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April 26
Abhinil Mathew
Buddhist meditation center
Buddhist monastries-Vihara
An Investigation of Meditation and Light

Buddhist meditation center
This would open to all to experience
Practicing Buddhist can come and
Anybody could come and learn about
Buddhism too
Goals and objectives
This thesis will identify natural and built
environments for creating Buddhist thought
and culture in western architecture
This thesis will investigate how lighting,
natural enviornments, built enviornments
and Buddhist thought and culture create a
building for a sustainable world
This thesis will identify the best means to
create spatial experiences for meditation or
relaxation through natural lighting
This thesis will investigate how to establish
minimum design guidelines for a sustainable
Light can have some dramatic qualities and
enhance space in different ways

Resident Lama- would live in monastery and
practice meditation, as well as run day to
day operations of the faciltity
Visiting Lama- higher up lamas who would
periodically visit the monastery for a few
days to a couple of weeks at a time
Visiting Buddhists people would visit the
monastery regularly or ocassionally to
practice meditation through Buddhist living
General public people interested in
learning Buddhism
Maintenance staff in charge of keep up of
the facility.


Animal care center
Facilities mandatory deficiencies
1. Facility HVAC
2. Facility safety
3. Facility maintenance
4. Facility sanitation
5. Facility design
6. Facility illumination
7. Facility storage
8. Facility security

Program needs
Animal procedures - vivarium or laboratories
Surgical or diagnostic radiography suites
In-house diagnostic needs
Need for floor drains
Containment/contamination control
Imaging requirements
Sizing major installed equipment
Impact of design on labor costs
Animal ops from personnel areas
Disease-status separation
Species conflicts/incompatibilities

Operational adjacencies
Established colonies vs. new arrivals
Cage sanitation
Cage storage/cage staging
Procedure rooms
Surgical suite and associated support
Loading dock and associated in/out
Indirect adjacencies requiring
Orthopedic surgery
Health (preventive, primary,wellness)
Critical care and daycare
Onsite investigation and diagnostics
Joint evaluation center
Dental care and procedures
Dermatology and medicated baths
Group housing

Temple Of Knowledge
Temple of Knowledge is a platform for the citizens of this
city to interact, to live, to share and to knowledge.To
gain knowledge, not only through the conventional
way that we are already familiar with but also through
the ways in which people have enlightened through
ages, through sharing. The project tends to juxtapose
different factions, to achieve the right combination
that fits the 21st century and helps the citizens to be
enlightened. The project aims at igniting the
thoughtfulness and curiosity of the mind; and an
exploring mind asks questions. The project aims to
create a shift within the mind of the people and
resulting in a change in the society in the larger scale.
The ultimate objective of the project is to constantly
provide a positive energy into the urban social fabric
There are three main objectives of this project
The project aims to combine people from various
fields, ages and income group to engage in
various discussions, sharing, debates and ideas.
It should be always kept on mind that
knowledge has no boundaries and there is
always something new to learn and each
individual has the something to teach others.
The project should be inviting enough to attract
people. And the project should be able to
blend into the lifestyle of the people.
Lastly the project should add a new dimension in
the context of the city. The project should act as
a guideline or path that drives the society

Civic spaces

Indoor exhibition space
Multipurpose Space
Outdoor exhibition space
Food court (indoor)
Food court (outdoor)
Book market
Gaming zone

Educational spaces

Lobby including gallery, newspaper area
Back office and technical area
Common reading space
Group reading space
Self reading space
Multimedia zone
Seminar, Class rooms Rahman | 14
Exhibition Space
Food court

Other spaces
Public and private wash rooms
Information centers
Kiosks for various displays
Comment and graffiti walls
Sculpture displays