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Lakshmi Sowjanya

SAP BI/BO Consultant

Phone No: 402-!!-00
SAP BI / BO developer with ) yea(s o* e+,e(ien'e in Information Technology in designing and
development of Data-Warehose soltions sing Bsiness Intelligence! SAP Bsiness O"#ects
Site and Software applications$
%&pertise in mlti-dimensional data modeling sing e&tended star schema and design
Wor'ed with (eneric data sorces and SAP delivered Data sorces! Data loading
)fll/Init/delta pload*! Schedling! and +onitoring$
,reating BW components li'e in*o o-je'ts! info sorces! Operational Data Stores! in*o
'u-es! .ulti P(o&i$e(s! transfer rles! pdate rles! info pac'ages and schedling the
data re-ests$
%&tensively wor'ed on B"+ Analy/e( and B"+ 0ue(y 1esi2ne($
Wor'ed on restricted 'ey figres! calclated 'ey figres! varia"les! Strctres!
e&ceptions! conditions and cell definitions in -eries$
%&perience in sing Bsiness Intelligence tools li'e C(ystal 3e,o(ts4 5e- intelli2en'e4
1ash-oa($s! Business O-je'ts S16#
%&posre to "CC in SAP %,, .$/ )0I,O!++!PP!S,+!SD*
1sed Li&e O**i'e and 0AA5S)2ery as a We" Service*
C(eate$ (e,o(ts from mltiple sorces 3 fnctionalities li'e slice 3 dice! drill down in
,rystal 4eports$
%&perience sing "7L metho$olo2y for Data %&traction! transformations! loading usin2
1ata Inte2(ato(
%&perience in SAP B5 'onne'ti&ity with 1niverse Designer and Bsiness o"#ects Info
view sing the SAP Integration 5it
%&perience in integrating BOB6 reports into SAP ,o(tal$
Solid nderstanding of So*twa(e 1e&elo,ment Li*e Cy'le )SD7,* methodologies li'e
Planning! re-irement gathering! design 3 development! testing and maintenance$
Involved in gathering! analy8ing! and docmenting "siness re-irements! *un'tional
(e8ui(ements and data specifications$
%&cellent ver"al and written 'ommuni'ation skills and the a"ility to interact
professionally with managers! and s"#ect matter e&perts
,stomi8ed the ser interface to meet the needs of end sers with Business O-je'ts S16
with 9BA
7e'hni'al Skills:
1ata-ases: S27 Server :////://;! Oracle <i and +S Access
"7L tools: BsinessO"#ects Data Integrator
1ata-ase 7ools: S27 2ery Analy8er! TOAD
OLAP 7ools: ,rystal 4eports )://</=I/>//?/<*! Bsiness O"#ects
);i/.i/=I/=I/=I4:/@$>/A$/*! =celsis ://<! ,entral management ,onsole! Info view!
Designer! 4eporter! Spervisor and S27 Server 4eporting Services )SS4S*! SAP
.o$elin2 7ools: +S 9ISIO
159 Con'e,ts: Star-Schema +odeling! Snowfla'es +odeling %4 diagrams! 1+7
P(o2 Lan2ua2es: S27! P7/S27! CT+7! =CT+7
O,e(atin2 systems: Windows :////DT/=P/://@$
.is'ellaneous 7ools: +S Office! +S Pro#ect$
P(o*essional "+,e(ien'e:
Client: :nion Pa'i*i' Omaha N" Se, 20;< to till $ate
3ole: SAP B5/BI 1e&elo,e(
1nion Pacific is one of the leading railroad companies in 1nited States$ Involved in mltiple
pro#ects to retire 7egacy Systems and replace them with SAP 0I! C4! ++ modles$ Played role
of Analyst! Developer and offshore coordinator to "ild reporting soltions for comple& "siness
Wor'ed as a part of the BW Implementation team! and participated in gathering ser
re-irements and data modeling sing %4+ and star schema concepts$
1ploaded master and transactional data from files and SAP as the O7TP sorce$
Developed technical specifications "ased on the fnctional specifications to meet
"siness re-irements$
,reated Info O"#ects! Data Sorces! Info Sorces! Data targets! Info Pac'ages and Info
Providers to load +aster and Transactional data from SAP 4/@ system into BW system$
Developed 1niverses sing SAP BI/BW 2eries as Sorce Data$
,reated O"#ects and prepared 4eports li'e financial reports! C4 reports! standard and ad-
hoc reports! and niverses$
Wor'ed e&tensively with SAP BI fnctional/technical developers to design and develop
the SAP BI Info c"es and mltiproviders tili8ed in Bsiness O"#ects We" Intelligence
Bilt analytical dash"oards "ased tili8ing the 2aaWS and 7ive Office connections with
detail level drill-down We" Intelligence reports$
Developed niverses and reports "ased on SAP B%& -eries and non-SAP data sorces
sing advanced/new featres inclding Data"ase Delegated +easres! Cyperlin's and
+erged Dimensions$
Imported/ %&ported the 1niverses from/ to repository to ma'e them accessi"le to end-
Implemented needed changes in BO designer inclding adding ta"les! creating derived
ta"les! "asic and complicated o"#ects$
Performed 2ery Optimi8ation sing aggregates to improve the performance of the
,reated -eries )B%= 2eries* sing Bsiness O"#ects %&plorer on the SAP BW for the
-eries to "e sed for 1niverse Design$
,reated ,rystal reports "y directly connecting to the ODB, to the data"ase$
,reated ,rystal 4eports sing ,rystal reports formlas! (roping! Parameters! Selection
criteria to handle the end ser re-ests$
"n&i(onment: Bsiness O"#ects =I 4:! SAP BI B$/! SAP BW @$;! SAP BO Data Services!
,rystal 4eports! S27 Pls! P7/S27! Windows ://@ Server! BO SD5
Client: "n-(i$2e "ne(2y In'4 9ouston4 7= A,( 20;2 to Au2 20;<
3ole: BI 1e&elo,e(
%n"ridge is ,anadaEs largest transporter of crde oil$ The (+I pro#ects stands for E(as
+easrement InstrmentsE$ Pro#ect was to identify the "siness needs in ++! 0I areas and
provide them cstom reporting to fit their need and for easy data analysis$
Primarily responsi"le for 4eport Specifications! Bsiness 1ser Approvals! 4eport
Development! 4eport optimi8ation
Assisted in the collection! e&traction! integration! analysis! interpretation! presentation!
and reporting of "siness information$
Determined testing needed to assre the fnctionality and integrity of reporting soltions!
create test plans! and evalate testing reslts ta'ing corrective action as necessary$
,reated Info O"#ects! Data Sorces! Info Sorces! Data targets! Info Pac'ages and Info
Providers to load +aster and Transactional data from SAP 4/@ system into BW system$
Developed 1niverses sing SAP BI/BW 2eries as Sorce Data$
Actively involved in identifying the reporting data sorces and gained proficiency on
0low-,al data model
Designed the reporting data 0ramewor' with parameteri8ed separation of 4eceipts and
Delivery dimensions of +eter Data$
"n&i(onmentF ,rystal 4eports =I! Bsiness O"#ects =I4>! BO SD5! Infoview! S27 2ery
Analy8er! and Windows =P! BO SD5
>a'k Links4 .inon24 5I >un 20;; ? A,( 20;2
3ole: SAP BI/BO Consultant
6ac' 7in'Gs Beef 6er'y started with treasred family recipes passed from generation to
generation! transforming a small Dorth Woods "siness into one of the fastest-growing no > meat
snac' manfactrers in the world$ Today 6ac' 7in'Gs is the fastest-growing meat snac'
manfactrer in the world! and sells more than >// different meat snac' prodcts in more than
A/ contries$
Wor'ed on %&tracting data from SAP %,, to S27 sing Third party tool Theo"ald$
,reated 1niverses on top of S27 ://<$
Wor'ed on ,orporate Scorecard dash"oards sing Dash"oard tool and p"lished it in BI
7anch Pad$
Wor'ed on creating the Adhoc reports sing We" Intelligence$
Wor'ed on SD datasorces for Orders! Billing 3 ,onditions$
,reated 2aaWs -eries on 1niverse and inserted it in =celsis dash"oard$
Wor'ed on technical 3 fnctional docmentation for the dash"oards$
Wor'ed with the e&ective team to identify the 5PIEs and created fnctional re-irements
%&tensively wor'ed in re-irements gatherings from traditional reports and done gap
analysis for fnctional re-irements$$
Trained sers in schedling the reports from BI 7anch pad$
Wor'ed on getting the data from Don-SAP systems li'e Davision throgh 0lat files$
Schedled the reports to the BI lanch Pad In"o& to all %&ectives throgh ,entral
+anagement ,onsole$
"n&i(onment: SAP BI B$>! Detweaver /A! SAP %4P ,entral ,omponent .$/! SAP %nterprise
Portal .$/! B%& Analy8er! and Windows B! Bsiness O"#ects =I @$>$
Lyon$ell Basell In$# 9ouston4 7=# >an 20;0 ? .ay 20;;
3ole: SAP BI/BO Consultant#
1es'(i,tionF 7yondell Basell Indstries is a refiner of crde oilH a significant prodcer of
gasoline "lending componentsH a glo"al manfactrer of chemicals and polymers$ 7yondell
Basell manfactres prodcts that ma'e goods safer! lighter! stronger! more afforda"le! dra"le
and relia"le$ Their prodcts are from fresh food pac'aging! clean fels and dra"le te&tiles to
medical applications! constrction materials and atomotive parts$
Designed cstom Info c"es and ODS! developed delta management fnctionality and an
optimal se of pdate rles 'eeping -ery performance in view$
1sed Des'top Intelligence and We" Intelligence inclding ,omple& ,onditions )wildcard
characters! In 7ist! Different 0rom*! S" -eries and (roping ,onditions$
,reated 4estrictions in the niverse "y ,reated critical visali8ation sing Bsiness
O"#ects ,rystal =celsis for the Bsiness Dash"oard$
Wor'ed with We" Application Designer for creating we" templates sing charts! and
,reated mlti-dimensional analysis )Slice 3 Dice and Drill 0nctions* to organi8e the
data along a com"ination of Dimensions and Drill-down Cierarchies giving the a"ility to
the end-sers to view the data from heterogeneos viewpoints$
Designed and develop varios niverses and configre 6oins! ,ardinalities! 7oops!
,onte&ts and Shortct 6oins$
,reated reports sing Bsiness O"#ects fnctionalities "ased on +ltiple Data Providers
)+erging*! Prompts! Slice and Dice! Drill Down! ,ross Ta" and +aster Detail ,reated
,omple& 2eries$
,om"ined data from different sorces and lin'ing data providers )+erging* Design and
deploy the secrity model for Analytics and ,orporate Dash"oards$
,reated S"-4eports )1nlin'ed / 7in'ed! In-place / On-Demand* with Shared 9aria"les
"etween the main report and the S"-report in ,rystal 4eports$
"n&i(onment: SAP BW @$;! B%&! Bsiness O"#ects =I @$>$
Client: 6eweit4 Omaha4 N" @e- 200) to 1e' 200A
3ole: BI / BO 1e&elo,e(
5eweit is one of the largest constrction companies in 1nited States$
,reating a 0lat 0ile Data Sorces! and loads the data to SAP BI "y sing Info Pac'ages$
,reating (eneric %&tractors "y sing ,4+ ta"les and load the data to SAP BI "y sing
Info Pac'ages$
,reated several ,alclated and restricted 5ey figres! Strctres! 9aria"les to enhance
the 4eporting featres
Implemented ,onditions and 4estrictions in the report "ased on the re-irements
Involved in ,tover activities$
%&tensively involved in setting p of procedres for e&tracting data from SAP 4@ "y
sing (eneric
%&traction! 7ogical information strctres )7IS* and ,stomi8ing 7O ,oc'pit "y sing
Analy8ed 2ery performance to sggest optimi8ations as per theory and practical
Involved in creating Info ,"es! Operational Data Store! PSA! Info O"#ects! Info Areas!
+lti-Providers! Info Sorces! Data Sorces! and Info Pac'ages$
Involved with performance tning of 2eries "y maintaining Aggregates! ,ompression!
partition and inde&ing of Info,"es$
1sed ODS to stage the data "efore transferring the ODS contents to the Info ,"e$ Done
ODS reporting to give details of delivery items and schedle line items$
Analy8ing and resolving the day to day prodction tic'ets monitoring the process chains
and fi&ed the isses while loading$
"n&i(onment: SAP BI B$/! %,, .$/! SD! 0I! B%&! Bsiness O"#ects =I @$>$
Client: 77SL4 .um-ai @e- 200B to >an
3ole: B5/BI 1e&elo,e(
Tata Tele Services 7td is an Indian leading Telecommnication service provider which is a
s"sidiary of TATA (rop$
Candled spporting isses arising in 4eporting! Data %&traction from 4/@ and @lat file
sorce systems! tro"leshooting! de"gging and reconstrction of data loads from PSA$
%&tensively involved in the schedling and monitoring of reports in Information
Warehose 1sing SAP BW Administrator Wor'"ench$
Analy8ed and corrected prodction pro"lems as they occr in the SAP BW system$
Involved in creation and maintenance of Info O"#ects! Info ,"es! ODS! Info Sorces!
Application ,omponent! Data Sorce! info pac'ages$
,reation and enhancement of BW o"#ects$ 4eplicated the DataSorce$
Installation of Bsiness ,ontent as and when re-ired$
%&tracted +aster data and transactional data from flat files and 4/@ system$
Identified the InfoO"#ects and Infosorces and Data targets in the Bsiness content$
%nhancements on standard Info,"es! and e&tractors )Bsiness ,ontent*$
Sccessflly created the InfoPac'ages and schedled$
Developing docmentation for all completed wor'$
Solving performance-related isses "y applying Partitioning! Aggregates! and
+onitoring the data loads in Prodction$
"n&i(onment: SAP BW @$;! %,, .$/! Windows ://@ Server$
BA - Dr B$4$ Am"eth'ar Open 1niversity$