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SEMESTER II 2013/2014

Project Requirement

Project aim:

Excursion/field trip is a feature of this project. Through the real case study, the
students are capable to explain the treatment processes, recognizing and
evaluating environmental problems. Thus, they are able to select and suggest an
appropriate (eco-friendly and energy saving) technology taking into account
specific conditions of the location. Students also can integrate theory learn from
the classroom and synthesizing the environmental issues in broad and sensitive

List of topics:

The case study must be chosen per group and it should be related to treatment
plant agencies, environmental agencies and industries.
Following are the scope of places for your Project Works:

1. Wastewater Treatment Plant (eg: IWK Taman Bukit Perdana, Kluang,
Melaka, Johor Bahru, etc)
2. Water Supply Treatment Plant (eg: Loji Rawatan Air Sri Gading, Parit Raja,
Semberong, Semanggar, etc)
3. Sanitary Landfill (eg: Southern Waste Kluang, Simpang Renggam,
Seelong, Kulai, Southern Waste Melaka, etc)
4. Food Processing Industry ( eg: Cocomo Sdn. Bhd., Snekku, Miaw Miaw
5. IKS Industry (eg: Wan Malinja Food Ind., Azhar Food Ind., etc
6. Textile Industry (eg: Sincerely Dyeing, Ramatex, Southtex, Bin Bin
Knitwear, etc)
7. Manufacturer Industry (eg: Soon Lee Furniture, KBF Furniture etc, Kimberly
Clark Sdn. Bhd., etc)
8. Hazardous Waste Management (eg. Kualiti Alam Sdn. Bhd., Pantai
Medivest Sdn. Bhd., etc)
9. Restaurants and food court (eg: BP Mall food court, Kompleks Parit Raja,
R&R, McD, KFC, Mamak, etc)
10. Recycle Industry ( Southern Waste Melaka, Recycle Energy Sdn. Bhd.,
Pusat Perolehan Semula Sisa Pepejal Majlis Perbandaran Kajang, Muda
Paper Mills, Lembah Beringin Transfer Station, etc )

You must seek the approval from the case studys admin for the trip
arrangement. You are also need to provide them with a letter from the faculty for
confirmation and clarification of the project. During the trip, you are also need to
aware about dos and donts highlighted by the company/industry.

Group member:

Group member: 5-6 members (Should be mix: gender and race)

Project Assessment (20 %):

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) for Environmental Engineering:

1. Analyze environmental disturbances and estimate the impacts of
development on environment.
2. Respond using appropriate environmental engineering principles to solve
environmental problems.
3. Demonstrate communication skill and work in group effectively to solve
problems for the assigned project.

Assessment Fraction (20%)

1. Report- Synthesis knowledge and analyse key findings 5%
2. Based on Generic skill- CLO 2 (through teamwork presentation) 7.5%
3. Based on Generic skill- CLO 3 (through video presentation) 7.5%
Total 20 %

Report (5%)

Format guidelines:

Report must be 10 pages in length, single space, with 12 point font, Times New

Elements that should have in your report:

1 Introduction
2 Case Study Description
3 Environmental issues
4 Causes
5 Implications
6 Solution and Rational/Advantages
7 Conclusion
8 References
9 Appendix: Photos of evidence

Presentation (7.5%) and Video presentation (7.5%):

The presentation will help to increase the understanding in this course by
share/learn from the case study you have chosen.

Please prepare a video presentation (<10 minutes) and 5 minutes for Q&A. NO
copy-paste information from google. Your presentation should be focusing on
your findings at the case study.

Presentation will be starting at Week 9-Week 11 during lecture class (first 1

Submission date:

Please SUBMIT YOUR REPORT after the presentation.

Presentation Schedule (During first hour lecture):

Presentation Week Group