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Name of the Method: Suggestopedia Method

Suggestopedia is a teaching method which is based on a modern
understanding of how the human brain works and how we learn most effectively. It
was developed by the Bulgarian doctor and psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov (see
right). The term 'Suggestopedia', derived from suggestion and pedagogy, is often
used loosely to refer to similar accelerated learning approaches. However, Lozanov
reserves the title strictly for his own method, and he has his own training and
certification facilities. Suggestopedia was originally applied mainly in foreign
language teaching, and it is often claimed that it can teach languages
approximately three times as quickly as conventional methods. It is now applied in
several other fields, and its central ideas inspired the development of my own
Brainware workshops. Another revolutionary language teacher who developed his
own distinctive methods was the late Michel Thomas, his numerous famous clients
including: Woody Allen, Bob Dylan and Eddie Izzard.

This method developed out of the belief that human brain could process great
quantities of material given the right conditions of learning like relaxation.
Music was central to this method.
Soft music led to increase in alpha brain wave and a decrease in blood pressure
and pulse rate resulting in high intake of large quantities of materials.
Learners were encouraged to be as childlike as possible.
Apart from soft, comfortable seats in a relaxed setting, everything else remained the

Lozanov's method seeks to help learners eliminate psychological barriers to
learning. The learning environment is relaxed and subdued, with low lighting and
soft music in the background. Students choose a name and character in the target
language and culture, and imagine that person. Dialogs are presented to the
accompaniment of music.


*I found its productive use in teaching literature especially those with


The teacher will set the learning environment as relaxing as possible. If
facilities permit, low lighting may be utilized to add in the mood of the discussion.
She may play classical music to stimulate brain waves of her students. Sibi, an
Indian literature and The Swamp Dwellers by Wole Soyinkaare appropriate literary
pieces for this method.

The teacher will provide copies of the chosen literary piece. She will call for
volunteers who will represent the characters in the story. They will serve as
characters for the first reading. Other students will listen to the exchange of
dialogues with soft music as background and low lighting as stimulator. Second
reading will follow right after first reading. Other students will serve as new actors.

After these readings, the teacher will proceed with the discussion proper.

Other literatures can be used in this method. Also, Suggestopedia is
appropriate in teaching language.