathy by continually professing his love
for Juliet.

a. protagonist
b. enigma
c. facade
d. activist
e. catechist

35. I have always admired Seymours _____________; Ive never seen him rattled
by anything.

a. aplomb
b. confluence
c. propriety
d. compunction
e. nostalgia

36. The soldiers received a military _____________ to inspect all their vehicles
before traveling.

a. allotment
b. dominion
c. affectation
d. calculation
e. mandate

37. The curious crowd gathered to watch the irate customer _____________ about the poor
service he received in the restaurant.

a. antiquate
b. trivialize
c. rant
d. placate
e. fetter

38. Ron didnt know the rules of rugby, but he
could tell by the crowds reaction that it was a critical _____________ in the game.

a. acclamation
b. conviction
c. juncture
d. enigma
e. revelation

39. The _____________ sound of the radiator as
it released steam became an increasingly
annoying distraction.
a. sibilant
b. scintillating
c. diverting
d. sinuous
e. scurrilous

40. In such a small office setting, the office manager found he had _____________
responsibilities that required knowledge in a
variety of different areas.

a. heedless
b. complementary
c. mutual
d. manifold
e. correlative

41. Davids _____________ entrance on stage
disrupted the scene and caused the actors to
flub their lines.

a. untimely
b. precise
c. lithe
d. fortuitous
e. tensile

42. The settlers found an ideal location with plenty of _____________ land for farming
and a mountain stream for fresh water and

a. candid
b. provincial
c. arable
d. timid
e. quaint

43. The _____________ seventh-grader towered over the other players on his basketball team.

a. gangling
b. studious
c. mimetic
d. abject
e. reserved

44. Searching frantically to find the hidden jewels, the thieves proceeded to _____________ the
entire house.

a. justify
b. darken
c. amplify
d. ransack
e. glorify

45. The police officer _____________ the crowd
to step back from the fire so that no one would
get hurt.

a. undulated
b. enjoined
c. stagnated
d. permeated
e. delineated


Sample questions:
1. Two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs.
2. A pie can be cut into more than seven pieces by making only four diameter cuts through its
3. Please enter the missing figure: 3 , 5, 8, 13, 21, ___
4. Please enter the missing figure: 4, 5, 8, 17, 44, ____
5. Please enter the missing figure: 3, 4, 8, 17, 33, ____
6. If Bob sold 15 apples in a working week, what is the average number of apples he sells each day?
7. If PALE is coded as 2134, EARTH is coded as 41590, how can is PEARL be coded in that language?

a. 25430
b. 29530
c. 25413
d. 24153

8. The total of the ages of Amar, Akbar and Anthony is 80 years. What was the total of their ages
three years ago?

a. 71 years
b. 72 years
c. 74 years
d. 77 years
9. Find the number that should be in the shaded square for the following items:

2 4 6
6 - 10
10 12
10. Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around a circular table. E is sitting between C and A, D is
sitting between B and F. If C is sitting on right of F, who is sitting between D and C ?
a. F
b. E
c. A
d. B