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ACH processing in SAP (Automated Clearing House)
The following setting needs to be done in SPRO / FBZP:
A) Go to Payment methods in Country and select your country code, double click on
Payment Method A (ACH out) in the selected country code:

B) Payment Method for Outgoing Payments
Payment Method Classification Bank Transfer
Required Master Record Specifications Bank Details (account number required)
Document Type for Payment & Clearing
Payment Medium Use Payment Medium Workbench
Select Format ACH
Format supplement PPD (predefined payment and deposit)


C) ACH further settings screen Click on format settings


ACH format will be created automatically taking inputs from F110 payment run using ACH event
modules. Standard Event modules are listed below:


Events can be changes as per client requirement / bank input format requirement. In the above
screen, additional events created copying standard events with event number change in each group.
For ex. If you want to change in ACH header line format, you need to copy Event 20 and created new
event number 21 in the header group i.e. 20. Similarly, if you want changes in line item copy Event
30 and create event 31 incorporating required changes in this event within the group 30. In the
above screen, you will find newly created ZFI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_21 &
ZFI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_31 for changes made in Header and Line item. (For required changes we
need to take ABAP help for making necessary format changes in the newly created events)

Without creating additional events also, system creates ACH format with standard format available.
We need to check with the bank, uploading output ACH format into Bank site and validate the data
& fields. If required, changes can be made as explained above creating new events.

D) Assign new events in the payments medium formats ACH structure as shown below:


E) Assign Note to payee by Origin:

Following are the note to payee formats available in the Standard SAP system

As per the client / bank requirement, select & assign required format in Note to Payee field:


F) Settings required for House Banks used for uploading ACH Files (FI12)

Control data - Bank Number 074000010 (MICR number / Bank Branch number / Bank Key) to be
filled in the FI01 Bank master data
Data Medium Exchange Company number - 9442926001 (In the file header of the American
format ACH, the company number is entered in field 4 (immediate origin) is required field for ACH
formats. The same is going to provide by the bank to the client (Company).



G) Maintain bank details in the vendor master data (FK02):
In the payment transactions screen, the following details are required:
Country, Bank Key, Account Number & Account Holder Name

Processing of F110 Automatic Payments using ACH format payment method A Parameters

Additional Log:


Printout / Data Medium RFFOAVIS_FPAYM standard program creates ACH file format

Variant Details: 1000_ACT - Printer & advice format to be selected & assigned in respective fields


Create Payment Proposal: Selecting Start Immediately check box as beow:

Edit Proposal:


Check further bank details:

Create Payment Run: Selecting Create Payment Medium check box as below:

Check the status posting orders generated and completed for all payments:


Go to SE38 transaction to create payment medium file using ACH format creation program
(SAPFPAYM) which we have used in Print vatiant above.

Execute the program to process further:


We need to provide following inputs for creating ACH File format:

Run Date 01/22/2012
Identification 0122A
Payment Medium Format ACH
Check Box Payment Summary tick
Check Box - Error Log tick
Check Box Screen output tick and execute again

Provide payment medium format details after execution: Click on format parameters & provide
details 1) ACH Company Code Header Details number & 2) Company Identification number as below:


Enter input parameters and execute the program again: System creates following summary
transaction details for ACH Payment run

To view ACH format out, go to F110 transaction and edit payment proposal crated in above steps:

Then go to menu Environment Payment Medium DME Administration


Data medium overview displays as below:

Select Line item and view using icon:


We have to export the above ACH format file in to .txt uploadable format file as below:

Click on download icon for export into txt file format providing output file path for file save.


Pop up message creates . View ACH file format as below:

First cheracter of each row has standard definision as below:

1 - File Header Record
5 - Batch Header Record
6 - PPD Entry Detailed Record ( This record will represent vendor bank details for each vendor)
7 - CCD Addenda Record (This record will represent vendor details for each vendor)
8 - Batch Control Record
9 - File Control Record

Forther field level details are available in the embed excel file:
ACH Format