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Execute the Laws To Restore the Republic: A

presentation by author Daniel Vincent McGonigle

Come hear a presentation on the need for the restoration of
the Constitutional Militia. In Mr.
McGonigles presentation you will learn
the history of the militias, the
Constitutionality of the militias in both the
U.S. Constitution and the Maine
Constitution, the destruction of the militia
system by unconstitutional acts in the early
part of the 2
Century, and how the
militias must be reinstituted in order to
restore the !epublic.
"here# $r. %arshmans Medical &arn '' &oo(er St )homaston,
"hen# "ednesday +ctober ,-, 2,.
)ime# /# 0M
1ree admission. $onations accepted. Sponsored by )he 2ohn
&irch Society. 1or more info call 34-/5 .647,'6

$an McGonigle is an e8pert on the enforcement and security clauses in the U.S.
Constitution and &ill of !ights. %is scholarship is , percent in line with $r. *dwin
9ieira 2rs writings, and %e publishes a blog#
www.* %e is an instructor at Camp Constitutions annual
family camp.