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Happy Birthday! I hope your Special Day is Perfect! Do enjoy the Sun being back in the
same place as your birth and on the 22nd and 23rd the oon !ill join the party" #nnual
$un %imes are !hen you can let do!n your hair and enjoy good company e&periences"
Bet!een the 3rd'2(th ercury is in your sign) gi*ing you the chance to communicate
!ell" #ll forms of correspondence are !ell starred) be that by email) phone) letter or face'
to'face" +our memory !ill be as sharp as a knife and your brain !ill be ,in gear,! Hooray!
Saturn is no! 2-3rds of the !ay through your sign" #re you making sure that you are
sensible and realistic. Sa*e any out'of'this'!orld plans for 2/01" 2o! is the time to be
!ise and shre!d and to look for!ard to 23th Dec !hen it lea*es your sign completely"
4n the 2nd and 3rd the oon is in your sign) gi*ing you the ability to rest a !hile in the
arms of your chosen deity" If you,re into praying) do just that" If not) settle'do!n and
rela& some!here comfortable and drift some time a!ay"
+ou,*e recently felt a little more optimistic than usual" %his is a 5ood %hing! It might be
because you,*e enjoyed the Summer months) or because your family are right behind you
on a certain matter" 6hate*er the reason) stay !ith the feelings as they,re real and true"
+ou are cruising along 7uite !ell) but there appears to be something lacking" Something
you need to get inspired by" It,s not that you,re bored) just that nothing is lighting your
fire at the moment" 4nly you can make your life interesting" Do something different"
2eptune is asking you to trust your intuition and stop !orrying about !hat other people
think" It doesn,t really matter !hat they belie*e) all that matters is that you !ork from
your heart) not your head" +ou kno! !hat,s right" Stay lo*ing yourself and your choices"
+ou might be finding that life is intense no!" +ou are making sudden choices) and 7uick
decisions" +ou,re capable of this) but 8ranus, transit feels a little unsettling" #s long as
you,re happy !ith your choices) don,t fret" #ries is a *ery strong sign and one that leads"
9uckily) there are no planets in your sign this month) so it gi*es you plenty of
opportunity to concentrate on those things that bring you pleasure" #s a sign that enjoys
the senses) you can indulge them in !hate*er you desire"
ake the most of the ne&t 3 !eeks as on the 3th of ne&t month) your ruling planet
ercury !ill be going retrograde and you,ll !ish you !ere more prepared" Back up your
computer no! and ensure all documents and papers are in order" %hen you can rela&"
$rom the 0(th'0:th of this month) the oon is ha*ing a little party) and you,re in*ited!
Sho! up !ith your best attire) !ith your most positi*e attitude and you !ill reap the
re!ards" 9ight a candle too) to illuminate your emotional path"
;upiter is steadily journeying through your sign) gi*ing you plenty of energy and lots of
inspiration" ;ust be careful you don,t o*er'do it) ;upiter can incline you to o*er'eat" 4n
the positi*e side you !ill feel more in touch !ith your creator and spiritual'self"
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