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Group No 13
Tushar Arora A061
Ujjwal Singhal A062
Vedant Baghel A063
Viren Kothari A064
T.G. of the GATI
Customers with requirement of transportation and logistics
Customers with need of integrated Express Distribution and
customized Supply Chain Solutions as well as cold chain solutions
across diverse industry verticals
Indias leader and pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain
Consumer Behaviour in this Segment:
GATIs simple approach is to attract new customers and retain old
ones. The clientele of GATI includes Hitachi, Pantaloons, Ford and
Ranbaxy to name a few. The precedence is 1 to provide personalized
and innovative services thereby building an everlasting relationship
with its customers.
Customers in this segment are Price Sensitive and Demanding. If
there is any delay in providing Services to the Customers they prefer
to be informed as they hold the payment if not informed. GATI has
set up a system of informing the customers by sending them an E-
mail if their cargo delivery is delayed
General Environmental Trends:
The organized sector was by and large into documents business. The
margins were much lower than package segment and also barriers to
entry were very less. Now this sector is focused on cargo
transportation, supply chain management and E Commerce. 60% of
the industries use the organised sector. For Eg: Pharmaceutical
The unorganized sector faced pressure because of unfavorable
pricing environment. 40% of the industries use unorganised sector.
For Eg: Cement Industry, Apparel Industry etc.
The following industry has seen trends in customer expectations,
globalisation, cost pressure and technology.

Current Service Offering of GATI
Express Services:
Express: Surface cargo movement across India with assured
date of delivery.
Express Plus: Surface cargo movement across India with faster
transit time due to direct express route connectivity and
assured date of delivery.
Premium Services:
Premium: Time critical service with assured delivery within
24hrs at 90 major ports, within 48hrs at 510 major ports and
beyond 48hrs to metro and non metro cities.
Premium Plus: Time critical service with assured delivery within
12hrs of booking at 30 major ports and before next day noon at
30 major ports.
Rail Transport Solution: Cost effective bulk cargo transportation
service on door-to-door basis with multi modal connectivity.
Operating 13 routes across the country with 24x7 customer care
Special Products:
GATI Laabh: 20kgs @ Rs.440/-. For retail customers with large
quantity requirements.
Secured Box: 10 kg box. It is an expensive product which is for
time sensitive customers.
Art Express: Special service used by customers to transport Art
tools like paintings, sculptures etc.
Student Plus: Special service for students to transport luggage
and goods intra cities.
GATI Kausar: Cold chain transportation solutions for
temperature sensitive products like medicine, blood etc.
GATI can be classified based on their General Pricing Strategy. Their
cost is higher than its competitors. The pricing of their products
varies according to the customers preference of price sensitivity or
time sensitivity.
They must decide whether their approach is to use price as a
competitive advantage or to seek competitive advantage in non-
price ways.
GATI has both online service as well as offices in various cities in
India. Customers can approach GATI physically or via E-pod service
launched by GATI. Their approach is to provide flexible and
customized business solutions to customers for which they have:
Dedicated Sales Team
Dedicated Customer Support Team
Centralised 24*7 call centre

GATI uses various channels of promotion, such as
Conferences and Seminars
Road Shows
College Campaigns
Corporate Channel
They do not use direct channels of advertising like Television Ads,
Newspapers etc. They believe in timely delivery to get publicity by
word of mouth.
Physical Evidence:
Consumers make positive perception about GATI through its:
Speedy delivery service
Computerized billing
Docket Number
Hand computers
Packaging assuring safety
Uniform assuring organised
Online tracking and EPOD scanned mails.
Recruitment: GATI hires those candidates who have a
passion and skill for providing disciplined and customised
service to customers. They recruit from Top B schools,
Online Websites, referrals, HR Department etc. GATI has its
own learning schools to groom the candidates in sales,
operations and management.
GAEC: GATI Academy Employment Connect is their in-house
temporary staffing model.
Training: Disciplined training for employees to increase their
quality delivery. They have training centre in every zone.
Every year they conduct 5 training programmes. Training
policy that mandates, 2 days of training for all the Gatiites
once in every six months. For newly recruited employees
they have a concept called Buddy Coach where theres a
coach for every 3-4 recruits.
Promotion: Internal Promotion is their first priority. They
conduct a written test, group discussion and interviews to
select the candidates for promotion. After promotion they
provide a training programme for 6 months. In appraisal it is
mentioned what type of training is required for the
Motivation: Sales Incentives are given to sales teams and
incentives are given to operations teams for leads provided
by them.
Comprehensive employee benefits that include life
coverage, personal accident insurance, mediclaim covering
family and insurance.

GATI has the following distribution process:

GATI has it mother warehouse from where the item is scanned and
sent via different means of transport to their respective destination.
The product once reaching the destinations distribution and
warehouse centre, GATI delivers it to the customer or to the retailer
distributors from where it reaches the customer. The whole process
can be tracked by the customer on The customer can
also track the order by emails or SMS. This leads to informed on-time
delivery thus resulting in long term loyal customer relationship. The
blue print of the process is as follows:
Note: The timing of the process depends on the choice of service
preferred by the customer as mentioned in the marketing mix
(product). GATI also provides reengineered services wherein the
process can transform according to the need of the consumer.

Delivery to GATIs
Distribution and
Centre (GDW)
Centre (EDC)
Origin Express
Centre (EDC)
Delivery to