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Ritika Arora Rakesh kumar Manjhi Ravish Verma

School of management study School of management study Assistant professor

Apeejay institute of management Apeejay institute of management Apeejay institute of management
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Technology has transformed the buying behavior of customers everywhere. Point Of Sale (POS) is undergoing
major changes because of broadband access, the need and ability for inventory, customers ordering online, returns
and pick- up in the store and also the movement toward an ASP (application service provider) model. It is
broadband that will help to transfer the information fast and help retailers to serve their customers on time. Through
this paper I want to show the effect of Information Technology in the retail industry and how various factors and
principles like 3PL, WMS, POS etc have brought out a revolutionary changes in the retail sector in a developing
country like India. This study also explains a context of the landscape of the Indian retail sector and dwelling on its
key features. The key challenges identified for this include growing acceptance of modern retail formats, optimization
of technology usage, developing supply chain efficiencies and Handling very high attrition rates and low employee
engagement levels.This paper deals with the impact of IT in the retail industry. With growing time and the
introduction of IT websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, ebayetc. the impact of information technology in
retail has increased manifold. It examines the growing awareness and brand consciousness among people across
different socio-economic classes in India and how the urban and semi-urban retail markets are witnessing
significant growth. It explores the role of the Government of India in the industry growth and the need for further
reforms. In India the vast middle class and its almost untapped retail industry are the key attractive forces for global
retail giants wanting to enter into newer markets, which in turn will help the India Retail Industry to grow faster.
We discuss the relevance of our findings for quality differentiation, price convergence and profit decline in a variety of
markets where traditional incumbent are faced with changes in the competitive landscape as a result of IT in retail sector.
Keywords: POS(point of sale), key challenges, India, impact of IT, global retail giants, Quality