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Lect.Gurpreet Walia Harleen Dhillon
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Big Bazaar: Brands Identity, Personality and Symbolism
Big Bazaar is Indian personification of retail. Its like an Indian bazaar, the environment created
by traders to give shoppers a sense of moment. Its personality is of being an entity away from
fancy or pretty and being authentically no-frills. !ishore Biyani never hired any
foreign consultant for Big Bazaar which is evident from Indian-specific personality of the Brand.
"he brands personality is self e#planatory by its tagline only.

"his statement places Big Bazaar at top of customers mind. It reflects that entrepreneurship and
simplicity are the essence of character of Big Bazaar. "o use predatory pricing is not in the
personality of Big Bazaar, they never sell goods below they have purchased it.
Big Bazaar, the Indian $al-%art, is the modern Indian family&s favorite store. Big bazaar
symbolizes modern retail, the business which isnt looked up to in our country, is now in the eyes
of many %ultinational biggies. Big Bazaar has shown a robust growth in recent years .
Grot! story o" Big Bazaar
S#OT analysis o" Big Bazaar
,igh Brand- )-uity in evoloving retail markets
'tate .of-art infrastructure of the Big Bazaar outlets
/oint of purchase promotions to increase the purchase
0ariety of stuff under single roof increasing customer time and available choices
2nable to meet store opening target till now
3alling revenue per s-uare feet
4rganized retail is 6ust 7.89: of total pie of indian retail market
)volving customer preferences in recent years
;ompetitors, global big players planning to foray into market
2norganized retail market of india
+overnment policies are not well- defined in emerging markets like India
$a%tors t!at s!a&ed Big Bazaar d'ring its li"e %y%le
"he Big Bazaar brand name is in its growth stage . /antaloon group faced various small
and large scales troubles in the introductory 'tage of the brand. /resent years are the high growth
in retail sphere as market has high potential to sustain growth. "he sales are increasing, more and
more firms are coming to markets, foreign players are entering into retail sector and pie of
organized retail is increasing in retail sector.
T!e "a%tors t!at s!a&ed t!e brand d'ring its li"e %y%le are:(
Obser)ing %'stomer reg'larly
(egular customer feedback is also an influential factor for the success of Big Bazaar. "he Big
Bazaar has a separate team that looks for customers purchasing pattern and how they like or
dislike products, how they approach to particular products. 3or e#ample, unlike other stores
where the most e#pensive and catchy item is placed at the front display, Big Bazaar places the
0alue for %oney item at check out point.

Imbibed entre&rene'rial s&irit in organization
<ecision making power is given to every level of employee at Big Bazaar. !B has given risk-
taking power, which led to entrepreneurial spirits into every employee. )verybody in big Bazaar
operates with speed and confidence when it comes to decision making.
B'ilding on %ore )al'es
;ore values of Indian-ness, valuing and nurturing relationships and 'implicity shaped the
brand. !ishore Biyani always believes in long term relationships, with customers, suppliers and
employees. 4nce thinking about offering gifts to employees close to <iwali, !B suggested
giving them wallpaints to keep their house clean. "he paint is used in Indian culture to keep
house clean and brings freshness. "he motive behind was to keep everything clean and bring
freshness in organization.
*i"e Cy%le o" Big Bazaar
Strategi% de%isions ta+en to b'ild t!e Big Bazaar brand
"he strategic decisions that lead to building of Big Bazaar were=-
Real ,state Game
3or a retailer, location is one of the most important things. 1ccording to !B, real estate cost
should be less than 9 : of total sales of store in order to provide ma#imum benefits to customer.
"he strategic decisions to secure spaces before other retailers 6oin in have resulted in cost-
saving. 1lso, it has created early presence in market.
N'rt'ring relations!i&s
!B follows strategy to develop trust and nurture relationships with suppliers. "his trust led
to strategically correct decisions most of the time. $hoever works with 3uture +roup, either
leaves in initial deals or continues forever. 2se of technology, scenario planning and story-
telling Big Bazaar planning and design used advance technologies like scenario planning and
storytelling. "hese techni-ues were mainly used for store-design layout, store-location selection.
"he strategy to use user-focused, prototype-based development tool made the brand adapt to the
fast-changing e#ternal environment.
Design management
<esign-led thinking helped Big Bazaar to achieve >customer-first ob6ective and ultimately lead
to better financial performance. Big Bazaar strategy to focus on design led to creation of Idiom,
an independent design and consultancy firm, based in Bangalore. "hey are one of the few
organizations in India having economist, ethnographers and sociologists working across various
teams as a part of <esign management team. Back-end operations, supply chain ,arvard
Business 'chool 6ust did a case study on /antaloons& supply chain and it says that /antaloons& is
the most cost-effective supply chain in the world. India may not have a modern supply chain but
it definitely has a cost-effective one. (etailers have made use of the e#isting supply chain.
8. Buyer Behavior
@. Indian (etail 'cenario
C. $ikipedia
7. )conomic times