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Personal Statement

I am a diligent person with a passion to learn. With a strong foundation in biological science
and a degree of Bachelor in Technology in Bioinformatics, I want to pursue my Masters in the
field of Master of Business Management in the United Kingdom. With adroit knowledge of
Information Technology, which then put to application with my bioinformatics skills, will make
me a very competent person.

My caliber can be adjudged from my outstanding academic performance, I have scored

aggregate mark of 68% in the course. I have a very good university ranking in my subject.
These academic achievements underline my pursuit of knowledge. I have participated in
many technical and non-technical events across India in various national level conferences
and symposia.

In my senior secondary education also I have performed well 57.8% marks in my Higher
Secondary Certificate Exam (XII) and 65.7% marks in Matriculation Exam (X). I have won
accolades for my co-curricular also which includes II position at cluster level social science
exhibition, III prize at the school level science exhibition. I also won kudos for extensive
survey based project on Conservation of Water, at regional chapter of National Children’s
science congress. I also won several religious prizes for participating and coordinating several
functional activities like blood donation, social welfare meeting, and church activities.

I have deft knowledge of theory as well as its practical implementations, which I acquired from
the various exposures like my projects titled like ;

Mini Project:


which I concluded under the guidance of Prof.D.Malathi, Director of SBRI, Sai Bio Science
Research Institute (SBRI), Chennai. This project is based on the prediction of RNA
secondary structure prediction done in drosophila

Main project:



which I concluded under the guidance of Prof.Dr.D.Velumuragan, Head & Associate

Professor, Department of Crystallography & Biophysics, University of Madras, Chennai, India.
During this project I have extensively researched the role played and the applicability of the
SAS technique to solve a macromolecular structure when data extends to 1.75 Å resolutions.
By using PHENIX new program (Python based Hierarchical Environment.

I have also performed excellently in extra curricular also. I have won prize for Ad Zap at JET-
Helix’05 conducted by Jeppiaar College of Engineering, Chennai, India. I have been the
coordinator of SRISHTI, an annual event jointly organized by Department of Biotechnology,
Department of Bioinformatics and Department of Biomedical Engineering of our University.

The UK has been long known for it researches and the researchers. The number of research
papers published annually by the British researchers makes it apparent that “why the United
Kingdom is a prominent place on the atlas of learning and research”. It is the leader in the
field of Biotechnology and related research areas such as stem cell research, cloning, etc,
which are buzzing round the globe. Its world-class infrastructure and excellent facilities
provides the best ambience for me to slake my thirst for knowledge. The above-mentioned
reasons make the United Kingdom the most suitable destination for me to excel in the field in
biotechnology and giving me an opportunity to give the best of me to the world. I look forward
to join an esteemed institution in the UK with generous financial aid.

I am basically a very straightforward, practical ad soft hearted person. I am out going a

independent person and I don’t hesitate to take decisions. I am highly motivated person and
very focused on priorities, which at the present moment is to do on Postgraduate degree in
Masters of bachelor Administration. What better place to do this than in UK and in your
university where I am assured of quality and reputed education, which can give me better
career prospects and higher potential earnings. Benefits that I believe to get are excellent
methods of teaching, flexibilities to take up options in later stages of the course.


Dany Paulson