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List of Documents for the Application of Emre Barlas.

1- C.V.
2- Motivation Letter
3- Diploma of Research M.Sc. degree, von Karman Institute
4- Transcript of Research M.Sc. degree, von Karman Institute
5- Diploma of wind energy M.Sc. degree, DTU
6- Transcript of wind energy M.Sc. degree, DTU (Danish)
7- Transcript of wind energy M.Sc. degree, DTU (English)
8- Diploma of Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. degree, YTU
9- Transcript of Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. degree, YTU
10- Reference 1, Hans Peter Jensen, ( Letter is attached )
11- Reference 2, Yunus Cengel, (Letter is sent directly to Wei Jun Zhu)
12- Reference 3, Christophe Schram, ( Letter will be attached )
13- Reference 4, Jeroen v. Beeck, ( Letter is attached )
14- Reference 5, Jens N Srensen, ( can be contacted )

Emre Barlas
Current Address: Hillerdgade 24, 1 th
Nrrebro, Copenhagen
Danish Work Permit Holder

Tel: (0045) 52 63 45 98
E-mail :

Masters Degree (Honours) Research Master in Fluid Dynamics, von Karman Institute, Belgium
2013 2014 June
Masters Degree Wind Energy Systems, Technical University of Denmark
2011 2013
Workshop Wind Energy Workshop, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
April 2012
Exchange Year Mechanical Engineering, Technische Universitt Darmstadt, Germany
Bachelors Degree Mechanical Engineering, Yildiz Technical University - Istanbul, Turkey


Teaching Assistant; Technical University of Denmark, 41323 Adv. Fluid Mechanics
Attended as an extra T.A. at the Advanced Fluid Mechanics courses taught by Clara Marika Velte.
Helper during the consulting hours for the daily hand outs and the reports.

Internship; von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium
Conducted studies on high rise building aero-elasticity. Aero-structural analysis on response of
buildings under controlled wind conditions. Setup of the campaign, processing, analysing and
concluding results.

Internship; Enercon GMBH, Izmir, Turkey
Hands on experience in the manufacture processes of the blades for E-70, E-82. Process improvement
steps implementation within quality control and design procedures.

Internship; Inores, WindSIM Turkey Representative
Comparative studies on WAsP and WindSIM simulations for bachelors thesis studies. Carried out CFD
based wind turbine siting analysis in complex terrain.

Seasonal Employee; Busch Gardens Entertainment, Virginia, USA
Lifeguard at Water Country USA, Williamsburg.


Jens Nrkr Srensen Professor, DTU Wind Energy Fluid Mechanics
Dr. Hans Peter Jensen Former Rector of DTU, Professor, Efor
Christophe Schram Assoc. Prof., von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, EA & AA Dept.
Jeroen v. Beeck Professor, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, EA Department.
Yunus Cengel, Ph. D., P.E Emeritus Prof., Formerly University of Nevada, Reno
(reference letters and contact information are attached to the application)

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Award for Excellence in Experimental Research ( first Turkish citizen to be awarded )
Honours Degree Recipient
as the graduate of the Research Master in Fluid Dynamics (2013-2014)

Technical University of Denmark
Full scholarship from TEV-Garring Foundation.
Tuition fee for non-EU students and living expenses are covered for the duration of the whole
M.Sc. program. ( 2011-2013 )
Awarded as the only student among the applicants in the year 2011.

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Full scholarship for Research Master Program. Living expenses are covered by VKI.
( 2013-2014 )

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Scholarship for the duration of the stay for short training programme ( Summer 2012 )


Matlab, Fortran, OpenFOAM, Star CCM+, Numeca FINE/Open, WAsP, WindSIM, HAWC2,
HAWCStab2, Catia, Latex.


English Advanced - 2010 - TOEFL IBT 93/120
German Advanced - 2010 - TestDAF (Niveau 5 over 5 all scores)
Danish Beginner (on-going)
Turkish Mother tongue


Html development,, swimming, reading & writing off topic articles.
Wind Energy Events 2011 and 2012, -winDTUrbineracer- , Den Helder, The Netherlands
Wind Tunnel Experiments at Velux Window Manufacturer for -winDTUrbineracer-
Student Association of Wind Energy - Yildiz Technical University (administration-YTU)
Leader of the SAWE Wind Turbine Project (YTU)
Member of the Wind Powered Vehicle Project (Bora- YTU)
Student Union of Scientific Ideology (administration-YTU)


Experimental Investigation of Wind Turbine/Farm Wakes in a Large Scale Boundary Layer Wind
Tunnel, VKI Research M.Sc. Thesis, 2014
stereoscopic PIV, three component hot wire anemometry, scaled wind turbine models, wake
meandering, analytical wake models, flow solver, comparative studies, boundary layer dynamics,
turbulence characteristics.
Development of a Pseudo-Spectral 3D Navier Stokes Solver for Wind Turbine Wakes, DTU M.Sc.
Thesis, 2013.
numerical analysis, parallelized code development, Fourier and Chebyshev polynomial based solver,
rotative actuator disk, wind turbine aerodynamics, wakes.

Vibrational Displacement Analysis for High Rise Buildings, VKI Short Training Program Report,
building aeroelasticity, unsteady wind loading, lock in phenomenon, image processing, Hough

Aero-servo-elastic Analysis and Design of a 5MW Wind Turbine, Term Report, 2012
wind turbine design procedure, aerodynamic design, structural analysis, control regions.

Fundamentals of Wind Energy and Micro-siting of a Wind Turbine at YTU Campus, B.Sc. Thesis,
linearized wind flow models, CFD based models, complex terrain, topography mapping, micro-siting


Large Eddy Simulation - Theory and Applications, VKI L.S., May 2014
Fundamentals with Prof. U. Piomelli,
Implementation with Prof. P. Sagaut,
LES - wind energy applications with Prof. F. Porte Agel.

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, VKI L.S., January 2014
Basic philosophy of CFD, mathematical approach to discretization with Prof. J.D. Anderson, Jr.,
Implicit methods with Prof. G. Degrez,
Turbulence models with Dr. Ing F. Menter.

Introduction to Optimization and Multidisciplinary Design in Aeronautics and Turbomachinery,
VKI L.S., April 2014 (partial attendance)
Theoretical background for aerodynamics shape optimization with Prof. A. Jameson,
Influence of shape parameterization on aerodynamic shape optimization with Dr J. Vassberg.

Advanced CFD Recent Developments in Higher Order Methods and Industrial Application in
Aeronautics, VKI L.S., December 2013 (partial attendance)
High-Order Methods for Steady and Unsteady Aerodynamics with As. Prof. K. Fidkowski,
DG for RANS equations, turbulence modelling aspects.

Wind Energy Workshop, TU Delft, April 2012
Wind energy aerodynamics and beyond with Prof. G. van Bussel,
Main challenges of offshore wind with Dr. Jan van der Tempel,
TU Delft low speed wind tunnel hands on practicals,
Kite power technology and workshop with Dr. Roland Schmel.

September 15, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application
for the Ph.D. scholarship in Development of an advanced noise propagation model for noise optimiza-
tion in wind farm.
Technical Background
Wind energy has been a passion of mine for a long time. Having obtained a general knowledge in this
eld during my B.Sc. studies, I graduated with a thesis on wind turbine micro-siting analysis, where
I familiarized myself with the concept of resource assessment, as well as optimized placement of wind
turbines via linaerized and CFD based models. Subsequently, I was chosen for the Wind Energy M.Sc.
program at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with a full scholarship for non EU-students. There
in Denmark, my general knowledge was transformed into a deeper understanding of the concepts and
continued with the implementation of them. I graduated from DTU with a thesis based upon develop-
ment of a pseudo-spectral 3D Navier Stokes solver with rotative actuator disk which was supervised
by Jens N. Srensen. Thereby I found the chance to develop a parallelized code from scratch with full
understanding of the background as opposed to clicking buttons of commercial programs with insuf-
cient understanding. After my graduation from DTU, I participated in the program called Research
Master in Fluid Dynamics at von Karman Institute, also known as VKI Diploma Course, with full
scholarship. My intention was to gain a broader perspective and deeper knowledge within the eld of
uid mechanics. Along with the courses taken at VKI, I worked on wind farm wakes experimentally
with scaled models at a large scale boundary layer wind tunnel. I carried out a fully independent
project, which I ultimately incorporated the improved version of the code that I had written for my
rst masters degree. Thereby I had a chance to tackle the similar problem with various methodologies
while becoming aware of the benets as well as the limitations of both, thus a validation procedure
was carried out. In addition to the technical contribution, the year at VKI helped me to push my limits
in terms of working load and also taught me how to conduct a research project via managing a team of
technicians and other engineers; as a newbie at the institute within certain time limits.
Non-Technical Background
Moreover, since theoretical education would not alone sufce to improve one

s competencies, in ad-
dition to the regular curriculum, I took part in extra-curricular activities in all the universities that
I have been in Turkey, Germany and Denmark. I administrated the

Student Association of Wind

in Turkey in 2010, which is currently an internationally renowned common platform com-

posed of 12 universities. During the start-up period, I found the chance to pave the way of fruitful
interaction between the university, public and private sector, which resulted long term collaborations
and sponsorships. In my rst semester at DTU I initiated and arranged an excursion for 25 students
to LM Wind Power, which was then funded by the wind energy department. I also was a member of
the wind powered vehicle team,


. I found the opportunity to participate in, and

contribute to the two annual international races in Den Helder, NL. Additionally, I was chosen from
among many European applicants for the

Wind Energy Workshop

at TU Delft, where I gained less

detailed, generic knowledge but from a complete different perspective.
Why a Ph.D. at DTU & Why this project
The proposed project is challenging and attractive due to number of reasons. Firstly, the noise issue
is one of the main impediments for societys acceptance of wind energy. With the increasing funda-
mental understanding, we are/will be capable of constructing low noise wind farms which eventually
will widen the usage of wind energy via increasing the public acceptance. Surely, I see DTU as an
important player within the eld and I am absolutely keen on contributing to it. Secondly, the project
requires a broad spectrum of knowledge where an optimization procedure is aimed as an end result. I
believe that my rst masters degree at DTU helped me to gain this large overview from single blade
aerodynamics to turbine aero-elasticity and eventually ow within wind farms and optimization pro-
cesses. In addition to this, my second masters degree at VKI helped me to focus more towards the
fundamental uid dynamics questions. This raised me to a certain level within this eld. I believe
that specically, the courses on aero-acoustics, CFD related courses and the well known VKI lecture
series which are free for internal students, will be helpful for me to carry out my Ph.D. studies on the
proposed project. During my educational background, I have worked both with computational and ex-
perimental approaches to uid dynamics, however I would like to continue within the numerical part
of it. This project is a very nice t for my background and my future aims. Moreover, I believe that my
capabilities and interests would perfectly t the DTU Wind Energy - Fluid Mechanics section, where I
have a familiarity with the ongoing projects, work ethic as well as with the section people.
Overall, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for the position and continuing my academic career
with a Ph.D. is my initial aim. I am aware that Ph.D. , different to many jobs at the industry, requires
a long lasting enthusiasm and determination. Since my bachelors studies I knew that I wanted to
pursue Ph.D in order to increase my knowledge via specialization. From the humanistic point of view,
I came back from Belgium making my mind to settle in Denmark, where the pioneer wind energy
research is being carried out, and a country where I feel more integrated. Thereby I will have the
utmost personal support from the people around, which will allow me to concentrate solely on the
In conclusion, I, Emre Barlas, with full awareness of my abilities, would like to take on the proposed
project as a Ph.D. candidate at DTU - Wind Energy, in order to nish it successfully.
Sincerely yours,
Emre Barlas
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E46 Udvikling af Navier-Stokes spektralkode 12 32.5 s13
41128 Turbulensteori 10 7.5 v12
46320 Vindmllelaster, -aerodynamik og -kontrol 12 10.0 v12
46400 Vindmller og mleteknik 7 10.0 v12
41315 Anvendt CFD 10 5.0 s12
41323 Videregende fluid mekanik 4 10.0 s12
41329 Aerolasticitet for vindmller 7 10.0 s12
Analyse af vibrationer af hje bygninger i vindtunnel ved brug af High Speed
BE 5.0 s12
41314 Vindkraft og aeroteknologi 10 10.0 v11
41319 Numerisk fluid mekanik 10 10.0 v11
45700 Planlgning og udvikling af vindmlleparker 10 5.0 v11
45701 Introduktion til mikrometeorologi for vindenergi 7 5.0 v11
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