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Planning, preparing and executing an

Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade to R12
can take an enormous amount of time,
efort and expense. Most upgrades
take months to plan, take longer to
implement and may even require
you to hire consultants. Utilizing a
comprehensive change management
solution to track and control changes,
version objects, automate migrations
and patches, and report on activities
can help you complete your upgrade
project on time and on budget.
Issues to consider when upgrading
Thorough project planning
New implementation vs. upgrading
Security and control
Managing the upgrade
The ability to see and track all changes
Keeping environments in sync
Version control
Automating migrations and patching
Backup and recovery strategies
Comprehensive testing plans
Separation of duties and approvals
Compliance concerns (internal controls,
audit trails, reporting, etc)
Prior to your upgrade:
Protect existing enhancements by
versioning all customized objects to be
carried forward prior to the upgrade for
immediate retrieval in the event of an
accidental overwrite.
During your upgrade:
Manage and document all interim
production and support activity
(patches, xes, minor upgrades,
customizations) for your current
environment so that they can be easily
included in the upgrade process
Manage the entire upgrade project
Create insulated development
environment (object/le locking,
version control for Developer, AOL, and
Functional Setup objects and at les,
migrations/rollbacks for all the above
stated objects, and the ability to create
comprehensive documentation for all
related activity)
Create projects (grouping of related
Change Service Requests)
Assign and track activities/tasks (including
estimated time, actual time, billing rate
and percent complete)
Introduction to Stat
Stat is an application change
management solution that supports
the entire change lifecycle of the
Oracle E-Business Suite. It is an
integrated solution for issue tracking,
process control and workow, version
control, migrations, recovery, patch
management, auditing, and reporting.
How Stat can help
Stat helps you keep up with change
congurations and customizations
so they are updated, approved and
deployed to instances throughout
the implementation lifecycle. Stat
adds visibility, hides complexity and
automates much of the work through
an easy-to-use GUI environment.
What you can do with Stat
Design and create workow including
automated email approvals
Document all upgrade activity (re-applied
enhancements, new enhancements)
Coordinate, manage and document all
migration activity
Create a single source repository for all
upgrade documentation (customizations,
etc.) while automatically creating a
permanent audit trail of all activity What
are some of the specic components that
Stat contains to help with an upgrade?
How can Stat for Oracle
E-Business Suite save you
time & money during your
R12 upgrade?
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What are some of the specific features Stat offers to help with an upgrade?
Issue tracking
Version control
Migration management
Patching and impact analysis
Auditing and reporting
Track and control progress on all application changes. Stat can also
integrate with your existing helpdesk tool.
Dene the processes and ensure they are enforced in a repeatable,
consistent manner. Stats workows have direct correlation to what
can be patched or migrated while ensuring separation of duties and
Get full version control functionality with at les, developer, AOL,
function setup, and schema objects. Includes code check in/out and
automatic baselining, and can compare any two versions of code.
Drag and drop conguration and code changes when authorized
while invoking the appropriate Oracle technology. Automat the
recovery of the previous version of code when desired.
Schedule and automate application changes. Impact analysis protects
your developers work and provides proactive insight into what
changes the patch will make.
Full auditing and reporting for the who, what, why, when and
where changes were made. Reports can be formatted in a
multitude of formats.
Planning and successfully upgrading
to R12 can be a challenge. Delays can
be costly and problems ignored during
the implementation will likely resurface
down the road. Through proactive
planning and the use of a change
management system, you can help track,
control, and automate change processes
- allowing you to stay on schedule and
within budget.
Before you upgrade, carefully consider
how you will manage the project and if
you want to risk not having protection in a
change management solution like Stat.
To learn more about how Stat can help
you streamline your E-Business Suite R12
upgrade, please visit
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