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Prakhar Tyagi
Email: Mob: +91-9597437886

To make the gear shifts automatic and controlled by the ECU of the car.
Wheel speed sensors (inductive proximity sensor) OMRON E2E X14MD1S
Gear pedal sensor - rotary potentiometer McLaren Micro- 14.3mm, 5 kilo ohms
Current sensor (Hall Effect current sensor)
Arduino Uno
1) ECU
2) Relay
3) Motor controller
4) Motor (main motor of the car)
5) DAC (dual acting cylinder)- pneumatic shaft with one plunger
6) Two solenoids
7) CO2 Cylinder
Speed Sensors - Each one mounted in an appropriate way to measure the speed of the sprocket so
that the shifting mechanism can be done. These two speed sensors are monitored together so to
ensure the gear is changed or not.
Current sensor - To ensure whether the power to the motor controller is cutoff while changing
the gear or not.
Gear pedal sensor - To ensure the gear pedal is pressed or not.


According to our calculations, we will decide the maximum speed of our car at
every gear ratio of our gearbox. As shown in the block diagram we will be
implementing two speed sensors at the given positions. With the help of these
sensors, we will give the input to the ECU (MICRO-CONTROLLER) about the
speed. If the speed crosses a particular value, the power to the motors is cut off and
gear- shift is initiated. For the valve to open a particular voltage is given across that
particular solenoid and the plunger is pushed outwards. The rotary potentiometer
(angular position sensor) is monitored and whenever it reaches a value
corresponding to the gear shift, the valve is closed by de- energizing the solenoid.
When the gear is shifted then the motor power is redeemed.
The speed sensors will also monitor the acceleration/deceleration of the car and
will accordingly give upshift and downshift to the gearbox respectively. For
optimum output from our motors in the acceleration event of our competition we
have planned to implement gearbox in our car. In an acceleration event a car needs
to cover 75 meters in minimum possible time, thus implementation of gearbox in
our car will help us to achieve the same.
Our target is to accelerate out car for about 85 meters in 4.5 second

Gear box to be coupled with solenoid.



Project Snapshots

Fig.3: Microcontroller board

Fig.4Placement of proximity sensor on the gear differential.


The project presented has involved the development and implementation of automatic
transmissions . The motivation of this work is to implement this idea in clutch featured car with
a suitable clutch control. The automatic transmission can be also used in 5 and 6 speed versions
by altering few changes in the program. According to the achieved results the mechanism done
is reliable if it is installed in car.. Using the simplest microcontroller and the required hardware
enables to convert the old traditional semi automatic gear transmission mechanism to a fully
automated one. The application of this mechanism leads to make the driving process easier and
fuel efficient driving can be achieved.

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