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03 OCT 2011 AT KOCHI

Section 1.
1. Identify costs that may organization incur due to inadequate standards of
health and safety
(a) Uninsured cost that are required to be incurred
(b) Outline purpose of statement of intent of ! " policy
(c) Outline $eneral content of three sections of !" %olicy
d) 'hy ! " %olicy should be signed by senior most person in an
organization (#)
e) ()plain means of communicating results of ! " *udit and
re+ie, of ! "
re+ie, of health and safety performance
f) Identify reasons ,hy +erbal instructions may not be clear in a
,or-place (&)
g) .eaning of the term ris- and hazard (4)
h) *cti+e ! /eacti+e monitoring (0)
i) factors a1ecting suitable and su2cient in ris- assessment (&)
3) 'hy %%( should be considered after other control measures (0)
-) azards to lone ,or-ers (0)
l) 4ype of emergencies requiring (4)
m) /easons ,hy ,or-ers might not report accidents at ,or- (&)
n) Identify the precaution that to be ta-en to ensure safety of 5isitors
in an organization (0)
o) Identify factors a1ecting !" beha+ior of the ,or-er
#. a) 'or-place is ha+ing lot of sa, dust
a) Identify hazards to ,or-ers (4)
b) 6ontrol measures to reduce ris- to ,or-ers (4)
c) 'elfare of ,or-ers (4)
d) o, to demonstrate management commitment (4)
e)Identify deseases to ,ooden factory (4)
#. Outline control measures for slips and trips in ,or-place (4)
7. azards ,ith a cement mi)er and control measures (0
4. 8actors that could increase ris- of in3ury to a ,or-er manually loading
bo)es (4)
/is- to ,or-ers in manual handling acti+ities (4)
9.mechanical hazards associated ,ith machinery (&)
&.4ypes of guards and gi+e e)amples of each related to machinery.
:. +arious types of safety signages and e)amples (0)
0. (1ects of electric shoc- on human body (4)
;. (mergency procedure for ,or-er su1ered electrical shoc- (0)
1<6ommon causes of =re in ,or- place (4)
11. precautions before ,elding can start (0)
1#. 6ontrol measures to reduce noise in a ,or- place (4)
17. azards of >"( (0)
14.6ontrol measures for protection of ,or-ers from falling debris (4)
19. 8actors a1ecting supermar-et ,or-er ('/U?>)
1&. 8ire triangle
1:. * person is ,or-ing for ta)i ser+ices
Identify the beha+ior that increases stress to him
Identify the factors a1ecting stress